The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax Is Here

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In its second year on the market, the Chevrolet Colorado ('s and's 2015 Truck of the Year) will bring the long-awaited "baby Duramax" diesel engine into play; the 2.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbo-diesel will generate 369 pounds-feet of torque (at 2,000 rpm) and have a maximum trailering capacity of 7,700 pounds.

The new engine option — on sale this fall — will be offered in LT and Z71 trims on the crew-cab version only and will be offered in either in two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The max-towing engine option will cost a $3,730 premium over the comparably equipped 3.6-liter V-6 gas engine.

Interestingly, the new engine will include a smart exhaust brake (meaning it is multimode) to help with towing; in fact, the Z82 Trailering Package (includes a receiver hitch and seven-pin plug) will come standard with the engine, as will an integrated trailer-brake controller. Additionally, all Duramax-equipped Colorados will have 3.42:1 axle gears and a G80 locking rear differential. It's worth noting that inside the same six-speed transmission used with the gas engine is a new vibration absorber to help reduce any extra noise or shake the extra torque might produce.

Among some of the more interesting pieces of technology inside the new 16-valve iron-block engine with an aluminum cylinder head is a forged-steel crankshaft, piston-cooling oil jets, ceramic glow plugs, a strengthened aluminum upper oil pan and B20 bio-diesel fuel capability. Although fuel economy ratings and emissions levels have not been determined, Chevy expects the new truck and powertrain combination to lead the midsize pickup truck category in both.

We'll have more to report after we get behind the wheel later next month. To read the full press release, click here

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@nitro- perhaps its just what really pulls- only a few hundred more than the V6- and that ran right up the "Ike Gauntlet" in the the FLT review. and... it isn't that small.
@Warazawanga- I think there's a bit of anticipation for this AND the new tacoma, in terms of fuel economy. Loaded, this will do better- no question. Unloaded, that fancy engine control in the Toyota might match this, especially since it's a little lighter.
@Big Al from Oz- I doubt you'll se the diesel option get cheaper any time soon- in fact, histopry has shown that the retail price has an even bigger gap, because often times discounts do not apply to diesel equipped vehicles. Also, the necessary SCR aftertreatment is simply quite expensive.
@mark49- up here in MI, diesel has been the same and CHEAPER than gasoline all summer- a sad indicator of a sluggish economy.
Model availability- GM looked at Toyota and Nissan sales, as well as its own from the GMT355. Reg cabs were a tiny portion of sales and usually in low content. That means they didn't make any money. So GM decided to skip federalizing the reg cab and save on tooling. Car companies aren't in business to make sure everyone gets what they want. They're in business to make money.
@Robert Ryan- Australian pallets are nonsense. Euro and Us pallets fit just fine.

I think some of you misunderstood what I wrote. Ford and Ram offer the 3.5 Ecoboost and Hemi across most cab and bed length configurations. GM has a history of only offering top engine options in only their most expensive trucks (crew cabs). I just think GM should follow suit. I never said most people want a regular or extended cab. It would just be nice if people had more options.

My bad on fuel prices. Diesel and gas are indeed about .30 apart here right now-- I assure you, I have no agenda.

mark49 is correct about GM. Sure they won a 1500 shootout with their 6.2L and 8 speed transmission equipped Silverado, however what get looked past is that those models are pretty damn rare. Silverado maybe has 2 trim levels that combo is available in. Both high end. Not exactly a good strategy or legit way to say you lead in anything. It would be like Ford making a 10 speed 5.0L Ecoboost that gets class leading mileage and only selling it as a Platinum and posting that they are the best 1500 for mileage.

GM did this before with the VortecMaxx. Nissan spanked the conventional Silverado in towing so up pops a one off package aimed at towing by GM.

This article is useless without MPG figures. Towing everyone knows is never gonna top out over 8k in a small pickup truck so stop wasting our time and tell us what we really want to know.

@KeithCT, well said never thought of it that way, but your right, why claim the lead if only a small group is willing to pay for that much truck?

The towing stuff in these and half ton trucks is just laughable to me ever since GM and Ford both got caught fudging numbers by removing odd things like the bumper and console to get more capacity....when i bought my f250 diesel CC, the brochure on my trucks specs said ma tow 13,600lbs, payload 2400lbs, Inside of the door sticker said payload was 2167, after weighing my truck with family and gear before camping it went down to 1900lbs payload left, if people would actually do that in a small truck like this it would be scary to see the actual vs the advertised.

Most of you will have to eat your own words in a couple of years. These small diesel trucks are new for the US and as something unkwnon are feared and attacked... you don't like it on paper? Wait a bit a see how market reacts and for fuel economy and realibility results. Then comment again on the models articles here... no apples to apples comparisons possible at this moment in the US that's what most have no idea what they'rthey're saying.

@Mr Knowitall,
Australian Pallets is what they use here, so that is standard they use not other Pallets. Which makes sense.
The Colorado does have a very a smallish tray, compared to others.

@ Big AL: It seems that some months ago I speculated that the diesel option would be in the 3.5-4k range and jumped all over my statement.$3750.00 is right in that ballpark now isn't it.


Looks like the wheel blockers do make a big difference in crash testing!

"Comparing the two models, the SuperCrew received a top rating of “good” on every crash test it was subjected to by IIHS.

The SuperCab, however, earned a “poor” rating on structure and “acceptable” ratings on restraints and kinematics, as well as hip and thigh and lower leg and foot dummy injury measurements.

The results all together earned the SuperCab an overall safety rating of “marginal,” one mark above “poor” on IIHS’s four-grade scale.

The SuperCrew’s occupant compartment remained intact, IIHS said, and the crash-test dummy had a low probability of injury thanks to the pickup’s structural and in-cabin safety equipment."

Story is on automotive new it won't let me post the link.

@johnny doe

Mark Levine said that while the automaker will put wheel blockers on the SuperCab and regular cab F-150s for the 2016 model year, it had no plans to recall 2015 F-150s without the devices. The company calls the blockers Small Offset Rigid Barrier countermeasures.

Ford is treating their customers like nazi . Poor customers with Regular and Super Cab. They have no luck to get safe truck from Ford.

I want to hear Ford horde what they will say now. Eat your own crap!

@mark 49, "Buyers shouldn't let some initial sticker shock dissuade them from buying a diesel model, according to the latest research. Following up on a study from 2013, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute continues to find that paying the extra money upfront for an oil-burner saves drivers cash over the long haul. When looking at three-to-five years of ownership, the diesels generally kept $2,000 to $7,000 in owners' pockets."


The Baby D has 93.3% the displacement of the EcoD But....

Has only 75.4% of the HP of the EcoD

and 87.8% of the Tq

so if the mileage isn't at least 33mpg or so I'd say its a fail.

@Mr Knowitall,
It appears the Holden Colorado( different to the Chevrolet Colorado) is not the only new Pickup, that cannot take a standard Australian Pallet the Nissan NP300 hays the same problem, but the coil sprung rear end of the Nissan had a very unsatisfactory " nose up , rear down " stance,with a 900lb load in the bed that Nissan Australia is not very happy about and is rapidly working to cure it. According to Nissan the leaf sprung version does take 1,900lb for the DualCab.
The VW Amarok has the biggest standard Pickup bed and easily takes the Pallet

@johnny doe and Somar- the Extended cab F150 performed worse than its Crew counterpart because of the large door opening. W/O a b-pillar to stabilize it, the cab deforms a lot more. They had the same problem 18 years ago.
Their last generation did not seem to have problems with this.
We don't know if the new Titan will have calm-shell doors, but Ford currently builds the only full-size trucks with them.
The wheel blockers serve to reinforce the outer edge of the truck, as the IIHS small overlap test has been creating havoc for vehicles across the board, that otherwise scored well, because the crash completely missed the front frame sections.

@Mr Knowitall
What about Regular Cab. That one doesn't have large door opening. I expected much better results from this new truck, but I think, that Ford is in selfdestructing mode because of saving pennies. Let's see how this issue will develop.
We just know, that ford is sneaky and submitted CrewCab model for testing, because they knew what's going on.
It's not an honest company in my point of view. Misleading customers with their PR DEPARTMENT all the time.
What about those poor customers, who thought they have same safety like CrewCab? I don't think this issue is over yet.

Here is the video for the 2015 Ford F150 Supercab.

Here is our favorite spokesman Mike Levine, explaining away the results.

The other aspect of the Baby Duramax that people have not picked up is the 2.8 Litre Diesel has the same horsepower and torque as the Global version of the engine.
Global version is Euro V compliant, Under Euro VI horsepower and torque would drop as the regulation is very strict
U.S.Pickups , Diesel that is , have to be modified too meet Euro V which we run here.

I'd like to see a shoot-out between the Ram Egodiesel and Colorado/Canyon Duramax.

Mr. Knowitall,
I do suspect you are correct in your assumption regarding the costs of getting into a diesel US Colorado/Canyon.

I think GM is facing a similar issue as Ford does with the 3.2 Duratorq or Baby Powerstroke.

I do know the Ford 3.2 is produce in South Africa and the plant was earmarked to produce 60 000 3.2's for the US market.

The problem is that figure was set prior to the success of the global Ranger. I don't know how many 3.2's are currently available for the US market. It would seem very unviable to have a 3.2 for the new 2015 aluminium F-150 due to supply constraints.

A similar problem would be encountered by GM with the Thai plant producing the 2.8 Duramax.

The current generation of global midsizers have been refined to the point where they have created a huge demand. It would be more profitable to use the diesels from Ford and GM in their global products.

Even FCA has a similar issue with the VM V6 diesel, production constraints, so in a supply/demand situation the price with inevitably be higher.

With the global glut of diesel forcing diesel prices down, diesel looks to become more popular.

The reason for the global glut is many fold.

1. Larger demand for gasoline means their is more oil form each barrel left for oils and distillates.

2. China's downturn in industrial activity along with other developing nations and the EU has left additional supply.

3. More stringent diesel emission regulations is increasing the cost of buying a diesel. But, as the price of diesel continues to drop this aspect will dissipate.

@Robert Ryan- The US regs are far lower than Euro5. It is not possible to meet US or Euro 6 without SCR. the US version has all the same bits as a Euro 6 compliant vehicle, most importantly SCR. Because you can then actively reduce NOx, some engines actually GAINED HP and Torque going to SCR- notably the 6.7 Cummins in the Ram and the 1KD in the PradoCruiser in Europe. Instead of running a very clean cal to meet Euro5, the cal can be a little hotter (power, efficient, lots of NOx) and then we use blue dye and cat pee (not really) to get it back in line.

This will all be old news when Nissan announces their Frontier with the 2.8l Cummins diesel with better torque, better MPG, better towing, and better quality and longevity!!! Enjoy it while it lasts GM.. anyone taking a durojunk over a cummins isn't much of a diesel guy anyway. So fleece them while you can lol

@MR Knowitall
That is what has happened, some of the Euro 6 compliant Trucks have gained power, others have lost it
Volvo Australia was actually advertising both Euro 5 and Euro 6 on their site. Also EEV No idea how that would affect
Performax who are doing Ford Conversions , had to alter the engine to meet Euro 5, to get ADR compliance, so they could " manufacture" Pickup conversions. In other words they can see sell as many as they like, do not have to adhere to the 100 vehicle quota

I really like the idea, but don't understand why GM feels the need to limit the engine to a certain body and trim package. It is an engine, not anything special. For commerical use they should have base model regular cabs available like this. The tow rating is fine since towing any more with that low of a hp rating would be horrible let alone the fact that you should be in a full size to tow more than that anyway. GM is just dying for a midsize to have a price in the mid 30k range be normal.

A tow-monster with no tachometer!?

Oops. I was reading the order guide with no mention of tach'. Maybe I ought to look at a picture occasionally.

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