Which Automaker Sells the Most Vans?

Transit at KCAP[1] II

It's a lock that GM will sell more pickup trucks than any other automaker by year-end. It's already doing so at the midyear point when you combine Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and GMC Sierra and Canyon sales (we'll have a more detailed midyear sales report focused on pickups later). However, in the world of commercial vans, Ford is the top dog.

We pay attention to commercial vans — especially full-size and compact models — because they do work like a pickup truck. They're designed and built for a different kind of customer and purpose, but we respect their function-over-form DNA and their incredible versatility. Most of the vans sold in the U.S. offer practical cargo and comfort-oriented passenger models, much like today's pickups.

With half of 2015 behind us, here's a June-January van sales breakdown by model and manufacturer.


Van Sales by Model

  1. Ford Transit:                         57,643
  2. Ford E-Series:                         27,883
  3. Chevrolet Express:                     26,697
  4. Ford Transit Connect:                    24,257
  5. GMC Savana:                                  13,939
  6. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter*:                   13,534
  7. Ram ProMaster:                                   12,077
  8. Nissan NV200:                                      8,440
  9. Nissan NV:                                           8,186
  10. Chevrolet City Express:                        4,284
  11. Ram ProMaster City:                           3,078
  12. Ram Cargo Van:                               3,075

Van Sales by Manufacturer

  1. Ford:  109,783
  2. GM:               44,920
  3. Ram:                       18,230
  4. Nissan:                             16,626
  5. Mercedes-Benz*:                        13,534

* Total includes Freightliner sales

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This is what occurs when you place a product that is needed, unlike the aluminium F-150 wonder truck.

The Transit is a radical move from the traditional US van.

The difference is the Transit has been a hugely successful vehicle that's proven itself globally prior to its insertion into the US market.

Hmm..............maybe another successful product Ford sells globally could be inserted into the US market.

The global Ranger. This vehicle might help Ford extract itself from the pickup truck blues,

Gm loses again!

Oh lord! Who would have thought biased Big Al to post how much he dislikes the aluminum F150 and cherry pick data that only supports his view. Gee, this never happens..

Al, we already know you have a biased hatred towards the aluminum Ford because they didn't bring the tiny Ford Ranger diesel to the US like you wanted them too. We also know that you moved to being against Ford F150 due to your disdain for others on this site. So why would you think that anyone here would hold anything you say about that truck without any bias?

Also, way to go on cherry picking the data to fit your view again. Ford is phasing out the E series van and replacing it with the Transit so naturally it will sell more. However, it is not selling in any better numbers than the E series has in past years so to say that people like it better is a very false comment that is more of an assumption that is based on cherry picked facts. And you call yourself intelligent. Intelligent people take all the data to make their conclusion. Not cherry pick certain parts that support their pre made mindset.

How about doing an article on full size suvs? You include vans on your pickup web page but ignore full size suvs.

The Ford bias is clearly showing. Now that it's clear that GM won't be caught in the pickup truck race you're breaking out van sales?

That used to be the afterthought of afterthoughts.

Why don't you publish SUV sales as well?

Can't show sales of SUV because GM is killing Ford their to, even though the SUVs use the same frame/engines/trans as the trucks. Hey they got to make Ford look good at selling something HAHA! So break out the Van sale stats!

Who cares about vans? This is a pickup site not a contractor equipment site. I'd rather hear about suburb and and exoeditions

@ AL, so you mean the f150 blues as in they are the fastest selling half ton? Maybe you're Blue since you are from outside the US and lurking on a US site?

@Big Al--Ford overestimated the acceptance of the aluminum F-150. Ford still might come out on the F-150 but GM and Ram are taking full advantage of Ford's current situation. As for the Transit most businesses are interested in the utility of a vehicle and it appears that is why the Transit is a success.

I believe that the biggest reason the F150 has experienced sluggish sales is because of HIGH transaction prices. It has very little to do with aluminum bodies or TTDI engines. Right now I can buy a Silverado with 10k factory discount. A comparable F150 has little on the hood from Ford. I like the Silverado and would have no problem living with a rev happy 5.3 for that kind of discount.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Big Al and Jeff S are the same person, and Big Al uses the alter ego Jeff S just so he can say someone agrees with him.

Ford: The best selling full-size pickup and the best selling van!

@chris--I am not Big Al and John F. Kennedy was not killed by the Mafia. Big Al is from Australia and I live in N KY. If you look at a globe you will see that KY is not anywhere near Australia. It is a shame that the educational system in America has degraded to the point where Geography is no longer taught.

@Lou_BC--I do believe price is a large part of the reluctance to accept the new F-150 but then there are also those who fear higher costs to repair the aluminum bodies Many of the body shops around where I live have taken training in repairing aluminum and eventually the cost difference in repairing aluminum versus steel will not be as great. Aluminum can corrode as well but Ford is using aluminum for weight savings. Ford will eventually resort to discounting to compete with GM and Ram.

Ford best product, their new vans, the econolines are junk compared to the GM vans, these new Transit Vans are nice, might shake up the class b and class c RV markets, especially with an awd option and diesels, stay away from the ecobusts though.

GM outsells Ford worldwide! So what.

Insulting other's intelligence when their argument has more merit than yours does. Yep, that sounds like Big Al to me. I have to give it to you Al. You fooled us for so long with your Jeff S alter ego.

Jeff is definitely not Big Al from Oz

As far as the Ford Van sells outside the U.S., it's main market is the UK. In Continental Europe, Ducato, Renault, Citroen etc dominate.

I am scratching my head why the Ford Transit Connect as these "Flower delivery vans" do not sell as well as the midsize and Full Size elsewhere.

In Asia whole new Paradigm, Toyota and Hyundai are the main movers and sellers

63,000 full size Ford, Chevy and GMC vans sold.

That's still a big number.

Sorry. Over 66000 sold

Nissan could probably stand to diversify their van a little. Since the chassis shared with the upcoming Titan XD, they could offer 4wd and the 5L Cummins ISV. Ad an extended rear fan and a lwb chassis for the RV crowd...

I speak what I consider the truth to be. So far no can prove me incorrect and yet, so far my predictions have been quite accurate.

The Ford biased commenters on PUTC have no answer to my position other than attempting to degrade my belief, or a better way to state this "my reality".

I would like to see a breakdown of Ford's F Series sales over the past 12 months.

If Ford HDs have increase like I would suspect in line with the other pickup manufacturers, then the 1/2 ton F Series numbers would look very poor indeed.

I do believe the market should demand the manufacturers give breakdowns in sales according to individual models.

They can do this for all of their other products.

I will change my views regarding Ford's lacklustre 1/2 ton F Series when evidence becomes available.

Until then guys enjoy the show!

@BAFO - Ford knew going into it, about 90,000 F-150 sales for the year, would be lost from transition logistics. Even if some loyal customers are permanently lost, that's part of the deal. Part of moving forward. The 'long game', you might say.

RL Polk gives us the sales figures of all pickup models, based on registration. The info isn't hard to find.

But bringing the Ranger to North America makes as much sense as taking the F-150 to OZ. Different trucks for different markets. Yes I know there's the Holden Colorado and Chevy Colorado/Canyon. But this isn't a Monkey See Monkey Do.

With the Econolines, it was time to move forward. The move to all-aluminum pickups was about preparing for the future too, except all at once, instead of a panel at a time. And staying way ahead of the CAFE monster. But there's not just one overbearing reason for aluminum. Don't fear the future. It's here.

Got agree with Denvermike, the Econolines are real Dinosaurs.

@Robert Ryan--You know I am not Big Al nor have I ever pretended to be. Chris is fairly new to this site. I am also not a fan boy of any brand, I have owned vehicles from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and Honda. It is possible that Chris is some pimple faced teenager who is living in his parents basement and doesn't even own a truck. I don't know and don't care. If Ford is outselling GM and Ram with the Transit van then Ford has hit and has made the right decision in replacing the Econoline van with the Transit.

@Robert Ryan - The aging Econoline had its day, and still makes bank for the companies that run them, with reliability the Euro vans can't touch, and may never.

Except with untold millions on the road, we may never really be rid of them. Like the original VW Beetle. And that's just straight vans.

With minimal changes to the formula since the late '60s, they've made bank for the OEM, while running and amortizing F-series' drivetrains. Same with Chevy/GMC vans and Dodge Tradesman. So time to move on.

A new, 'clean slate' generation of Econolines would be a lot like the Euro vans, so why have two?

Big Al aka Jeff S

No, I am not new. I have been posting here for years even before you started using Jeff S as your alter ego. I post very rarely, but I still read the comments.

Just like with the old saying that if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and walks like a duck then it probably is a duck. Well Jeff S posts like Big Al, insults other people like Big AL, and agrees with everything Big Al says so that just leaves me to believe that Jeff S is Big Al's alter ego. The more you post as Jeff S in this thread Big Al, the more you are just proving my point since you use the same insults to other people's intellects when you post as Big Al and Jeff S. You both also make the same wrong assumptions.

So if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and walks like a duck then it is probably Big Al posting as Jeff S just so he would feel alone when he is wrong.

@Jeff S

I'm Chris with a capital C. I'm not the same guy as the lower case Chris.

I've been here since Mike Levine ran the show. I stopped posting during the height of the Ram "Guts, Glory" spam around 2012-2013. I've returned, because it looks like most of them have left or been banned.

Just wanted to clarify.

It appears the juvenile delinquents and the Neanderthals( from the appalling forums) have moved on. Just as well is there is an
AMAZING amount of things happening in the Pickup and Commercial field Globally

@chris--Calm down. I am not Big Al and I do not always agree with him. I do believe in more competition which allows the consumer more choice. I don't hate Ford, GM, or Ram but I am not a fan boy. I also don't hate full size trucks but I prefer midsize and I prefer the consumer having more choice.

@Chris--Sorry about the mix up, I didn't intentionally capitalize the C. The Ram fan boys were a turnoff and almost permanently caused me to never look at a Chrysler product again. Fan boys detract from the comments that others make. Everyone has their own preferences and it is good to be able to express those comments but constant fan boy comments that deride others choices and repeat advertising slogans is tiresome.

@Denver Mike--Ford sold a lot of the Econolines and they had their day. Ford needed a new van so what better choice than to use a globally based van. We have had globally based cars for years and we will have more globally based vehicles in the future. Ford made the right decision with the Transit.

When Aluminum oxidizes, the by product is call aluminum oxide which is a super tough oxygen blocker. Once this molecular film forms guess what, the aluminum STOPS OXIDIZING NO CORROSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why its so hard to wield aluminum, the oxide is almost fire proof. One other point the oxide is used in many industries, mostly as an abrasive (sandpaper) because of its super hardness.



PUTC cracks me up! never a story about Vans until they have to spin ford as having some number one spot.............. since GM is beating them handily now in trucks they shift to vans LOL wow.

BTW Toyota has sold 71,381 Siennas this year which I guess you don't want leading your list. if you wanted the list to be only commercial then don't say who sells the most "vans" it should read "Commercial Vans". although combined Ford sells more vans they sure don't with a single model.

@latwoods--I am all to familiar with aluminum and it can degrade. I just spent a small fortune having an enclosed patio room torn down and replaced that was only 10 years old. The aluminum exterior had holes in it and it was leaking. When the porch was built it was built onto a treated deck without a barrier. For the most part aluminum will not rust but never say never. I don't know what the road chemicals will do to aluminum that are used to treat snow and ice but around where I live they use salt and beet juice combined and beet juice is very corrosive. If you live in a warm climate where no road chemicals are used a vehicle body will last. When I lived in Texas it was easy to keep a vehicle for years rust free but I have seen corrosive damage to aluminum where I now live. When I retire I am going to get away from the snow.

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