You've Got a Recalled Ram, Now What?

2012-Dodge-Ram-2500-3500-HD II

By Kelsey Mays,

Part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's civil penalties on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which could amount to $105 million, involve several programs for owners of affected Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. If you have an older Jeep Liberty or Grand Cherokee, a late-model Ram or Dodge Dakota pickup truck or a 2009 Chrysler Aspen SUV or 2009 Dodge Durango SUV, this applies to you.

NHTSA's consent order requires FCA to conduct three separate programs — small incentives to get qualified vehicles into dealerships, trade-in bonuses for a small number of Jeeps and repurchased vehicles — the most significant of which has the company possibly buying back thousands and thousands of Ram pickups (as well as the 2009 Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen). None of the three programs will apply to owners who already had their cars fixed for a fuel system recall on the Jeeps or a suspension or steering system recall on the others.

How do I find out if my pickup is affected?

Find your pickup's vehicle identification number, which is usually etched in the windshield's lower driver's side corner, and enter it onto NHTSA's VIN search tool. If your vehicle has an open (that is, unfixed) recall under campaign numbers 13V-038, 13V-252, 13V-527 or 13V-529, then it's eligible for these offers. We strongly suggest you get the recall taken care of as soon as possible.

You can usually find the build date by month on a sticker around the driver's doorjamb. FCA has 60 days to notify owners of the buyback offer, NHTSA says.

Which pickups are in the buyback program?

Here are the specific vehicles affected and build dates, broken down by weight class and why they were recalled in the first place.

  • 2009-2011 Dodge Dakota pickups built from Feb. 27, 2007, through June 30, 2009, and Dec. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2011. These were recalled in 2013 for rear suspension problems.
  • 2009-2012 Ram 1500 pickup trucks built from Feb. 27, 2008, through June 30, 2009, and Dec. 1, 2009, through Oct. 20, 2011. These were recalled in 2013 for rear suspension problems.
  • 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab pickups with four-wheel drive, recalled in 2013 for problems with the steering system.
  • 2008-2012 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups with four-wheel drive, recalled in 2013 for problems with the steering system.
  • 2008-2012 Ram 3500 chassis-cab pickups with rear-wheel drive, recalled in 2013 for problems with the steering system.
  • 2008-2012 Ram 4500 and 5500 commercial pickups built from Feb. 20, 2007, through Dec. 22, 2012. These were recalled in 2013 for problems with the steering system.

How much will I get for my pickup?

According to NHTSA, the buyback program requires FCA to give a refund of the purchase price minus depreciation plus an additional 10 percent.

What if I modified my vehicle? Will the modifications be refunded in the buyback program?

Not unless they were on the car when it was new. Any modifications made after the vehicle's retail sale won't be calculated into the purchase price, according to NHTSA.

Will these repurchased vehicles end up in circulation?

Some will. FCA "may remedy and resell any vehicle repurchased" under the buyback program, according to NHTSA's consent order. The automaker intends to do that for the vehicles it will buy back, said FCA spokesman Eric Mayne. But it won't do so for the cars that got the trade-in bonus because "they are, many of them, over 20 years old," he said. "It doesn't make economic sense to do that."

Can FCA dealers still sell unfixed vehicles?

That's unclear, as it's "subject to regulation," Mayne said. But NHTSA's order requires FCA to "develop and implement a process to deter dealer sales of unremedied vehicles subject to recall." That process must include dealer training and financial penalties from FCA.

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10 percent above current value offered to current ram owners.... This is going to put Rams resale value in the tank with all these Rams piling up on the lots and flood the market. Bet fiat makes the dealers buy these back at this rate and won't reimburse the dealer for it. Fiat doesn't treat there dealers very well.

"You've Got a Recalled Ram, Now What?" buy a Tundra.

Made in Texas by Texans.

Just file Bankruptcy Ram and call it a day.

Rust In Peace

Mopar or Nocar (with Ram it's nocar)LOL

Dang.. That just sucks.. I can't help but feel bad for the Ram guys.

worst half ton on the market without a doubt!

Guts! To! Sell! Junk! RAM! Class leading in buy backs of junk LOL!

Lmfao !!!!

I sure don't feel bad for the ram turds. I know all makes get recalled but they have talked so much crap till no, i'll never feel sorry for those turds.

What do you do? Buy a Ford.

Cooper has the right idea-buy a Tundra. No muss no fuss. It just runs.

Yes, yes, I know first gen Tundra's had problems. Ans 2007's had weak tailgates. No comparison to Fix It Again Tony....

Watch out if your RAM has Uconnect though-some pimply faced kid in his parent's basement might hijack it electronically on your way to the dealer!!!!

FCA is going to take GM back to bankruptcy.

The only entity that will benefit from this recall is FCA.

Think about this: FCA is being "required" to offer to buy back trucks at 10% below blue book value (probably less than what they would have to offer for a trade-in). Consumers are scared, so they will be willing to let FCA buy back their trucks for what I would consider to be less than a fair value.

FCA will have a cheap inventory of used trucks that they can do the warranty work on, turn around and sell at maximum profit. They come out ahead and they are the ones having the last laugh.

Fiat is looking after the Ram boys.
The buyback program requires FCA to give a refund of the purchase price minus depreciation plus an additional 10 percent.

Now if I got that Fiat money, I would be shopping for a new Ford, Chevy, or Toyota truck. Forget about Ram trucks Who's to say they won't be recalling the 2015/16 Ram with the same quality problem in a few years again.

If I purchased used 2008-12 Ram trucks from a dealer. I would need a 5 year extended warranty bumper to bumper.

Crap. I typed my VIN # and Number of Open Recalls: 0
What do I do now? Buy Toyota, GM or Ford and wait for recall ? LOL.

Buy the new Titan:
Designed in California, engineered in Michigan, tested in Arizona and will be assembled in Mississippi and powered by engines from Indiana and Tennessee. Oh, and build in America by Americans!

Crap. I typed my VIN # and Number of Open Recalls: 0
What do I do now? Buy Toyota, GM or Ford and wait for recall ? LOL.

Posted by: Somar | Jul 28, 2015 6:42:33 PM

Sit back and watch you resell and trade in value plummet as these bought back rams fill up the dealers used lots and they are unable to move them.

My son is changing front leaking radiator at the Titan as we speak. I will wait at least a year before I pull trigger at any truck these days, but I will consider Titan and Toyota then.

Actually, my truck has almost same value like the day I bought it 3 and half years ago.
I bought preowned, certified, still under warranty slightly over 1 year old and saved C$ 20 000 from MSRP. Because pricing went up for all the models and Canadian Dollar is 33% weaker today , I can sell it for almost same money I paid for it.
I couldn't be happier. Thank you for asking.


Get your facts right please, this "buy back" includes Dakotas and Durango/Aspen and if you had the recall work done (FCA says about 60% of them are done) you can't use the "buy back". Also it is for only 300,000 trucks/SUVs so resale is not going to go down.
(I bet they fix most anyway and only buy back 5-10%.)

I work in the transportation industry. We transport new 5th wheels and travel trailers to RV dealerships. All my buddies drive Cummins Rams. They aren't perfect, but are sure as heck better than the competition. I know a guy who has a Ford 6.7 brand new that was in the shop for 2 months straight. Someone else I know had a Duramax blow a head gasket on the way home from the dealership.

I might also add that I had a '89 F350 that burned to the ground. It had the now infamous "2G" alternator, which are known to be a fire hazard.

When I addressed the issue with Ford, I never received a response. I don't harbor ill feelings, but I do think that Ford got out lucky. This Ram recall is minor.

Minor my a#s!!

What a disaster [heh, heh-eh heh!] I knew Fiat's bubble would burst eventually.

Should be some interesting times. Wonder how this will affect the used truck market, once these trucks get fixed and put back out for sale.

My theory is that the nice ones will be sold at dealers with a factory warranty, recertified and priced nicely.

The junkier ones will be fixed and sent to auction with paperwork showing the fixes.

Ram's image will take a hit, might make for some even better buys for Ram owners and people looking for trucks.

This reminds me of the time when the dealerships were closing, had a really great offer on a Ram, off-road package hemi, crew cab, giving me loyalty money since I owned a Jeep, was like 24k on a 38k.

I am solid with GM though on the truck front, I would still highly consider a megacab in the HD space and the Ram 1500 is a pretty good truck, though their crash tests should be better.

I do enjoy bashing Ford on this site but I have to admit that the Ram fans are the worst by far, so maybe this will shut them up alil, I wouldn't feel sorry for them though they might end up getting a great deal out of this and hopefully not hurt from any of the defects in their trucks.

FCA whipped Ford in Q2 sales growth.

FCA whipped Ford in Q2 sales growth.

@Somar you forgot to add:
While Fiat Chrysler is unlikely to report profits on the scale achieved by Ford, and the company has to deal with a $70 million fine and $20 million in potential buyback costs, there should be some good news for investors tomorrow.

You people keep on sounding so Dumb withthe Fiat Comments considering these were Daimler/Cerberus Designed Trucks.... but you keep saying Fiat like its a bad thing..... the new 200 is a beautiful car, so is the Renegade. the Uconnect system from them is the best out there. But yeah whatever makes you feel better I guess. I don't have to cut down other's trucks to make me feel better about mine. Because Mine is the best I have ever owned.

@Chuck Taylor
I couldn't care less about FCA profit as long as there is any and trust me they are doing very well in Europe, and NA . On the other hand Ford Europe lost $1.75 billion in 2012, $1.6 billion in 2013, and just over $1 billion last year. Those losses have continued into 2015, but Ford executives say that an end to the red ink is not far away.
So yes, ford makes tons of money in NA but loses everywhere else.
Basically you pay extra for their loses all around the world. Enjoy.

Somar should read Gomar.


Looks like the wheel blockers do make a big difference in crash testing!

"Comparing the two models, the SuperCrew received a top rating of “good” on every crash test it was subjected to by IIHS.

The SuperCab, however, earned a “poor” rating on structure and “acceptable” ratings on restraints and kinematics, as well as hip and thigh and lower leg and foot dummy injury measurements.

The results all together earned the SuperCab an overall safety rating of “marginal,” one mark above “poor” on IIHS’s four-grade scale.

The SuperCrew’s occupant compartment remained intact, IIHS said, and the crash-test dummy had a low probability of injury thanks to the pickup’s structural and in-cabin safety equipment."

Story is on automotive new it won't let me post the link.

Some of you have been waiting seven years for Chrysler to fix your trucks. Waiting a little longer will not make much difference. You made your bed when you bought that POS pickup. You can only blame yourself!

@johnny doe

Mark Levine said that while the automaker will put wheel blockers on the SuperCab and regular cab F-150s for the 2016 model year, it had no plans to recall 2015 F-150s without the devices. The company calls the blockers Small Offset Rigid Barrier countermeasures.

Ford is treating their customers like nazi . Poor customers with Regular and Super Cab. They have no luck to get safe truck from Ford.

I want to hear Ford horde what they will say now. Eat your own crap!


Who got the safe truck, with 500,000 Ram trucks that the US Government is forcing FIAT (Fix it again Tony) to buy back all there unsafe & unrepairable vehicles.LOL

@Chuck Taylor, Ya, those Ford truck are the safest. Brake recalls, Steering recalls, Fires Hell that's just ford the 6 months in 2015. Ford just waits for their short warranty to expire and than their done.

Stay thirsty.


"General Motors has issued more recalls on more of its models than any other auto manufacturer since 2004, according to a TIME analysis of federal safety data. In last ten years, GM has recalled an individual model for a specific issue 756 times. Ford Motor Company has the second highest tally with 559 such recalls."

Who got the safe truck, with 500,000 Ram trucks that the US Government is forcing FIAT (Fix it again Tony) to buy back all there unsafe & unrepairable vehicles.LOL

Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Jul 29, 2015 9:13:24 PM

All of them will be repaired and either sold again or return to custoner, depends on his choice.
And it's not 500,000, but 200,000.
Ford customers doesn't have a choice. They are stuck with truck which has poorer safety rating than Yugo. Ford treats their customers like Saudi women. You have to pay extra money to get a Crew Cab to be safe.
I don't think that this story is over yet and Ford will burn for this.

Hemi v8 you are so funny. The only thing dodge has going for it is the Cummins. Great engine wrapped in a p.o.s. dodge makes the worst trucks...always has...always will.

You are wrong.

I assume tomorrow the boys at,and PUTC will post the findings from IIHS,with regards to the 2015 F150 ExtCab. But after watching the video on the Crewcut several times 3 things kinda struck me odd 1) was the bed of the truck appears to slam into the back of the cab and totally destroyed the rear glass,next I noticed was the buckling of the impact by the bed causing a crease right down the side of the bed next to the fuel door and gas filler inlet,I wonder if the gas tank hose seperated from the filler inlet.3 The front plastic grille assembly completely operated from the truck and flew off.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Ford plans to add wheel blockers to 2016 SuperCab and regular cab pickups. Ford said it is studying which "countermeasures" to add, and they will vary by cab type.

Someone at Ford should be fired. Cheap bastard CEO.

@Somar & Hemi V8

US States have Lemon Law. Ram won't be able to sell these 200,000 trucks without telling the new customers that this Ram truck was a lemon from the start?

P.O.S rams.

Only lemon and POS . from the start is New Aluminium F150 .They can't even fix them. Poor customers.

@gomar, who has to buy back there p.o.s trucks?? Sure ain't Ford!!

They don't have to buy them back. They must offer this option, but they will be fixed either way and returned to customers or sold. Ford on other hand can't be fixed and poor ford Regular or SuperCab customer is stuck with unsafe truck forever.

In the SuperCab version, the steering wheel was pushed back almost 8 inches (20 centimeters), coming “dangerously close” to the crash dummy’s chest, IIHS said. The dummy indicated a “moderate risk” of injuries to the right thigh, lower left leg and left foot, and its head glanced off the air bag and hit the dashboard.

But in the small overlap test, the front compartment crumpled and the crash dummy's head missed the side air bags and hit the instrument panel.

@Somar & @Hemi V8

The Lemon Law Rule:

Don't fear contacting a Lemon Law attorney because of the fees involved as most attorneys will handle your case for you and then collect their fees from the manufacturer.
Or just call 1-800-POSRAM.

Somar ... what can I say, your obviously dealing with a major inferiority complex about your poor RAM job you purchased.

If you would open your eyes and see how dumb you look boasting about RAM in the latest of numerous articles regarding recalls and blatent admission of disregard for safety ...again, they admitted to it !!

The comments that you have made under this name and under the name Svina are laughable to say the least. But thats ok, school will be back in session soon and you won't be able to post as often about your RAM fairytails.

Oh and regarding the latest F-150 test results that you are beating your chest with, perhaps you should re-read the multiple articles that point out that the F-150 is the ONLY truck to have been tested in this new test. The fact that FORD submitted the vehicle to a new test and are modifying components to better the results on the next model year based on these results completly disproves your comments.

As a RAM fan, I know that you are used to seeing test results and recalls not impact design, but other manufacturers make changes to make things better.

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