2016 Nissan Frontier Will Have Few Changes

Nissan 11A II

Nissan will spend much of its time and money this year and next on the all-new half-ton and half-ton-plus Nissan Titan, set to go on sale later this year. As a consequence, the Titan's midsize brother, the Frontier, is not likely to get much love until the later part of next year. Most reports have the next-generation Frontier set to debut as a 2017 model. The expectation is that it will not only be better able to compete against an entire segment of all-new competitors — the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, Honda Ridgeline and GMC Canyon — but it will likely set the bar as a class leader in several key areas.

So it's not surprising the 2016 Frontier will have few changes as it continues to lose marketshare and month-over-month sales to the current-gen Tacoma, Colorado and Canyon. But that doesn't mean Nissan doesn't still love its long-ignored, downsized, value-packed pickup; the Frontier has often been the least expensive vehicle in our apples-to-apples comparisons. Even with sales down for the year through July, the Frontier has a good chance of selling more than 80,000 units as more people are shopping all the options in the midsize pickup truck segment.

For the 2016 model year, Frontier will still offer five trim packages: the base S in both four-cylinder and V-6, the SV, the PRO-4X (4x4 only), the Desert Runner (on a 4x4 frame but only offered in 4x2) and the top-of-the-line SL (crewcab only). New for 2016 is an optional moonroof offered on SV models, and three new colors: Sunset Orange, Gun Metallic and Magnetic Black. Metallic Blue, Night Armor and Super Black will not be available for 2016. Pricing will be released closer to the on-sale date, which is slated for September.

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Good trucks no matter what. More truck than a ram.

It seems Nissan, like Toyota use similar game plans around the globe.

The previous Navara was one of the cheaper "Japanese" pickups along with the Mitsubishi Triton in Australia for a number of years now.

It used to be our second best selling pickup behind the Hilux. What changed all of that was the introduction of the new generation of midsizers by VW, Ford, Mazda and GM/Izuzu.

Nissan still did sell in relatively good numbers, but it wasn't competitive with the new generation of midsizers. The Hilux was able to hold the lead, but with a gradually diminishing stranglehold.

I have read the next Frontier (US) will be a narrow body version of the new Navara we have. This should appease Road Whale.

The narrow body Navara was designed for developing nations as a cheaper pickup.

The US version will be modified to suit your market and pricing as the larger new Navara will be too expensive for your market.

I do hope the off road ability of the new Navara is transferred across to your next Frontier. It is apparently supposed to be quite a good vehicle off road.

I'd bet the next Frontier will be very "SUV" like, especially the interior. That is a strong point I do like about the new Navara.

Since most pickups whether a midsize or fullsize half ton are now just daily drivers to go to work in, pick up the kids from soccer, get the milk and go to Home Depot to pickup a couple of bags of mulch the "SUV'ised" pickup should offer those creature comforts.

Pickups are now designed a car first, then a work vehicle. Globals have yet to reach the same level of softness as the US pickups have reached. This is evident on how the Colorado/Canyon in the US differ from their global cousins. But, we are getting there, rather quickly.

I wonder if your next Frontier will also have the multi link coil assend. I've read Nissan need to do a little more fine tuning of the suspension to better match the front and rear axles.

More truck then the ram??? Please!...lol...maybe!...just maybe more truck then a 1985 ram lmfao!

More truck than a ram is right. The ram is a grocery getter from Wal Mart. I'd be afraid to put a refrigerator in the back of a ram truck. Ram 1500 is like a suv with a open bed. Coil springs just don't cut it on a real truck. You wont see coil springs on the Nissan. Don't see that on other trucks either. Nissan wins again!!!!!

"but it will likely set the bar as a class leader in several key areas."

READ.......... 2.8 litre Cummins

That's right Lou. I also just saw where over 400,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees are going to be recalled for just rolling off. Park them and pull the brake but they still just roll off. Wonder how much is shared with these useless ram trucks??

John truckdumb is pooping his pants cause the Ram is 5 times better then anything Ford has to offer.




Dodge Ram

it says: "but it will likely set the bar as a class leader in several key areas."

Like what areas? Motor, Chevy has the diesel
Transmission? no brainer, everyone else is using their old transmissions

heated seats? not needed

I had a Nissan and 2 Rams. I will say the powe train in the nissans is bullet proof not so much the rest of the truck. Exhausts rust off in two years, interiors were very fast, manifolds crack. My Rams have better wear properties, no seat wear after three years and no rattles. Ram used to be of lesser quality but far from true anymore, best craftsmanship on my opinion.

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truckdumb best thing you can do is go ball up in your corner and suck your thumb some more. Your 5 year old temper tantrums and come backs are pretty funny sometimes though!

truckdumb best thing you can do is go ball up in your corner and suck your thumb some more. Your 5 year old temper tantrums and come backs are pretty funny sometimes though!

@johnny blowhard, at least I'm not a loser like you.

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You're right I forgot Oil Leaks.

One week from now ram will introduce the 2016 ram 1500. I know its off topic but just wanna remind everyone. Lets hope for 8 speeds made by Chrysler for the hemi and ecodiesel just like the pentastar already has. Lets hope the old 6 speed is gone and lets hope for more power fuel economy and capability. A split tail gate was patented by ram recently too. A 6.4 hemi maybe? Please ram?

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Dodge is the best. They are Ram tough. That dude on the commercial said so. You guys are jealous. Can't tell lies like that on tv anyway. Ha ha to you guys!

Frontier: Rear discs, steel bed, more torque than Tacoma, more utility in cargo area with tie-downs and spray in liner factory, available factory roof rack, easier to maintain and work on...especially the front suspension, etc. etc.

Just a better truck all around than Tacoma and priced WAY less than Colorado. I don't have any idea why they sell so poorly. I guess people would rather than the "new" thing than the "dependable" thing.

The current Nissan Frontier has a powerful, but guzzler of an engine-VQ40 V6
Antiquated close ratio 5 speed automatic; 4.6:1 ratio spread.
And the worst headlights of the industry.

Put 4 wheel steering on it and no other option will matter; I will just buy it. There is no better luxury than maneuverability in a pickup and makes parking a breeze. Serious off roaders build 4 wheel steer into their trucks for the advantage it brings. Porsche has it on their 911 for increased track performance and Lexus has it on their luxury car as it is the best luxury item a long 4 door pick up can have.

I was hoping it was just girlfriend, but you are married.....

That truck needs help badly, still #nissanguy cant wait for 2017

Sounds like this site needs to edit the users and their comments on here. Enough name calling. I get it people don't like certain manufacturers so be it. Time to grow up.
Plus we should be talking about the Frontier. That being said I look forward to seeing a baby cummins in it.

The only truck in today's mid size segment I'd be tempted by. The GM twins are rarely seen under 30k on local lots, but the Nissan similarly equipped is often found between 25-28K

The five sp auto is a bit out of date but their V6 continues to be a classic design. It almost feels like a V8. the four cylinder really has no business in this segment.

As LouBC lets on, the diesel could be a mid size game changer but their painfully slow response to market timing might undo their best efforts in this regard. GM will surely beat them to it.

It is way ahead of the cramped and uncomfortable Tacoma.

I heard from inside source that the 2017 will feature a diesel 2.8 and a new v6 option
a 3.0 liter mill with 300 hp.

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