2016 Toyota Tacoma: Everything You Need to Know

Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 101 II

We've collected all our 2016 Toyota Tacoma stories in one place to allow you to review the new truck, get our perspective and see how the changes stack up to the competition.


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Hyundai used the Aisin B600 in the 2009 MY Genesis V6.
3.52, 2.042, 1.4, 1, 0.716, 0.586; Reverse 3.224.

Toyota should have used this in the 2010 Tacoma [1st year of this generation was 2005]
For the '11 MY Toyota upgraded the 1gr-fe 4.0 V6 [new cylinder head], that could have been used here, not just in the Tundra.

So, for '16 this Tacoma SHOULD have an 8 speed automatic.

The question for GM is how to respond, 8 speed or 10 speed automatic in the Canyon/Colorado twins?

Good truck off road, but thats about it. Toyota made if mediocre in many other areas and therefore I would never consider the Tacoma...

It's over-priced and there are other trucks currently on sale in the segment that are better in every aspect.

There's all you need to know.


Some things to get used to here; I only hope that center LCD display is programmable to show the data a driver really needs to know--like oil pressure and battery/alternator levels. That radio station stuff should stay over on the infotainment stack. I'm not sure I like the layout of the tach and speedometer either, but those are things you get used to over time.

The GoPro mount? A gimmick. Essentially worthless. Much better to install an actual dashcam that's lighter and less bulky. Nav too, while convenient, needs to be easily updated by the user. If this one forces you to go to the dealer for an update, it's a needless expense when you consider a smartphone can update the data much more easily and free while probably offering you superior routing options than most dedicated nav systems do.

There are certainly things about the new Tacoma I like, but it seems like there's more to dislike about it too. Changes that should have been obvious may have been ignored--I'll have to see one at our local auto show in October (hopefully) know know for sure. (Really. Did they improve driver legroom? If not, it's an automatic fail.) And is it, or is it not physically larger than the old one? Hints about using the same frame mounting points suggest there's no real change in size, yet other arguments hint that it is larger, to compete more directly with the GM twins. Which is it?

No, it no longer matters to me; not for a while anyway. But a 2WD pickup is not the best rig to drive during winter where I live so I'm forced to keep my Wrangler as a third vehicle until I can find a way to get the size I want in a pickup with the 4x4 capability of the Wrangler. I would sell or trade both my Ranger and my Wrangler for something that could perform as well as both in their strong suits.

Breaking News:

August Car Sales Expected to Fall, Toyota in Trouble.
Toyota Motor Corp.’s August sales, which are forecast to drop 10.2%.

Ford Motor Co. may be the only car company that can celebrate August sales, as it sells more of its flagship product:
Ford, with its F-150 growing both in sales and available inventory, following a slow launch earlier this year. Ford F-Series sales, the best-selling nameplate in the country.


I'm still not sold. Its the same truck with a 4 runner front and a highlander motor.

Bklynroad - no chicken tax on USA, Canadian, or Mexican built trucks. But it does affect the price of domestic trucks.

Shame they don't do a reg cab. With the perma discounts available on full sizers, the main reason to get a Taco, is you want a smaller truck. Yet a reg cab 6.5' bed fullsize is very similar size wise to the smallest Taco. A reg cab Taco would fit anywhere.

And while extended cabs can be useful, Americans are generally too fat and spoiled to want to sit on the Extended Taco's bench. We ain't Thai sized no more over here... The ubiquitous hard tonneau covers bring covered storage to open beds just as efficiently as an ext cab with seats flipped up does; while giving access to a bigger bed when that is needed.

Hey Chucky Cheese kid your Poopstains I meet mustangs got rocked again by the Camaros BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Flat plane what? BAHAHAHA


@Johnny Doe Boy

The Big Block Chevy's 427 Z28 finish 2nd & 3rd. The race before they finish 5th & 6th. When are they going to finish first with an extra 112 cubes more than the rest of the fields. LOL.

Who's finish 1st at Bristol? I will give you a little hint, Ford #22. LOL

What happen to Goverment Motors for August 2015 Sales?

Finish 2nd 3rd 5th and 6th but was still ahead of the Flat plane crank junkers you been bragging about called mustang HAHAHA! Grandpa's 1955 Engine smoked you're hi tech mustang multiple times HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Best part is they got the brand's points lead too!!!!! Look out Grandpa and his hot rod engine is gonna blow your Fords doors off HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Toyota being Toyota will still move and lead in the mid size segment. This new Taco will be a good vehicle, but not one I would want, it will lack the refinement expected from me who was initially after a SUV to start with.......and it will be overpriced.

The other manufacturers will gradually close the gap.

What we found here with the Hilux was a refresh. This did maintain an interest in the Hilux to keep it on top.

Another interesting fact is the midsize market has boomed. So even though Toyota is a the top most new midsize customers shied away from the Hilux and bought other midsize products.

It seems Toyota has hit it's ceiling more or less here.

I would assume the same in the US. This is evident with Colorado/Canyon sales in the US.

Toyota might increase in number with the new Taco, but will it be sustainable? Especially if the new Frontier is release and hopefully the Ranger.

All you guys need now is the Amarok, BT50, Dmax and Triton in your market. These new refined midsizers would change the landscape even more, with Toyota still out selling them.

But as a proportion of the market Toyota will slip.

Ford Sucks. Chevy really sucks. Dodge is a Fiat so...yeah they suck so bad they've fallen off the suck meter. Only left are Nissan and Toyota. Only a fool would buy that Chevy crap over the Taco or even the outdated Frontier. The Tundra with it's "outdated" drive train is much more reliable than any of the "big three" and can definitely hold its own. I'd take Toyota over any of the UAW produced crap any day of the week.

This truck must be awesome to get all the haters coming out in force. This 3.5 is brand new. its not like the 3.5 in the Avalon and sienna. Its made from scratch. Secondly just because the Colorado has more HP it doesn't mean its faster. Every journalist has called the Colorado lethargic while this Tacoma has been described as quick and snappy. Transmission mapping is very important. I drive a 2011 f150 and don't care much for the Tacoma, but I do respect it.

Wait, there isn't an option for a TRD Sport double cab long bed with a manual transmission? Please someone tell me this isn't so..

I like the color of that Tacoma. Blends in great with dirt and sand. I think now that you can buy a Full size Ram with better everything other than price these trucks make less sense.

Say what you want. I've owned an '05 and an '06 OR. No problems at all. Looking to buy a '16 soon.

Sorry, meant to say an '05 and a '12. No problems at all. '16 coming soon!!

Chuck Taylor,
Read this article.

It more or less states that the incentives that Ford are currently offering are unusual for a new model.

The title says it all.


@Johnny Doe Boy

You say that the Big Block 427 Chevy Z28 finish 2,3,5,6 but you never mention who finish first? LOL

@Big Al from OZ

From CNBC: The discounts appeared to apply to only the larger, more deluxe versions that often carry higher price tags.

Chucky Cheese kid I honestly don't care who finish 1st. I don't even care for that kinda of racing I just find it funny as hell when the Camaro rocks them New Ford poopstains with the flat crank this hi tech that, cause I know it really pisses you off HAHAHAHA!

@Johnny Doe Boy.

What NO big W from the BIG BLOCK 427 Chevy BOYS last Week. That what's happens when you run a Grandma 1955 engine. LOL

To bad Johnny Doe Boy, Dont Cry. Maybe next week you get a W. LOL

I would be interested in a test of all the base model extended cab midsize trucks with 4 cylinder engines and manual transmissions (except the Tacoma 4 cylinder is only in automatic, but test it as well). Not everyone who buys a midsize truck goes off road and not everyone tows. Many use their trucks for a trip to Home Depot and a scoop of mulch. I would also like to see a test of HD work trucks that are more base, the kind that a handyman or contractor would use.

"Breaking News:

August Car Sales Expected to Fall, Toyota in Trouble.
Toyota Motor Corp.’s August sales, which are forecast to drop 10.2%.

Ford Motor Co. may be the only car company that can celebrate August sales, as it sells more of its flagship product:
Ford, with its F-150 growing both in sales and available inventory, following a slow launch earlier this year. Ford F-Series sales, the best-selling nameplate in the country."
-- Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Aug 28, 2015 12:03:57 PM

I read that article, but you know something, it ignores some very salient points--one in particular. It doesn't explain WHY Toyota, specifically, may be in "trouble".

How about the fact that Toyota lost thousands of cars in that big explosion in the Chinese port? In the course of a few seconds, some 10,000 cars or more of several brands were destroyed, many of them Toyotas as they, and an 'unnamed Korean brand' are among China's larger importers and that Korean brand alone lost 5,000 cars. That alone would have a measurable impact on their global numbers.

But that's not the only reason. Auto and truck sales tend to be somewhat cyclic. The 4% figure in reduction is just about normal when the sales month is shortened as this one is. This year, September should see a corresponding growth to balance that slight loss. The 10% figure for Toyota? I question the writer's reasoning. Additionally, he gives no logical reason for any measurable increase in F-series sales when the F-series' growth has yet to fully recover even during the normal selling season, so it can't yet assume to show growth at the same time the others are going to experience a marginal reduction for reasons beyond their control. Ford may not see as much of a dip, but to expect year-over-year growth from one brand and one basic model that hasn't yet seen that growth in any other month is specious.

And in this case... Off topic as well.

@Road Whale--True and I would also add it is hard to sustain continued growth while the World economy has not fully recovered and China is suffering. At some point the US vehicle market will level off and sales will decrease. There has been a lot of pent up demand from 2008 and 2009 economic downturn when many delayed purchase of a new vehicle and continued to keep their old ones.

Yeah, Jeff. I'd like to say I've only bought one car since then, my '14 Fiat 500, but that would be a half-truth since I did buy that pickup truck in '11 for short-term use (only 4,000 miles in three years). I was very strongly tempted to trade my Jeep on a Renegade or maybe the Hyundai Santa Cruz if it came out soon enough, but now that I have the Ranger, I can more comfortably wait to see what comes in the next two or three years.

I still don't like Fords, but I'm going to give this one a chance since it's practically a brand-new '97.

RoadWhale and Jeff S,
The way I interpret the information I've read on Ford is this;

1. Ford's huge incentives on the F-150 will end on the 31st of August. The incentives offered after August 31 will be approximately 50% of what they currently are.

2. This leads me to believe Ford had to move additional inventory quickly. This was also reflected in the monthly "Quickest Selling Pickups". Ford has been gradually slipping.

3. So, if we analyse the growth for the F-150 in August this must be taken into account. Ford will have improved it's F Series sales over August. We will have to wait and also see Septembers numbers with the lower incentives/rebates.

This also shows the current level of incentives/rebates on offer for the aluminium F-150 might not be sustainable.

@Road Whale & Big Al--Incentives have become the norm for selling new full size trucks. It is much easier to raise the MSRP than it is to reduce or eliminate incentives. Truck buyers have gotten use to incentives and will wait for an incentive before they buy a new truck. I am not saying that the F-150 going to aluminum bodies, pushing Eco-Boost engines, and/or higher MSRP has no effect on sales but I believe that once the incentives become larger the sales will increase. Case in point was the release of the new Silverado and Sierra which at first was greeted with less than stellar sales. Some of that could be contributed to buyers perceiving not much significant change in the new model and a higher MSRP. Once the left over 2013 models started to disappear from the dealer lots and GM and the dealers started to put large incentives and discounts then the sales of the new models started to pick up.

Another example of consumers expecting discounts are clothing retailers which will offer coupons and special discount shopping days. J C Penny's 4 years ago decided to eliminate coupons and special sale days and have every day lower prices. Even though prices were lower overall J C Penny had significantly reduced sales and lost money. J C Penny then brought in a new CEO and went back to offering coupons and special discounts while raising prices and their sales and profits went up. Kroger's offers specials such as 5 for or 10 for with special lower prices along with coupons and extra fuel points. Most people say they want every day low prices and don't want to haggle over prices but when they are give that choice they won't buy.

One needs to look at where you came from to see where you were and are. August f series sales up, Silverado/Sierra combined sales up, ram down. You want to get into September you need to look at what they did from 13 to 14. September last year was the first month of the year that they really sold well. They were up 54% for the month and have a lofty number for September 2015 to achieve to show an increase monthly over month sales increase. First 7 or so months the Silverado in 2014 was down so there sales increase was easy to obtain do to low numbers last year in first year jitter buyers. That is what gm is seeing currently in there sales.... People that won't buy first model year vehicles buy in year 2 of model. Ram was up 30+% September last year and as well have a loft number to hit to show increase. Ford was down in September of 2014 and should be able to show a nice increase as the 2015 f150 is really starting to do well. 2016 should be a great year for the f150 as it will be in the second model year and the people that don't buy first model years go in and get there's.

Scott, or aulone or whatever names you use,
You continually mention "F" Series, why?

I'm talking the new aluminium F-150.

The F Series overall are relying on the HDs for numbers more and more.

Don't confuse F Series with the 2015 aluminium F-150.

They are two completely different products.

Sort of like stating I like Coca Cola, but you have a Fanta in your hand and then stating, but it's manufactured by Coke.

Al. Any links or data to back up your assertions?

Yes, I did post the comment on Ford HDs with a link a little while back.

Go and look for it.

Have a look at the PUTC article from a month or so ago regarding Car.com's figures on the breakdown of the F Series.

You might be enlightened.

Well this is the truth on incentives. Fords manufacture incentives aren't out of line with any other of the big 3.
Also fords gets EPA credits for the 2.7 so that is where most of the incentives apply as well as up charged specific packages.

And you can post your link as that is the assumption you made

Scott, aulone, etc,
You are flogging a dead horse here.

Look at the numbers.

Ford is DOWN this year.


Is it the F Series, ie, HDs, steel F-150s, etc or is it the aluminium pickup?????

How hard is it?

The reason they are down is f150 production was down. They need to sell 73,703 trucks to break even year to date. Last August they sold 68109 trucks. So if they sell 5 percent more trucks compared to August last year they will sell 71500 trucks or around 3400 more trucks inching them closer to selling more trucks this year. Those extra sales aren't coming from only the superduty. The super duties sell well but not enough to make gain in year over year sales as well as any lose the f150 that you believe in your mind.

Ford didn't even pickup the correct pickup style to sell within it's aluminium range.

So how good is their marketing, trending of data, etc?

If they can't select the correct pickup style, how will they find the best possible solutions for a pickup that the consumer expects?

They have selected an expensive option in the aluminium F-150.

Why do you think Ram has done well over the past several years? Because they made the correct choices that the consumer likes.

All Ram need to do now is build a slightly heavier pickup, capability wise with a new reskin. Then Ram will again increase sales.

Ford to go forward must sell it's expensive aluminium pickup at the price of it's competitors as the consumer doesn't regard it as a much better product worth the price.

Even in the reviews the new aluminum F-150 did not receive all the gongs. Even Ram beat it in one review/test and the Colorado/Canyon has outgunned the aluminium F-150 in other review/tests.

This indicates that the F-150 was no leap in resetting benchmarks, like the Colorado/Canyon.

People/consumers don't view the new aluminium F-150 as worth the price Ford expects or needs.

All you assumption from Australia. I'm seeing gobs of new aluminum f150's on the road in my area and my travels through out the Pacific Northwest.

Got a link backing up your Australian assumptions on what you stated above.

Also you never responded in this.... Why is that? Prolly cause you were wrong and can't man up to your wrongness and spread incorrect information while in Australia and can't find anything else other the proposals while punch the keys on the keyboard in searching.

Also Al compare the graphs of these two links. One is midyear 2014 and one is midyear 2015. Compare the HD charts and you will see the superduty isn't really selling any more then they did in 2014. Not really gaining in any sales to take up the slack of the F150 production shutdown. Now that production is up with the second frame supplier for the F150 its sales increased last month cause ford to go up month over month. August will be the same as the F150 powers the sales increases.

I will at least give you an argument point that you can use that isn't ridiculous as the ones you are using lately cause you are already pulling a run around before ford posts its August increase in production numbers.

That point is now that KC is up and running and the backlog of consumer and dealership orders are close to being back to normal, KC can focus on the fleet customers that have orders in that are waiting for the F150. I expect there to be alot of fleets taking there f150 orders finally and this will account for some of the ford f series increase as well as how well consumers are accepting them. So at this point ford is just entering back into the fleet game with the F150. KC also builds for the global orders so you will start seeing fords around the globe in the countries that don't restrict the american Full size from there roads.

Boy, did things really get off-topic in here. This is a Toyota thread, not a Ford thread. Go to the Ford Ranger thread if you want to continue this discussion.

Yeah, I've noticed the Phan Boy's of all ilks like to do this often.

You have alL one/Scottie and his many names always pushing for Ford, you then get HemiV8 placing unwanted FCA/Ram cut and pastes, etc.

I suppose these guys will never learn.

Big Al from Oz - looks like you contributed by "engaging" the Phanboyz.

"I suppose these guys will never learn."

Can you do a comparison in the "fun to drive" department between V6 Manual Transmission versions of 2016 Canyon/Colorado versus New 2016 Tacoma?

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