2016 Toyota Tacoma First Drive Is Coming

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We will be driving quite a few of the latest-generation Toyota Tacoma pickups this week along with hundreds of other journalists in Washington state. This new truck, in the growing midsize segment, has a spotlight on it since the Tacoma has been a top seller in the midsize arena for as long as we can remember. And from the looks of it — or at least what we saw back in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit — there's plenty of new technology and upgrades to keep it the frontrunner.

Still, the big question is how well this new truck will perform against the new, strong-selling Chevrolet Colorado. If this new Tacoma doesn't go far enough, we could have quite a battle on our hands. As it stands now, through July 2015 Tacoma sales are double Colorado sales.

We'll have our written and video driving impressions ready for posting on Monday, August 17. In the meantime, let us know what you want to know about the new Tacoma, and we'll do our best to pass along the answers. Submit a question in the comment space below, and you'll help us cover all the angles. More to come.

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I would like to know why a $30,000-plus vehicle does not come with:
- a locking gas cap
- electric back window (between cab and bed)
- power seats
- "auto" headlight selector

Looking forward to the review. I would like to see engine specifications (hp & torque) and fuel economy. I can't believe it's getting this close to hitting dealer lots with no confirmed output numbers.

I would really like to see it run through the same tests as your most recent mid-size truck comparison and have a rerank of all the trucks.

Is the truck truely quiter in the cabin than the 2015 Tacoma? Is the ride improved? How is the new information center? Is the GPS user friendly?

There are probably a lot of people that would love to see hp and torque curves for this new engine verses the outgoing 4.0 liter V6, and if you're really an overachiever the new 3.5 vs the 4.0 dual VVT-i found in the 4Runner.

Does this truck have electric power steering and if not...why not?

Why did Toyota only go to a 6 speed auto when the market is shifting to 8 speed and greater automatics (Jeep & Ram 9 speed autos and the upcoming 10 speed autos in Ford F150's)

Many Tacoma purchasers are tradesmen who use their truck as a work truck. Their choice is usually a SR or SR5. Why would Toyota choose not to include an bed-mounted electric outlet with these packages?

Please include which trim levels/cab styles/box lengths have an available manual transmission. I hope they've switched it up from last generation.

If it's already killing the new GM twins, how can the new one do worse unless they actually make it worse? My guess is it will be a very conservative update to a platform that is currently dominating the newest, bestest thing from GM.

Had last gen '06 v6 big cab long bed...engine was weak, gas mileage, ride and visibility was bad...and noisy...went back to a tundra ('06) in six months...have had 9 tacomas over the years and three tundras...in the market for a new truck and want a midsize because I actually have to park in the city....hoping this isn't just a comb-over of the less than stellar last version...really loved all my tacomas until my '06...tell me they really did something good here

Sure is one m.f. uuuuggggggly Truck.

@ Rob - why do we "need" a locking gas cap? Have you tried to siphon from a new truck lately? Just curious as to your thoughts there.

2016 Toyota Tacoma is the only one left in all mid-size truck still keep rear DRUM brakes. The logic from mr. Sweer doesn't add up. Even class 8 trucks now going for disc brakes. Please...

2016 Toyota Tacoma is the only one left in all mid-size truck still keep rear DRUM brakes. The logic from mr. Sweer doesn't add up. Even class 8 trucks now going for disc brakes. Please...

What is the ground clearance up front as well as along the frame, t-case and differential? How about departure, approach angles, and break-over angles? And what are the gear ratios for the new 6-speed manual? You know the important stuff for using this truck off-road.

How does it rev at high speeds? Does the displacement decrease make it buzzy?

Looking at the pic of the motor i can see a p/s reservoir. So if that is the new 2016 no electric p/s

How will the Atkinson cycle engine perform? I've always heard it's good as a hybrid assist motor, but doesn't have enough torque/ power to operate on its own.

I would like to know how comfortable the front seats are compared to the current Tacoma. By comfortable I mean do they offer a more open and elevated truck feel or are they still rather crammed?

Objectively it is a piece of crap, but the Toyota cultists will buy them.
270hp, when GM should rightfully upgrade the Canyon/Colorado to 320hp (with the LGX engine) in '17.

I want to see the titan first drive and colorado diesel. WHen are those coming?

I would like to know the width between the wheel wells and the realistic carrying capacity,ie,will it hold a snowmobile or atv which are often 48 or so wide . Most of the midsize trucks are too narrow so far.

Why did Mike Sweers effectively lie and say "maybe a seat belt bracket" was the only carryover part from the gen 2. Obviously this is a gen 2 with a comb-over. I understand the logic, but why lie like a used car salesman?


Please address the seating position in the "new" truck, if you could. Do the occupants still feel like they are sitting on the floor?
As the owner of a 2006 Tacoma that will be replaced in 2016, I will cross it off my list if the seating position hasn't improved. I am guessing that since the cab is basically the same, the seating position is too.


I'll wait for the reviews before saying anything about the truck itself, but one statement was absolutely true: The midsize truck market is certainly growing--in two different ways. Just means there's more room for the compact trucks when they finally arrive. Yet another of my friends has said he wants a smaller truck--like my '97 Ranger.

Will there be a 4 cylinder 4x4 of these new tacoma's in the market?

How much do they weigh?

Gas mileage?


I just wish GM would have came out with an aggressive looking mid-size truck like the taco. I bought a Japanese truck once and my dad reminded me how many of his buddies died during WW II, he would not let me park it in his driveway. Sold it pretty quick

@Dave. Really? We are gonna bring WWII into this? People buy Japanese cars because they are built better. Not because they were stoked about Pearl Harbor. SMH. lol

The fuel economy on all trims? They've yet to release them but maybe an unofficial one would suffice for now. Also those taupe covers! Thanks

Is hardly consider a vehicle that sells 1/2 of the taco units a strong selling Colorado.

If a old design is laying that kind of smack down now, imagine the updated model.

Unless Toyota pulls a F150 and actually loses sales with the new model...

Sweet Ford Taurus grill! Tho the Taco has always been the preferred Toy truck I am def looking at the new Chevy too.

Besides the tech stuff of MPG HP torque etc, when is the release date to dealers? Are they building them now to send to dealers? When can I buy one and have it in my driveway?

I do think this will be a refined version of the existing platform.

Many who comment on this site (school kids) only look at performance figures, ie, 0-60 times, hp, torque, etc.

What these people fail to realise is refinement. This is how well the manufacturer utilizes whatever is available in a package. Toyota is good at this.

I do know NVH is important. Is electric steering better than hydraulic power, or is it more important to have a rack and pinion setup? I do now I would rather have a good rack and pinion setup.

I do believe if Australia is any indication on the number of pickups sold by Toyota, Toyota will become aggressive in the way it markets and prices it's vehicles and remain at the top, even with a dated product.

Toyota has reached it's zenith with pickups, globally as the competition has become fierce with fantastic offerings like the US Colorado. Toyota can't live forever on its 1980s reputation.

Toyota will not invest money into more gears, with a toned down level of trim/bling to sell their vehicles with a greater margin of profit. This is the way of Toyota, "less for more".

You pay more for substantially less, the Toyota tax. This doesn't mean the vehicle will perform poorly, it just means shop around a little more as you will be surprised there will be pickups as good as or better than the Taco for less.

I love all these waaa waa comments cant we just say #1 mid size selling truck in the world! You don't see the over seas population bitching about the Tacoma. Why? Because it is bullet proof and it is reliable and the 2016 will! run over that so called Mid size Colorado..

For everyone that wants to waaaa about it go make that poor investment on that Colorado or any other so called Truck while us Tacoma customers reap the benefits of an amazing truck that is functional in all models and bullet proof.

Look at the numbers! ENOUGH SAID :)

I actually liked the comfort and room of the back seat area of the crewcab Tacoma over that of the Colorado. The Colorado had better fit and finish than the 2015 Colorado. If Toyota makes improvements to the Tacoma it will continue to outsell the Colorado.

MPG with and without the hard tonneau cover on all engines. MSRP and Exact Release dates.

Now Jeff, you're sounding like a "school kid". LMAO

If y'all are gonna be towing with theses things I want to see that, and see how they tow

i would like to know how comfortable the seats and interior is. I also agree that it would be nice to know why no power seats. How smooth is the ride.

The Taco is not the best selling midsizer globally.

The Ford Ranger, Hilux, Colorado/Dmax, Amarok, Triton, Great Wall, Tata sell in greater numbers.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Is the Ride any better than the 15, and is the Interior improved over the uncomfortable seats?

I'd like to know how comfortable they are and leg room. The Tacoma had more tear leg room then the others but I find the front seats rather tight and confining.

Nice truck. So much better than the gm twins with a proven history to back it up. Go Yota!!!!

I will like to know if Toyota will have an option of Tacoma Diesel engine.


Charles F.

Please include full performance, gas mileage, and towing specs for those of us that are interested in the 4 cylinder engine with the 6 speed automatic trans package.


I think a day of full city driving without trying to conserve fuel, and a day of highway driving without trying to conserve fuel are needed. AVG mileage varies too much and when you get down to the nitty gritty many people dont hit a highway for more than minutes to get back into another city structure. stop and go driving, etc. 120 city miles and 120 highway miles. ride comfort in pot hole ridden roads. tow test how the engine reacts to 4000lbs of trailer behind it. 4cyl fuel economy with 6 speed manual and 2x4 ext cab.

I'm very disappointed with this truck. A redesign and it still looks much older and uglier than the sharp modern look of the Colorado.

Why in the holy hell is the chrome grill on the TRD specs, and the Limited, which always has been the one with the chrome on it, is getting the nicer toned down grille?

I'd like to know if the beep you hear when activating the voice call feature is changed from the 2012 model. The frequency (in Hz) of the beep along with its volume is quite painful.

The Tacoma is only sold in NA.

@Road Whale
Many prophets of doom said the Midsize newbies like the Colorado/ Canyon would not sell and take sales from the Fullsizers if they did, but that is not the case. Whole midsize segment is growing. As far as a " Mini Pickup" segment goes you would have to look at Brazil and Mexico for those

Why did they put goodcrap tires on there instead of BFG would be my question.

@road whale.
Ok Hilux! Still Toyotas quality and mind set of how to build the worlds best Mid size truck

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