2016 Toyota Tacoma First Drive Is Coming

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We will be driving quite a few of the latest-generation Toyota Tacoma pickups this week along with hundreds of other journalists in Washington state. This new truck, in the growing midsize segment, has a spotlight on it since the Tacoma has been a top seller in the midsize arena for as long as we can remember. And from the looks of it — or at least what we saw back in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit — there's plenty of new technology and upgrades to keep it the frontrunner.

Still, the big question is how well this new truck will perform against the new, strong-selling Chevrolet Colorado. If this new Tacoma doesn't go far enough, we could have quite a battle on our hands. As it stands now, through July 2015 Tacoma sales are double Colorado sales.

We'll have our written and video driving impressions ready for posting on Monday, August 17. In the meantime, let us know what you want to know about the new Tacoma, and we'll do our best to pass along the answers. Submit a question in the comment space below, and you'll help us cover all the angles. More to come.

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I'd like to know if they increase the cargo ratings as the previous Tacoma crew 4x4 was pretty weak. The Colorado is 1500 - 1800 for cargo depending on configuration/bling level.

comparison with colorado, drive, comfort etc
also the telenav system
leather in sr5?

So ive already reserved my 2016 Tacoma, TRD Off-Road 4x4 Double Cab. It has the 3.5 L V6 Dual VVT-I and according the specs on the build sheet it lists the dealer gave me it has the following:

278 hp @ 6000 rpm / 265 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm

I wish i was able to post photos on here.

The only data not on the sheet is MPG and Price.

I know finding specs has been frustrating and I was stoked to see this data on the sheet with the vehicles VIN.

@ Rob
I agree about the locking gas cap and rear window.

However, The colorado doesnt even offer an opening rear window, i think for an additional $500 you can get the Canyon with a manual window.

The gas cap is rediculous but if im spending +$35k on a truck i cant complain about investing $20 in a locking cap :/ it still sucks

@ Vincent D.

While I agree it is pathetic that the Tacoma still has rear drum brakes, they are also still used on some of the crummy global midsizers too.


How is the new 6 speed manual? How does it compare to the old 6 speed? What are the gear ratios (including reverse)?

I'm not an off-road driver; so, my questions are focused on factors that support on-the-road operation:

1) Locker or limited slip diff? Especially on 2WD. At what trim level if not all?

2) 120V outlet in bed? At what trim level if not all?

3) Bluetooth hands-free phone support? Effective and accurate voice recognition for hands-free calls? Only smart phones or will it support other phones?

4) USB/thumb-drive audio capability? How many USB ports? At what trim level if not all?

5) Backup camera views? Extra look-down view for backing up to curb or wall?

6) Passenger-side camera to view blind spot to right for safe lane changes (similar to the Honda HRV)?

7) Convex spot on left-outside mirror? Size? Effectiveness?

8) Adjustable lumbar support? At what trim level if not all?

9) Is the drive-line problem really fixed?

10) Cabin noise on the road for longer trips?

11) Power retract of outside mirrors? At what trim level if not all?


Availability of the different models at specific dates, real world fuel mileage, horsepower and torque specs.

Purchased mine 26 years ago this month,still driving it. 4cly 5 speed. 300 +miles. Always someone wants to know if you want to sell it, so that says it all Toyota rules. PS rear brakes never been replaced

Toyota is already good at making diesel engines. Why can't they bring one to the USA in a tacoma? Other companies like chev colorado. We want power and economy. Only way is diesel with current technology.

I'm not a brand loyal, but this truck has a face that only a mother could love.

Toyota are not good at making diesels.

Toyota went to BMW to exchange Toyota's EV/Hybrid tech for BMW diesel tech.

The Hilux diesel is a dinosaur, yes it is reliable, but it produces less power than many 1.8 diesels.

The same goes for the 4.5 V8 diesel from Toyota. It is very dated. Even my 12 year old designed Ford diesel outperforms the Toyota V8 diesel when fitted to a 70 Series.

The 5 cylinder Ford diesel has over 33% FE for very similar power and torque figures.

The V8 Toyota diesel is reliable and torqy, but very old and tired.

Gas mileage and HP

apart from some very incremental revisions this is the 2005 Tacoma. Toyota fans deserved more, in my opinion.

Toyota has certainly made their own statement about their perspective on the mid size segment. Not in a good way.

Will the 2016 have an "all wheel drive" mode in addition to the 4 wheel drive options? I sure hope so. I have a 2006 Taco to trade and it will probably be between the new Tacoma and the GMC Canyon.

"If it's already killing the new GM twins..."

It had a pretty big head start...... The relevant metric is whether someone who would previously have bought a Tacoma, now ends up buying a Colorado or not. IOW, does the Colorado's sales come from Toyota customers, or from Silverado ones....

Definitely report on Mpg/range and performance at various loads (light, loaded, and towing if possible) levels for the new "Atkinson" engine. As well as NVH. Those were the complaints most commonly heard about the outgoing model.

Will a-trac be available in all the 4x4 models or just the trd offroad. I would really like a list of sr5 4x4 features vs. Trd offroad. Is the package just fluff?

I hope you had the opportunity to drive the 6 speed manual both on and off road. Is it true that the MT with the off road package does not get crawl control?

One of the complaints about the 6MT in the current truck is that 6th gear is too short costing it 2 mpg on the highway versus the 5 speed auto. 1st gear is also pretty short making it less than ideal in daily driving but nice when getting going with a load. Does the new manual transmission have reasonable gear ratio spacing?

Stuki Moi,
It isn't Silverado customers, judging by the increase of Silverado sales.

What pickup manufacturers is losing the most at the moment???


Mark, it looks like the power moonroof will only be available on the Double Cab (not the Access Cab). Is this true? Please try to let us know if the moonroof will be an available option on all trim levels (TRD Sport, TRD Off Road, SR5, Limited etc.). Also, does the new V-6 "Atkinson" cycle engine have a timing chain or belt? Thanks for all your coverage on the new Tacoma.

That is an ugly truck........

There is more ugly on that truck than a rolling stone group photo :)

Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales


I would like to know if their is adequate room to have sexx with your lady in the front seats.

I would like to know if their is adequate room to have sexx with your lady in the front seats.

I am interested in the 2016 SR5 V-6 Pre-Runner, however, most of the advertising is focused on the TR off-road capabilities. I would like to see information on the total lineup and options available. For example, does the type of wheel on the TR models standard for the SR5 or does the SR5 come with wheels that are not two tone, but more the traditional style. I know the Toyota as I had 3 in a row back in 1978 to 1985. Thank you.

-POWER OUTPUT. What are they trying to hide? I hits dealers next month and they STILL haven't released the info on the motor? Why?
-Off Road. Where did the White letter B.F. Goodrich's go? I absolutely loved those tires. Are we back with the crappy Goodyears? On all models?
-Limited. Am I correct in assuming the most expensive version uses the cheapest suspension setup? The Sport and Off Road come with the Bilstiens, and the "Limited" comes with the stock suspension?

Does it have current drive mpg near the gauges and components. Rrlease date?

Is Johnny 5...alive?

@Bill "@ Rob - why do we "need" a locking gas cap? Have you tried to siphon from a new truck lately? Just curious as to your thoughts there."

I am not worried about my gas being siphoned. I am someone dumping sugar in the gas tank.


How are they going to hold on to the sales lead with this truck?
Vs. the GM twins, less power and efficiency, same frame. This is more of and update, than new model. Things will get ugly for them with the launch of GM's diesel and more availability of the GM twins.

Does it still have drum brakes? Does it still have the plastic bed? Does it still have a sports car seating position? Does it still drink gas like a V8? Is it still the most over-rated and over-priced truck sold in the U.S.?

Ask yourself why 90% of journalist failed to realize why the 2015 Tacoma IS better than the Colorado and why 10% of us knew better; that the Tacoma is the better truck and just got better so there is no competition for it. Comparisons are over; game is over.

Do what most buyers cant do easily and do a dyno test, check the approach, departure and break-over clearances.

Stop talking about fuel mileage so much, state it and forget it and move on, it is a topic, but paint color has more buying power than the actual difference between fuel economy when someone actually goes out to purchase a truck.

Try to describe what Café requirements are and why manufacturers are developing soggy gas pedals. You know; we have moved into an era where a 305HP Colorado gets beat in the 1/4 mile by a 236HP Tacoma. Please explain what is going on here. Is driveability being sacrificed to save fuel, did they do this to the new Tacoma?

Go over the entire manual and look for unknowns such as removal of the air dam. Journalist removed it from the Colorado and failed to state it had to go back on, or improper air flow would go to the motor under regular use. How long to remove it and put it back on was never stated...ridiculous.

Don't base a trucks on road use if it came with off road tires. Any off road tests I have seen from a journalist; any truck with street tires will do just fine. Just make sure to use a seasoned tire for on road use when evaluating a truck, they will do just fine for the off road journalist review. Putting a truck down for road use when it has off road tires is moronic, makes no sense. These journalists reviews that do this just alienate me from the articles.

Go over all the interior and exterior options or lack there of that would be missed by a buyer. Go over the extended options and what does TRD offer for this years truck.

How does the 4x4 system work and is there any future prospects in a truck that may include 4 wheel steering.

Hopefull your test will hide us buyers to be more Advised to make a fair decision to jugethe pros and cons on new model. I still very,positive on you being the perfect fudge bynthe way you are the real specialist ood or bad of your comments than we will be then he real judges becausebwe will be the ones who will pay for the purchases. Instead or being paid to guide the,public. Jan. favreau@ live.com Tacoma or. Colorado? My next,purchase? Thank you waiting fornyourmprofessional evaluation.

Sorrynformmymmistakes having computer problems. Maybe toyota shouldvstart making computers.

Mark. Please explain how they improved the worst driver's seat in the industry.

I made the expensive mistake of buying a new 2011 Tacoma without an overnight take home.

I found out on my first hour long drive how bad, truly bad, the driving position is. After 3 pain filled weeks I traded it in.

Really, Toyota can do better (if they care-maybe they do not.)

Oh ,and did they improve the build quality-my Mexican built truck shed trim parts like a mangy dog...

Will there be a locking tailgate, a cargo bed light and dome light override switch?

Does the 2016 Tacoma limited come with crawl control? Impressions of Telenav vs CarPlay?

Soft touch materials? The interior is...unique. It seems Toyota puts some soft materials but leaves a hard plastic dashboard. The tundra falls short of rivals in interior finish. n

Please discuss in detail any and all manual transmissions offered including ratios, clutch feel, throttle response, etc. Hopefully they let you test those!

Thank you!

what is the wheel base of the 2016 Tacoma 4door, and what would the total vehicle length and width be on the 2016 Tacoma 4door short bed?

All I care about is reliability and off road ability. There is no comparison between a Taco and any other small pickup. It will have plenty of power and drive just fine. Sorry but I think it looks better than GM. What is for sure, after 5 or 6 years it will be worth way more than anything else. I love how big tough guys on here talk about towing and horse power but if something does not have power seats....... wow.

Payload and max-towing-impressions. I am choosing between mid-cab mid-size: tacoma, colorado diesel, new ridgeline, and smallest full-size reg cab v6 Ram ( similar paper-payloads, paper-towing, price, MPG, length, turning radius, .....). Want for small FourWheelCamper.

How can the sales of Chevy and the Tacoma be fairly compared? They can't. The plant they are using to manufacture Colorados is at capacity and can't produce any more than what they make.
Try finding a Colorado with what you want in it. Good luck!

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