2016 Toyota Tacoma: Pricing List

Toyota Tacoma  033 II

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma pricing structure is a little different than previous generations. Not only is the regular-cab Tacoma gone from the product mix as of last year, but Toyota is moving toward a more conventional trim-level pricing structure.

It's also worth noting what models are missing from the 2016 lineup. To begin, since all 4x2 and 4x4 Tacomas now use the exact same 4x4-looking frame, there is no need for a PreRunner-style model, meaning a 4x2 powertrain in a 4x4 chassis. That no longer exists. Likewise, Toyota has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a new, more capable TRD Pro Tacoma with all or many of the upgrades. When asked directly, the engineers only would say, "We have not made any announcement about the model one way or the other." But how could they not?

Still, with two engine choices, two wheelbases, two bed lengths, four-wheel drive, three transmission choices, two cabs, and dozens of optional and packaged features, there are plenty of combinations to consider. We've broken down the 2016 Tacoma's pricing by trim level, from least to most expensive packaged models. For more details, check out our separate first drive, fuel economy and video review stories as well. 

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2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5

Toyota Tacoma SR5 04 II

2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 09 II


2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 16 II

2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited

Toyota Tacoma Limited 03 II



in before the storm of the half ton fanbois saying how for the same coin you could get a bigger truck. No buddy you can't. Sure if you only buy your half ton in august with 10k on the hood, but otherwise feature for feature midsizers are about 5k cheaper.

Anyways some people shop by size and don't need a honking half ton

Mike, my problem is, all three Detroit makes offer bigger more capable trucks, with the same or better fuel economy, and for the same price as this.

You are right about the size, but at this size, the gm offerings seem to be better at everything meaningful.

I can't help but think how this product continues the stereotype of toyota buyers being sheep.

So that matrix shows a few things- very few combinations allow for a Manual trans. You have to get a TRD Off-road to get a man-pedal in a double cab. But it does look like you can now get a Double Cab long box in TRD Off-road. Cool. The price gap from SR to TRD off-road seems smaller.

GMs may have four-wheel-disc brakes on the Collie and Can, but you can't get a V6/4WD/manual combination or a moonroof on the double cab like the Tacoma. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Cannot get the Limited in a access cab? Fail big time, even though I know the double cab sells a lot better.

NO SR configuration with Long bed/ double cab. I hope at least that the SR5 Double cab 4x2 LB will be available in PA.

What date. Will the trucks be in ?. Or when can put an order in ?

@ Bc lub

CLEARLY you have zero idea of what your looking at. the New engine trans combo in this Tacoma will get WAY better real world fuel economy than any half ton especially in the price point.

You cannot get a manual transmission with two wheel drive. WTH? But that's the least of their worries...look at that pricing compared to the equipment you get. Ouch.

My Frontier looks better all the time.

so the Limited package doesn't have a LB isn't it?

Not sheep, want a better a truck and they get that with a Taco.
It will continue to slaughter the GM twins making Detroit wonder why they bothered bringing them back to llife.

Wait, there isn't a TRD Sport double cab long bed with a manual?

I noticed there are several options that are exactly the same according to the features in the chart but are priced differently. Anybody know why this is?

I,ll take the 4x4 limited loaded of course. I hope the frame doesn't rust out in five years. What a piece of crap.

Higher pricing with less standard equipment ie mudguards and less choices

I just ordered the Tacoma Limited. I bounced back and forth between the blue (which is a different shade) than the previous blue or silver ( which is a darker shade) than the previous silver. Limited only comes in the hickory brown interior and I don't think it would look good at all with the blue. Short or long bed is available. I just can't decide on the exterior color. You can't get some Tacoma's with some colors. I think the limited should be able to be customized since it's the high end Tacoma. Toyota dropped the ball there. They can't get these in fast enough in my area. And if they do come in they are spoken for already.

Just bought a 2016 Toyota Tacoma which I got on 10/24/2015. I traded my 2012 tacoma for the new 2016 TRD sport awesome looking truck...HERES the problem I've driven the truck less than 24hrs and it's having some serious electrical problems. As soon as I drove it off the lot the BSM system wasn't working followed by a system malfunction warning. The dashboard lights including the entune radio would flicker from dim to bright. Dealer was told by Toyota not to touch it until they had a tech from Toyota diagnose the problem. Toyota decided to replace the sensors which took care of the problem however as I'm driving back home the flickering started again. This time it was doing it more frequently all the way home. It's back at the dealership. Nothing WORSE than buying a $38,000 truck and having issues with it on day ONE!!!!! a lemon maybe? this could be a major problem with 2016 TRD sport Tacoma model's...

Why can't a guy get a mini truck anymore that fits in a garage? For guys who need to pickup a few 2x4s or a long ladder, we don't need a bahemuth that take two states to turn around.

A 2011 or 12 Ranger SWB is selling now for damned near what it sold for new. And dealers can't keep good ones on their lots. Can't tell me there's no market for them anymore.

I have a2016 limited 4x4 double cab.Love it.Its AWSOME I Guess there will always be haters out there.especialy the ones who have never even driven one.

Don't see a LB in your limited 4x4 double door lineup,hoping this will change, also hope you will offer gray interior. I like the new design but not willing to settle for limited options. I have a 2009 Tacoma access cab with 6ft bed in Speedway blue with only 25k miles on it, so in reality not all that tempted at this time.

none of the high end tacomas come withauto seat adjustment. it is all manual. for the price of the truck, it seems like electric controls should be standard instead of the moon roof on the limited.

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