Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: July 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Sales momentum continues to build as we head deep into summer and see fall on the horizon. It'll be interesting to see how the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalls and buyback program, and the trouble Ford is having with Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing will affect both half-ton and heavy-duty sales in the coming months. For now, though, July sales are strong for just about every pickup sold in the U.S.

Chevrolet and Toyota once again had strong months, as their midsize and half-ton offerings are their strongest sellers. Chevrolet, overall, is ahead of last year almost 20 percent with a huge July sales gain — the best in almost 10 years — up more than 30 percent over July 2014.

It's worth noting that many analysts who predicted the new midsize GM pickups — the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon — would steal sales from their big brothers — the Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 — are likely doing some backpedaling. Dealers seem to be doing a good job emphasizing the strengths and differences of each pickup during their sales pitches. Both Chevy and GMC full-size and midsize pickup sales are quite strong, with the latter averaging the highest transaction prices in their respective segments. Additionally, the sales split between Chevy and GMC full-size pickups is identical to the sales split between the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups. In both cases, the GMC brand is just a hair more than 26 percent of the total combined (Chevy plus GMC) brand sales.

We should also note that it looks like Ford sales are beginning to strengthen a bit, as the production pipeline for F-150s starts filling to capacity and both plants (in Dearborn, Mich., and Claycomo, Mo.) begin responding more effectively to dealer orders.

The only other pickups currently on sale on the list that are down for the month are from Nissan (technically there is no 2015 Honda Ridgeline on sale now). The all-new Titan will debut near the end of the year, and the Frontier suffers from an aging platform in a segment where each of its competitors offers more style and better equipment.

As we head into fall, traditionally a good time of year for dealerships, expect to see continued strong sales from most of the truckmakers.

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I know in my area, right next door to the Wentzville plant where they make the Canyon/Colorado, our dealers cannot get them, period. They are all being loaded on trains and heading elsewhere. A couple friends work at the plant and are all working OT and cannot meet demand. In fact, one said they are building a 3rd line to help production

@bafo or hemi v8 or sonar or what ever you post as. You have no proof of your claims.... None. What we do know fords profits are record setting on the back of the fseries as well as record setting transaction price. Only a pea brain would think they lose money on a f150 and that the hd portion of the fseries makes up for your thought of the loss on the f150.

Honestly how long are you going to keep up the idea that the aluminum panels are a losing battle.... Superduty will be converted soon as well as gm will make the switch soon.

llink up a dealer with the 2014 f150's that month after month you claim that makes up the bulk of f150 sales.

Scott, aka Ull1,
Your business acumen is quite undeveloped.

You are blinded by your passion for a lump of aluminium, sort of like falling in love with R2D2.

I'm unbiased in all my comments.

Read carefully what and how Ford has presented it's comments for the year.

They speak like the Fed Reserve, IMF and politicians.

Ford is projection an illusion with the use of inference.

In reality would Ford continue with the rest of it's global vehicle lineup if they only represented less than 2% of it's profits?

Think about it a little.

The cost of the F Series has been spread across the whole range of Ford products. This will, in effect reduce the profit of all vehicles other than the F Series.

Ford has produced a rubbery figure.

Ford has totaled its cost of operations/liabilities, then divided it by the money earnt by model to produce the 90% of profits by the F Series.

The global Ranger is most likely producing the profits of the F Series and they sell in significant numbers, so does the Transit.

Link that bafo with proof rather then your assumptions.

I won't hold my breathe

If ford backs off integrating aluminum into the superduty I would consider you accurate.


Ford F-series @ 423,468
Chevy Silverado @ 332,202

A spanking YTD of 91,266 more trucks than Chevy.

Ford will be crown Champion again for more than 35 years in a row.

Nothing new here, Ford profits over safety, short changing the regular cab and extended cab customers, overcharging Ford Lemmings, leaving out safety bars. Where is Mike Levine to explain to us how expensive these bars are and why they were left out??

Ford Engineering has egg all over its face, Ecobusts a major failure, safety left out unless you buy the more expensive crew cabs.

Steel GM Twins will do better, have real truck engines that Ford only dreams of having, built ford tough! My A55.

I am not attempting to be part of the fan boy discussion but I have seen more new Colorados and than I have seen 2015 F-150s on the road. I have seen a lot of late model F-150s especially new leftover 2014s. If these 2015 F-150s are burning up the sales charts then they are not in Cincinnati or N KY. There are a lot of Ford trucks around my area and many F-250s and 350s. Since Ford is preparing for the aluminum F-250s and 350s Ford should start working extra shifts and overtime at their Louisville plant to stock up on the outgoing model. Customers will buy lots of them. If Ford had another plant they could continue making the older steel model while they are making the newer aluminum body F-250s and 350s. The aluminum body F-150 so far is like the New Coke and the steel body F-150 is like Coke Classic. It might not flop like the new Coke but it has not been as well received as Ford anticipated. Sometimes it is better to not mess with the old formula.

@Big Al

Wrong again like usual. Scott is NOT the blogger formerly known as ALL--1.

Although for someone such as yourself that concededly prides themselves on their intellect, you do not seem to bright based on your posts. You tend to cherry pick data that only fits your biased argument while ignoring all the other data that does not fit your argument or the picture you want to portray. Even after many(including myself) have proven you wrong time and time again, and even threw you a bone with a little bit of knowledge to correct your inconsistencies you still post false info or only cherry picked one sided info. This is not the sign of an intellectual. An intellect takes in all the data, not just some of it that fits their argument.

It is becoming very clear now that the reason why chastise others on their intellect is to remove the light from your own sub par intelligence. I really don't see how you could think that anyone here reading these comments would take your words seriously with the kind of stuff you post that in many times is false or just cherry picked data manipulated to fit your bias point of view. Then there is your constant paranoia that everyone that debates with you is me. Did scar you so badly that you think everyone that proves you wrong is me? Wow, that says a lot and I thank you for letting me have such an impact on your life. I know I don't post much anymore(mainly due to me having better things to do), but I do occasionally look in these comments now and then. Although I do go many article before looking since most are boring topics that I don't even care to read about. Apparently you and z-viera have nothing else better to do with your lives I see.

Bafo never post data with his post.... He makes his post and develops his thought process on emotion rather then data. Not once has he ever posted data to back up his claims.

Typing this as I am driving my brand new vw golf tdi so can't really post this as a ford fan boy as my 2014 f150's v8 is sitting at home.

@Scott With all the time you wasted responding to Somar about proof, you could have just looked for yourself. MGM Ford in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada has a 15 F-150 for 16k off. If the link works, there is your proof.

So is that price of $53053 listed on that truck 13k off msrp?

GM trucks still a hot seller!

$12,000 off on almost all of them , then 13000;14000;15000...

Over $17,000 off at the bottom of this page and continues with F350.

Eat your heart.

$12,000 off on almost all of them , then 13000;14000;15000...

Over $17,000 off at the bottom of this page and continues with F350.

Eat your heart.

I own a 2008 Sport Trac, and until Ford develops another midsized pickup, I won't be buying anything anybody had to offer. I'll ride this bad boy until the Rustize no longer works. Lol

The thing is, I'm not a fan of any of the other midsize manufacturers, and there isn't a 4-door fullsize truck on the market that will fit into my garage.

If many midsized buyers are like me, and I believe that many are, unless they already have been Taco owners or are waiting for the next Ridgeline, they will just hold on to what they have until holding on is no longer an option.

Truck incentives US dollars (not the less valuable Canadian dollar), and are in my area in Texas were the most trucks are sold than anywhere else.

Ram 1500

$10,500 off on 2015 RAM 1500 LONE STAR CREW CAB 4X4 6'4" BOX.

Ford F150

$9,000 off on 2015 Ford F-150 XLT4X2 SuperCrew 302A 2.7L EcoBoost


2015 RAM 1500 LONE STAR $15,000 TOTAL SAVINGS!

Breaking News:

Safety update.

Ram only putting blockers on certain 2015 trucks.

PUTC needs to look into this.

Mike Levine ‏@mrlevine 9h9 hours ago

Fact: Ram only putting "wheel blockers" on some 2015 trucks.

@Chuck Taylor
What's your problem?
I wasn't saying that RAM doesn't provide a discount like Scott did and asked about proof.
So we cleared this issue and we know, there is plenty of F150 on stock with heavy discounts in here. Eh?

I'd like to see Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra combined.
Why is RAM half the sales of either GM or Ford? Fleet trucks?

@ Scott. Yes. We get to pay alot for vehicles in Canada. That truck was only an xlt according to the ad. I wish trucks would get a window sticker that reflected what the automakers are actually selling them for. They are always on "sale". When the employee pricing event is over, something else takes its place and instead of saving 16k you might only save 13 or 14. But there always seems to be a sale with the big 3.

What a bunch of chevrolame cry babies. Enough with your Government Motors nonsense. Get over it! Ford, America's truck, wins again!!!

Ford is slowly but surely slipping. I can see the headlines just as Car and Driver called the Chevrolet Caprice of 1991 revolutionary they have called the 2015 Pop Can F150 revolutionary. I cannot wait for the blunders real to hit each and every one of the periodicals that described that truck as such. Moreover, for every blind stupid loyal Ford truck buyer that bought these trucks without so much as a good look at the poor quality of this truck inside and out, while paying through the nose, I shall laugh. The only difference between this and Obama's car the Chevy Volt is product recognition.

Just sold my Ram back to the dealer. Hmmm...what to get next?

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Aug 3, 2015 3:20:00 PM


Good. Now go buy a Ford and enjoy yourself.

Oh the desperate Ford boys. lol I use to get drunk on the blue kool aid myself back in the early 90's My first car I bought was a 1989 5.0 LX Hatch back black with a red racing stripe. I loved that car. Those stainless steel exhaust pipes singing that V8 song. One day coming back from lunch to work the dash started smoking. The clear plastic gauge cluster cover sinking from the heat. I wanted to return to work so I continued to drive it a 1/2 mile to work. Once I arrived at work and parked I ran inside to get a wrench to disconnect the battery. Once I returned to the Mustang flames were coming out of the driver side window. A co worker John came out of my work which was a chemical plant with a fire extinguisher. Covering the whole interior with white chalk type material. Plastic had dripped onto the carpet below the steering column. Everything smelled of melted plastic. Did not have full coverage insurance so I continued to pay the payment to save my credit on a car I no longer could drive. That day I swore I would never buy another Ford the rest of my life. Ford has more Recalls for Fires than any other auto manufacture. Received the Ignition switch recall months later after I dumped the car. I had no recourse because I was no longer the registered owner. :-(
Bought a Chevy, Pontiacs, Cadilac, Dodge.

Gentlemen, The United States has been building pick-up trucks for many,many years. All three brands do a great job building trucks. I really don't believe that any one brand is better than the others. The Federal Government would not allow any manufacturer to build such a vehicle that competing companies could match. Because then there would be a monopoly. Most of that have pick-up trucks don't do anywhere near what these trucks are made to do.

Another month and ford takes another crap. Congratulations to General Motors for the total domination of pick up truck sales this year. Maybe one day ford will be able to make a decent pick up, then again, maybe I'll hit the lottery for $550 million. Even with $14,000 in incentives the only people buying a new aluminum ford are rubes and rednecks.

"Posted by: some TRUTH", AKA The Idiot, The Moron, The Liar, The propagandist, The Uneducated, The Ford Employee. Wow, the Twit posted a book, a book of garbage. The F150 has been in full production for 5 months now, no one wants it. Even with $14,000 incentives on the F150 it gathers dust. Three billion dollar fiasco the Ford company wasted on this lemon as the Chevy Silveraldo blows it away in every category imaginable.

GM guys are buying GM trucks like crazy this year because they are cutting the warranty down to 60000 miles. GM was givin a germ parachute by the Govt. in the fact that they were given the losses incurred by Old GM to tune of over $40 billion which less then half could be used as a tax credit to be used to insure their post bankruptcy survival and make the Obama administration look like the savior of the auto industry.

@hemiv8, old story you keep telling. If you didn't have full coverage then whoever financed the car would have force placed it for there protection. Full protection is always required on any financed vehicle. Just don't buy your lies.

Truck Crazy
80% of all automotive fires are suspected to have had some help and if the evidence is strong enough they will not pay.

Financed car without full coverage! LOL! Idiot got what he deserved.

@David: and how about the news of Ford skipping on a known safety item so they can save some $ on Super Cabs (SCABS) and make them appear lighter for the sake of weight comparisons and "drive a Ford" events, and reviews?

What else is Ford keeping quiet about?

Ford would be the least trusted manufacture that's out there right now.

Nobody wants the POS twice bailed out Fiat-Ram unless they give $15,000 off LOL.


Because Ram sucks. Nobody wants those ugly, unreliable pieces of crap.

GM trucks have sold right at 100,000 more trucks than Ford year to date, enough said!!

This bad news RAM story not gonna help them, NOT safe:

I believe that fiat ram and gm are the least trusted manufacturers out there right now. Just look at there recalls and how they have handled them. With gm many people lost there lives when they put trust in gm. Don't trust them any further than I can throw them.

I believe that ford owners trusting ford PR department on ecoboost efficiency , live time, easier to repair aluminium than steel and new safety features removed because of hard time to install them at cheaper models are just sheep.

We trust FCA more than Ford in here.

The former Chrysler Canada also set a new record for year-to-date sales that goes all the way back to 1925.

According to estimates from Desrosiers, a Canadian automotive consultant, FCA Canada’s year-to-date sales are now almost 10% ahead of second-place Ford. FCA’s market share rose 0.3% to 16.1% while Ford’s has declined an entire percentage point to 15.3%.

Jeep set a new July record in 2015, marking its 17th consecutive month of growth. The Cherokee was the most popular model with sales up 78% to 3,426, a record. Sales of the Patriot rocketed up 192% last month.

Ram, the brand, and Ram pickups set new records, with sales up 17% for both.

Jeff S,
Your anecdotal evidence on the numbers of the new 2015 aluminium F-150 numbers I observed in South Jersey. I have witnessed more Colorado/Canyons on the road as well.

Also, the numbers for monthly pickups doesn't necessarily mean they are actually sold.

The numbers given by the manufacturers are the numbers moved to car yards as opposed to a customer actually paying for a vehicle.

This is the reason for the nice incentives Ford is currently offering. Ford must move the new 2015 aluminium pickups to new customers and not have them clog Ford dealerships.

If incentives are increased in the near future, then this is an indication that Ford is not moving pickups to consumers, they are only storing them in car yards.


Ford is right in the mix there too.

Ford has plenty of blood on their hands.

Toyota is by far the most trusted auto brand in the WORLD. Safety, quality and value.

Tundra best in class resale!

FACT: Toyota Tundra is the least recalled full-size truck! I don't trust UAW garbage or Italian and Mexican trucks!

Then add the Fiat/Ram "car hacking". See if that affects sales as well.
Story says, ONLY affects Fiat/RAM.

@Gomar, but nobody has died worrying about aluminum or Ecoboost gas mileage. My cousin lost his life in one of these cover it up ignition switch deals that those P.O.S gm people built and let people die in so before you go putting Ford down think about them and they're families, so in other words STFUP!

@America bailes out Chrysler. Nobody here lite your fuse either and I agree toiletodor does make good vehicles so don't attack me. I don't like ram either so you too can STFUP.

It's funny you don't like RAM , but you drive one. Did your mother bought it for you?


You're username is right you are crazy. How did I attack you? Because I say some things about Ford you don't like? Ford Motor company isn't your family. Face it, Ford sucks just as bad as Fiat-Ram and Govt Motors.

Cruise control fires, Pinto, airbag problems.

Ford is junk.

Anything is better than ford. Even Big Al's from Oz Mazda.

@Gomar, I do not own a ram. Never have and never will. don't know where you got that at. I had a company truck yrs ago that was a ram but that lasted only one year. Our company got rid of that junk really quick.

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