Center for Pet Safety's Top Crate Designed for Pickup Trucks

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The Center for Pet Safety and Subaru of America have released the results of their 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Studies. What should be interesting to pickup truck owners is that the crate deemed the 2015 Top Performing Crate — Gunner Kennels' G1 Intermediate crate with 8-inch tie-down straps (pictured above) — was designed with pickup owners in mind.

We know it's dangerous to drive with a pet crate in an open pickup bed — but many truck owners do. That's one of the reasons Gunner Kennels founder Addison Edmonds developed this crate: to protect the estimated 100,000 dogs killed each year while riding in truck beds.

To read more about the studies, click here. And please, secure your pet in the cab if your truck bed isn't covered.

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Do they mandate tethers for the dogs if they are riding in the tray in the U.S. Dogs riding in the passenger seat, head the seatbelt to attach to their harness, not collar here.


This is an awesome crate. The manufacturers website actually calls it a kennel. It weighs 45 pounds (the intermediate size, that is) and costs five hundred bucks with shipping included. They have a large size in development that will cost six hundred bucks plus shipping.

They have this which gives the Dog freedom to move in the back and bark. Otherwise a harness that the seatbelt is attached too in the front or second row of seats




Do you mean to tell me people still put their dogs in the truck's bed? Why do you think God invented crew cabs? Nothing but the best for my dogs!

My Dog rides with me in the cab of my truck. Can't stand to see a Dog riding in the bed of a truck. Just stupid people do that.

@ Truck crazy...have to agree with you there, read somewhere the other day that about 100,000 dogs a year get killed in the US while riding in the back of pickups, so if you are reading this people take heed>>>

Pet Safety...just let that sink in for a second.

If you put your dog in the bed' even if it's in a crate you shouldn't have a dog because you obviously don't care about your dog! Just my opinion, my dogs always ride on the backseat of my truck!

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