Chevrolet Announces 2016 Colorado Midnight Edition

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-MidnightEdition 3 II

Like the bigger Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the 2016 Colorado will get a special Midnight Edition package to set it apart in an increasingly competitive segment. The black-out-themed Colorado will be offered exclusively in black with smoked black 18-inch wheels and a black bow tie on the grille. Naturally, the small pickup will have a black spray-in bedliner and a soft black tonneau over the bed.

All Midnight Editions will be offered in either of the Colorado's two cab configurations (extended or crew), in two-wheel- or four-wheel drive, and will be available with any of the three engine choices: the 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder, the 3.6-liter V-6 or the new turbo-diesel 2.8-liter 16-valve four-cylinder. Available on the LT trim level, pricing for the package will be announced by fall.

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Looks really Great!

Let's paint it black and call it something special!

This is the first photo of the 2016 model I have seen. This model photo doesn't have fog lights installed, but based on the shape of the plastic it looks like they're gonna be more rectangular lights. In the 2015 they were round. And is that a slightly different pattern behind the grill? Looking good.

That paint has got some shine to it!!! Wow! Nice truck. I like the blue one on facebook as well.

"Let's paint it black and call it something special!

Posted by: Really | Aug 3, 2015 10:54:12 AM"

Why not? Looks a whole hell of a lot better than when someone goes out and gets a "custom" paint job.

It's not a whole lot better than "hey let's put a new grill on a 15 truck platform and call it "all new" like ford was doing for a while.

No fog lights?

"Naturally, the small pickup will..."

Small? He calls this thing SMALL? It's as big as a bloomin' 1990 F-150 Long Bed! It's Not SMALL!

In total volume it's almost 50% larger than a 1997 Ford Ranger! It's Not Small!

Stop with the deception and call it what it is. It may be smallER than the current F-150 or Silverado, But It Is Not Small!

Get over it! Small will return and this thing's true size will be far more obvious.

It looks sharp in black with the blacked out grill. After having a black truck, MY 08 Isuzu crew cab, I would not have another. Sharp looking when clean and polished but it is hard to keep clean. I have a special wax for black paint that does a good job hiding the swirls.

Looks good. Awesome if it came with a 6.2L V8.

@Diesel Power- it should- most show and pres trucks are wet sanded and re-cleared.

Last week in NJ (I'm now back in Oz/Brissy) I saw a nice black SWB Colorado. It was nicer looking than this.

It had polished alloy rims, with hints of chrome accents throughout. Far more elegant looking than this black out pickup.

I'm no fan of these all black pickups.

I'll take a crew cab in diesel, please! :-)

I think i want to get something like this in a diesel for running around. i would take a diesel in a stripper model with just 4wd..

@Big Al--I have seen a number of 2015 Colorados mostly crew cabs with 4x4. So far the argument that many give that customers will not buy a well optioned midsize truck has not been accurate. I have seen a few extended cab Colorados but mostly crew cabs. Since the beginning of the year I have seen a total of 3 2015 F-150s and at least a dozen 2015 Colorado/Canyons. I saw a sharp looking 2015 4x4 crew cab Canyon in gray.

It looks like anything painted all black will look better. Good ole Henry Ford had the first midnight edition with the model T. Black was the ONLY color option then. He was only 105 years ahead of his time!!

This truck looks good in black. A blacked out 1973 Pinto would probably look pretty nice too......

@Steve--As Henry Ford said "you can have any color you want so long as its black." Black does look sharp when it is clean and shined but speaking from experience it takes more effort to keep a black vehicle looking sharp.

I was never a fan of all black wheels unless they had some contrasting highlights or the color of the vehicle was a non black high contrast color.

This special edition doesn't look bad, but like what was mentioned above, a few splashes of silver/chrome/brushed aluminum trim highlights would make it look much more elegant and classy.

At least they could do is paint the fake skidplate trim panel on the lower front bumper grill area a silver or brushed aluminum color. That would really make it pop.

I am not that crazy about all black wheels either but that seems to be the trend. In a few years it will be something else. The truck does look sharp in black.

I'm getting tired of the black truck look. A red truck with black wheels looks good but black on black is too much.

@Lou_BC--This too shall pass. Truck makers have gone from all chrome and glitzy and now we have the black on black. I actually like the black grill and would prefer black painted bumpers on the rear as long as they are metal. Chrome bumpers are so thinly coated that the plating flakes off.

Jeff S - I prefer monochromatic grills and bumpers since chrome (as you have pointed out) has gotten thin and cheap or is no longer metal but plastic.

Blacked out trucks as you have pointed out are a fad. The dumbest looking truck I've seen is the GM carbon edition trim on a white truck. That was ugly. The same truck in dark red with the Carbon package looked great.

@Lou_BC--I think one of the things I like least is the trend toward taller tires with less side wall which make the ride rougher and the tires more expensive. Early cars and trucks had big wheels and thin sidewalls and it was a big leap forward going to thicker sidewalls. What's old is new.

I'm not a Chevy guy at all... at let teh Chevy Haters be Haters.... but this is a great looking truck. And yes I think something that got special black wheels, nice black paint and even the Chevy Botwie blacked out gets a special name.

This package with the DUramax in it would be a very nice weekend warrior!!!!!

Nice job GM.

WHERE'S THE ZR222222222

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