Chevrolet Upgrades Colorado Z71 Trail Boss Edition for 2016

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss II

The Z71 Trail Boss Edition that debuted on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will add some off-road inspired details for 2016 to make it a more value-packed and aggressive choice when headed to the outdoors.

The existing Trail Boss Edition includes a spray-in bedliner, sidesteps, a cargo divider and tie-down rings, black bow ties front and back, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac 265/65R17 tires, wheel flares and all-weather floormats. The 2016 Z71 package adds a new bed-mounted sport bar and a pair of LED trail lights.

The Trail Boss Edition will be available on the Z71 trim in either cab configuration and in two-wheel or four-wheel drive. It will also offer all three of the available engine choices, meaning the entry-level 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder, the powerful 3.6-liter V-6 or the all-new baby Duramax (a turbo-diesel 2.8-liter 16-valve inline four-cylinder).

Although 2016 Z71 Trail Boss Edition pricing will not be announced for a few months, the previous edition was a $3,820 option and we'd expect the 2016 package to be similar in price.

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2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss mud II

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss bar II

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss nose II

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss side II

2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss 2 II



What is the hold up on the ZR2!? It's like they don't have the guts to push the button on the project. Make a functional off road package, not just an appearance package. I do like the sport bar. That concept ZR2 would sell like crazy!

Looks pretty nice if u ask me!

Once again, what is up with an air dam that wouldn't clear a beer can on the OFF ROAD package?!

Dazzle them with gimmicks that do nothing and charge them to boot! Never ends. Some fan boy will say wow and buy this thing.

Maybe the front lower spoiler/air dam is for fuel eco. ???
Im sure it can removed.
My partners 2012 f250 has the same thing and gets ripped off every snow season while plowing.


Cafe and EPA is the hold up.

LMFAO and people said the TRD Pro was worthless and a waste of money.

Looks like a lot of distasteful mods with no actual offroad upgrades.

LMFAO and people said the TRD Pro was worthless and a waste of money.

Looks like a lot of distasteful mods with no actual offroad upgrades.

LMFAO and people said the TRD Pro was worthless and a waste of money.

Looks like a lot of distasteful mods with no actual offroad upgrades.

Looks like a 16yr old stole dad's credit card and ordered half of the JC Whitney catalog... ditch the bed bars unless they actually serve as a rollover protection structure.

We can clearly see the GM bean counters are preventing a true off-road truck from being released.

Let's get rid of the air dam on this off-road model, then it it in half on the other models

Let's get rid of the air dam on this off-road model, then it it in half on the other models

There is no hold-up for the ZR2. Shortly after the debut it was revealed by Fox News that GM had no plans to actually build it. It was just for show.

There is no hold-up for the ZR2. Shortly after the debut it was revealed by Fox News that GM had no plans to actually build it. It was just for show.

There is no hold-up for the ZR2. Shortly after the debut it was revealed by Fox News that GM had no plans to actually build it. It was just for show.

GM like P.T. Barnum is a showman and in the off-road community is remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes like the Raptor "killer" All Terrain from 2010 and the ZR2 from 2014. No trucks are ever sent down the line. They are all hoaxes.

Air Dam = Fuel Economy = Comply with Government Mandates

GM, like any other manufacturer, could build the most serious off road capable (I'm talking Baja, Dakar, the Amazon or worse ) truck and it would still wouldn't be enough for some of you posters here. Get over it already ! You're not going to get a military functional equivalent off road truck from any manufacturer! And it certainly is going to cost a Hell of lot more than most consumers are willing to spend ! What you WILL get are the serious bones to build what you want your truck to be, and you can put as much as you want into it so you can go mudbogging and trailbreaking to your hearts content. For the other 80% of consumers who just want a comfortable general purpose truck with a custom look, this build fits the bill.

Not bad for a basic off-road package that would cover the needs of most that usually only hit rough dirt roads. Not sure why some people think a truck needs to have a massive overhaul to be off-road worthy?!? Though not sure those lights on the roll bars would work that well?

They need to come up with a better air dam, if they want to keep the Fuel Economy make it retract for off road use... They could also ad a suspension lift, wider wheel wells

The sport bar and bolts will rust.

No Portal Axles? No way I'd take this one out after it snows......


Seriously, offering a stupid cheap 4x4 reg cab, would be the best thing GM could do for serious offroad truck. With lines running flat out making high buck editions...., guess that's out....


G M needs to upgrade their production out put before they bring out more trucks editions. None of the dealers in my area can keep any of standard Colorado/Canyons trucks on the lot.

in regards to the ZR-2, back in 2003 they taking around to the car shows a Colorado that had a lift and larger wheels and tires. During the run from 2004to 2012 they never made that truck. All for show

It's a pity this isn't a "real" off roader, it is a boulevard cruiser.

If GM/Chev are to make a true off roader first up they would of used the short wheelbase variant.

Secondly, judging by the photos the vehicle has poor ramp over, approach and departure angles.

The front spoiler is a liability off road, the positioning of the spare is another liability.

GM can produce a good and capable off roader with the Colorado.

The vehicle does look nice, but it ain't no off roader.

Why the whiners. If 1% of buyers intend to do SERIOUS off-roading GM would be catering to est 1200 people sorry but that's not enough people. Also most serious off-roaders change the bumpers tires shocks ect... and lift them. Half the fun is building your truck how you want it! but to complain about a air dam that was put there to increase mpg because the fed gov set cafe reg so high is stupid. GM even states to remove the air dam when off-roading...Hell most car now do not come with a spare tire, jack or tools...that's stupid if you ask me. That extra weight has got to go to increase mpgs.

This really isn't a bad package deal! It isn't a serious off reader but hey at least GM makes a fully boxed frame and the tuck looks good.

Then why is Chev marketing it as an off road package?

I believe a one inch lift, with a redsigned front or even a bulbar and the removal of the spare on a short wheelbase would be simple.

This is an appearance package, a wank package.

If I were to want a new Colorado off roader I would not buy this, but buy a basic Colorado and modify. It would be cheaper and a better performing vehicle than this Z71.

DUH...because people will buy it and just like you said if your building your own off road truck you would not buy this truck.
Gm knows this and sells decals and lights to people who want a off road truck not people who go off roading. A lot of manufacturers do it in one form or another.

Tacoma will eat this junker alive.

Most people do not go offroad. A 1/4 mile to the cottage is max for most. Look at all of the Jeep Wrangler's out their with lift kits and aggressive tires but don't have a scratch in them (even underneath). A "real" offroader just gives street cred to the poser crowd.

Cooper lol. "Dazzle them with gimmicks that do nothing and charge them to boot!" I wish i could nominate that for the quote of the day.

That perfectly describes the entire ford lineup!


GM ignition fund ends review approving 124 death claims

David Shapardson
August 3, 2015
Detroit News

The final death toll blamed on defective ignition switches in General Motors cars....GM is paying at least $1 million in each death claim.

A "real" offroader just gives street cred to the poser crowd.


Look who's talking. Who you calling a poser? Lou just promotes hate among real off-roaders like to take them down!

You guys have no idea what real off-roading is...

oxi just converted his close to 3/4 ton Toyota pickup to over 1 ton payload...

Factory payload numbers were over 1,300 lbs. and now he is over 2,100 lbs.

How? oxi modded his suspension with 200 lbs. coils up front and 700 lbs. leafs (from factory 3-pack to 9-pack) in the rear with improved shocks and stronger 5/8 u-bolts flipped for improved ground clearance along with improved gas shocks up front under the coils and desert racing spec. upper control arms.

oxi's pickup can handle additional payload and he has ran many load tests on/off-road and stress tests to verify...

A bit of history, oxi used to own an 85 Toyota 2wd standard pickup YET Toyota sold a 1 ton version of the same identical pickup. Everything frame, engine, axles were the same thing, all they did was mod the suspension to handle additional payload up to 2,000 lbs. and labeled it a 1 ton...

Toyota those days also made a dually version of the same pickup to haul a camper over the bed/cab, thus improved payload even more from the same engine/frame combination...

You can increase your payload numbers, off-roaders like oxi has been doing for years, that is properly. Sorry kids, lift kits do not increase payload!

@Lou, It is still a GM and do they really care about looks over reliability and function? Rear-end sits too high...

with camo roof rack...

I want that exact truck with a duramax!

I think that truck getting good economy all the time will be a hot seller i dont see why not.....

off-road king aka Oxi You sound pretty scared of this Colorado. It has near Oxi payload with stock suspension Plus a diesel engine to choose if one so pleases. This Colorado already spanked the Toyota Hilux off road, which is better than the Tacoma.

You should trade you're moded Tacoma in and get a better stock built Colorado. They even offer a small 2.5L gas motor since I remember you saying more hp equals more damage, but I just think you can't handle any more hp then what the 2.7L Toyota motor can dish out with big tires.

I do not off-road nor will I ever off-road but those that I know that do would not buy a factory package like this or the Raptor. Those who would off-road would be more likely to build their own from a very basic truck. GM should offer a trim similar to what Toyota has with the Tacoma, a Pre-Runner and a 4 Runner and make it very basic with a 6 speed manual in diesel, V-6, and 4 cylinder gas. Have this base model sit up a little higher and have it adaptable to modification as an off-road vehicle. I don't blame GM, Ford, or Ram for offering these packages because their is a lot of money in them and many will never see the light of a trail. I do think that there were be enough demand for a more basic truck sans the plastic parts that would be adaptable for modification for off-roading. I do think that the current base model Colorado could be adapted for such except it would have to be modified from a 2 wheel drive to a 4 wheel drive. Mighty be better to get a used truck and modify it. Wait a few years and get a used Colorado or Tacoma.

I love the blue on that truck.

They will sell. For those that want to off road there are more exciting and capable vehicles offered by polaris and can am that are cheaper then setting up even the most basic 4x4 like BAFO's to go off road.

scott I agree if you really want to go off road get a atv, 3wheeler, side by side, or a dirt bike. Most the oil company's up here have Honda 500 Foremans Some the old Honda 450 Foremans have over 50,000 miles on them. Just brakes wheel bearings swing arm bearing and valve adjustments on them. One company I work with try other ATVs but the independent rear suspension and belt drive just don't hold up to long term use. Don't get me wrong though just able ever other ATV rides better then a Honda, but none of the others last as long with out over double the maintenances cost.

The only thing missing is the large TrailBoss (r) HOOD STICKER!
Is that real mud splashes, or computer generated?

On-road king how do you keep your oxi-yota cool with lights, strap, home made bumper blocking your radiator?

@johnny doe
Polaris just came out with a new razr... 144 hp stock!!!! It will do things offroad that are just pipe dreams of what midsize truck owners wish they could do. These new "midsize" trucks are to big compared to the older generation midsize. Not much difference between the midsize today and a full size 1/2 ton other then a cramped interior interior and less power in the midsize.

Walker Texas Ranger would love this truck.

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