Ford Trail Tests 2017 F-150 Raptor

Raptor-Prototype-Test 1 II

The last time we saw the new Raptor, it was being tortured in the high-temperature deserts of California, axle deep in sand. Now, Ford is doing more 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor testing, but this time in the hills of northern Michigan, and from the looks of it, Ford is fine-tuning the Raptor's four-wheel-drive low-range settings. We're told this new Raptor will have better ground clearance, fording depths and a more capable four-wheel-drive system. We know it will keep using the heavy-duty, external-reservoir Fox Racing Shox. We'll know more as we get closer to the new Raptor's on-sale date, tentatively slated for September 2016.

We have just one piece of advice for Ford here; please make sure you don't allow any Raptor off the line in such a light-swallowing dark color. This new-generation Raptor already has a more subtle design look--we don't need to make it look any more similar to a normal F-150 with dull colors. 

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Have you driven a Ecoboost F150? There is not lack of torque down low.

The EB 3.5 going in to the Raptor is the next generation engine that is also being used in their Endurance race cars and the next Ford GT. It has what they are calling "zero lag" turbo's. The Raptor will also be first to have the new 10 speed.

If Ford knows it is not good for "heavy duty" applications then why did they discontinue the F150 6.2?

The company my brother works for has a fleet of F150's with the EB 3.5. Zero failures or "limp home". These are trucks that live on logging roads, logging operations, and construction sites.

I personally prefer V8's but that is more out of tradition.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think people is gonna happen when intercooler is plugged with mud when offroading. Eh ?

Gomer - the company my brother works for has a fleet of GM HD's and Ford F150's. All of the F150's have EB 3.5's in them. It hasn't been an issue and the majority of those trucks spend their lives on logging roads, cut blocks, and construction sites. The guy who took over my brother's job has one. Other than fuel economy on par with every other truck he has had he hasn't had any problems with it.

Lou, that's not what I asked.

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