Is a 'Star Wars' Special-Edition Ram Just Around the Corner?

Star Wars preview II

This could be great news for "Star Wars" fan and Ram chief designer Ryan Nagode, who showed off his personal "Storm Trooper-esque" Ram 1500 Rebel at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' What's New media event in Michigan earlier this summer.

According to The Detroit News, FCA and Lucasfilm Inc. (which is owned by Walt Disney Co.) have entered into an agreement to collaborate during the promotional campaign for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," directed by J.J. Abrams and scheduled for a Dec. 18 release. There's no word whether the Nagode vehicle — complete with "Star Wars"-themed stickers — was the impetus for the corporate relationship, but this is likely to spawn some special package deals under the heading of "cross marketing."

FCA has done several other high-profile movie deals with monster publicity events and special vehicles both inside and outside the actual films. The responsibility for many of these Hollywood partnerships sits squarely on the shoulders of Olivier Francois, the chief marketing officer. "Furious 7," "Godzilla" and "Unbroken" are just a few of the big-dollar partnerships that have resulted in co-branded commercials and advertising campaigns.

We can only hope we'll see one of these special-edition "Nagode" Rams somewhere in the next movie, but it's more likely we'll see some kind of classic Ram pickup commercial (maybe with Sam Elliott's voiceover) taking place in space. photos by Tim Esterdahl


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Too bad his color choice makes it look like an Imperial Stormtrooper, not a Rebel Alliance vehicle.....

very nice, I heard GM was coming out with a Disney princess version, and Big AL will be the test pilot.

This will be my next truck.

I am buying a 2017 Power Wagon.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Really? Whats next, Happy meal edition from McDonald's.

Yes,with the one eyed minion...

Meanwhile, Ford just sells theirs...

I hear ya redbloodedxy!! Shemale hemiv8 says this will be his next truck. He was supposed to have one ordered last year along with a Hellcat. Glad school is starting back. maybe he will submit some of his drawings of his power wagon and hellcat for all of us to judge. Just keep dreaming my friend!

Is this good for the Ram???

I don't think associating one's product with a Star Wars movie is the best move.

Some redneck movie would of been a better choice.

Big Al from Oz - product association is a common practise. This is just a regurgitation of a previous story. I doubt Disney would want Star Wars associated with FCA or any other domestic car company.

Man!, is that lame or what!

Makes sense--a Fiat pickup is kinda like the Death Star. The lock step fan boys think it is this world-beating, indestructible, marvel. But in reality, it is just a bloated POS with serious engineering problems that will be destroyed by rag tag mundane problems... .

I remember my first RAM.

Lou, when I used the word "product" I was referring to motor vehicles.

Will it decrease in value if I take it out of the original packaging?

Gives whole new meaning to the term "Lame..."

Seriously? A Halo F150, a Star Wars Ram, what's next? A Lord of the Rings Silverado? Lol

Who cares about this. Me and many truck guys want to know what the delay of the 2016 RAM 1500 is all about??? 2016 RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks are already on order or on dealer lots and there is no news about the 1500's on the internet anywhere. Supposedly, there is a refresh to the upcoming model year, but good grief - give us something as a teaser or just release the darn thing!

'Murican - considering GM's ignition switch fiasco......... a "Lord of the key Rings" would be appropriate.

Saw one just like this on the freeway today. Looks better in person. Front end does take a little getting used too.

But it is Star Wars!! I am actually deciding between that one or this lifted one:

I just hope they do not ruin Start Wars reputation in the upcoming Disney version of the new movie

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