Oshkosh Duramax-Powered Vehicle Will Replace Army Humvee

Oshkosh-JLTV-Demo-Photo-5-H II

Oshkosh Defense LLC was recently awarded the U.S. Army's contract to replace the aging Humvee troop and payload carriers with a light tactical vehicle that will include the current-generation 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel and Allison 1000 transmission — the same powertrain combination that sits inside the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 full-size pickup trucks.

According to Automotive News, the exact powertrain specifications for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle have not been released, but the government has made its final decision. The Oshkosh heavy-duty truck beat both Lockheed Martin and AM General to win the contract.

No doubt the military will be using a down-rated version of the GM engine, which makes 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque with the medium-duty-rated six-speed Allison 1000 transmission.

For your viewing pleasure, we've included videos of all contenders for this Army contract.

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Oshkosh Defense LLC


Lockheed Martin


AM General



Hey Ford, now THAT is military grade!

That's a face only a Mother could love!

Military grade what??

Not surprised - the duramax/allison combo is the most reliable diesel out there right now. I wonder if the armed forces are lucky enough to be able to remove all of that efficiency-robbing, reliability reducing emissions equipment that the EPA has cursed us with.

Ford didn't even try. They know that military doesn't care about PR department bs. In army you have to deliver.

Hopefully this vehicle is a lot more reliable then the last one. A lot of flaws with the last gm diesel in the hummer. Also this thing will be going up against toyota's and such with guns and stuff bolted to them in the desert which you can't kill reliability wise so this has a mountain to climb on reliability on the battle field. Thank the lord for the air force killing those toyotas before these things going into battle. Not sure solely this Oshkosh could handle a Toyota.

Oh, lordy, I hope they buy lots of spare injectors and don't do anything heavy during hot weather, unless they specify a gargantuan cooling system. The Duramax is strong, when it runs. At least that's the experience of both of my Duramax trucks. More wasted taxpayer dollars.

What year was your DuramaxS? Only ones with injector problems was 01-03 cause a dumb tin cup with a o ring, But fixed that in 04-current. The only Duramax with cooling problems was 04.

What year was your DuramaxS? Only ones with injector problems was 01-03 cause a dumb tin cup with a o ring, But fixed that in 04-current. The only Duramax with cooling problems was 04.

You'll find that the injectors on this will not be punished as much as the more highly tuned diesels in the HDs.

These diesels will be built to operate on a variety of diesel fuel qualities from around the world. GM will have looked at what diesel quality is around the world.

I do know even our G Wagon 6x6 pickup diesel's are down rated by around one third and able to handle a wide variety of diesel fuels.

I'd suspect the same for these GM Duramax diesels, so I'd expect them to be around 250-280hp, with roughly the loss in torque percentage wise.

Tough looking trucks.

It shows what's needed to take on a Hilux;)

@Gomar, GM has always been in bed with the government. Hell they wound up destroying the Hummer so why not let them do the same thing here. Fiat is not American so they lost out to start with. Who brought FORD into this anyways????????

Excellent choice for our military!

Hummer was too. What happened to it Greg??

Beats the Humvee, in having decent anti ballistic protection. Has the South African derived anti mine protection and is more capable Off Road. This should have been the Humvee in the first place

@scott...did you happen to work on Hummers any? In Iraq maybe? I HAVE! I can assure you hummers were the least of mechanics worries in Iraq... I turned rhe injector pumps up on all of our gun trucks and never had any issues... the ONLY issue (major issue that is) was the injection pumps and running JP8 throught them vs diesel... we simply added 1qt of tranny fluid every fillup and NOT once had a gun truck break down in the field... not too sure what issues you are talking about....

Although with that being said, the damax/Allison is a stellar drivetrain for the Oshkosh.


It's not a bad engine, after all it was engineered by Isuzu before GM even decided to form a joint venture with them. However a Cummins/Allison would have been a far better choice. The ISB is actually used in several military vehicles already, and has proven to be the most reliable engine in the consumer truck market. Both of those engines will be obsolete in about 5 years.

@Truck Crazy

GM trucks hauled the supplies to the thousands of advancing US Army Airborne units in the summer and fall of 1944 in France and Belgium, so that our dads, uncles, and grandfathers would have ammo, Luckies and chow. Nothing new here.

Tough then, tough now.

At gm corporate. Yes I worked on hummers as well as heavier. Patriot missiles out of fort bliss..... 63S. I did spend a significant amount of time in the Middle East. I was in when cylinder number 8 was failing on almost every one that came out. The 6.5 was a horrible motor while the 6.2 was a lot more reliable but still not great.

@Truck crazy
Ford is the one in the bed with government supplying police cars. I guess it's not military grade enough.

I still consider Chrysler and AMC american company,with american roots, history and engineering.

I wouldn't call Ford India car , just because aluminium for this truck is made by India supplier.

Somar the fed doesn't buy police cars... They don't have a police force unless you consider the military as a police force. Organizations such as the FBI, DEA, ATF are usually in nothing special tahoes. State troopers, and local law enforcement buy police cars. The US gov't buys military vehicles from suppliers that reside in states that have politicians that grease the wheels of the military suppliers that get them elected.

Ford grease state governments,state troopers and law enforcement. All of them . Include Canada.

I can see it now all the Motor T guys will be driving Duramax now because it will be so easy to order parts for your own truck :)

@Scott, @GM Corporate- First off, let me thank both of you for your service to our country. Second, I am going to guess that Scott is a little older and was working on 6.5s that were made by GM. They were known to fail at cylinder 8 (both cylinder and head gasket failure). After 2000, the engines were produced by General Engine Products and used castings made by Navistar. The iron is much better in the newer blocks along with heavier main caps, thicker cylinder decks and improved cooling passages in the heads.
Mark Geisewite

I would rather have ford grease the government then GM and RAM taking tax dollars just to stay open!

Ford would be shut down long time ago, if they wouldn't grease all governments include Canada's. And that's taxpayers money we pay for all those vehicles.

Duramax would be great if it wasnt for their injector problems,perfect truck would be Ford body cummins diesel and allison tranny

After have served for three years active duty, back in the 70's and having to make due with (black out drive) I can just imagine what it would be like in one of these new units, with some type of night vision? Talk about having a leg up on the enemy!!!! Now all we need is leadership from the Top Down that knows what they are doing!!!!

I have personally owned 3 Duramax's and have never had a single injector problem or overheating issue. My truck I use at work is also a Duramax that pulls heavy every day. Once again zero injector or overheating issues. They have all been very reliable trucks and would recommend them to anyone.

@Gomer - where is your evidence that Ford "greases government" ????
Where is your evidence indicating that is how they survived?
Compare and contrast that to any other large automotive company.

Every large company has lobbyist's on the payroll.

"And that's taxpayers money we pay for all those vehicles."

Chrysler exists due to two bailouts.

And how do those comments relate to a military contract???????

BTW - The 6.7 PowerStroke is being used in a "Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)" under development jointly by "BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, and Meritor Defense."

This may indicate that Oshkosh won the contract.

I don't need any. Just ask Truck Crazy.

only $400,000 each.

Nice to see GM power the unit. I see many whiners, crying about Ford not getting any government contracts, maybe if Ford paid back the $17.5 billion they borrowed and never repaid as GM & Chrysler did they would be considered. Anyway, GM produced more tonnage during WW2 than anyone. Twice as much as Ford & Chrysler. The Ford girls word be Ford Frau's if not for General Motors during WW2: http://www.military.com/veteran-jobs/career-advice/military-transition/how-gm-divisions-tackled-war-effort.html

Somar " I don't need any."


You have never let the truth get in the way of your beliefs.

ISIL has a place for you on earth and in heaven.

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