Product Spotlight: Bolt Locks

Bolt Locks 1 II

By Tim Esterdahl

We recently had the chance to use a few locks from Bolt during some tow testing, and found them quite sturdy and easy to use. Specifically, we used a 5/8-inch receiver lock, coupler pin lock, cable lock and a standard padlock.

Bolt locks, manufactured by Strattec Security, are different from other locks because you set the key lock (or set of Bolt locks) to match your pickup truck's engine key. And it's simple too — just insert your truck key into the lock, turn the key once and pull the key out. Regardless of configuration, the lock "learns" your key and will only open with that key.

The benefits are pretty straightforward: Instead of carrying one key for each lock you have on your truck or trailer, one key fits all. The Bolt website states that its locks have higher corrosion resistance and are hard to pick, which is good for us because our boat and toy-hauler sit in the yard.

Our only complaint is that once the locks are set to a specific key, there is no way for the user to rekey the lock again. Another downside of buying a Bolt lock is that if you get a new vehicle, you'll need to buy new locks since they can't be rekeyed. Likewise, some of Bolt's locks are brand and model-year specific. The locks are a little more expensive (most of Bolt's basic products are less than $40), but investing in them will lighten up your key ring, give you peace of mind and keep your valuables safe.

For more information, click here or call 877-251-8798. photos by Tim Esterdahl


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The cable lock would be great to lock on tree stands, no more hiding keys, forgetting the key etc.....

These locks are awesome, all my vehicles with hitches have one

I have one on my GMC, works great. Innovative, high quality product.

Seems like a good idea.

We do the same with our homes, except we can change the tumblers when needed.

But it is often cheaper to go to the hardware and just buy a new lock......................with a different key.

Invention is a good idea. But many trucks are moving towards a keyless ignition. So this invention will become less useable in its convinence as time progress.

This is an extension of an existing idea, not an invention.

An invention is different from an innovation.

Big Al from Oz .........and this is a truck site not a grammar site.

Scott's point was valid.

Your's .... no.

Maturity being what it is and all that ;)

It is quite mature to correct the grammar of the high school kids.

This is called mentoring and development.

Most every "new idea" is an innovation, an evolution of pre-existing ideas or the adaptation or transfer of an existing idea for use in a different application.

An invention is when we stopped dragging object around on the ground for transport and developed the wheel.

Even then I'd bet my gonads that someone somewhere was using the "wheel" for a different application and the idea of the wheel evolved from it.

One key by strattec security is a issued patent with inventors assigned. This is an patented invention for the automotive world. Stick a key into the lock and the lock codes itself to your key. Sweet invention!!!!

Big Al from Oz - um...... you sort of missed my point.

"It is quite mature to correct the grammar of the high school kids.

This is called mentoring and development."

Actually no.

It is called condescension and disdain stemming from......... well........I'm not going there.

You don't care for anything Scott says.

I admires AL's persistence in trying to sound educated...... He is a persistent little bugger. He is here for my entertainment much like my dog.... He follows me around like my little yorkie and plays fetch like him. Then I get bored and move on.

Scott, aulone and you many pseudonyms,
You are one of the commenters who is persistent in you Ford trash on this site.

If Lou does lend you support, so be it.

As I told Lou, look at what you are doing.

If, as Lou stated the site is poorly managed and ruined by Tr011s, such as yourself, then he would of addressed it.

Apparently he supports the poor quality of commenting on PUTC.

Scott and his many names are one of the problems on this site.

You have been supporting this guy for some time. Why?

If you are genuine in reducing the poor quality of this site you would address this guy.

As I stated you lend support to all of the Ford Tr011s, whilst bashing the Ram supporters, whilst attempting to display a bipartisan approach.

I don't buy it.

Little Al. I'm just here to discredit the misinformation you regurgitate in every thread. Have you come up with anything in this thread. I assume your silence as a acknowledgement of defeat.

Also the one key by bolt is an invention for the automotive world as it hasn't been used before and is patented!!!

The patent most likely applies to the self coding way it works.

@Big Al - not everyone here agrees with you and not everyone here that disagrees with you is a multiposter and/or tr011 and/or finboy.

I'm sure that there are those here that disagree with you that aren't Ford finboys.

PapaJim for example like's Chevy.

Ignition keys are too expensive to replace when you consider using it in a lock that gets pounded with water and debris. I use a pad lock on my roll-up door multiple times every day so I will pass on this idea.

Now trying to develop a team?

Come on you can do better than that.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, that is not the problem.

I do support when I do agree. I don't support for a brand. Never have and never will.

Whilst you continue support the guys who multi post then I will have issues with you. Especially when it is brand biased.

Big Al from Oz - Scott and Al1 have different blog styles.

Not to rain on anyone's parade (and I haven't read any of the comments yet), how easy are the shanks of these locks to cut with a bolt cutter? More than once I've read of a trailer using a padlock or other conventionally styled pin or hitch lock only to find it cut off and the trailer/hitch stolen. Even hardened shanks can be cut, if the thief can put enough torque onto the cutter. So... How resistant to cutting are these new locks?

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