Which States Are Strict About Speeding?

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Everyone knows speeding significantly impacts fuel economy, but did you know that, depending on the size of your engine, every 5 mph over 60 mph you go causes a corresponding drop in fuel economy by 7 percent or more?

According to a story on sibling website Cars.com, fuel economy is just one of the issues that can have a major impact on our lives when speeding; other issues include overall safety, insurance costs, speeding tickets and more. Let's not forget that many state and local law enforcement agencies use speeding tickets as a form of revenue generation.

Thankfully, our compatriots at Cars.com have shared relevant data from personal-finance website WalletHub.com about which states are strict and soft when handing out speeding tickets. Of course, the best advice we can give is to obey all posted speed limits and adjust those speeds as weather conditions dictate, especially if towing.

Here are the top five states in both categories.


1. Colorado
2. Arizona
3. Delaware
4. Illinois
5. New Mexico



1. Texas
2. Utah
3. South Dakota
4. Pennsylvania
5. Mississippi

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As someone who lives in Colorado, I can assure you this confirms what I always thought! Just on a daily, one way 5 mile trip, I go through no less than 6 speeed traps, with some of the officers even hiding behind bushes with just their radar arm sticking out over it...Going through Golden on monday, I saw the Golden police using a drone..I thought that maybe it was to photograph an accident scene, but just off on to the side roads were police waiting for the "go signal" to get any speeders. The problem with this, is that the drone was causing drivers to look at it, and I almost got hit by a distracted driver...If you come to Colorado, drive the speed limit, and don't be pushed to going faster by drivers riding your bumper.

Really surprised that California isn't on the strictest list

In urban areas there should be lower speed limits and stricter enforcement of speed. On rural stretches of interstate and state roads that are multiple lanes there should be a higher speed limit than 55 with 70 to 75 mph being a reasonable limit. Anything less than 70 to 75 mph on a reasonably straight level multi lane road on a rural road is mainly a speed trap to raise money for local municipalities. Safety should be the main reason for determining and enforcing speed limits.

Look out for checkpoint chicky!!

I'm surprised that Delaware is considered one of the top strictest. People go through there 20mph over all the time on interstates and state expressways. They don't do it now, but the speed limit itself was raised 10mpg only recently. Still doesn't stop many from going 80+ though.

Not at all surprised about Arizona--they have speed cameras everywhere when I have driven there.

Am very surprised about New Mexico and Texas--but in reverse. I don't think New Mexico is that strict while I think that they are in Texas.

I went through some tiny cities in Utah with manikin dressed as a cop sitting in a police car on the side of the road. One coming in and one going out. You don't realize they are fake until you get right up on them.

Small town Utah cops can be bad, but the Salt Lake Valley pretty much has no enforcement on traffic laws.

There will probably be more enforcement of speed limits with drones and cameras because communities can collect a lot of revenue. We had a community in Cincinnati that had cameras and they were collecting a lot of revenue. It was taken to court and the community had to forgive many of the fines. This has not stopped other surrounding communities from doing the same. The communities say they are doing it for safety but the amount of revenue collected is what motivates them to put cameras up.

Doesn't surprise me that Arizona is one of the strictest. I sometimes wonder if that's all our police agency's have been hired for....speed enforcement. Prob doesn't help that we have a lot of them. Highway patrol, local police, sheriff, blm, azgf...and such.

I like the midwest states like Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado etc, the speed limit is 75-80 and most people do just that, They will pull u over if doing just a couple over

@Hemiv8, I've seen those dummies too. They even had a small solar panel on the trunk of the car. Guess that kept the park lights on at night? Don't know.

@Dave--75-85 mph is very reasonable on a rural portion of the interstate.

I meant 75-80 mph.

It's a sad sight to behold, when some guy who once was a starry eyed kid wanting to serve his community by enrolling in the police academy; has degenerated into wasting his adult life away hiding behind bushes playing "gotcha" with perfectly decent people, like some 5 year old. Not just sad. Flat out disgusting.

Nevada used to be fairly free of the scourge. No more. Ditto Idaho. Montana is still much more reasonable. As is Utah, although it's getting worse in the immediate Salt Lake area.

California is not nearly as much of a nazi state in this respect as one would think. Crossing in and out of Cali fairly regularly, I'd estimate at least a 3-1 overweight of speed traps just on the AZ and NV side of the border, vs the CA one. I'd say OR is about like CA. Perhaps the fascination with hypermiling, has rendered the pickings too slim? More likely, it's artificially propped up property values supporting departments and police pensions, without them having to resort to highway robbery the way their colleagues in states falling on the "from" side of the Fed's wealth transfer have to.

Love all the muscle cars from Mopar but get it together and quit building JUNK!!!!!!

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Although I don't live in any of these states, it's nice to know to watch out when driving in Illinois since I drive through there quite frequently.

I thought maybe for once we'd have an article where HEMI V8 wouldn't spread his bs propaganda in the comments, but it looks like that's not gonna happen. The guy/girl seriously needs to be banned.

CKREID92, Just responding to my fellow posters.. Propaganda? I post the truth. Read it and weep.

Truth? Look at your name calling. You post incorrect and outdated info. You haven't bought a new truck in 13 years and you hate Ford because you forgot to buy insurance back in the 1980s. Too funny. smh.

Laughing my A#s off at hemiv8.

Okay the thing about Delaware is the places where everyone goes 80 (I assume you're talking about Rt. 1 past the mall going toward Middletown and the beaches? Or 95?) is because we ALL know there aren't any cops there, so everybody's gonna do 80. It's different because that's pretty much the only place without cops. You go through Wilmington, or by Main Street on 72 by the new park, there're gonna be cops practically every half mile. In Middletown, Smyrna, all the way down to Fenwick island once you get on rt. 1 even past Smyrna I'd say you're gonna see some State Troopers stopping people going that quick to the beach. As somebody who frequently travels from Hockessin pretty much down to Fenwick, and for those of you not up to date on your Delaware geography, that's northwest to southeast corner of the state, and traveled in a lot of places in this country, Delaware grabbing the 3 spot makes sense to me

My boy raced in Bristol, TN. last month.
After he got back, he received 3 speeding tickets in the mail.
All 50.00 ea.
Cameras got him.

He told me he was keeping up with the flow of traffic on a 4-lane hiway.

Something to watch for. Oh yea, he can show up & fight them, 12 hours away from home.

He ran the same speeds coming in with the enclosed on the truck & leaving with it. No tickets, guess they were unable to see the plates. LOL

That's why all the Utah drivers behave like idiots when they come here, no enforcement at home! Worst drivers anywhere. They are either going 10-15 over and blasting by locals in stupid places, or 20 under sightseeing. And apparently, no one from Utah has functioning directional signals or has any clue about where they are going. And when I say worst drivers, I grew up around Boston and have driven in most major cities around the country. I'll take Storrow Drive or 128 over any roadway near Salt Lake, those people are just in their own little worlds. We have a very un-PC nickname for Utah residents, primarily based on the population's lack of driving skill or awareness. Did I mention worst drivers ever?

Just buy a Fiat-Ram and you won't have to worry about speeding, since your truck will be broken down all the time.

I'm disappointed to not see Minnesota on the list... you can get tagged for doing less than 3 over.

Intersate 4 here in Florida is horrible. people average 15 -20 mph over the speed limit from Daytona to Tampa with most of it being 65-70. The speed limit on I4 through Orlando is 55mph and that's with 3-4 lanes going each direction. Feels like an Indy car race at times with all the tourists.

In BC they have passed a law that 40 kph (25 mph) over the posted speed limit yields huge fines and an automatic vehicle impound. We did boost max speed limits on freeways and better highways to 110kph (69 mph).

The absolute worst speed enforcement I've ever experienced was a few weekends ago while driving through Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Every speed zone change had 1 - 3 police set up handing out speeding tickets.

I'm surprised California is not on here. They used to be lenient, but then the state spent all the money during the recession, and out came the laser guns.

Safety has not improved, because most accidents on our freeways are not caused by speeding. The tailgaters, drunks, and lane swervers are out in full force with no enforcement.

Illinois is on the strictest list but in Chicago they are very relaxed. This is especially true on I-294 which has a 55 mph speed limit and this article confirms what I already knew. You pretty much have to go 70 because no one (less than 5% actually do the 55) with an average speed around 70 in a 55. These cops I'm assuming are looking for people doing 80 since that ticket is a lot more.

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