2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500: First Look Video

16Chevrolet_Silverado_1500_HighCountry_ES_01 II

In this video we do a quick walk-around of the refreshed 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and highlight a few of the new details regarding the new grille, headlights and hood. As we understand it, the new look actually harkens back to some of the more-horizontal grille designs from some of the more classically designed Chevys.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears

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Well it's an improvement over the Griswald truckster they have currently, but the square wheel wells need to go.

Chevy Colorado spokesman Otie McKinley confirmed to Daily News Autos that new 2.8-liter Duramax turbo diesel engine being used in versions of both the 2016 Colorado and the 2016 Canyon will have to undergo road testing to make sure it adheres to the nitrogen oxide emissions standards outlined in the Clean Air Act.


hmmm....is it the same German engineer hmmm.....

@David Robertson
If you follow the epa story they will be testing allot of vehicles now that vw scammed them. It not just the 2.8l... some countries stated they are going to test all vehicles this way now.

Did anyone notice they now made the Chevy and GMC


Aside from a couple grille bars, and the obvious logo, what separates the two? The color of the ambient lighting inside? Why not make the color changeable like Ford?

Check out the paint orange peel in the pic of the running board. Yikes!

@toycrusher that's not orange peel it's called chip guard paint that they put on the rockers and bank flare where it sticks out. It's to prevent rock chips and all manufacturers should be using it.

Too much chrome in the fascia. I am noticing a trend that the work truck packages seem to look better than the upscale trims, i.e. Ford F-250 and the GM twins. Also, it does it seem weird to anyone else why they decided to make these changes so soon?

@montands - I couldn't agree more. The XL Supduty looks half decent while the other trim levels are straight-up monstrosities!

It sure does look like the GMC now. I feel the same as toycrusher. Although I think that is a step in the right direction. I like the look of the GMC better. Also glad the 5.3 can be paired with the 8 speed. I wonder what the price increase will be.

To me the biggest problem with chevy right now is their 5.3 liter engine which just isn't as good as ford's 5.0 or Ram's hemi. If I bought a chevy i'd want the 6.2, but the 6.2 with 8 speed is dang expensive. My dad bought a new truck recently and hardly considered the chevy knowing the alarming amount of oil consumption his brother had in his 5.3 with low miles. The 6.2 with 8 speed was way more expensive than the ford and ram he was comparing.

Grill changes are planned before the initial truck designs are released. They have several designs, and pick one to start and follow up with refreshes every year or 2. Ford will be doing the same with their F150 soon.

I also think the lower trims look better. Especially the new super duty. The f150 too. My dad wanted a lariat f150 but ended up getting an xlt with the standard grille because he thought it looked so much better. Then put in aftermarket leather seats. Saved a lot of money too.

Square wheel wells. Why?

I'm not a fan, but the update is growing on me even though the design has awkward features. I can't get over how much lower these trucks are than the F-150, both in ride height and actual body height. I realize GM did this to save weight and give their trucks less frontal area for aerodynamic's sake, but headroom does suffer a bit.

Hmm. Where is the "Things We Don't Like About the New Super Duty" article. PUTC never misses that one when a new _____ is released... .

Square wheel wells, crappy paint, boy, I'm glad for the new F series trucks

Jeeeezus,,,,,,, What is the hang up you guys have with the square wheel wells.? The single most styling feature I like about the GM trucks IS the wheel wells. It Nicely sets them apart from Everybody else having Boring round ones...

Refresh looks Ok but not liking decreased forward visibility with the new hood. Recently sat in a 15' Silverado liked everything but still can't get over the misaligned steering wheel, is it just my OCD and curious what others think? J

I do like the grill a little better but still like the gmc better.
and i don't mind the square wheel wells. these are not new either gm has used them for 30+ years

Square wheel wells just look bad. Putting a round peg in a square hole never works. Not to mention you can see all the innards of the truck especially in the rear like the muffler, frame and springs that will be all rusted up in a year.

Anybody else here want to here about & see PICS of the "Standard version" new Titan? All we've been BOMBARDED with is the XD, Cummings and Crew cabs. Nissan has stated they will have for the 1st time a Reg cab, and that the whole front clip will have a different & toned down styling appearance (just like light duty vs HD version from the big 3) What engines will be offered & what will the HP & TQ #s be?, Will the "King cab" still have rear hinged doors-(Hopefully).?
PUTC / Nissan--were waiting for you to get us this info PLZ.!

Chevy added a man step. I thought they didn't need one to get into the bed and it "didn't fix the problem" as Howie said in a 2009 infomericial. smh.

@2014 Titan,

I hear you. I would be very annoyed by that if I was a Titan fan. If I was in the market, it would be the gas (non-XD) version. Is there even a release date for that???????

This new Chevy/GMC truck will never make North American Truck of the Year, but has a good chance for the Motor Trend Truck of the year with only 2 bozo's editors doing the testing.

The video was worthless. It was all footage provided by GM media. Why didn't you do a walk-around on the actual truck you were standing next to.

The man steps are dumb.

I agree they "mainstreamed" the front ends of the Chevy with the GMC. I like LEDs but I think they got a little carried away with them in the front having 4 separate curving lines of them. That's probably a coming trend though as everyone tries to one up each other that way. It will be interesting when we hit the point where someone obviously takes the LEDs way too far the first time. The rest is pretty typical mid cycle refresh. Nothing really interesting. Nothing exciting like a whole new body material, or paying back what they took from the US Taxpayer.

Don't like the DRL's, offset steering wheel, and especially the square wheel wells. Other than that it's ok.

5 new grilles? Body colored grilles are ugly and too much chrome is tacky, like an old retired guy trying to play big rig. Give more wheel and tire choices or interior color choices.

Gawd, black interior here in the south is awful!

I like the '14-'15 better but still overall disappointed with the design. I own a '14, good truck so far but boring.


You can thank your government for that 10.8b loss. GM paid back all the loans with interest and the us government sold its shares for a loss while the stock was still rising to its peak. Thats not gm"s fault. has ford paid back it 5.9b yet?

Hey Clay Luke or whatever your name is in charge of this current truck how about this:

I'll trade you back 5 grilles for 5 good interior choices and make damn sure one of them is RED!

2017 Super Duty - North American Motor Trend Truck of the Year

I like this new grille so much now just waiting for the body change!

I don't like the fact that this looks too much like the Sierra. I actually like the 2015 Chevy face.

Is it just me or did they lower the chin spoiler even further?

Gm still owes over 10billion dollars that the government forgave them for. Gm took that 10billion dollars of tax payers money and sent it to china to invest in dealerships over there. Look it up. Thanks obummer and government motors.

Looks decent in High country and some of the Z71 pics I've seen, but it really pales in comparison to the new Sierra.

Glad to see the 5.3 get the 8 speed. GM really has the powertrain options nailed. 5.3 offers similar / equal performance to the 5.0 and 5.7 in the Ford / Ram, while getting much better fuel economy. Or the 6.2 that matches fuel economy and leaves them in the dust.

Good job GM. GMC for me though.

Good job on further differentiating the GMC and Chevy for 2016. If you can't tell the difference between the two, you would have a hard time listing the difference between any truck.

Right when these models came out I thought the effort to make a big deal of the "feature" with the bumper step was silly, especially since where I go they fill with mud pretty quickly.

I did not notice the "offset" steering wheel, but I bet I will now. I will get an HD version, but am waiting to see what the new Nissan Titan HD with Cummins diesel is like.

Is the headroom less than that of Ford or Dodge Ram?

Too much chrome, to much looking like a Freightliner in the grill.

I like bench seats. And not as an afterthought, with a dashboard that swoops down and sucks up leg space in the center seat.

As someone said, a black interior doesn't fly well in the South. Why not more choices for interior layout and color?

All the complaints about the square wheel wells are coming from the Ford guys, not the Chevy buyers, It is just another way for the Ford guys to try to belittle the GM products. Chevies have had square wheel wells for years and it has not hurt their sales ! Oh and by the way Jeep also has square wheel wells .

Square wheel wells??? oh em gee! No thanx

Rainbow wheel wells look waaaay better! k thx bye

I can't get over how much lower these trucks are than the F-150, both in ride height and actual body height. I realize GM did this to save weight and give their trucks less frontal area for aerodynamic's sake, but headroom does suffer a bit.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Sep 30, 2015 9:44:55 AM

It's about how the interior is laid out not how tall the vehicle is. I myself, love the lower stance of the Silverado. Low and wide.

Front Head Room (In.)
Silverado 42.8
F150 40.8
Ram 41.0

Overall Height (In.)
Silverado 73.97
F150 76.9
Ram 77.5

Silverado also has the most rear head room in a crew cab

GM has had square wheel wheels for years but they are way over exaggerated on the current models with the huge square flares that reach almost to the bedrail. I could stand the 1980's models

I don't know why all the aggravation about squared wheel wells. You can't see it when you are driving. Durability and whether or not a truck will do what you want it to do is what really matters.

Nice looking trucks. When you compare this to the truck GM was selling 10 years ago, the difference is night/day.

Toyota? Not really. Nissan Not yet. RAM, yeah ok. Ford. Umm.

GM really stands out. RAM, too.

Ford, Nissan and Toyota need to catch up. These are great times to be shopping for a half ton truck.

The Pick Up Truck Segment is heating up quickly, the Newly Introduced Titan, the soon to arrive F-250 - 550 Super Duty Line Up, a Tundra refresh and RAM Package updates along with a new Honda Ridgeline around the corner, this only makes since for GM to keep the ball rolling with updates of their own Full Sized trucks, and not get left behind based on the outcome of the 2007 - 2013 Silverado and Sierra. The Front Fascia and the Updated Tail Lights along with the 8 Speed will do well!!

I was really hoping GM would have gotten rid of that column shifter with the 8 speed and go to a dial like Ram. Those Column shifters are clunky and 1980's to me.

@Lou_BC--The same guys who obsess over square wheel wells are the same guys who primp themselves in front of a mirror. I don't really pay that much attention to what shape my wheel wells are as long as my tires don't rub against them. I think this truck looks nice. My only complaint about any of these trucks is that all of them use a little more chrome on the grills than I care for and the grills and the emblems are too large. A little less bling would be nice. I think the work truck trims with black grills and less trim look better. I am also not a fan of the bigger wheels with less sidewalls but that seems to be what all the new vehicles have. Each though is entitled to their opinion but as long as a truck is functional and reliable I cannot get that excited about the shape of a wheel well or anything else. A truck is a truck and there is only so much any manufacturer can do with a vehicle shaped like a brick. I drive a truck because of function not because it is a hip or stylish vehicle.

I'll take the F150 with the 5.0L NO LIFTERS AND PUSH RODS, and the 5.0L still doesn't have direct injection so its future is very very bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GM push-rod engines use cylinder deactivation to gain efficiency, but there maybe a penalty to be paid, uneven cylinder wear.

@latwoods--I never heard of uneven cylinder wear due to cylinder deactivation. Whether an engine has lifters and push rods or not is meaningless to most people who buy new vehicles. A push rod engine will last as long as one without push rods. Cylinder deactivation has been around long enough, at least since the early 80's, and any of the problems have been worked out a long time ago. That is like questioning the reliability of hybrid cars which have been around for about 20 years. Not exactly new technology.

I have a 2014 Silverado LT Z-71 with 17000. miles on it and so far its been a great truck. It replaced my 2002 Silverado with 225000 miles on it and it still looked great and ran strong when I sold it. I like the single headlights, new look grill, and hood with its aggressive looks. But its not enough to replace my 2014 which looks great and has its own personality. I will wait and check out the next all new generation Silverado with or without square wheel wells.

This update is starting to grow on me. Looks busy with the multiple LED lights, but the colored match appearance is nice.

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