2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500: First Look Video

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In this video we do a quick walk-around of the refreshed 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and highlight a few of the new details regarding the new grille, headlights and hood. As we understand it, the new look actually harkens back to some of the more-horizontal grille designs from some of the more classically designed Chevys.

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There were a lot of ancillary businesses screwed by GM's bankruptcy who didn't "forgive" GMs debts but just got stuck with them or reimbursed for a fraction. Just because you and the baboons in congress chose to walk away and allow GM to stiff our great nation for almost 11B doesn't make it right or change the fact that is what happened. Capitalism is the economic system that made this nation great. Its also a system which neither GM nor Chrysler can apparently function in. Have you ever done business with a business/person/company that took your money didn't deliver its goods or services then declared bankruptcy? You would feel MUCH different if you had and on top of it find out your tax money went to keep the loser cant hang cheats in business.

"Jeeeezus,,,,,,, What is the hang up you guys have with the square wheel wells.? The single most styling feature I like about the GM trucks IS the wheel wells. It Nicely sets them apart from Everybody else having Boring round ones..."

2014 Titan, you took the words right out of my mouth. The square wheel wells is the one consistant thing you can count on everyone here to bitch about when it comes to Chevy styling.


Good post. Add to that the fact that the ground clearance isn't really a huge difference. One thing I do like about the chevy being a bit lower is that it is much easier to get in and out of without running boards.

I probably never would have even known chevy has square wheel wells if not for the whiners here. And I still don't care. I think it looks fine, and I'm not really a chevy guy. To me it differentiates the truck without making it look bad. I don't love the big bulges over the wheel wells though.

Jeff S - I don't mind chrome if it is actually chromed metal. All these trucks now have shiny plastic. Calling it chrome is really a lie. Even the bumpers are poorly chromed. My 1990 F250 was offroad all of the time. After 15 years the front bumper had minimal rust. My current F150 bumpers need to be polished all of the time. Before the fanboys chime in, same can be said for GM and Ram.

@Lou_BC--I don't hate chrome it is just overdone especially with chrome clad plastic door handles. I don't know of any new truck available currently with chrome metal bumpers. The chrome plated plastic holds up better than it did years ago but a little chrome goes along way. I see your point about calling plastic with chrome surfaces chrome but that seems to be the norm. As for chrome plating on metal bumpers I agree it is very thin and the bumpers are thinner metal as I have noticed on my Isuzu that has front and rear chrome metal bumpers.

The grille looks busy and weird, and square wheel wells just look lame.

I've owned a 2010 f150 and a 2013 f350. Now I own a 2016 Silverado, and I like it. The f150 was great, ,but I traded it at 60,000 miles for the f350. The f350 was in the shop 7 times from July 2015 to July 2016 for warranty issues ranging from the body control module loose connections which caused the truck not to run, to the turbo going out at 60,000 miles, to the back up camera shorting put at 75,000 miles. There a lemons in every brand. Right now I am happy with Chevy 4x4, and it rides way better than my 2010 f150 4x4 did. I will admit the shorter height with the 18 inch wheels on the Chevy is taking some getting used to, but to me personally the pros outweigh the cons.

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