2016 Chevrolet Silverado HD Midnight Edition: Video First Look

16Chevrolet_Silverado_2500_Midnight_Z71_ES_04 II

Piggybacking on the recent success of the 2015 Silverado 1500 Midnight Edition, Chevrolet decided to offer the special option package on its heavy-duty lineup. The Midnight Edition offers a black-out look with a unique grille and blackened front and rear bow ties. The truck will only be available in crew-cab short-bed configurations, but we're told it will be available with either the gas (6.0-liter V-8) or diesel (6.6-liter V-8 Duramax) engines. Although the video reports that the Midnight Edition will be available on 3500 dualies, we have since been told that it will not be.

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears

Video produced by Matt Avery




I don't like the blackout trend that is going on these days, but the stance of this truck looks really good, the air dam needs to go!
And why all these restrictions on cab, bed types, and why not the dualies?

Wow, another truck that needs some chrome accents.

I have found the nicest colour to work with is mica silver. You can mix black and chrome tastefully.

Too much black or chrome is not good.

This truck does look a lot nicer than the aluminum Ford HD in the other article.

Now that's a good looking HD truck a long with the Ram HD. Ford better pack it in and run home crying with the new ugly super duty,

@johnny blow, Don't think FORD has anything to worry about as they sell about a gazillion more HD's than gm. Hell, even Fiat outsells them so no worries for FORD.

Good looking truck. Much better than Ford's redesigned turd.

Wunala Dundee - your assumptions were incorrect.


Please review the above - it would be great if you came back with a contrition

@Truck Crazy

You're right, of course. Ford will sell more super duties than GM or Ram. Of course that has more to do with BLIND loyalty than anything else, because that new super duty is absolutely horrendous looking.

I for one, like a little chrome on my black truck.

Not really a fan of blacked out vehicles, but this one looks nice.

Ah, to hear all these gm fangirls crying over this new FORD. They know its already a hit and they still don't even have a chance at passing Fiat in sales. I guess being in TURD place in HD sales would be a bommer. Sorry girls.


Did you read the article? It is pure speculation that the F150 had anything to do with the 5% increase in sales in August. Again, that is considering all F series sales and the article provides no breakdown of the F150 sales. For all we know, the Super Duty had a huge increase and the f150 had a decline.

People always buy the best and FORD has proven that fact for what now,, 50 years.LMAO!!!!!!!!

I do think you are correct in respect to Ford selling steel HDs, but not aluminium HDs.

The HD buyers will be even more conservative than the Car/SUV/CUV buying 1/2 ton pickup daily driver. The 1/2 ton segment would opt for an aluminium truck with less thought.

However, I would suspect a potential buyer of a HD would want to be reassured that what they are buying isn't too radical, as they would tend to use the HD for more labourious tasking.

The 1/2 ton car types aren't. If a pickup buyer is after space, then they would probably buy a 1/2 ton. If they want capability to tow and carry they would consider a HD.

I do believe Ford will find it harder to move pieces of aluminium HD than pieces of 1/2 ton aluminium.

My view is Ford should retain the HDs in steel. Also, the current steel HDs are carrying Ford's F Series.

I don't really think it will slow them down at all. Think the F150 has laid that aluminum deal to rest. People buy to many of these trucks to worry about aluminum being a problem as they will buy them no matter what.

but TC, the aluminum F150 hasn't been selling well, according to extrapolations done with the data provided. That may effect the SD sales.

My opinion is that it has more to do with the turbo engines and to a lesser extent, polarizing looks of the F150 than it does with aluminum. I actually considered a 2015 5.0 V8 but the way they do the 40/20/40 split bench in the ford was so much of an afterthought and off putting that I decided against it. If that one easy to get right thing is so poorly designed, what else is?

Big Alf - Why would buyers care about what the body is made of? The frame does the work, and it's high strength steel. The body could be fiberglass or plastic and it wouldn't make much difference to anybody...

@Truckcrazy, Are you saying McDonald's makes the best hamburgers since they sell the most?

I agree with Lou on this topic of sales. What does a fast food hamburger have to do with a pickup truck?

@mark49, no I don't bring hamburgers into selling trucks. That's just plain stupid. I just say you sell the most year after year for a reason. If you make bad products then people learn to stay away. Just that simple. Ford doesn't have that problem.

mark49 is just hungry.

That's one badass looking Silverado. It makes that new Super Duty look down right girly.

Ray Ray or bafo or what ever dupe you are using to post. It's Pure speculation that the sales increase wasn't attributed to the aluminum f150.


Are you serious? This thing is fugly.

nice looking HD truck. I liked it better in the blacked out RAM HD that came to market one or two years ago.

I was reading an article recently about the 2015 Ford F 150 not having front stake pockets limiting contractors from putting steel racks for lumber etc.. Gotta be because of the Aluminum not supporting the weight.

I read that article too but it is wrong.

All beds have stake pockets. The stake pockets are there but the rail caps on the short 5.5' bed may not have the pop out cut outs. The steel short beds were the same way.

fugly..not near as nice or appealing as the new Superduty

Yawn, another all black truck. Not really news or even interesting but hey, at least it's not another Dodge recall story. Love my 78 d-150. She gets prettier every year the new models come out

First look at a truck painted black. smh.

Still no video of the Super Duty.

@hemi, or whoever you are tonight Boy is that a dumb assumption!!!! I hope you are just trying to play ignorant because you should win some kind of an award for it.

@HEMI V8, Ford Super Duty still does not have the Rambox. Until they do, I am not interested. I will not buy a new truck without a Rambox. Period.

Ram REALLY needs to get the 8 speed in the 3/4 ton & 1 ton gas trucks in a HURRY! They would be the first with an 8 speed in the heavy duty segment. To Ram : You need to get on this NOW...

@Truck Crazy, I won't throw any more shade at your favorite brand of pickup- I think most people got my point about something not being the "best" because it sells the most. Until I see a new reliability report that says something is better than the GM HD platform, that is what I will continue to believe. The new Super Duty has to be miles ahead of the old model and I think they will continue to sell the most HD trucks. GM would probably have to sell their trucks at a serious loss to make a dent in Ford's sales lead (I am a realist). That said, I think this is a sharp looking Chevy!

@JCT: you will get your video as soon as they can get that super duty to stop spewing smoke from the blown head gaskets.

@mark49. yes it is a very nice looking truck. I totally agree.

The Goodyear Duatrac tire is an all terrain tire not a mud terrain as stated in the video. All terrains blend off and on road qualities while mud terrains are focused on off road.

Where do I find one of those "Black Out" bed-liner's ?

The inside the rail sliding track Cargo Management System on my GM eliminates the need for the stake pockets. I don't know why I don't see more of them (three sighting's to date in Texas). It even hides the toolbox under a bed-cover if you don't need the rack. I don't know how I lived without it.

@Big Al from Canada,

HD buyers will buy the heck out of the aluminum Super Duty, us HD owners do not over think things, I have no qualms with buying an aluminum truck any manufacture, I happen to own a F250 now, but drove all of them before I decided on the Ford. In 10 years it could be a lot different, and besides all the HD trucks will be aluminum anyway

Truck is ok.
Listen, to all out there. I was told by an employee at GM's Arlington Assembly plant that the next gen Tahoe and Suburban will be unibody.
We have to stop this! Mark Williams is this true or can you find out?
This cant be!

Stand back everyone...

Chevy and GM brought black and wheels to the show.

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