2016 GMC Sierra Elevation: Video First Look

2016 GMC Elevation

Debuting at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the updated and value-packed 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation trim package offers a choice of engines and colors, but only in the double-cab short-bed configuration. Cars.com Detroit Bureau Chief Aaron Bragman, one of our pickup truck experts, takes a closer look at the new package, providing the details you need to know in this video. We'll have more about this truck after we get one in our hands.

Cars.com photo by Matt Avery

Video produced by the Cars.com Media Team




None for me, thanks.

Still has that bull dog flat nose, the wheels are kind of meh,I think the all terrain wheels look better.

Nice looking truck.

That is a good looking truck!

Nice truck, Put a 2-3 inch lift then you will have an elevated GMC elevation,

Man after seeing the new Fords(1/2 ton and HD), makes this truck look like its way out of date

Man after seeing the new Fords(1/2 ton and HD), makes this truck look like its way out of date



Good one. I get it.

It looks nice I'll definitely give it that. Unfortunately it's still a GM.

Nice truck but still gets outsold by FORD and Fiat.

Honestly.. Toyota just came out with their Tacoma truck builder and a decently equiped Tacoma TRD sport and it was $38K... This being $35K isn't bad.. it's making 3/4 ton pickups more worth the money. I like all the truck manufacturers now a days but I appreciate how Chevy/GMC are rolling now new improvements like this.

Ford and GM are bringing the goods. Where is Ram? Bob Hegbloom and Ram are MIA.

nothing special here

This is an entry level sport package priced below a SLE all terrain...obviously it's not really fancy with a street price that will be under 30 if you look for a deal.

Looks good. The new GMCs are the best looking trucks in the market.

Gm needs to hurry and catch up to ford. I was going to buy a 2016 3500, but I think I will hold off for the 2017 ford. Way more truck and I haul all the time.

If you haul all of the time... Ford would not be the way to go Leon. Haha Once you go Duramax... You rarely go back!

I have no use for painted bumpers on any truck. Even Denali.
Improvements include much better fog lamps.

My sympathy's go out to the debut model owner's.
They have another 60 odd month's to pay off and they only have a few more months of the latest look left.

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