2016 GMC Sierra Gets Updated Elevation Package

2016 GMC-Sierra-Elevation-Edition-021[3] II

With the recent announcement of new front-end styling cues on the 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck, we had a feeling we'd be seeing some special editions making their debuts.

First up is GMC's newest version of its Sierra Elevation trim package, which debuts at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in Dallas this week. Introduced last year as a value-packed sport package, the Elevation only comes in double-cab configurations with a choice between two engines (the 4.3-liter V-6 and 5.3-liter V-8) and two drivelines (4x2 or 4x4); the Eaton locking differential is standard.

All Elevations have a unique look, offering body-colored door handles, mirror caps, grille surrounds and bumpers. Additionally, the Elevation rolls on 20-inch blacked-out rims and high-performance all-terrain tires. It will be offered in Onyx Black, Summit White, Quicksilver Metallic and Stone Blue Metallic.

Although official pricing has not been announced, you can expect that the 2016 Elevation models will be just a little more expensive the 2015 versions, meaning two-wheel-drive vehicles are likely to start around $37,000 and four-wheel-drive models at less than $40,000, depending on options. Sierra Elevations will be in dealerships by the end of the first quarter of 2016.

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Elevated grille? Just more ways to charge more nothing special.

The GMC badge not being centered looks odd to me

GM motto- keep putting lipstick on the pig until they sell.

And WHY is the 6.2 virtually impossible to get in 95% of the trim levels and packages?

No way Ford is going to top this with their Super Dooty.

GM wins and Ford loses again!

Bob's limo driver for the State Fair of Texas:
Are you sure you don't mean "short bus driver"??
Ford's Super Duty doesn't compete with this half-ton.
And remember: In the light truck market GM and Fiat always follows Ford's lead--like they've done for 40 years...

Nice looking truck. Looks a lot like Rams quad cab design which is better than the noisy clam shell doors. Front looks like Ram too with the recessed headlamps and pushed out grill. I like it. It's well known toycrusher that you have to get the bling, bling G.M. to get the 6.2 V8. Reading some reviews the 8 speed transmission is programmed lazy to save gas with that 92 octane rated V8. If i was in the market for a half ton pick up i would consider a G.M.

In the light truck market GM and Fiat always follows Ford's lead--like they've done for 40 years...

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Sep 23, 2015 11:47:50 AM

Unless you read Consumer reports. Than you would buy the better trucks from Ram and G.M. LMAO!

-----------------------"BREAKING NEWS"-----------------------------

"Ram Rebel Wins Best Off-Road Ride of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience."


Ugh the 2014-15 Sierra looked much better from the front... I don't know why they felt the need to change it so soon.

@War a z a w an g a, because they want fan boys to keep coming back to trade in.

@Hemi V8

How about apples to apples? RAM Rebel, just not up to par.


Another package.

Well, I don't care much for blacked out rims.

It still needs hints of chrome on the door handles, mirrrow and rear step bumper. Not overly chromed, but tasteful.

The grille even though it's one of those "look at me I'm driving a truck (not)" numbers really do detract from the aesthetics. It's pity the manufacturers can't produce a smaller grille with more aero into the design.

But, hey you need acres of grille for cooling??? Don't you? I wonder how a Holden can keep the supercharged 6.2 cool in the Australian summer??

The truck overall could easily be made to look better (even with the overly large grille).

This package does little other than give GM an easy way to value add. Appear to be giving something and actually doing very little.

But GM pickups in total are having a field day with Ford, especially the poor showing in numbers by the aluminium F-150. Maybe GM will keep going on with this type of "improvement".

Well, I suppose people are buying them, makes you wonder.


I heard of Consumer Reports. They test washing machines, notebooks and energy bars.

I'm an automotive enthusiast who can read the yearly sales figures and formulate my own conclusions.

When does Fiat flatbed your defective truck away?? Enjoy 3rd place...

@Redbloodedxy, now that was a good one, LMAO!!!!!!!!!

No cosmetic change is going to fix that front end. The only way to make it better is to make it smaller. Right now it is so big compared to the rest of the truck it's comical. Like a child designed it or something.

@Hemi V8

How about apples to apples? RAM Rebel, just not up to par.


Posted by: Frank | Sep 23, 2015 1:32:09 PM

I watched it and I missed where it said it wasn't up to par. lol

Rebel over a 1,000 dollars cheaper to start with. Did you see the MPG on the Rebel. 15 /22 vs Raptor 11/16 with 16 less horsepower. K&N air filter will almost get me that. Towing for the Rebel is 9,600 lbs Raptor towing 6,000 lbs. Payload 980 Raptor 1,211 Rebel. Didn't we see the traction test on this site with rear locker didn't fair so well compared to limited with trac control? If a locker is what you want you can get one on the Rebel and still have a more capable truck than the Raptor.

Now Frankie, Dodge has said numerous times the rebel is not marketed as a competitor to the craptor. Yet magazines and websites continue to test them against each other

@ hemiv8 you talk about Ram being capable you have to get them out of the line at the dealer for all the recalls. You enjoying that free coffee at your local dealer ?

Cool !

lawyer tulsa 1337322

and for more money you can get black on black on black on black and a "special" grille and WHEELS!!!! and if youre 13 this impresses you greatly. The rest of us just nod and say it looks nice.


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