2016 Nissan Titan XD Is on the Way

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To say Nissan is taking a huge gamble with its next-generation pickup truck, the 2016 Nissan Titan, hugely undersells the point. Its current Titan is selling as many units in a month as other half-ton competitors sell in a single day or weekend. That's why Nissan decided to completely start over, partnering with a strong diesel engine company and offering a two-tier (lighter-duty and heavier-duty) half-ton chassis.

In the name of full disclosure, we should admit that we've had the chance to see this evolving process up close, getting several behind-the-scenes looks at the design and engineering processes, as well as driving the new Titan XD as it took shape. We also had a chance to tour the newly redesigned Cummins plant in Columbus, Ind., and see how the new V-8 Cummins will look and sound like in the new Nissan. Interestingly, the air intake comes straight down in the middle of the engine, requiring a pretty good bulge from the hood. We were told the air intake was designed that way to better accommodate the needed packaging and sound characteristics. We should also note that every time we see the new Platinum Reserve models (Nissan's new high-level trim package) we are more impressed with the quality of the materials and interior fit and finish.

We can also say the new Cummins will be very quiet. Nissan engineers spent mountains of time and money on assessing and tuning the setup for maximum appeal, inside and out. As noted in an earlier story, the 5.0-liter Cummins has some amazing technology in it and will offer more than 550 pounds-feet of torque, which will put it smack in the middle of the hulking heavy-duty stump pullers and the smaller crop of light-duty-friendly turbo-diesels that seem to be cropping up (Ford has its inline five-cylinder in the Transit; Ram has the V-6 EcoDiesel; and GM will have the inline four-cylinder Duramax).

Making this huge investment exposes Nissan to monumental failure, especially since its strategy banks on attracting untapped truck buyers looking for more capability than a normal half-ton yet less capability than a three-quarter-ton. But if the excitement the aftermarket is showing for this new truck is any indication, the risk Nissan is taking could translate into larger sales and much higher transaction prices than it's ever seen.

To give you an idea of just how detailed the Nissan engineers are about how this new truck's sounds inside and out, here's the final Nissan Titan XD "truckumentary." Additionally, here's a sampling of the products aftermarket companies plan to make for the Nissan Titan in a video from a recent measuring session sponsored by the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams; manufacturer images

Titan Truckumentary Chapter 8: "The Sound of Silence"


SEMA Measuring Session


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The numbers look surprisingly similar to those introduced 15 years ago on the ford super duty. Those trucks were hugely popular and Nissan could see the same interest based on the build quality and similar performance. However, I am uncertain of the ability of this truck to pull buyers from the 3/4 ton market, particularly when pricing a one or two year old used truck. I am anticipating this truck's arrival.


Pricing is going to be key to success. If pricing is too close to the HD trucks then people might as well buy a HD 2500.

Agree that price will be one key factor, but...

Reliability, something that is rarely talked about on this site, will also be key to this truck's success.

Right now we don't really have it in the 3/4 ton or 1 ton segment.

All I've heard for months is the the new Titan XD. I don't care about "it". I want to know DETAILS & PICS of the standard version. It's suppose to have a toned down different front clip, Not Fugly like the XD. I want details of the new 5.6 power output, I want details/pics of the new reg cab, and king cab--(hopefully it still has rear hinged doors). Where is all this info.???????????

@ 2014 Titan

I agree with you 100%.

Where are the pictures of the regular cab Titan trucks ?

I too would like to know more about the gas version. More power, new transmission ect. I'd love the diesel but I am sure it's going to sport a pretty price tag.

When is the release date for the Titan?

The comment made by G-Man is a little confusing. On one hand he stated they could be hugely popular due to the similarities between this Titan and the original SuperDutys, then he states he doesn't consider them a threat to the 3/4 ton segment.

I do think this Titan will take sales away from the lower end of the 3/4 ton segment. It will probably take sales off of some who buy a 1/2 ton with the heavy duty package.

It would be nice to see what Nissan will offer in the gasoline Titan.

The only issue I have with this Titan is the fugly front end so far.

The Titan xd 3/4 ton will get the 5.6 v8 gas and the cummins. The Titan 1/2 ton will get a v6 gas and the 5.6 v8 gas

Nissan is not talking about the regular Titan because it won't be very competitive just like the XD won't be competitive with a true 3/4 or 1 ton. That's what it comes down to.

read ALL of the comments on this link concerning Ram you will notice a name of a contributor
what role do you play at Ram Mr. Tom Lemon
who says P.U.T.C. doesn't have the UAW commenting
interesting stuff

Posted by: AmericanPie | Apr 15, 2013 2:00:00 PM

@Tom Lemon
You seem to have your nose out of joint.

Sure you are not a UAW stooge?

After reading American Pie's link, I researched your name on Detroit News. Makes for interesting reading.

Sure, you are not the same person?


At the end of the day it doesn't really matter if the XD is "competitive" with any other truck offerings. They're only going to have ~10K per year to sell (at least starting off). That is fewer than 1k sales per month (realistically probably ~700 sales / month to clear out everything they get) and *that* I have no doubt Nissan can easily pull off, even if the thing is priced higher than the average 3/4 ton from another manufacturer.

Cummins aka Scott,
Nissan Expecting Major Sales Growth For Titan
Projected Sales Almost Ten Times Current Levels

Nissan said it’s prepared for much higher demand for the new truck, saying its plant in Canton, Mississippi, is prepared for volume of more than 120,000 units or more.

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/od2g8c6

This would translate to almost 10x's increase in sales. Nissan sold 13k Titans in all of 2014.

The only problem I have with this Titan is the front end clip and not the sales.

Big sales goal for new Titan may be low, Nissan's Munoz says
Nissan has redesigned the Titan for 2016, with a wider choice of engines, beds and cabs, to appeal to a wider audience of pickup buyers.

Photo credit: VICTOR GALVAN
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Automotive News
January 22, 2015 - 10:45 pm ET

SAN FRANCISCO -- Nissan Motor Corp. startled many auto industry observers last week when it said it envisioned the redesigned 2016 Titan capturing 5 percent of the U.S. full-size pickup market.

But Nissan’s U.S. boss, Jose Munoz, says 5 percent might be on the low side.

“I would say ‘more than 5 percent,’” clarified Munoz, chairman of Nissan North America. “Five percent is the basis for our investment. Less than that would be considered by us as not very successful. Anything more than that would be good.”

Munoz commented on the Titan sales target late Thursday after he spoke at the J.D. Power Automotive Summit.

“I would say this a modest aspiration,” Munoz told the audience.

Nissan sold fewer than 13,000 Titans last year, even as the pickup truck market expanded as the economy grew and, in part, because of falling gas prices. A 5 percent share of the 2014 full-size pickup market would translate to about 120,000 sales.

Munoz told the audience that Nissan is looking for roughly 100,000 Titan sales. In the first two years of U.S. sales for the outgoing Titan, 2004 and 2005, Nissan sold approximately 85,000 Titans. Its sales have dwindled since then for a variety of reasons -- not least of which was the simple lack of a fresh replacement model until now.

But Nissan has redesigned the truck for 2016 to appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers starting late this year, Munoz said. While the first-generation Titan relied on only one engine offering, the new version will offer more engine and cab configurations, including a turbocharged V-8 Cummins diesel engine.

“We sold about 100,000 with only 55 percent of segment coverage, with less engines,” Munoz reasoned, referring the Titan’s 2004-05 success. “Now we’re going to cover 90 percent of the market.

“We’re very bullish.”

Munoz says the truck production line in Canton, Miss., has been tooled to be flexible enough to boost output should sales climb beyond a share of 5 percent.

“We know that the full-sized pickup truck segment in America is a very competitive one,” Munoz says, “and we know we’re not the best in that segment.

“I’m challenging myself. I always think we can do more.”

I see painted plastic is still a norm at Nissan. I just don't see it...I think Nissan is in for a rude awakening. New truck will give them some more sales, so will Cummins, but 100-120K a year? I don't see it. I just don't see HD buyers choosing this over Ford, Chevy or Ram. But we'll see I guess...

I think it looks great! cant wait to see one in person. a person who I have dont lots of business with, also is a part of the dealer netwrok of nissan parts distribution in my area is buying one as soon as available. he has said that it is going to be a great alternative to a ecoboost max tow and a Gm max tow 1500. He is also saying that it might have a plow package suspension that should be available at launch. The gooseneck setup interests me. I hope the specs are beyond peoples expectations!

All the naysayers are just jealous. I'm not in the market for the Titan but I'm happy it exists. I wish Nissan well.

This truck is interesting. I will be watching.

I wonder if the 1/2 ton "normal" Titan will receive the Renault V6 diesel to challenge the Ram VM EcoDiesel?

Another option could be the ISF Cummins.

The Renault V6 in the Navara is hooked up to a 7spd auto.

That would work well in a pickup.



"We're proud to be able to partner with Nissan and to provide this engine," said Wayne Ripberger, Plant Manager, Cummins. "We will soon ship engines to Nissan's plant in Canton, Mississippi and sell lots of them!"


What about the regular Titan?
This one doesn't have an 'Auto' setting for the transfer case, nor does it offer an 8 speed automatic.
So what does Nissan have in the works? 5.6 V8 with VVEL + direct injection, circa 400hp
7/8/9 speed automatic-JATCTO/ZF 8hp75/Mercedes 9g-tronic

When was this truck first teased? August 2013? Over two years ago! This truck will be outdated before it hits the showrooms. Seriously though, I think it's going to be a good truck, but they sure are taking their time!

Pricing Ram 2500/3500 on the Longhorns and up 10k and more off sticker EASY.

Pricing loaded SLT 1500 GMC's with 6.2 every option, 15k off with 1500 gm card

Pricing GMC 2500/3500, 10-15k off, had a Denali 3500 Dually, every option 51k with GM Card 1500 off, Nissan is going to have to give away these trucks.

Pricing on Furd's? Who Cars LOL.

How is the power ratings still a guess.

It's 310 HP and 555 FT/LBs. It's right on the Nissan Website. Hopefully whens it's shown at the State Fair Of Texas it will have it's tow ratings and payload. It has the in bed gooseneck and said it carried over 5 Tons, that's still only 10,000lbs.

I'll be interested to test drive one. We are looking to get into RV'ing and some of the ones we are looking at, push the weights of an F-150 and put us in 250 range.

12,000+lbs towing means less than 13,000...

From what i am gathering this is the first iteration of this truck and there will be another that can tow more towards 17,000lbs and they are telling me the 12,300lbs rating that it will be labeled with should be noted that you can do that daily in any conditions and it wont do any harm. its built to commercially tow daily @ 12klbs with a goose. that is pretty good! not many guys do that without a f550 or ram5500 most of the time anyway. I see some 6.0 fords towing way above ratings on short highway stints and its makes me sick when i know the machine they are moving @ 60mph is 17,000lbs without the trailer... i would expect this truck to take 15klbs total and do it regularly without a problem! Yes it would be overweight rating. but i see max tow GM 5.3 v8 towing some HUGE 5th wheel campers often! this will be able to do the same much easier and more efficiently. maybe even do it legally?


Firstly I don't believe for a moment that Nissan will sell 120K Titans next year. In fact I am fairly certain that they lack the capacity to manufacture that many Titans. *Even if* they have the capacity to manufacture 120K Titans, Cummins cannot produce that many diesels for them. Next year Nissan will be getting fewer than 10K engines from Cummins. That is what I based my comment on. I am very confident that 10K people will pay virtually any price for a V8 Cummins in a Titan - the truck itself looks nice from the teasers that have been released, depending on pricing it may not offer a particular good value for most, but I am very confident that at least 10k will be interested in it.

Scoot, aka Cummins/awlone, etc
It appears that "Big Al Supporter" didn't write the comment, it is actually a cut and paste.

Did you not read the article and summise this?

I think you'll find that a guy who works for Nissan named Munoz made comments to a jouranlist and these comments were then transcribed into some form of magazine/newpaper.

You should spend more time reading comments and interpreting what you read.

Just followed 2 Titan xd's in Tempe Az about sman hour ago. The second one had a water tank in the box. Nice looking trucks pictures don't do it justice. Followed them for about 2 miles. Very impressed the ease of which it accelerated. Really looked like a Big 3 HD from the side. I think this truck is gonna surprise people.

@Matt in NH,

10K means nothing, its the payload with a 5er/gooseneck set up that means the most. On 3/4 ton trucks, the towing capacity is there, but the payload is down, so towing a 5er becomes a problem due to hitch weight. Now if you live alone and tow a 5er you may be ok, but any weight in that truck and it wont do much much in the payload department.

I too am DYING for info on the NON XD Titan. Stats/features/specs/Pics... more to a truck line than its premium engine folks... Looks like Nissan did the Tundra thing with the BIG BIG BIG hamfisted work glove wearing American Man only able to hit buttons on the dash the size of states that have miles of spacing between them... I guess that's better than classic GM buttonitis.

The buttons aren't as big as you think Clint. Basically the same size as the current switches on the Gen 1 Titan. The area I don't care for is the door handles on the interior. They look like they were sourced from an Altima. Far too small.

Deceptive title. Configurator is not even up.

This XD will probably have 1-ton capacities from 10 years ago. The V8 certainly has huge power and torque, the tranny is also top notch.

I have been a regular GM Silverado HD Diesel purchaser, but I have friends who have Nissan Titans and they are very happy with them. I will look at this truck - mainly because I object to the way the government handled the GM bankruptcy.

The new Cummins diesel looks great on paper. I didn't check the details though to see how it compares with the GM Duramax.

Diesel sv version 50,000 $
16 mpg city 25 highway
will out tow out haul anything in the 1/2 ton class without breathing heavy. develops 555 torque 1600 to 4200 redline
this brute of an engine will prove vastly superior to all 1/2 ton engines ,both in reliability and power delivery

The gas model platinum reserve gets a 502 hp Gas v8 with SC in the v
all other versions to get 444 hp 402 Torque naturally aspirated
again Nissan will shake up the 1/2 ton market and will push all other companies to follow them again
kudos to Nissan for again lifting the 1/2 ton market to new heights

Since both the gas and the diesel XD model are 1/2 tons
and have nothing to do with 3/4 ton trucks that are notoriously
unreliable and difficult to live with.
I see the gas version as the lower range 1/2 ton and the xd as the hd 1/2 ton.
The gas version will be the sportiest truck in the segment and the XD will be the brute of the 1/2 ton segment.
Nissan only expects 10% of buyers will opt for the diesel due to price considerations it will sell for around 45k$ - 50k$ US
I heard the top level platinum reserve gas v8 will have a SC in the valley of the V and it will be a tire scorcher.
then there is the v6 version,which will make up the bulk of sales.
so 10% sales for XD gas v8 will probably rake in 40% of sales and the v6 50% of sales.
Nissan should easily sell 100,000 or their expected target and may even surpass that number.
should the Diesel sell more Nissan is prepared to ramp up the XD model production .One thing is for certain the competition will be burning the midnight oil in an effort to cover that white space Nissan claims to have found in the market should Nissan sales ramp up fast.

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