2016 Ram 1500: Small Changes Continue

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With the 2015.5 Ram Rebel and Laramie Limited, it will probably surprise no one that the 2016 Ram 1500 will change very little. Both the Ram Rebel and Laramie Limited showcased a controversial new grille design, with the latter sporting tons of chrome and the former offering a sportier blackout look. As near as we can tell, none of the other nine Ram models will get the new swoopy-lettered Ram front face for 2016 but that's not to say the next significant redesign couldn't include that dramatic shift.

Among the changes made to the 2016 models, the Ram 1500 Sport will expand its reach with four new "buzz" models (they will have the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, eight-speed transmission, 3.92:1 gears, dual exhaust, 20-inch wheels and vented sport hood). The Sport also will add new colors: Ignition Orange, Torred Red, Stinger Yellow and Ceramic Blue.

Additionally, Ram engineers have modified the frame and body a bit to better absorb energy and protect passengers during small front overlap accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test for this type of accident has proven challenging for automakers. Ram started including these changes to the pickup structure on 2015 models, but has now included the upgraded safety features on all 1500 cabs and models.

For 2016,the Ram 1500s will offer 11 trim models (Tradesman, Express, HFE, SLT, Big Horn/Lonestar, Outdoorsman, Sport, Rebel, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn, Laramie Limited), three engines (3.6-liter gas, 5.7-liter Hemi, 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel), three cab configurations, three bed lengths and three wheelbases. Additionally, the entry-level Pentastar V-6 gas engine will have some significant changes for 2016 (debuting first in the Jeep Grand Cherokee) but it is not slated for the 2016 Ram 1500. Ram has not officially said that this updated engine (which could eventually include direct injection) will be available for the Ram, but our guess is that it's likely for 2017. The improved engine is reported to have more power and better fuel economy when matched with the Grand Cherokee.

Here's how the pricing breaks down for 2016 4x2s; all prices include a $1,195 destination fee. Currently, the Ram 1500 configurator highlights 2015 pricing, but should be updated in a few weeks to include all 2016 models. 

2016 Ram 1500 4x2


Regular cab: $27,060

Quad cab: $31,295

Crew cab: $33,875


Regular cab (Express): $28,440

Regular cab (SLT): $31,685

Quad cab (SLT): $35,190

Crew cab (SLT): $37,570

Big Horn/Lone Star

Regular cab: $34,700

Quad cab: $38,505

Crew cab: $40,885


Regular cab:$36,900

Quad cab: $40,285

Crew cab: $42,465


Regular cab: $31,720

Quad cab: $38,600


Quad cab (4x4 only): $40,440

Crew cab (4x4 only): $43,890


Crew cab: $44,190


Quad cab: $40,470

Crew cab: $42,425

Laramie Longhorn

Crew cab: $48,585

Laramie Limited

Crew cab: $52,075


Manufacturer images


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That chrome grill is FUGLY and looks like a desperate attempt to change something.

The black grill looks like they stuck a Tacoma grill in the center of the Ram grill. Odd to use such a close knockoff of the Tacoma. But I think it will grow on people once there are some on the road (most grills do).

The black grille on the Rebel looks better than the chrome Laramie.

J.C. Whitney is going to sell a lot of grill replacements.

So will mopar for those looking for the regular 2015 versions.

Just ugly in front. Truck is getting long in the tooth and that grill just looks stupid.

"Ram started including these changes to the pickup structure on 2015 models, but has now included the upgraded safety features on all 1500 cabs and models."

Looks like Ford getting caught gaming crash tests has trickled down to other companies.

Such commentary! All this malaise about how it looks and nothing about whatever practicality it may or may not have.

Personally, I hate the idea of the "QuadCab" as they currently offer it; those two half-doors are incredibly impractical and clumsy, almost destroying any real capability that space might offer. There are much easier ways to get the strength of that B pillar without hanging the doors on it. They would have done much better to keep the doors hung on the C pillar and let it latch to the B instead.


You took the words right out of my mouth !!!

I find GM more at fault for trying to sneak out of it entirely for the 2014 and 2015 models years when they knew about the test.......they had the newest truck first but didn't even think to put the overlap blockers on anything They didn't even look. Credit to Ford and Ram for beginning the process.

Ram (and GM) heard final test specs of the overlap test at the same time as Ford in Feb. 2012. Ford moved first doing what could be done. Ram moved second. GM (even with its new truck) didn't move at all.....they may be beginning to move for 2016 (time will tell.)

I don't think Ford has much to do with the uptake in vehicle safety.

We went through the same cycle here 5-6 years ago with our pickups.

It was a combination of regulatory changes and the fact these vehicles are in reality a car alternative, so people do expect the active and passive safety features.

I think it has more to do with the consumer then trying to credit Ford.

@ Road Whale,

I love the QuadCab...they are perfect...I am over 6 feet tall and have no issue with them...plus the trucks look better as a QuadCab...but if you don't like the QuadCab,buy the CrewCab..

@ Road Whale ,

The QuadCab doors are not clumsy .. and they are not half doors..they are about 3/4 the size of the CrewCab doors...if they were so bad Why did GM start to have those doors in 2014 ?

I prefer the QuadCab , the trucks look better than those big doors and a short bed...Being over 6 feet tall,I have no issues with the QuadCab ,they were out since 2002 on the Dodge RAM !!

I really thought no one would be able to design an uglier grille than what's on my BT50.

Ram has done it! Bravo.

They could hide the front end with a bull bar like I had to do with my pickup. The bull bar actually makes the front end look better than most of the opposition, even with bull bars.

Sure glad they changed the rear doors to being mounted on b pillars, instead of the older 2001 design which had them mounted to the C pillar!

Having had one of those such trucks, a 2006 Chevrolet, I can tell you I would not go back to buying one of those new. This comes from somebody that has not driven Camaros or Saturn Vues all the time.

The noise that those doors would make, plus the fact that if the person in the back wanted to get out you had to open up the front doors, how dumb is that? Have you ever tried to get in the back of one of those if you wanted to rest a little bit on a long drive?

The nice looking grilles ( they look better than Tundras )are still being offered on other trim packages. One day RAM will get it that we really don't care for these two new grille designs they have.

Sadly, the new Pentastar that has increased torque down low and better gas mileage is not included in the 2016 Rams. But they do already have Chevrolet wooped on mileage and power when it comes to v6s. Or actually having a better package to go with that v6.

Now if they would just make that roof a little bit tougher, and make the electronics handle the big screen better.

Big Al from Oz - you missed my point.

Ford was using the deflection bars in only their high volume trucks that were the only ones getting tested. They got caught.

I suspect that Ram was doing the same thing.

"Ram started including these changes to the pickup structure on 2015 models, but has now included the upgraded safety features on all 1500 cabs and models."

All manufacturers will play the game, even the luxury marques.

The manufacturers use all the pretty bells and whistles to sell. To give the consumer what they want. That is the impression they are getting more for less, hence the ridiculously high recommended retail prices.

The hidden or unknown issues are just that until they get caught out.

Even food manufacturers are the same. I wonder what we really are putting in our mouths.


*slinks off to my bedroom*

Now we know where the funds came from to design the new Maserati Ghibli. They should have used the regular Ram grill and then added either side badges or a small badge on the tailgate that says "Rebel". Sergio is taking his eye off the ball. Ram and Jeep are the rainmakers for FCA.

I don't care much for those 2 new grilles but put em next to the tundra and f150 and they look like miss America. Cause those two trucks are f&$%#@g UGLY

They sure screwed up that new grille!

Ram is doing a good job.

Ten years ago you could not GIVE me a 1500 or Dakota or Durango. Today, although the Dakota is kaput, the half ton Ram is giving Ford and GM fits and the Durango is a very competitive product.

I think Ram in recent years has done an exceptional job of gauging what their customers want, better than GM in this regard and WAY better than Ford.

I love the looks of Ram trucks. In my opinion they look the best. My favorite look is the R/T in black. Looks mean. With Hemi V8 rumble and 4.10 gear it hauls @$$. Looks great doing it.
When my law suit is over soon I want to buy me a new Power Wagon like the Black and chrome like the Ram I have now. I wish Ram would offer the Cowboy interior in the Power Wagon but if they offer the limited I will take it.


So, where is my manual transmission on the 1500?


I heard they were gonna offer a Village People Edition ram with a YMCA interior.

What, no R/T in the line-up ?

Ugly pos belongs in the scrapyard.

Well the Power Wagon and Raptor made big lettering popular again... although GMC has been doing it forever and honestly the new HD ford and Chevy logos are the size of bigfoots footprint. Seems to be the trend especially on specialty models/packages. I have a feeling the lettering trend will burn out like it did in the past.

The safety thing... In my opinion that was dirty pool not having the blockers on all F150 configs. Whether its right or wrong I think its natural to assume that non tech safety devices are standard in a model across its entire line. I don't know who else operates this way and would be stunned to find out Ford was the the only one but I don't like it and am glad they got the PR black eye for it and are fixing it .

Ugly... Pretty... that's all subjective... Sells or NOT Sells is the question. and Ugly don't sell... Even if its smart and or makes sense. That's called vanity and we all got some it going on to some extent or another.

Road Whale... I'm with with mark on this one. I owned a RAM quad cab. I wanted the quad because it offered me a full size bed, which was important for getting full sheets of plywood in the bed, plus the RAM offered my rear seated passengers enough leg room not to be uncomfortable. When I looked at the GM quad cabs this past year, the quad cab version was very uncomfortable. In fact, neither my wife or I could sit in the back seat and feel we were remotely comfortable (too upright and too comfortable). Since we were looking for a new truck to haul our camper along with our family, I ended up sacrificing bed length and going with the crew cab model. But RAM on the other hand, did have enough room with the quad cab. So, say what you will about it, it does fill a need and does it quite well.

By reading most of the comments it seems that the most of the people here do not like the grill on the Laramie, To be honest I think it looks ok not the best but ok, The reason why I think automakers do this sorta thing is just to stretch out the model lifespan little longer, With new headlamps, interior changes, minor exterior changes, help make the vehicle last longer (Design wise) so automakers wouldn't have to develop a whole new vehicle, I'm guessing though that since this trucks body design is nearing 6 years (2009) that FCA would most likely change it soon but who knows.

I want a regular cab Rebel...4x4 {Don't need a backseat}... When are they going to build it ?

to address a few comments.. you can still get a 6'4" box with a crew cab but end up with a longer wheelbase.. the quad cab is good for anyone 6'2" and shorter.. and is a very popular configuration for those who don't consistently have people in the back...it is in fact a 3/4 size door and not half door like the old extended cabs.. and whoever said you can get 4.10 gears in a 1500 is incorrect..the gears available are 3.21 - 3.55 - 3.92's

The thing I don't get is only one interior color combo for the Rebel

The thing I don't get is only one interior color combo for the Rebel

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