2017 Ford Super Duty: 16 Segment-First Technologies

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Giving the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty a complete redesign and engineering makeover was long overdue, but at least the Ford team did its homework. With the exception of upgraded powertrains, it doesn't seem like Ford left any tricks in the bag.

Many of the new technologies are a direct or indirect carryover from the recently reengineered 2015 Ford F-150, but many others are heavy-duty truck advances that are bound to make any HD pickup truck buyer happy.

Here are the 16 all-new optional or packaged technologies offered on the 2017 Super Duty that are designed to put the Super Duty ahead of Ram, Chevrolet and GMC HDs.

A 360-degree camera. First offered in a pickup truck on the 2015 Ford F-150, the system has been adapted to help the larger Super Duty trucks navigate tight spaces. What's especially impressive about the multicamera setup is that you can get a wide-angle view from the front or back camera separately, and you can zoom in if needed (perfect for lining up a trailer hitch).

Adaptive steering. Ford has provided a computer-controlled system designed to reduce the amount of steering input when cornering with or without a trailer at low speeds; it also reduces sensitivity to sharp steering inputs at higher speeds all in the name of reducing driver fatigue.

Adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation. The high-mounted camera in the front windshield keeps track of surrounding vehicles and obstacles, and can provide both audible and visual information to the driver about approaching issues. It will even, depending on the situation, provide collision warnings and deliver some braking power.


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Blind spot warning with cross-traffic alert. Using radar sensors in the rear taillight and front bumper, the vehicle is able to warn the driver of oncoming cross traffic as well as vehicles in the driver's blind spot. The system also works when towing.

BoxLink. Ford's cargo management system, first seen last year on the 2015 Ford F-150, makes a smooth transition to the HD side of the aisle. Various clip-in accessories provide extra storage, tie-down points or even bed-loading ramps.

Customer-placed backup camera. As part of its camera technology push, Ford is offering a new trailer plug that now incorporates a seventh camera option so the driver can see what's going on behind the trailer. The hard-wired external camera makes for safer towing and also allows for additional camera installations.

Flat-floor cabs. Since the 2017 Super Duty essentially uses all three cab structures from the Ford F-150, cabs will benefit from many of the same features, like a folding backseat that creates a flat floor. Exclusive to Super Duty on some models is a collapsible under-seat storage box.

A 400-watt outlet. This is also a carryover item from the F-150 cabs, and it's a welcome addition for anyone who needs to plug in computers, battery chargers or small appliances at the worksite.

LED lights all around. Just like the F-150, all Super Dutys offer LED headlight packages, LED spotlights on sideview mirrors and a set of LED lights in the bed of the truck with a manual, watertight on/off switch.

New front and rear seats. The Super Duty seats are similar to the new F-150 seats, but they have two key features the half-ton does not. XL Super Duty seats have standard lumbar support, and the center console seat in 40/20/40 front seats has a lockable underseat storage cubby.

Remote tailgate lock and release. Like some SUVs and high-end half-ton pickups, the new Super Duty offers the ability to lock or unlock your tailgate from the key fob as well as drop the tailgate.

Smart trailer tow module. This smart computer system now detects more connection errors in the connector itself as well as detects if various trailer lights are out. The system can also recognize up to 10 different trailers that can be identified by name, type and size.


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Next-generation tailgate step. Another carryover item from the F-150, this lighter-duty and simplified step setup fits more invisibly into the tailgate when not needed. It also holds more weight than the previous model but is lighter overall.

Trailer reverse guidance. With this camera system, Ford puts dotted and hard lines on the backup screen when in Reverse to help drivers know where and how the truck is headed.

Inflatable safety belts. The back-row seats offer the Ford-exclusive inflatable shoulder strap safety belts to better protect passengers from bruising or bone breakage.

Trailer tire pressure monitors. The same sensors that read the Super Duty's tire pressure can also be setup to include trailer tires on a connected trailer.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears

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*every other truck maker will just follow FORD*

Hey truck dumb dumb how's that new Ford boxed frame GM and Ram has had since 2004-2007 or so, Hey truck dumb dumb how's that new Ford dual glove box GM has had since 2007, hey truck dumb dumb how's that's new Ford interior that's a copy of both a older Ram and GM trucks, hey truck dumb dumb this is a 2017 Ford still a year out and it just now got Ram and GM 9 years later LOL! Now who is following who?

Hey Scott we get it, the Ford dash will tells the clueless about about lights, but anyone will common sense will still need to walk around their truck and trailer to inspect other things. Oh like leaking axle bearing, loose wheels broken, leafs ect..... All this ford trailer light blah blah is just a useless gimmick. They should of spent more time fixing on the ugly grill instead. Yeah and as you said it's a "very bad habit and dangerous" not to do a walk around of your truck and trailer be fore taking off. This Ford dash light gives people all the more reason not to which as you said is *very bad habit and dangerous*

Johnny doe

X2, good job!

Wow, just quickly breezed through most of these stupid post on checking brake lights. From what I gather most of these post come from keyboard Cowboys that don't own a truck or tow. Ford has had the trailer brake/light warning system since 2004. It does not negate doing a walk around and checking lights but does help inform the driver of a fault when you are driving and something good happens down the road. Maybe a bad connection that occurs on bumpy roads. My guess is the new generation trailer fault system is able to look at LED lights for a fault when in the past the system was not due to a difference in resistance from a filament bulb.

I love the Fiat boys that praised Fiat for installing a camera in the bed but Ford does that and offer even more camera options it is stupid. You Fiat guys are hypocrites and need to get your stories straight.

The camera behind the trailer is a great option. I use my rear camera on my Class A motorhome all the time and was planning on getting some thing for the back of the trailer I tow. Seeing behind your trailer is a huge safety issue when your 50' long. Mirrors help, cameras help better.

Nice job Ford with the high tech. Having a feature that lets you check trailer lights anytime during a long trip is fantastic. Especially during bad weather when lights are most important. I've had to run around the trailer during heavy rains, and in deep snow, checking lights. It would be great do that at any time in the comfort of the cab.
I'm surprised how many guys are upset Ford is making life better for those who spend a lot of time in a work truck. do you really use a stick to wedge in your pedals to check your brakes? Seriously? I'm thinking you've never checked your lights, or even pulled a trailer. I suppose you would rather use a stick to check your fuel level rather than use one of those new fangled fuel gauge thingamabobs too. As the saying goes, work smarter not harder.

Wunala Dundee, Hemi, et al

Please read the following - Marchionne excuse is the Italian employee can't read and write English thus he failed to report.


NHTSA: Fiat-Chrysler under reported deaths and injuries in automobiles

Chevy Colorado spokesman Otie McKinley confirmed to Daily News Autos that new 2.8-liter Duramax turbo diesel engine being used in versions of both the 2016 Colorado and the 2016 Canyon will have to undergo road testing to make sure it adheres to the nitrogen oxide emissions standards outlined in the Clean Air Act.


hmmm......is it the same German engineer hmmmm......

Its called follow the leader and everyone always follows the leader which has ALWAYS been FORD. Get a life johnny blowhard.

Well, you can have all the technology you want, but if someone is too lazy to walk around the trailer to check if everything is all right include lights ,weight distribution bars, ball lock properly secured ,friction sway control brake tight, chains hooked all the doors closed and locked... , then he is not going to replace light bulb or start trableshooting wires , terminals or plug , when he sees warning light at his dashboard. He will simply leave and try to play stupid, when stopped by police officer or continue his journey, specially in bad weather.
Just roughly 2 months ago I was waiting at the red light and in front of me flat deck truck with opened right side box doors from the top sticking right out . I pulled beside him to the second line and honk to tell him to closed that. Tights and heavy wrenches , tools inside, doors ready to cut in someone's car or kill someone. He couldn't see that in the mirror, because it was under the bed right behind the cabin. Too low, too close. It would be great to have a switch at those doors, just to tell you it's opened. It was old truck, so I think it's comming, but he should still walk around his truck, before he moves.
Technology won't save careless people.

In my gmc with my boat on it when i unlock my doors with my fob my headlights and taillights come on and my turns/brake lights on my trailer light up even my reverse light light up with my fob. this system is not a first either acura/honda has had a trailer wiring harness warning system since 2007.

Awww poor ford850 had to get out in the rain and snow. Boohoo. Puss

If a blinker on the trailer or vehicle is blown the blinker for that side will blink faster than normal. At least that's been my experience with my GM trucks going back to my 94 Silverado.

Back in the 80's when I started driving big trucks, and before ford850 was hatched, fuel gauges on semis were unreliable. So yeah I did use a stick to check the fuel level

We GOOOLLLLYYYY!!!! That's a lot of new stuff that's gonna become stuff "I cant live without" or "gotta have" even though I never had it before. So whats the prediction on a LOADED Super Duty? $75K? $80K? $90K? (happy to be financed out to 9+ years). Im guessing between 80 and 85K. Throw in some special trim, black stuff out and put some bigger wheels on (live chevy does) and you might hit 90K. ITs gonna be wild and cool but its only for the boys with real work and real money.

Roadram, this isn't the 80's. I'd rather have technology available today than from decades ago.

Jack, The LED lights don't draw enough to cause the 'fast blink' symptom like bulbs used to do.

2027 Ford Super Duty with chopper landing platform and quadrocopter, which flies over your truck and constantly checks how is your driving. It shoots you with 50 caliber, when you make something foolish to prevent future accidents.


Jack, The LED lights don't draw enough to cause the 'fast blink' symptom like bulbs used to do.

Posted by: Ford850 | Sep 30, 2015 11:27:58 AM

Correction, many systems that monitor brake lamp circuits on the trailer will fast blink. This is due to the LED current draw. It is actually a high resistance value that makes the body control module to think the filament is burned out. It can trigget a dash warning or fast turn signal cycle. Or both. My SUVS does both. It don't have a brake light warning deactivation for LED lights like the Ford series does. I did make a simple wiring harness to "fool" the system though. I suspect the new Ford system will be set up for conventional and LED trailer light warnings.

Now that's a smart truck. Glad Ford is the only one with it. I see a ton of recalls in Fords bright future no pun intended. Guess it's hard to see these things coming with all the hours of testing in an empty shed. lol This is the smartest Ford truck ever. Good luck with that. :-) Waiting for the Fire recalls from the massage seats. Adding a ton of new electrical loads is not a good idea for the already flammable ford. I will steer clear from these new fords so i don't get collected.

Hey Hemi! you may want to refocus on your favorite brand killing and injuring people and trying to hide it under the table.

Just saying........LMAO

Truck dumb dumb It's kinda hard to follow this so called leader Ford, when both Ram and GM have done this stuff 9 years before Ford well probably 10 years before it hit the dealer lots.

Does Ford pay you to be this retarded Truck dumb dumb?

What are the towing capacities?

Impressive features list, I cant find a single thing on there that gives me pause to say "nahhh that would just get in the way" very well thought out and well executed.

10 years ago your only options for some of this stuff was the aftermarket. There's still a spot for aftermarket stuff of course, but a lot of this is better to get fully integrated and designed around the interior/exterior/function of the truck.

I hate to say it, but Ford is becoming the Apple iPhone of the truck world... and coming if you knew me, there isnt much higher praise than that.

I can't believe all the back and forth on the trailer lights and ways to check them!

These "light out" systems have been around since the early 1980's. More expensive cars could actually pinpoint which light was out by the early 90's. Basically the computer checks the resistance level at each bulb - if it is outside of the specified range, then you get the 'bulb out' warning. Simple systems measure the resistance on the entire circuit; other systems measure resistance to individual bulbs. I think the simple system should be standard on every car. I'm guessing Ford's trailer light checker also measures resistance. My 1995 Range Rover could specify exactly which bulb was out - even front or rear fog lamps, and specify left or right. Yet my 2015 Lariat Super Duty cannot even tell me if I have a tail lamp out.

Nevertheless, I like using the simple, manual methods to check lights. Back up to a wall at night, apply the brakes. You will see the increased glow. Check both mirrors to make sure the glow is even. Most of us in the snow belt typically carry a snowbrush most of the time; this works great to wedge between the brake pedal and seat to check that way during daylight hours. OR, simply ask an assistant to walk around while you run all the light controls. It seems the Ford system is a nice convenience, and might save you a ticket.

It would be nice to see a camera mounted with the third brake light to hook up a fifth wheel or gooseneck.

Brian, there is a camera in the 3rd brake light housing

Looking forward to moving up to this pickup!

Glad to see the manufacturers are stepping up with newer technology in their vehicles...let the haters hate!

Here we go with the high school Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge garbage. Grow up. I mean, really? Can't you just respect the other guys taste and be happy with what YOU own? After all, you won't be making the payments for him will you? As far as new technology goes, most of it is optional, so just don't order it. If nobody wanted it you can be sure nobody would offer it. I remember years ago my buddy complained about how stupid and useless airbags were and how much they added to the price of his car. That is, until a drunk went left of center, hit his wife head on, and the airbag saved her life. Heck, if you're so manly, why do you need power steering or power brakes? Who needs power windows or a radio or air conditioning? I'll bet all of your trucks have those options, and I'll bet that years ago someone just like y'all was saying how stupid and unnecessary they are.

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