2017 Ford Super Duty: First Look Video

17Ford_F-350_KingRanch_ES_13 II

The 2017 Ford Super Duty is an all-new heavy-duty pickup truck from the front bumper to the tailgate camera. The big news, of course, is that Ford decided to incorporate military-grade aluminum body panels into the heavy-duty lineup. As a result, Ford beefed up just about every chassis and suspension component under the truck, delivering a lighter and stronger pickup that's ready to leapfrog the competition.

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Fiat ram does something proper? Lmao! That's a good one

Fiat ram does something proper? Lmao! That's a good one

Rear bumper has turned-up ends (like Tacoma). This creates a higher step when the tailgate is down. Wish they didn't do this, have never liked it on Tacoma.

Now dan, you have to admit the Dodge dually bedside looks 110x better than this sd's rectangle with a semicircle. That looks like an afterthought

Nice truck, I'd be really happy with either that or a Ram 2500

Honestly the rams are good looking trucks. That and the 6.7 Cummins. To bad that's all they have going for them. I do like the looks of the new super duty. Much better over the past few years

Honestly the rams are good looking trucks. That and the 6.7 Cummins. To bad that's all they have going for them. I do like the looks of the new super duty. Much better over the past few years

Honestly the rams are good looking trucks. That and the 6.7 Cummins. To bad that's all they have going for them. I do like the looks of the new super duty. Much better over the past few years

Long overdue, looks wise this is one ugly truck, if they beefed up the frame, gears and have the powertrain right this will be a great truck, that's if...

Still if I was in the market and remember all the problems they had/have with the F150, you would be smart to wait a couple of years on the SD.

Ram is the HD truck to get, if not the RAM, GMC, proven powertrains, serious hauling, Megacab in the Ram, powerwagon, Cummins, Duramax, Denali, Allison.

Not bad, knowing what the f150s sticker at these should only be about 90k loaded.

Know what's infinitely more interesting than any of these new trucks? Go back to the late 40's and compare truck styling and features from all pickup lines year by year to the late 70's. That was real sales competition. Simple hard working trucks devoid of electronic doodads and effeminate interiors. Cameras, self-parking, heated wheels and seats, lane warning, where will the chickafication end?
Tonight's rant singles out not one brand but all of em

I'm not sure about "ugly", but definitely something the average truck buyer could live with. But there can't be a true "GM_Man" alive that would admit to liking it. Either that or they complain it's the same truck since 1999, never mind, they ain't buying anything but a GM, no matter what.

But I'm positive the best looking that the F-series got, both F-150 and F-250+, was around 2004. GM trucks too. In fact all the trucks looked their best around then. Tacoma, Tundra, Ram, you name it. Clean, simple and rugged/handsome good looks. But time marches on.

Except they're *trucks*. Their beauty is in how they perform work. And play. And Commute. And family/friends outings, etc.

Looks take a sideline, when you're serious about trucks. Complainers need to get back in their Equinox, RAV4, or Highlander and just watch us go by.

Ummmmm, Helllllo Nissan.!!! When are you ever gonna give DETAILS & Pics of the standard version new Titan.?
*** It's my understanding it will have a different front clip/appearance as does light duty vs HD versions of the big three. Does the King cab still come with rear hinged doors.? What engine options/output #'s.?
Anyone else feel the same.?

impressive truck, i would gladly trade off a stronger truck for weight savings, lets face it when you buy any of the big 3 HD trucks you arent going to get the same mileage as a prius.
that front grill is growing on me too, i thought that it was hideous at first but that red truck Mark showed looked pretty good. It will definitely make Fiat and GM raise the bar to keep up
well done Ford

Got Chrome?

That thing is so Butt F'ing Ugly.


I am waiting for the first person to completely sand the body and polish it out. Since it is aluminum. Would be blinding to drive.

The whole military grade alum is all marketing b/s. It could be same grade alum used in a brief case. just because they say it doesn't mean it is used in anything meaningful. My Ar-15 is a mil spec gun but i wouldn't want my truck made out of the same materials.

Breaking News

Ford Motor Company should have another solid month (September2015) of growth, with gains coming from the truck and van segments. The Ford Transit van is proving to be a success in the U.S., pushing the brand's van volume up 27 percent this year

I don't see how this truck will make Ram and GM have to raise the bar to keep up. More like Ford just caught up to Ram and GM HDs. The only thing this Ford has more of is camreas.

They finally box their frame, they copy GM's dual glove box, in bed lights, lane warning system, copy parts of Ram and GM interior. Sad part is GM's HDs will still probably run circles around this turd like they have since 2001, with the benefit of not having to pull the cab off to fix things. If they so happen to break.

Yeah looks like Ford finally caught up kinda to the best HDs on the market Ram and GM.

@ johnny doe

gm and ram have been playing catch up for years, they just finally caught ford and arguably went past them with some more gizmos but the new truck has raised everything to a new level, no need to cry though im sure next years gm and ram will have all the same stuff plus some new gadget to one up ford, good news for all us consumers is they all try and out do each other making better products for us. win win for all
to keep bad mouthing the other brand is so childish, ford sells more than the others so they must be doing something right. I look forward to the new GM and Ram that must have articles like this on their boardroom tables and bunch of techs saying we need to beat this now.

johnny doe,
I think this is a first, I agree that Ram and the GM twins don't much to worry about because the truck is aluminium.

The evidence I'll use is the fact the aluminium F-150 started to move when prices were dropped down near that of it's competition.

Even then GM still improved at a far better clip. So, to be genuinely competitive the aluminium F-150 still had to drop in price further.

It seems the buying public don't car too much about what the material the truck is made from. The move to aluminium has actually had a negative impact on sales.

The drop in F-150 numbers isn't all due to production issues as Frod stated they had reached full capacity in June, hence the increase in inventory and why the aluminium F-150 isn't moving off the lots really fast.

Ford has over estimated the popularity of the move to aluminium, or they wouldn't of over produced the wrongs aluminum F-150 models.

But, Ford has gone beyond the point of no return with aluminium. The aluminium Ford HDs are a must to try and claw back some of the investment they have made in aluminium trucks.

Dean I'm not bad mouthing its the truth. Only thing Ford has done right is marketing to keep fools buying their inferior trucks and give them away to fleet buyers.

Yup, once again aluminum is brought up. Sounding like a broken record.

BAFO, the limit on class 3 trucks are starting to show with payload. With the 14K GVWR limit before you go into class 4 you need to save weight somewhere so you can add to payload. GM has very thin sheet metal and is reaching their limits. Fiat is in the same boat. You cannot go over 14K if you want to be class 3. With higher towing larger components are needed. That equals more weight. Just about everything larger than a class 3 truck is aluminum or fiberglass. It is very rare to see steel. This stuff is nothing new to the industry. With the US standards you have to play the game. I bet the numbers given is a teaser for GM and Fiat. I bet the real numbers will be released later when payload and towing numbers are given. Just a prediction though.


Johnny Doe will cry no matter what. Just ignore it.

Naw Frank I don't cry over trucks like you. Just pointing out the facts and the big picture like normal.

Ford has only offered 0% for 72 months on the f150 for September. September numbers will be telling. Super duty as al stated before sell around 20k units a month give or take a 1000 or 2. If for sells 70,000 k trucks in September it will be a great month for the aluminum f150 selling 50,000 aluminum f150's a month. If they maintain that through every month for a year that will be 600k f150's for the year or way more then the entire ram truck line 1/2ton to 5500's sells in a year combined.

@Johnny Doe, Frank isn't a truck.

Actually Ford offered 0% for 72 months in August on the 2015 F-150 and every vehicle actually. Was a huge marketing and advertising scheme, I'm sure everyone saw it on tv. This was in an effort to prop up dismal sales...

Still pretty funny the new F-150 is selling so poorly even with the mass amount of inventory stacked on every lot...

Ford is advertising $14k off Super Dutys right now, can't give away the wet noodle frames.

Funny how after 6 years of Ford boys saying the frame is just fine now the new Super Duty will have a fully boxed and all the Ford boys are praising it LOL

Naw Frank I don't cry over trucks like you do. Just pointing out the facts and the big picture like normal.

You happy now?

You can get big discounts off any truck no matter the make. Offering big incentives proves nothing. Some of you people are really dumb. Ford switching to aluminum is very smart. T h e other manufactures will switch to aluminum. Count on it.

U G L Y !!!!

Lights too big,front lights too big,rear lights too big..

Aluminum..no way ! Ford = FAIL !


My Coke can is Military Grade aluminum !

This is true, I work for a Aluminum manufacturer.

WOW!! I can't get over the jealousy of the gm fanboys like johnny blow hard. Seems like gm is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this guy. Hey they probably ignore his ignorance too.


can always ask the military what military grade aluminum is.

The rear fenders sent the prettiest but they are far more repair friendly then the Rams. Finally fenders are prone to damage since they stick out so far. With the Ram you have to replace the whole fender which means removing the bed and cutting the fender off then rewelding a new one on. with This 2 piece Ford fender you simply unbolt the flared section and bolt a new one on. They are also less bulky and easier to see around and load over.

LOL the frames are just fine. i have 16 year old one that i use daily for work. It makes more money when it snows in a day than most people do in a month! Anyone hell bent on specs is a moron! What works works. specs dont mean anything other than a sale to a fool on sunday! Frames are noodles? Yeah thats why they kept it around for 17 years... just was too weak to get anything done... FOOLS! Just remember the guys who know dont agree!

Its a good thing people who make stupid comments dont have to stand by them with their real name! Integrity is a thing of the past I guess but at least I know what is real. Imagine if you had stand behind what you say? There would be a lot of something going on.... Others on here are actually very smart and i enjoy the comments they make but repetitive comments that are determined to drive propaganda injto the minds of the unknowing is just pitiful! I hope people take most of this stuff with a grain of salt.. it has zero truth and the person saying it is hiding behind a fake name.

Truck dumb dumb Me jealous of a Ford? Nope not one bit, owned two and learned my lesson. You won't see me hand over another 30 some grand to Ford again.

Utter desperation to highlight a 2017 truck in 2015. I do wonder what the purpose is of not hiding any trade secrets and giving a competitor 16 months to come up with like equipment. The Ford girlies aren't smart enough to understand any of this. They just know they have been blown away in sales by GM for the second year running, have lost all competitive truck comparisons and still are the third, soon to be the 4th best pick up behind No 1 GM, number 2 Ram and number 3 Nissan. At least they have Toyota with their yearly "least wanted pick up truck" to beat.

@tj - Most of the "new tech" is redundant to the F-150 anyway, so nothing real shocking. And same old engines. We knew it would have a slight increase in payload/towing.

You could say Ford 'played their hand' about a year before they had to, but the next new truck that matters won't be out til about 2020 or after. That's plenty of time for the others to know what they're up against

But as old and outdated as currently Super duty stands, it still outsells the competition by a wide margin.

Funny johnny blow, I did the same thing with that POS chebby I had. I sure got enough exercise walking when I had that truck. That thing was pure junk and even the dealer said sometimes you can't win. I didn't with that thing.

Truck dumb dumb So now you owned a Chevy, and before it was one of my family members died in a Chevy. Hmm now I see your a BSer story teller. Better learn some life skills before Grandma dies, and you got no basement to live in anymore Yeah wait I forgotl you'll probably blame GM for that too.

At least i looks like the rear end is not always sagging now. My partner had add two leafs to his 2012 f250 so he pull could his bobcat without the bumper sagging to china.

Man, that's a titanic truck!! Love it!

When was the first, last or ANY time Fiat or GM made a more capable in EVERY way truck WHILE shedding a NET 350lbs of weight?

There were additional gross weight savings over the net 350lbs that were invested back into the vehicle thus saving weight while increasing capabilities capacities and features.

If I'm a serious HD pickup truck manufacturer, I don't want to be known for how I integrate the rear fenders on a DRW model. I want to be known for being the best in segment overall.

Enjoy your fenders in 3rd place.

@Johnny Doe
And my company will continue to buy the Superduty, why because they have the toughest damn frames, and they last. The best indicator of a truck's durability are the commercial industries, we like Superduty's as most commercial companies do. WHERE ARE THE OLDER CHEVY HEAVY DUTY'S??????????????????????????????????????

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