2017 Ford Super Duty: Introduction

2017 SD IMG_3525_MR[6]A II

Creating a new heavy-duty pickup truck nowadays is not a simple task, especially when you consider the new EPA fuel economy and emissions standards coming for these pickups with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 8,500 pounds (usually called three-quarter-ton and/or one-ton trucks).

Ford is debuting its third-generation 2017 Super Duty at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Although we haven't driven the trucks yet it's clear Ford is trying to create the same kind of aluminum and technology revolution for the HD truck segment like it did last year in the half-ton segment. In fact, some might say the leap forward from the previous generation is even bigger for the Super Duty than it was for the F-150.

All 2017 Super Duty pickups will have aluminum bodies and will share many of the same cab, styling and bed features found on the smaller F-150. Trim packages will remain the tried-and-true five levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. From the looks of it, Ford is investing a lot of time and energy in this new truck in order to maintain its domination of the HD market. Construction, government fleets, electrical services, transportation, airport services and more are dominated by Super Duty pickup trucks, but our experiences with Super Duty test vehicles have left us wanting more, especially when compared to more recently updated competitors. In both of our most recent heavy-duty comparison tests — the three-quarter-ton and one-ton Challenges — the Ford Super Duty came in last place.


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To put it simply, although they dominate the segment, the time to improve this truck is long overdue.

New Super Dutys will continue to be made at the Kentucky Truck Assembly plant outside Louisville, but that plant will not have to go through as much reconstruction as the Ford F-150 plants did in order to accommodate the new stamping and body panel robots.

We'll have more about the new Super Duty pickups in the months to come as we get the chance to visit the plant, and drive as many powertrain and cab-configurations as possible. For now, take a look at what we do know about this new HD pickup in terms of design, powertrain and towing.

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2017 Super Duty II



It really looks like a GMC.

I am glad they circled the problem again with these trucks.

Can you say UGLY!!!!!

Oh and it looks like the outdated frame at least found its way to 2007 finally and got boxed. Ford always following the best trucks, GM and Ram trucks!


That's because GMC copied Ford's grill 3 years ago.

@johnny doe

Rams are cool, but the new Silverado's are feminine looking things. Should be called the Chevy Tampon.


It's an oval not a circle, come on didn't they teach you basic geometry in school?

It looks extremely tall. Not that I'm complaining about that it just looks tall.

Looks nice in blue.

I am special guest for the GM Truck unveiling tomorrow.

My buddy BvonScott says this Silverado is going to blow away the Ford Super Dooty!

Ford loses and GM wins again.

The all new 2016 Silverado.


Oh the different Bob's are just so jealous. There is something he can't hide though and that's his natural born ability to be ignorant. Ford wins and gm loses again!!!

GM wins again? Am I the only one that laughs my a** off at the stupid comments made by GM turds? Ford Super Duty will once again take a big super dooty on your chevrolame's sorry excuse for an HD.

Feeling confident that now that the oldest and most in need of redesign HD truck that was still handily outselling its competition is finally redesigned and in a rather modern/advanced/innovative manner its dominance in its market should be assured for at least the near future.

This ugly creature does not look like a GMC! And what is that hideous thing on the front fender?

I like the new body-style. Not a big fan of the grille and headlights, although I like the styling of the new F-150.

Looks like a GMC? I can see that with one having round wheel wells and the other square and the drop sill on the doors the SuperDutys have had since the 90s and GMC has never done... Yea take those major differences in styling away and they are "twins".

Looks cool but I hate chrome on any truck

Same truck seen almost a yr ago on japolnik. Not news anymore.

Since they went Aluminum I guess BIg AL can have lunch on his words....

Awesome looking truck, by far inside and out blows every body else away, time to upgrade the 250

Bit disappointing in the mechanical arena. I could care less about cosmetics. I buy my truck to work. In my locale the above sales chart matches very closely. None of the local farmers have new GM trucks. Some have older models. My 16 year old Ford has 4-5 years of hard work left in it. By then they'll have worked out the wrinkles. :)

Like the looks better that old....so glad the stance of truck back end up higher than old one with that squat..at rear....like what I see so far

I agree it looks really tall. Which is a good thing imo. What I hate the most is those vents behind the front fenders. I hated the look of it at first, but it's growing on me really quickly. Glad it doesn't look too much like the f150 the way the GM trucks and Ram trucks look like their half ton counterparts. Any word on weight loss? It's got to be close to 1000 pounds.

Thank God Ford don't hang there DEF tank under the passenger door.

@beebe I think the reported weight loss was only 350lbs

They should add the 450/550 numbers, its not Ford's or RAM's fault GM exited that market.

Truck dumb dumb Yeah Ford just jams it up under the bed so you have to pull the whole bed off to fix it, kinda like how their pull the how cab off to change your oil trick. That's the bestest thing ever I swear! NOT!! HAHA

People say this truck looks like a GMC Sierra, to me it looks more like the higher ladder Ford F-150, based on what the Automotive Design and Engineer Teams from Ford meant for it to look like!!

The SD Ford has basically been around since the late 1990s so every few years they call it ALL NEW and hope the public doesn't notice that it's still the 1999 Ford heavy duty.

And calling aluminum "military grade" is the same hokey Marketing BS as calling some utility grade of stainless steel "surgical steel."

How daring of Ford's engineers to say that making the truck lighter allows for the use of heavy duty brakes, suspension and drive-train bits underneath. Gee, I always thought it was the bean counters in Dearborn who prevented Ford designers from using quality components. Now it turns out that the gremlins in the "weight" department does that. Who knew?

Six speed auto trans, 6.7 diesel. How exciting! Isn't that the same drive train they've had since Bush was president?

But it does have aluminum body panels...wow.

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