2017 Ford Super Duty: Styling and Interior

2017 SD IMG_4594_MR[6]A II

By Aaron Bragman

Debuting at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the 2017 Ford Super Duty proves to be just as substantially redesigned as its little brother, the all-new 2015 F-150. The differences are especially noticeable in the Super Duty's styling and interior.


Just like the outgoing model, the redesigned 2017 Ford Super Duty is a big truck. It becomes even more evident when one is parked next to a new Ford F-150. Although the heavy-duty and light-duty pickups share all three cabins now (crew, supercab, and regular), Super Dutys sit higher and have a more massive presence. Like the F-150's update, the Super Duty cabin is bigger than the model it replaces — about 4 inches longer for all models for greater interior space.

Also like the F-150, it's made out of aluminum — the cab and box are entirely constructed of the lightweight metal, while the chassis is rendered in high-strength steel. The bed contains 14 percent more aluminum by mass than the F-150's bed to allow for the Super Duty's greater payload capacity. The weight savings from switching to so much aluminum is considerable — but Ford took some of that savings and beefed up other components (like the frame, axles, and transfer case) of the Super Duty, so net the new truck is only up to 350 pounds lighter than the old one (depending on configuration). Regular-cab, SuperCab and crew-cab styles are again offered.

Outside, the Ford stylists tried to change the vertical orientation of the F-250 and F-350 into a more horizontal one by gracing the Super Duty with a massive plastic shield grille stretching between the headlights. Five different grilles are available for the Super Duty; they all feature the largest-ever 13-inch Ford blue oval logo smack in the center. The words Super Duty are stamped into the aluminum hood in greater clarity and relief than in the old steel hood. It helps a little bit, but not much — you're still struck by the size of the stacked headlights, which are now available in high-output LEDs, but the imposing, intimidating look is in keeping with the Super Duty's mission.


The new Super Duty's interior has been updated to mirror the one introduced by the F-150. It's not groundbreaking in terms of style, but it's significantly better than the truck it replaces in terms of material quality, assembly and comfort. Much of it is shared with the F-150, but there are a few key differences such as the standard panel of six overhead auxiliary switches for upfitters and accessories, and a split dual-level glove box on the passenger side. The trailer brake controller has been raised higher in the console but still sits relatively low on the dash above the driver's right knee. The rear seats also have a novel flip-up feature with a new under-seat box that allows for hidden storage of loose items. The SuperCab and crew-cab models feature a completely flat rear floor, making loading large items like boxed plasma televisions a snap.

The 2017 Super Duty will also feature Ford's new Sync3, a completely redesigned system that appears to be a cross between Chrysler's excellent Uconnect interface and the best smartphone screens. It's paired with a big 8-inch touch-screen in the center console. It looks easier to use and faster in its responses; we look forward to giving it a full workout in the future.

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100% improvement in all aspects, over the older model. I like the shift to the more wider look, and the flat rear floor.

Big improvement, no question. But, it seems the Super Duty is no longer a unique vehicle compared to the F-150. It looks to be similar to the Silverado/Silverado HD relationship now. Similar body and interior but different chassis/powertrain.

Its everything every other truck wished they could be. Good job FORD.

I don't see a front diff hanging down on these pictures. I noticed there aren't any pics of the running gear. IFS anyone?

The SD looks like a competitive vehicle, like the aluminium F-150.

Aesthectically the front end does look silly. Most will agree the grille is quite awful.

What Ford must hope is the aluminium SD's don't take the same negative hit the aluminium F-150 has.

Looking at the graph that had overall HD numbers it appears Ford is selling between 21k-22k HDs per year.

Deduct, say, 25k off of Augusts F Series numbers due larger number of F Series sold, and deduct 5 or so thousand steel F-150s, you will end up with less than 40 000 aluminium F-150s sold for August.

Now with the upsurge in numbers by GM and Ram and the negative number of F Series sold in total and factor in the upsurge in steel SuperDutys then we start to get a better picture of the decline due to the introduction of the aluminium F-150.

I'd suspect and will predict the aluminium SuperDuty will reduce sales of them by 3 000-5 000 per month.

We must also factor in the unknown in the V8 Cummins Titan, which will knock off another thousand or so minimum form each manufacturer of HDs.

I do hope 'things' get better for Ford.

Ford is selling between 21k-22k HDs per month.

Not year as I had submitted in my above comment.


Inside looks like a rip off of GM and Ram trucks. Yawn just another copied hard plastic cheaply made Ford interior.

@Johnny doe
so, you're saying the new interior looks just like GM and Ram, which are hard plastic and cheap? haha

Wunala Dundee prediction of Super Duty sales number shrinking is as good as Ngangkari predictions and dream stories.

Ask any gator fisherman they choose aluminum boat over anything else however Wunala Dundee believe gator fisherman should heed to his didgeridoo.


They don't put manual locking hubs on IFS, sorry this is still a MAN's truck with a SFA.

Great looking truck. I like the way they leveraged the cavernous aluminum F-150 architecture and integrated all the Super Duty styling hallmarks. Some peeps may be put off by less than spectacular weight savings, but should be surprised by its new capability via a beefier frame and suspension.Hopefully the powertrains get a substantial upgrade as well.
Terrific job, Ford!!

Everything rises... capabilities, features, and most especially price as weight falls... Looking forward to finding out how well it all holds up. Im confident they will maintain their status in their segment.

OH NO!!!

A low hanging frame!!!

I'm not at all happy that they recycled the F-150 cab. Sure it saves a ton of development money, and GM and Ram have always used the same cab across the lineup... but C'Mon!

The unique cab of the Superduty is what propelled it to such success. People liked having a "big bad" truck, not the same truck plopped onto a taller frame.


FYI-- the new F-150 cab is larger than the old one and larger still than the out-going Super Duty cab. It is also larger than the GM and Fiat standard crew cabs, so I don't get your point.

Admirable boldness from Ford. Ford has cash and engineering resources that the competition doesn't. It it s evident in the scale of their revisions to the F150's and this new truck. The biig wild card I forecast is how well the QC team will manage the launch. Recalls? TSB's? GM and Ram haven't exactly lead the way there.

I got to hand it to Ford, I didnt think there was a way for this truck to get uglier. But they proved me wrong. Wow that is ugly!

ford850 No didn't read my whole comment?

"Yawn just another COPIED hard plastic cheaply MADE Ford interior."

flat floor ftw

Ford is leading the way in design. They have used the enormous chrome grills for years, each year getting larger. The critics claim they are too ugly, but sales keep kicking the competitions butt. All the while, GM and Ram are gradually increasing their chrome grill size playing catch up. Now with this new Ford design, it's a tougher truck and they scaled the grill way back from the current model, while GM and Ram are caught copying old versions with their latest huge chrome versions.

I was hoping the SD cab might be wider than the 150, using the same body side. I'd like to see some side-by-side comparisons of the interior 150/SD to point out differences. I like that even the high-zoot king ranch edition maintains a column shifer instead of a pointless console shifter taking up space.
The aftermarket will love not having to supply separate LD/HD products, like Toppers and such.
Since they use the same cab, it should be possible to do some creative body mods, like swapping the clips- you could have a SD nose on your 150, or a Raptor (when it launches next year) front end on your SD.

The truck looks good. I'm not usually one to bash a new style because I know it will grow on me.. but that grill is a little strange. Like where the truck as a whole is going however. Still not in my price range though. Looks like a 2016 tacoma will be.


Grills keep getting larger and larger because the power today's trucks are making is much greater. With more power come's the need for more cooling, hence the larger grills.

Well, I guess Ford got tired of everyone saying the new ones looked just like the old ones... but damn, that face.

IMHO the Super Duty truck should have a taller wider cab than the F150, to cover the frame and be in proportion to the larger wheels/tires/bed/hood. The F-150 now looks to have too long of a cab for a 1/2 ton. I would put money on the Super Duty getting a different cab from the F150 soon.

That front end looks exactly like my silver Hitachi radio cassette player from 80's.
Good job Ford. Xixixix.

Ford got lazy and put no effort into this new truck.imo

That "flat rear floor" is actually a riser that's level with the top of the driveline tunnel. The rear seat is then on another riser so that there is some semblance of leg room. Wait until people realize how high that is to the rear seat - they'll feel like they're climbing into a Class 8 rig (and leaping down to the ground to get out). Ram's fold-out rear flat panel is a much better compromise, giving lower access to the floor and seat, better leg room, and the flat floor when needed - even allowing you to split the flat floor and regular floor 60/40 or 40/60.

When the pictures leaked on japolnik almost.a year ago, we already knew it was going to share cab with the f150 with minor frontend and bed tweeks.

WOW.........Ford hit it out the ball park for sure.

Yeah Chucky Cheese kid Ford hit it out the ball park for sure, for making the ugliest truck the would has ever seen!!

No wonder why the prototype burned to the ground in the desert. It's was so damn ugly it didn't want no one to see it HAHA!

I was expecting a greater weight loss. It makes sense that they would have to beef up the frame if for no reason other than countering advertising from the competitors. 350 lb added to capacity across the board will give the Ford SD an advantage in the "mine is bigger than yours" locker room wars.

Johnny Dope Boy, coming from you, now I know Ford makes the best & most beautiful trucks on the Planet.

Looks like another North American Truck of the Year award going to Ford in 2016. Making it two years in a row. Sorry Chevy boys maybe in 2018. LOL

Chucky Cheese kid you better get off the dope and sober up. Hell maybe just go get your eyes fixed, because they have to be F$#$ up, that Ford is ugliest truck the world has ever seen by far!

Not bad looking, glad the got away from the super sized grill that went up onto the hood.

Johnny Dope Boy, I will take that SD grille over those square wheel wells for round tires combo by Government Motors. LOL

I wonder if the pricing will make these less attractive than the current SuperDutys?

The loss of 350lbs is quite really a non issue in vehicles of this size. It appears Ford are trying to gain the most traction out of the use of their investment into aluminium. I don't blame them for that.

The massive increase in chassis stiffness might be a bit of a marketing spin.

It seems Ford is already over spinning this new truck. Ford hadn't learnt from the overspun F-150 that you don't overly spin or you will have to back pedal sooner or later.

Does Ford marketing think that over spinning now will influence future HD customers to hang on that little bit longer before deciding to buy a HD.

This tactic didn't work to well for the aluminium F-150. Which is down significantly in numbers and the steel SuperDutys are now carrying the F Series profit load.

Big Auntie Aluminum - where do you get that stuff? I'm sure that there is a web site somewhere for aspiring amateur fiction writers.

If you look at the max tow contest between Ford and Ram, 350 lbs puts Ford in lead. You have to remember/know that Ram's superiority claim is for a reg cab duallie 3500 and Ford's claim is for a Crew F450.

@LouBC Big Al's comments are meant to entertain, not enlighten. Unfortunately, he has not received (or processed?) that memo just yet.

Ya but it says Ford right there in the front. Might as well said POOP.

Nice try Furd! I need a new truck but I'll be keeping my Hemi Ram a little longer. The 2019 RAM HD will be my next truck!





The Ram Rebel has won the Best Off-Road Ride of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience!


I wonder if the Ram Diesel trucks may have the same problems as VW with there emission test. Remember that German Mercedes Benz design that ecodiesel engine & the programing.

We’re proud to announce that the Ram Rebel has won the Best Off-Road Ride of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience.

"This was my first chance to get into the truck, and although there were some great competitors on our off-road run, I felt that the Rebel brought more fun factor and freshness to the line. The Rebel just feels built for Rocky Mountain adventure.” - Aaron T, RMAP Contributing Writer

Where are the RAM trucks at the State Fair of Texas? I can't find any coverage!


papa jim - whether it be entertainment or enlightenment, he is failing on both counts.

Same cabs as F150. That allows for amortization over a greater number of units.


I watch tha 14m YT video and he pick the 2015 Ford Raptor as the winner over the Ram Rebel (it got stuck in the mud). So I'm not sure if your YTvideo had a different ending? LOL

Motortrend also compared the Trd pro and the rebel. Toyota easily won that competition.

@Chuck and Scott, That guy from TFL was only one journalist. And the youtube video from TFL was NOT the 2015 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience.

The participating journalists voted via anonymous ballots and the Ram Rebel came out of top. PUTC was also at this event.


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