2017 Ford Super Duty: Towing and Technology

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By Aaron Bragman

Ford has given the 2017 Super Duty pickup truck some solid upgrades, many of which have come in the technology department, both for improving safety and towing abilities. Changes to the truck's electrical architecture have enabled a slew of new features to aid in safer driving, and Ford went the extra step when designing these systems and considered the trailers that the Super Duty may be towing. The redesigned work truck is making its debut at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

Blind spot warning is now available as is a tire pressure monitor, and when the Super Duty is hooked up to a trailer special software allows the blind spot warning system to incorporate the sides of the trailer as well, alerting drivers to vehicles in the trailer's blind spot.

The tire pressure monitoring system can also be hooked up to the trailer so that the driver can monitor the trailer's tires. Electronic lane departure warning is available, as is automatic radar-based cruise control with collision mitigation.

You can get up to seven cameras on the new Super Duty — one forward looking (used for lane departure warning and automatic high beams) at the top of the windshield, one in the front grille and one on each side mirror (used for the 360-degree surround view feature), one on the tailgate for backing up, one in the third brake light at the top of the rear window for easier trailer hookup and a new class-exclusive remote camera that can be placed on the back of a trailer. This remote trailer camera comes with a super-long cable that plugs into the trailer brake connection at the hitch and activates when the truck is shifted into Reverse, allowing the driver to see what's behind the trailer (or, ostensibly, anywhere the driver decides to place that camera).

Unlike the F-150, advanced Pro Trailer Backup Assist will not be available for the Super Duty. The F-150's electric power steering is needed in order to make that work, and the Super Duty's beefier recirculating ball system doesn't work like that. Instead, Ford has created a trailer reverse guidance system that provides inputs to the driver via the multimedia screen so that the driver can better see where the trailer is going. It projects guidelines based on the cameras that scan the sides of the truck and trailer, and it can even help guide the truck to the trailer for hitching. Super Duty owners are far more likely to use their trucks for towing, so having a more automated system like the one available in the F-150 isn't quite so necessary, Ford said.

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Kind of futuristic looking.


I like the looks of the new wheel well flares. The extra breaks probably improve strength, and they give the truck a more refined look. I'm impressed with this design so far.

I agree with New Buyer. The new dually bed fenders/flares no longer look like an afterthought ripped from the side of a VW beetle and bolted to a traditional bed.

What is that hideous thing on the front fender in front of the door?

The adaptive cruise, lane departure and blind-spot features will definitely get a lot of talk from the horse and RV crowd.
While there will e some fanfare and chest beating when the diesel power specs, along with the now tow ratings are announced, I think it's safe to say that all 3 trucks have plenty of beans to pull. For recreational buyers, how well these features work might easily sway a purchase.
Trailer cam- while the plug-in camera is nice, I think a wireless camera (powered through the trailer) might be a better solution. Especially if the display is on the rear-view mirror, it would be very useful while going down the road- letting you keep an eye on the lane behind you, as well as a toad car (or whatever double you might have back there)

That would be the new F350 logo badge

Why did they make the frontends so ugly? Nice they copied RAM on the high mounted camera so you can see the bed, that's a great option t have.

Auto tailgate down tailgate and third brake light camera is going to be awesome for 5ers and goosenecks. As well as the trailer camera they are offering for the back of your trailer.

Awesome truck ford! You are going to sell a bunch.

Yikes is that ugly! Now the only two good looking trucks are GMC and Ram.

It looks like Ford couldn't decide what to do about the rear wheel fender so they took the old 1990 fender and bolted on the 2015 to it. And the front looks like someone lost there belt at Ford.

Actually, in my opinion, super duty styling keeps edging closer and closer to the super chief concept (which is not a bad thing). Overall I think the truck looks great with nice clean lines. I think the front end/grille is a little overwrought tho.

That's a face only a mother could love, RAM is the nicest looking, followed by the GMC's, if your buying a 2500, the choice is easy, RAM, if your buying a 3500, its RAM or GMC, still RAM is top dog in the HD market for several reasons though, Cummins, MegaCab, Coils in the Rear, 50k PSI Frame, Best Looking inside and out, highest 5th wheel towing.

The downsides to the RAM are price, made in Mexico, can get a loaded gmc 3500 Denali in the lower 50's, the Duramax is slightly better and the GMC is more reliable overall/better FE.

And FORD outsells them all!!!

It all looks good, the front is a little too "busy" for my tastes, would have preferred a single bar across the grille but that's just personal tastes.

Need to see the specs before a thumbs up/down. My F-450 could be replaced if payload and tow capacity are improved. Rumors of 900 lb ft and 460hp, with a lower weight would be welcomed.

Not worried about the aluminum, Perter Bilt, Freightliner, et al have been using it for years...not an issue, suprised it took so long for someone to make that adjustment...

@ FoCo owner

I'm with you on the aluminum issue. This "steel pickups are better than aluminum because steel is more traditional" is getting really old. I mean, come on let's pull our heads out of the sand. Aluminum has been tried and proven in the trucking industry for decades and even longer in aviation. So yeah, aluminum is the least of my worries about the new truck. In fact it's a pretty strong selling point for me.

Not to mention aluminum is heavily used in emergency EMS and fire vehicles. Base weight, payload, and performance is very important for these types of vehicles.

Truck Crazy:: so does McDonalds, but there is NO ONE who would say they make the best! I feel all the new trucks out there are fine quality examples of todays manufacturing technology. All a mater of style, but this new Ford is not all that pleasant looking to me at all, way too busy, and those rear wheel fender extensions look awful! But I bet it does drive better than the 2015, and I am sure glad to see they went to a fully boxed frame finally.

The 2017 Ford F250 offers a trailer tire monitoring system. There seems to be no details available about how the trailer tire pressure is sent to the trucks computer. The total cost of the system is impossible to pin down. What's up with the details?


Also a resource page for info on the TPMS and camera setup

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