Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: August 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Despite recent analyst predictions to the contrary, overall pickup truck sales are still on the upswing as buyers seem to value the wide variety of choices and technology offered by the full-size pickup segment. And why shouldn't they given that prices at the gas pump remain low and good incentives rest on the hood of certain models?

Among the big winners for August: The Toyota Tacoma is up more than 13 percent over last year as dealerships move a lot of 2015 Tacomas out the door since the vastly improved and upgraded 2016s are set to go on sale next week. Likewise, the Chevrolet Silverado's 1500/2500/3500 trucks sold almost 12 percent better than last year. We should note that with Ford's F-150 plants at maximum production, dealerships are selling more F-Series trucks this month than they have in 10 years. This is the first time this year that Ford has sold more than 70,000 F-Series pickups in one month.

Other things to note: Toyota's two-truck strategy is doing much better than GMC's three-truck strategy, and Chevrolet's three-truck strategy is getting crushed by Ford's two-truck program. Of course, Chevy sells more than double the number of pickups than Toyota, but Chevy also has more than three times the number of dealerships in the U.S. Nissan's aging Frontier continues to nose dive in sales, even though it continues to be the most value-rich choice in the segment. Nissan sold as many Frontiers in the entire month of August as Ram sold on any given Friday/Saturday/Sunday in August. Finally, full-size pickup sales continue to grow for both Chevy and GMC by solid margins, so their new midsize players — the Colorado and Canyon — do not seem to be negatively impacting full-size sales. Sales seem to coming from Frontier and the midsize crossover and SUV segment.

We expect September sales to be even better, and sales likely will continue to increase throughout the fall. However, much will depend on the price of oil and if we'll see less aggressive incentive strategies as we get closer to the end of the year. Some analysts are speculating that we could see end-of-the-year totals well into the 17-million-unit range, with more than half of those vehicles being pickups, SUVs, crossovers and vans.

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PUTC August Sales Chart 2015



Well, Ford didn't pull the rabbit out of the hat......yet.

It did improve, but it's improvement was marginal compared to the GMs and this is even with huge incentives and rebates.

So Ford offered 0% for 72 months on all their trucks and still didn't do well, hmm??

This huge incentive didn't even work to move them...

If you look at the two GM brands together, GM significantly outsells any other company, and our growth rate this year has been very strong. Any judgment about which company is leading the pack should take that into account.

Outdated, ancient Tacoma, still killin the GM twins. When the "new" one comes out, GM should just throw in the towel and send the twins back to the Far East.


The Canyon/Colorado have the fastest turn rate of any vehicle right now.

The factory capacity is 10,000 units total (Canyon and Colorado Combined) which is exactly what they are selling. There is zero inventory so the sales can only match production. Do some research!

The picture in the article hasn't changed for over thirty years.

Mark Williams, Please add a column to track monthly change vs LAST MONTH. Tracking trends from one month to the next has more meaning. Comparing to a month from last year, when we don't remember if there were quality holds, incentives, new models etc that could affect them really diminishes the quality of the report. Thanks.

@Tom Wilkinson at Chevy

GM is not a brand, stop fooling yourself. Good god!!

If I remember correctly when ford was outselling everyone the McDonald's comparison was always brought up. Is that the same now that gm is on top for sales. Maybe tom wilkinson could answer that for me.

Yawn Ford didn't really gain anything. They were down this month last year about the same amount plus they even had 10 grand of incentives this year. New F150 is a Flop HAHA!

F Series sold the same amount this August as August of 2013. Wow the new F150 is a bigger flop than I thought.

Frank you can only buy GM stock, you can't buy Chevy or GMC stock. There For GM CRUSHS Ford!

Frank you can only buy GM stock, you can't buy Chevy or GMC stock. There For GM CRUSHS Ford!

First up, Toyota will outsell all brands for some time to come.

Second up, GM can't produce more Colorado/Canyons, the plant is running at full capacity. So I would expect the C twins to be earning GM a considerable amount of money.

More importantly if you look at the Taco, it is selling proportionally less in percentage terms in the segment.

We had the same thing here. The midsize market is pumping and the Hilux has remained static. This means who ever wants a Toyota are buying them already and the newer midsizers are appealing to the newcomers into the segment.

People all over the net have been beating Ford F-150 up over "poor sales", the GM fan boys have been going so far as to call it a flop as the GM trucks have been increasing in sales/market share while Ford "made excuses" about production capacity etc. Now there's the whining about how Ford is "laying a ton of cash on the hood". GM offered $8,000 rebates by March of 2014 on it's "new" trucks. It has offered these rebates ever since. They have been running a Labor Day 20% off MSRP promotion since mid August. Ram has always offered big rebates to get market share for the last several years. The reality is they all have to do it because of the competitive nature of the market. Now that rebates are finally close to apples to apples with Ford offering close to what GM and Ram have been, the F-150 will pull away in sales. A lot of people weren't willing to pay the high transaction prices for an F-150 a few months ago, even though a lot of people did. GM appears to be reaping the benefits of Toyota and Nissan's poor sales. Guess Chevy better get some more bears and aluminum cages to spread the word about their paper thin high strength steel that warps and rust out on the bed sides.

So are you johnny Dope!!

Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Both Car Companies, the only difference is GM is selling way more trucks.

Truckdumb need to cry cause your Fords are failing? Here hands you a GM towel to wipe your tears away HAHAHA!

Chevy trucks sales dropped from last month. Both GM mids dropped. Tacoma dropped from last month too. GMC 1500 increased some, and Ford increased a lot.

Some of you guys crack me up with your brand loyalty. "Ford can't sell with 0% for 72 mos, what a flop"....... Chevy has the same offer but sold less than Ford. "Ford is offering $10,000 cash on the hood and can't sell, what a flop". Ford is not officially putting that on the hood, but any high volume dealer of any brand will sell at invoice or a little over while GM is officially running a 20% off MSRP or $8,000-$12,000 off sticker. " GM sells more combined than Ford, what a flop the new aluminum can is".... Yes the are selling more. Call and tell them to quit selling the GMC and see what happens. These are GM people who probably aren't smart enough to figure out they're the same truck mechanically. BTW, get your can opener on order as GM will follow Ford and offer extensive use of aluminum on their next generation trucks. They'll have to shoot that bear in the commercial so it doesn't eat them.

Learn to write johnny DOPE. That last comment you made read like a 6yr old wrote it. I thought you were at least 10.

Ford says their inventory of f150 pickups is only about 55 percent of what it was last year at this time. So sales are pretty good when you consider that.

These are GM people who probably aren't smart enough to figure out they're the same truck mechanically.
Posted by: Jimbo

Wanna talk bout dumb. Check out how dumb Ford people are LOL!!!!

The Ford rum dumbs got me rolling in laughter!!!

Truckdumb I have to write like a 6 year old so you Fordtards can understand HAHAHA!

Ford Tops Auto Companies in Brand Survey

Ford’s brand value was pegged at $20.3 billion, which put it in the 25th place overall.

Chevrolet, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) largest division, with a value of $7.2 billion, which put it in 66th place.

GMC ranked 172nd in the Brand Finance study, with a value of $3.5 billion.

FCA was not ranked with a value less than $1 billion.

Anyone who thinks the Silverado and Sierra are not the same is a fool.
Same truck different skin and a great way to sell them
If you don't like the design of one look at its fraternal twin.
I have a 06 gmc but prefer the looks of the 06 Chevy front end better but got everything i wanted for good deal so i bought the gmc because its the SAME TRUCK!!

actually 52 percent. Their current inventory of f150 is 90,000 vs. 173,000 last year. Ford is certainly not offering huge incentives in my area right now or ever. My father bought an f150 last month at 7,000 off msrp, which is the best they've been able to offer since they were released. I could go to ram and get 8,000 off or more at our local dealer pretty much anytime all year.

With the new Jeep pickup, and the new Tacoma, the mid sized sales should get interesting. Will they pull in new truck buyers, or will sales level off as they all fight for a small piece of the pie?

Chuck Cheese Kid try up to date INFO! That link you keep posting is months old. Wait your a Ford rum dumb so I shouldn't expect much from you.

Can gm weld steel and aluminum together??? As they intergrate aluminum coupled with steel gm will need to bond and rivet or bolt there aluminum and steel together. As the manufactures integrate more advance materials they will be bonded and welding will be used less and less. Ford also use welding on the f150.

Gm has been have a great year and it will be interesting to see if they keep up there pace on increase as this point last year is when the gm new model really started to gain traction in sales. So they have loftier sales numbers to achieve to keep there percentage increases.

Fords new trucks are starting to take off. These sales numbers from this month is over 3000 more then last year and last year was only the steel f150 and now that it's aluminum it appears to be outselling the steel of last year. As of last month they are starting to sell more and more. TTAC has an article of what real incentives are that they posted in July. Incentives are no where near where poster on this site believe unless ttac website is garbage.

@ Scott

These #'s are F-Series as a whole so you cannot say F-150's are selling more than last year. The Super Duty's have massive rebates so they could be selling more to make up the difference.

Comparing to August of 2013 F series sales are flat so the steel vs aluminum isn't doing anything for sales.

Also, having 0% for 72 months on a first year model is a huge incentive and something Chevy has just started the first 10 days of the month, right now on a model that is over 2 years old.

If you honestly don't think Ford is trying to move the new F-150 by using incentives you are drinking mass amounts of Koolaide.

People I speak with here in Northern Alberta are reporting that the new F-150 is experiencing truck box cracking in and around the wheel wells.

People I speak with here in Northern Alberta are reporting that the new F-150 is experiencing truck box cracking in and around the wheel wells.

This is what the Ford fan girls look like once they noticed they just got back to aug 2013 numbers and just barely filled the gap of what they lost in aug 2014 HAHAHA!

Last year GM was slow off the line with their new trucks. I made the mistake of assuming they were going to do poorly overall as new pickups tend to do well with minimal rebates.
This year Ford is off to a slow start and the anti-aluminum/anti-Ford crowd says Ford has a flop on their hands.

Time will tell.

If one considers the highly competitive nature of pickup sales in North America, we all win regardless of brand.

@Johnny Dope Boy

I see Mustang beat Camaro in sales again this Month. 8th straight months in a row. Also beat them in all of 2014.

GMSRGREAT - I ran a search with Google and can not find any reports of box cracking.

When you talk about Northern Alberta you are talking about trucks used in mining and logging.

Care to tell me the typical life span of ANY pickup used in those settings?

My brother had A GMC HD that had most of the fender mount points cracked or broken. A flying rock dented his back bumper from the inside out on his new one.
He had a few Ram HD's that would pop out of gear if you hit a bad pot hole or dip.
He had a F150 that had a cracked seam in the cab.

Point is - every brand has a short life span in those environments.

Chuck Cheese Kid your poopstains better sell! Their brand new for GOD SAKE vs a old Camaro! Like I said earlier what should I expect from a Ford rum dumb! Post some more please cause its funny as hell! tard

At this time last year how many of the new designed GMS where recalled and how many of the new completely redesigned f150s have been recalled this year.

@Johnny Dope Boy

"Chuck Kid your poopstains better sell! Their brand new for GOD SAKE vs a old Camaro! Like I said earlier what should I expect from a Ford rum dumb! Post some more please cause its funny as hell! tard"

Mustang beat Camaro in Sales in 2012 and again in 2014 with an old body style. Nice try Bonzo. LOL

Last year GM had a bunch of feminine ads touting the quietness of the truck. This year GM brought back Howie Long touting the maniless of the Chevy Silverado and all is well again.

Coincidence? Time will tell.

If one considers the highly competitive nature of pickup marketing in North America, we all win regardless of ad.

Should I wait for a 2021 Ram?

Two things are certain, GM's pickups are the best selling trucks ever, and Ford girls can't count. GM trumps ford by 40k trucks even with Ford counting all F series up to the 950 semi as a pick up. If the tally was honest & only the F150 thru the F 350 GM would have a 200,000 sales lead over Ford. Maybe Ford should start counting the office chairs in Dearborn as pick up trucks, then maybe they could close the gap. BTW, Dodge Ram pick ups outsells the Ford PU trucks, Dodge doesn't cheat in their sales counts either.

@tj, then why doesn't gm count them together as one?? Because they are not. Guess you should add Buick and Cadillac together too since they are basically the same cars. How dumb can you get?? I think even Cadillac is sharing platforms with Camaros, not sure so add them together too.

Don't forget when the new Silverado and Sierras came out a couple years ago they were dropping gigantic piles of cash off on the hood for almost a year.... Ford has done it for a month and a half and incentives are falling now on them quite a bit.... Also it takes along time for people to adjust to change

Why let poopstain comments go and censor others?????

chuck cheese kid still spread wrong data. In 2014 the Camaro out sold your poopstain by 3,662 units

2012 Camaro smokes poopstains in sales Camaro total 84,391

poopstain total 82,995 that's mean's the Camaro outsold the Ford poopstain by 1,396 units.

Sales by month add them up Chucky Cheese kid

Hey Ford rum dumb try to use good info HAHA!

Pickups as such do not last long in a Mining environment.
Australian Mining Companies imported LHD F350's, but they fell apart. They were cheap for the companies as they could buy them as is ,in the U.S. and only the shipping costs and engine preparation were the added costs These did not have to run on paved roads.
They now use Hiluxes that last a year instead of the month or two of the F350's. Yes they run all Pickups 24/7
DODODODO just another link proving the Camaro out sold the crapstain in 2012

Oh look another saying the Camaro in 2014 too.

Don't worry though GM is letting the crapstain win in 2015 maybe Before the 2016 crushs it in 2016 HAHA!

@Truck Crazy,

I wouldn't bother with these GM Dolts, notice how that other RAM dolt has disappeared. Bravo!!!

These guys are too stupid to realize that GM can't claim the most pickup trucks sold.

Johnny Doe, you're an idiot, Chevy and GMC are brands of GM, as is the F150-F450 for Ford. Damn you're an idiot.

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