Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: August 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Despite recent analyst predictions to the contrary, overall pickup truck sales are still on the upswing as buyers seem to value the wide variety of choices and technology offered by the full-size pickup segment. And why shouldn't they given that prices at the gas pump remain low and good incentives rest on the hood of certain models?

Among the big winners for August: The Toyota Tacoma is up more than 13 percent over last year as dealerships move a lot of 2015 Tacomas out the door since the vastly improved and upgraded 2016s are set to go on sale next week. Likewise, the Chevrolet Silverado's 1500/2500/3500 trucks sold almost 12 percent better than last year. We should note that with Ford's F-150 plants at maximum production, dealerships are selling more F-Series trucks this month than they have in 10 years. This is the first time this year that Ford has sold more than 70,000 F-Series pickups in one month.

Other things to note: Toyota's two-truck strategy is doing much better than GMC's three-truck strategy, and Chevrolet's three-truck strategy is getting crushed by Ford's two-truck program. Of course, Chevy sells more than double the number of pickups than Toyota, but Chevy also has more than three times the number of dealerships in the U.S. Nissan's aging Frontier continues to nose dive in sales, even though it continues to be the most value-rich choice in the segment. Nissan sold as many Frontiers in the entire month of August as Ram sold on any given Friday/Saturday/Sunday in August. Finally, full-size pickup sales continue to grow for both Chevy and GMC by solid margins, so their new midsize players — the Colorado and Canyon — do not seem to be negatively impacting full-size sales. Sales seem to coming from Frontier and the midsize crossover and SUV segment.

We expect September sales to be even better, and sales likely will continue to increase throughout the fall. However, much will depend on the price of oil and if we'll see less aggressive incentive strategies as we get closer to the end of the year. Some analysts are speculating that we could see end-of-the-year totals well into the 17-million-unit range, with more than half of those vehicles being pickups, SUVs, crossovers and vans.

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PUTC August Sales Chart 2015



Frank you're a dolt for supporting a crappy UAW Obama truck. johnny dope you sound like a little kid. I only buy the best. Toyota Tundra!

Good greif this discussion went to crap quick.

You were correct in identifying the environment that these F-150 with cracked boxes were operating in. I heard of these cracked boxes back in April. So the question is , how long have these trucks been in service? I guess at best 4 months. Sorry, but steel boxes would not be cracking that soon even in a mining environment.

@Johnny Dope Boy.

My stats are from a 60yrs old established car Magazine like Car and Driver. Not some stats from some Chevy dork in his mama basement. Nice try, again Bonzo. LOL

2012 sold Mustang 92,408 vs Camaro 90,310.
2014 sold Mustang 134,082 vs Camaro 97,632

Sorry RUM DUMB CHUCKY but car and driver is wrong! Good car bad car sale data is RIGHT! Automotive news sales data states the same numbers! Plus the 4 or 5 other links I posted to you on this matter.

Show me another link that says the crapstain out sold the Camaro in 2012 and 2014. Wait you can't because you know the numbers are wrong! Camaro wins again HAHAHAHA!

@Chuck Taylor--Even if Mustang outsells Camaro that is still a lot of Camaros that are being sold. GM is still making a hefty profit on those Camaros which gives GM an incentive to keep making Camaros. I don't really believe that fan boy comments are going to influence whether a manufacturer makes or stops making a particular vehicle. Chevrolet still makes Corvette even though Ford doesn't make a Thunderbird even though I happen to like the last retro Thunderbird a lot. I don't think any of the manufacturers really care what you are Johnny Doe think and the Japanese and South Korean manufacturers definitely don't care what either of you think. I believe the Japanese and South Korean manufacturers are doing very well despite you and Johnny Doe.

6 links that show you are wrong CHUCKY. Lets see you put up at least one or two more to prove your right, but I know you can't. The total Units sold numbers isn't even close to what they should be in your link.

Chucky you and Kirk Seaman from car and driver better Go smoke another joint and go refigure your numbers HAHAH!

Ford Motor Co. has said it plans to focus on fleet orders for its popular F-150 pickup through the remainder of the year to raise sales..

Figured 3rd quarter would show gains for ford. The fleet sales are going. Lots of new fleet trucks on road crews around here. Just wait for the f100 "ranger" to return. Gotta keep #1 selling

Gm had 0 percent for 72 last year at this time on there new model. They currently have 0% for 72 on 1500 Chevy silverados..... Just like ford does currently. Typically when you take a 0% financing from any manufacture rebates typically don't apply.... Sometimes they do though.

Wait until the new sleeker 2016 Silverados are out. Sales will skyrocket while fords go down worse

The GM twins still on top for full size pickups. Just waiting on the baby Duramax to propel the mid size sales farther up.

@ Scott

Actually GM has never had 0% for 72 months on their new truck until this year and that has only been Chevy for the first 10 days of the past 3 months.

Throwing 0% for 72 months on a new model in its first year is desperation mode to move units.

Please show me when GM had 0% for 72 months on their new model truck last year.

Also, Canyon and Colorado have ZERO REBATES and are the fastest moving vehicles in North America. Factory output is the only thing holding back sales since the factory is maxed at 120,000 total units per year, which is exactly what they are selling. The new F-150 on the other hand has huge incentives for a first year model and there are hundreds on each lot.

Anything but boost.

Last year for August. Date of article is 8/30/14 Take your own age and move along kid.

The nationwide incentive for the Silverado includes 0% financing for 72 months, a $3,250 discount on the manufacturer’s retail price and a $750 option package value discount.

Didn't apply to denalis as this guy wanted but as he states in his post in August of 2014 that the 0 for 72 only applied to 2014 silverados but didn't include Denali. Also 1 poster stated he could get 0 for 84 in Canada on Chevy Silverado.

Anything but boost. Gm was offer 0 for 72 even in July of 2014 on 2014 Silverado during the 4th

Lower gas prices have helped average guys like me have more money left over, after taxes, expenses and monthly payments.

The positive impact has made a mark on vehicle sales, as these strong numbers show. The cheap financing is an ugly trap for many consumers though.

When energy prices eventually go back up (they will!) then the monthly (zero percent interest) truck payment will be a challenge to make, and the urge to roll that debt over to another new vehicle will make car dealers and bankers smile all around.

If you ever talk to the guys protecting our border in texas ask them about the trucks they use and which are the most reliable. Most of them are fords, but they have chevy trucks too. Mostly 3/4 ton and up. They have to modify the chevy trucks when brand new because even at 5,000 miles they all start to have the same issues. By the time they hit 50,000 miles the interiors on the chevy trucks are pretty much in pieces. The duct tape, rope, and bungee cords come in handy. As does the tow vehicle. Guess which common pickup they don't use at all anymore?

@papa jim--Agree the energy prices will go up and for many the monthly payment will be a challenge to make. The cheap interest rates will not last forever as well. The manufacturers will still be producing vehicles and the dealers will still be selling them. One of the things dealers have started to do is mail letters to customers saying that they need their vehicle and that the customer can come in and get a new model for no additional money down with the same payments but that means that the loan starts completely over.

I get at least a letter like that every couple of months from the Honda dealership where we bought the CRV from and then I got a letter from CJD dealer that the same owner of the Honda dealership owns with the same message. I have a 5 year loan in which less than 3 years remain so that means if I take them up on their offer my 5 year loan would start over. I plan on keeping the CRV and paying it off. I know someone that bought an Equinox at the same time we bought our CRV in 2013 and she went for the offer and got a new 2015 Equinox. Our CRV has only 7,700 miles on it so it is not worth trading it for a new one.

Anything but boost
More proof of the 2014 chevy offering 0 for 72 last august on there brand new model silverado. What was that you said again about a manufacture offer 0% for 72 on new models again??? I think it was in your post that you pointed out something about desperation or something.......

Hey anything but boost.... You could even defer payments on the new 2014 chevy silverado for 90 days and get 0% financing for 72 months in August of 2014.

the main problem with Ford's slower f150 sales is the fact it is an all new model and everyone knows to stay away from brand new models for a year or so until the bugs (if any) are worked out..same thing happened a couple years back with the new GM's..but as we all know they had 7 or 8 recalls on their brand new trucks..the new Ford's haven't had any yet that I know of..that should tell you something if you buy with your brain and not your heart..I had to set that straight as I am tired of all the ignoramesis on here saying the new Fords aren't selling..they soon will be once people know it is still a top quality product and people don't want to possibly get stuck with an unproven truck because it is wake up people and quit talking out your arse when you don't know what you are talking about, but are just a fan of an inferior make...

FCA Eligible buyback vehicles

Owners of the following vehicles are eligible for the buyback program as long as they have not already had their vehicle repaired to address the recalls:

•2009 Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango SUVs produced from Jan. 3, 2008, through Dec. 18, 2008
•2009-12 Dodge Ram/Ram 1500 pickups produced from Feb. 27, 2008, through June 30, 2009, and from Dec. 1, 2009, through Oct. 20, 2011
•2009-11 Dodge Dakota pickups produced from Feb. 27, 2007, through June 30, 2009, and from Dec. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2011
•2008-12 Dodge Ram/Ram 2500 and 3500 4x4 pickups
•2008-12 Dodge Ram/Ram 3500 4x2 Cab Chassis vehicles
•2008 Dodge Ram/Ram Mega Cab 4x4 pickups
•2008-12 Dodge Ram/Ram 4500 and 5500 trucks produced from Feb. 20, 2007, through December 2012

Story from the Detroit Free Press.

F-150 sales in August vindicate Ford's pickup overhaul.

Ford endured a year of skepticism and falling sales, market share and profit margins but it might have paid off.

It has taken a year, but inventories of the F-150 are approaching normal levels and Ford was rewarded with a 5% sales increase in F-Series sales in August, which contributed to a 6% hike in overall sales.......

The question is how many F150s have they sold. I wager the Silverado 1500 is currently outselling the F150.

"Mark Williams, Please add a column to track monthly change vs LAST MONTH. Tracking trends from one month to the next has more meaning. Comparing to a month from last year, when we don't remember if there were quality holds, incentives, new models etc that could affect them really diminishes the quality of the report. Thanks."
-- Posted by: ford850 | Sep 1, 2015 2:06:03 PM

False. Vehicle sales, like sales of almost any product, tend to be cyclical through the year. Month over month sales mean almost nothing unless compared with the same time period the previous year/years.

Work up a chart of monthly sales for Ford F-series over the last 10 years and you will see a pattern develop. Do this for every truck brand and you'll see that the patterns are very similar across brands.

One statement in this article seems a little confusing:

"Other things to note: Toyota's two-truck strategy is doing much better than GMC's three-truck strategy, and Chevrolet's three-truck strategy is getting crushed by Ford's two-truck program."

Ok, I understand Toyota's two-truck strategy--I think. The offer the Tacoma and the Tundra. Midsize and full-size.

GM has a three-truck strategy? What's the third truck? I see a mid-size and a full size. True, they're carried under two different brands, GMC and Chevy, but it's still only two trucks.

And where does Ford have a two truck strategy? They only offer one size of truck.

Now, maybe you're talking about classes of truck instead, hmmm? Full-size half-ton vs Full-size heavy duty and up? Except for Toyota and Nissan, they all half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton models. Nope, that doesn't fit either.

So where are these 'two-truck' and 'three-truck' strategies coming from?

Roadwhale, your statement would be true if there were no factory changeovers, new models, etc, from previous years you want to compare to. While the comparison to the previous year has value, it does NOT show the current trend. Best would be an added line chart tracking each truck, month by month, for the past 12 months. THAT would show trends over the recent months which is also important. It would be easy to see where sales were and where they are headed.

"One of the things dealers have started to do is mail letters to customers saying that they need their vehicle and that the customer can come in and get a new model for no additional money down with the same payments but that means that the loan starts completely over."

Yeah. My local Ford dealership offered me over $20K for my '08 JKU Wrangler if I would just come in and buy one of their trucks. I mean, I know the Wranglers hold their value well, but mine is now eight years old and still getting almost 70% of its selling price?

You guys need to remember, these are all their trucks lines, since most of you only care about the 1/2 ton, when PUTC puts up the fastest selling trucks by model, as always, the sierra,silverado are not #1, its Ford, so again Ford will continue to claim #1, since they actually are in the half ton segment

"Roadwhale, your statement would be true if there were no factory changeovers, new models, etc, from previous years you want to compare to..."

It's still true even with what you say. What you're ignoring though is the fact that Ford doesn't really separate out their sales numbers between F-models. Their monthly sales are all the F-150s, 250s and 350s all lumped together. The PUTC archives can give you all the data you need to create the general chart for each and every brand, should you choose to try it. That chart WOULD give you the data you want in sequential months, but it would also give you the data you need for sequential years which would also show you the monthly patterns by which this year's differences would become more noticeable.

The data is there, should you choose to accept the mission.
(This post will self-distruct in five seconds.)

It is comical to see the brand loyalty of the various publications. They are like the liberal press trying to prop up the president. Governmental Motors gets all the spin. Then the truth comes out with the numbers. Ford has pulled off an amazing thing converting from steel to Military-grade aluminum without hardly missing a beat. Ford should be lauded (that means given credit, GMer's) for doing something significant to improve fuel mileage.

That is American ingenuity at it's best that should be heralded by all Americans. Sadly, GMer's can't get past their brand loyalty (even though the design of their beloved trucks is really weak).

Dishonesty can only last so long, friends. Trying to cut down the competition by name is in poor taste. Spinning the rumors, too.

YET Ford is succeeding in spite of the massive and coordinated efforts from the competition.

Let's talk after September when the Ford incentives have really kicked in and the 2ND frame producer's production allows for a normal inventory, making the playing field level with the long-standing GM incentives.

Taco still outselling more than all thr mid-sizers combined.

The reality is, Ford is hiding behind the "F series" label. The Silverado 1500 is outselling the F-150 for the first time in a really long time.

Production is not the issue, sales are. 2 local dealerships have over 100 of them each on the lot. Nice looking trucks, outside of the front and especially the very cheap grills.

Colorado and Canyon however, do have production limitations. If I go to any GMC or Chevy dealership around here there are 0-4 on the lot. That's with basically no incentives too.

The tired old Nissan Frontier OUTSOLD the new blingy GimMiC! HAHA!

GM full-size sales aare up because they are dropping 40000 miles off their powertrain warranty for MY 2016. F series sales are back !!!

Toyota's two truck strategy better than GM,but because they have more dealers. Who has more market share? Who has grown the most market share and will continue to grow market share until 2017? Toyota is going to get crushed just like they were crushed this month for 8%. They simply cannot keep up with the money GM and Ford put into their trucks. GM and Ford have both said they are going to 3-4 year design cycles. Look at the global market, the hilux is down big.

These numbers are always an interesting overview of what is going on in the industry. As we all knew the F Series would pull further ahead.
You can be a Chevy guy, a Ford guy, a Ram guy but why be so biased? The industry loves this attitude.
I have driven a Silverado, a F150, and a Ram. They all have pluses and minuses. OPEN your mind and drive them all. Here's the problem, you won't because your mind is closed.

GM seems to have found something.
I'm starting to see a lot more 2015's.

Roadwhale, that's my point. The data is collected already, so I was asking Mark Williams to add additional info in his reporting. It's interesting to see the current trends.
As for ignoring that Ford lumps all F series together, I know that. The others do the same. Who cares? I'm not pushing for Ford numbers here. They are doing fine, and following a similar pattern as GM did with their new models a couple years ago. I'm interested in seeing the current trends for all of them. Especially the mids right now.


I've seen standard pickup boxed i.e. steel with cracks. Mostly at the bottom rear of the box. Most guys have told me that tends to be from running the pickup over rough ground with the tailgate down or the tailgate off.
I've also seen it at the front of the box corners but more often at the top of the box. The first question that gets asked by the warranty department is if the truck was running an "across top" dry box (tool box). It can happen even without anything mounted over the box.
Another issue are stake pockets. None have "tear out" ratings on how much load they can handle. That is part of the reason why we know see trucks with separate low mounted "anchor" points.

michael - traditionally GM has always outsold Ford in the 1/2 ton ranks. The GMT900's reversed that trend. Ford has always kept "F Series" superiority through HD pickup sales.

Ever notice how it's always #2, the wannabes, that bash #1? Every time. Same for those "pee on" stickers in the back windows. You don't see pee on chevy on Ford truck windows. Dream on, GM fans.

Here is a significant order for the new f150's that they can pump out of kc to increase there September total. If ford sells 70k trucks they will have a 16% increase in September!

@Dale well said!


Yes, I don't waste my time with a GM, I buy a Ford and get it done right the first time.

Your comment;
"actually 52 percent. Their current inventory of f150 is 90,000 vs. 173,000 last year."

That comment has more or less shot you in the foot. This time last year Ford had already started to build up inventory of the older and more popular steel F-150 for the transition to the new aluminium 2015 F-150.

Again, it's a pity the site isn't moderated. Some of the comments are just purely written by school kids.

It's good to see kids have input, but I do think the site should place a little effort into them by encouraging them to submit accurate comments.

Like all kids, they do need guidance and direction.

This wouldn't and shouldn't be awkward.

big al, why do you always misspell my name? Seems a little childish.Especially when you complain about others calling you bafo. My comment was accurate. Why would you call me a child for posting a comment that is 100 percent factual. Grow up and get a life.

The point is still the same, the f150 is still not at the normal level of inventory. Not even close. You think by september 1st last year the f150 had nearlyy DOUBLE the normal inventory in preparation for the new f150, which was still months away from production?

Your comment made an in accurate inference in relation to how you interpret the data and wanted others to interpret what you put forward.

This is called spinning information, it lacks sincerity and possibly intergrity.

In other words you are wrong.

Your comment might be accurate with the data. But the way in which you used the data is inaccurate.

Ford was increasing inventory of the F-150 as a carry over during the introduction of the new aluminium wonder truck.
I didn't call you a child.

As for the comment, it was in relation to the many school kids who have made stupid and/or erroneous comments.

Is your comment stupid or erroneous;)

I actually left four spaces below the comment directed at the kids who made the stupid and/or erroneous comments.

I got my dates mixed up. The first plant started the changeover at this time, but the second plant was still producing 2014 models well into 2015. Ford said they increased production by only 40,000 units to prepare for the changeover, which means the normal inventory would have been 130,000 units at least.

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