Recall Alert: 2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

2015 Ram recall IIA

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 1,700 model-year 2014-15 Ram 1500 two-wheel-drive pickup trucks equipped with the 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel engine produced from Aug. 8, 2013, to July 2, 2015

The Problem: The battery wiring harness on select models may chafe against a bracket, potentially causing a short-circuit that could lead to a loss of power or a fire, increasing the risk of an accident. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is unaware of any fires or accidents related to this issue.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the wire loom and reroute or replace it free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: FCA will notify affected owners in October. For more information, owners can call FCA at 800-853-1403, the National Highway Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 or visit

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Another fantastic piece of simple engineering that has failed for Ram.

FCA, if you need someone to come over and set up a project to fix up the simple F ups you guys encounter just contact PUTC and they will give you my email address.

I will implement a system of quality governance for you business.

First, start holding people to account for these really simple issues.

The routing of a wiring harness isn't rocket science.

Would you run an extension cord across a main highway?

It about as hard as that.

You have a potentially good product in the Ram and you seem to be hell bent on screwing it.

They should rename this site from to cause that seems like all I ever see here.

A textbook train wreck indeed...

Looks like BigAl wants to merge with Marchionne.

I'm sure FCA will be just as receptive to his theories as is 99% of the bloggers on this site (or TTAC for that matter).


Hilarious! If it wasn't for the altitude story, EVERY SINGLE story item on the main page would be about Fiat recalls.

If Ford keep on heading the way they are heading it will be easier for Sergio to buy Ford than GM.

It seems you want this to revert into a aluminium F-150 thread.

Slow down, it seems when challenged you turn to slurring and discrediting.

Hmmm.............a great personality trait.

Why was Ford brought into this again???? Did I miss something???

No wonder FCA dealers in my area are giving up to $20,000 off on 2015 Ram 1500 Trucks.

FCA don't listen to big al. He was put into a loony bin for his wacky Ford conspiracy theories.

I know that Lou didn't mention Ford at all.

Why was Ford brought into this again???? Did I miss something???

My best guess is because this is a new thread. It seems that there are a few posters here that have it a personal goal to bring Ford into every thread that is created. Im pretty sure PUTC can start a article on oat meal for breakfast and Ford will be brought up.

Glad to see FCA notifying their customers, but they need to continue to work towards improving the quality of their products. The Ecodiesel is a great truck, so they shouldn't let things like this continue to haunt them.

Too funny. I did not mention a rival brand.

I said:

"Looks like BigAl wants to merge with Marchionne.
I'm sure FCA will be just as receptive to his theories as is 99% of the bloggers on this site (or TTAC for that matter)."

Um, BAFO, I pointed out that your advice to FCA probably will garner as much support as it does here or at TTAC.

Not all of your comments are related to a rival company that builds the rebadged pickup that you currently drive.

Holy cow - how many more recalls for Dodge trucks?

Again I say that, when PUTC performs their tests and measures all the brands against each other, somehow reliability must factor into the mix.

There was so much hype about how RAM innovated their product. How the interiors were superior to other brands, how ride quality was improved, how there was now so much cleaver storage.

None of that matters if the thing is always in the shop.

I don't like to bash other truck brands unlike all the Ford haters on this site but we all know whether we admit it or not - Chrysler/Dodge/Ram /Fiat or whatever you wish to call it was & will always be that 3rd placed US truck maker that has forever struggled with quality issues. It's a pity as they've come out with some great truck designs & must admit those Rams are mean good looking...

Wow. This is what... number 5 this week? At least it appears Ram is trying, although I'm afraid it's more out of a fear of what will happen if they cover up these problems than an actual "caring about the customer".

I think Big Al is having a hard time accepting that his pet company Fiat/Ram is having so many quality issues. Although it should come as no surprise since FCA products generally take the bottom spots on quality/reliability lists. So now Big Al has to do whatever it takes to make Ford (and anyone who appears to like Ford products) look bad since he can't brag about Ram doing things right.

Anyone who thinks FCA is making quality products must be living in a third world country like BAFO. That's where diesels are king, no matter how agricultural they are.

Wow. This is what... number 5 this week? At least it appears Ram is trying, although I'm afraid it's more out of a fear of what will happen if they cover up these problems than an actual "caring about the customer".

I believe the latter part of your comment is correct. They have had years to perform the recalls just coming out. We all know both GM and Ford has plenty of recalls also but the majority are on brand new models where issues arise and they are taking care of it right away. This may also be due to the issue GM had with hiding the ignition switch recall so both GM and Ford are being very proactive now. Which is good for consumers in buying a great product and having factory backing. It seems the Fiat Ram was trying to skate by and hoping to not get noticed. Now they have received the biggest fine in automotive history and are now worried about even more fines from other issues they have already known about and was trying to hide.

At this pace will see no more Ram's on the street in two months.

lmao what a piece of crap. No wonder Fca is going under, hopefully they don't bail this turd out a THIRD TIME.

Interesting, yet childish comments coming from guys who don't drive a Ram. That being said, my Ram has performed flawlessly and I average 21.5 mpg.

All the RAM boys and girls are very quiet.....

There is a stop sale on a bunch of Rams. No idea when they can start selling them again due to there unsafe to drive
As a result of the air bag recall, Fiat Chrysler has placed a stop-sale on 20,000 2014-15 Ram Quad Cab trucks. The automaker said it did not know when it would start selling them again. The recall came after the NHTSA conducted a crash test and discovered the pickups didn’t pass muster.

I wonder why all the recalls, Cause if they let these trucks leave the plant knowing they had problems this is just terrible.

Every company has recalls (2 of Rams recalls are do to the PARTS supplier making bad parts) even Ford and GM (I like how Ford/GM fan bots scream junk when its Ram recalls then Ram/GM fan bots scream junk when its Ford recalls then Ford/Ram fan bots scream junk when its GM recalls then Ram/Ford/GM fan bots scream junk when its Toyota recalls... need I keep going?)

I know no one wants to believe this but with the government slapping a large fine on FCA and watching there every move I think FCA has no choice but to do recalls instead of what they call service bulletins (TSB). (though I would like to point out here that Toyota and GM were under fire too for not recalling soon enough, its just these two had enough extra money to fight back, FCA didn't even though no death has been reported as FCAs fault unlike GM).

@Chuck Taylor

Bull! you will NEVER be able to buy a BRAND NEW truck for only $20,000 (that would make it $40,000 a mid model trim).

Oh, BTW Ford and GM dealers in my location are trying to give trucks away and no one wants them. :)

For all three truck brands Mr Chuck; if they were discounted that much you would see a HUGE increase in monthly sales (like 20-25%).

I wonder if PUTC will post the Motor Trend comparison of the TRD Pro to the Rebel. An actual apples to apples test--unlike many I've seen on here.

Spoiler--the Rebel loses... And was slower (despite its "rated" higher hp/torque and midgrade fuel needs) AND despite it new 8-spd tranny. Oh, and real world fuel economy was like. 1/10 difference... .

I will post it so people don't have to go search

RAM owners doesn't waste time at PUTC posting BS. They enjoy their RAM. Nothing wrong with mine. I prepared trailer for hunting season, installed completely new gravity heater, redesigned by myself and can't wait to use it without any electricity. Just quiet heat. Peaceful sleep.
I run it 4 hours straight at full power to check amy design flaws, everything is perfect, nothing overheats. I opened bottle of Champaign with my wife, watching tv and by accident opened PUTC article.
Nothing new. Same old same old. Enjoy your ranting losers. I enjoy my drink.

Just don't get to hot there Gomar!

This comment you have made must echo around the Great Halls of FCA;

"Chrysler/Dodge/Ram /Fiat or whatever you wish to call it was & will always be that 3rd placed US truck maker that has forever struggled with quality issues"

This problem is inherent at Chrysler and has been for decades.

I do think it is cultural. FCA or more particular I do believe looking at some of the vehicles that Chrysler have there is much potential. But much of it is squandered with inconsistent quality.

Look at Ford's current woes. It seems Ford is trying to become the third place pickup manufacturer in the US, with it's aluminium pickup.

Ford started at the apex of the pickup market and now is at number two and when the aluminium HDs come out it might even become challenged by Chrysler/Ram.

The very people you are talking down.

2015 Fiat-Ram Rebel vs 2014 Ford Raptor....posted 5 hours ago by TF/L.

At 9:30 the Fiat-Ram Rebel gets stuck.

Kinda disappointed Hemi V8 hasn't rebutted with the usual 10 year old Ford on fire videos.

FCA is really dropping the ball in Australia. Did not realise how bad when I heard a class action is being mounted. No wonder you do not see many Jeeps around anymore. Sergio rally needs to do something about this as Jeep is his Global seller

It really does get worse than that as Jeep was involved in a scam as well

Robert Ryan,
Chrysler or more particular FCA needs to get it's act together.

The first link you presented really highlights the issues surrounding FCA and Jeep. It isn't only the JGC either. The Wrangler is also has intermittent reliability issues, not as bad as the JGC.

Chrysler has presented itself as a competitor to Korean vehicles, even then it appears FCA products are less reliable than some of the Chinese imports.

I can't see how the Grand Cherokee is a prestige vehicle in the US, when it's viewed here as a budget 4x4.

I think the reason is they don't have the spread of SUVs we have to judge against. By SUV I mean 4hi and 4lo capapble.

FCA do have some potentially great vehicles, but the reliability issues has persisted with Chrysler for years.

Like I mentioned I bought a new XJ Sport back in 95, great off road................when it wasn't in for warranty work.

I had it 15 months and it sat in the shop 6 of them. I ended up trading it in for a new 97 Nissan 3.2 diesel, dual cab Navara.

The Navara was agricultural by todays standards, even though it had all the mods and cons as it was the top of the line at the time.

The difference was I knew I would make it home in the Navara.

That's why the Toyota Hilux does quite well, it has the reputation of reliability. This is from a person who considers the Hilux an overpriced vehicle. The thing is there are enough people who want them, so it's supply and demand.

LOL at fiat owners not wasting time on putc. They're the biggest loudmouths on this site, except when it's exposed that their favorite truck is a huge piece of junk.

America Bails Out Chrysler,

Dude, I'm still considering swapping out the Ram logo on my truck for the Fiat logo, just for giggles.

Big Al - my comments on FCA products unfortunate quality issues is from first hand experience (just way too many to mention here but will gladly list it if you wish) unlike your anti-Ford comments all based on pure speculation/assumptions & guess work estimates off the net or right from this site's monthly truck sale reports - all this from afar & of all places; Aussie lalaland that has little experience with real full size trucks.

Before you knock that last comment - I have two sisters in Aussie (Syd & Mel) & a brother in AKL, NZ who by the way owns several Toy dealerships & believes the Toy Land Cruiser is the best thing ever on wheels (so imagine how I reminded him the global Ranger has taken over sales crown from Toy Hilux :-).

So I get the whole 4x4 thing in Aussie land & have seen it/lived it & experienced off-raod in the back country & frankly respect very much the advances they've made in the off-road world. But they have very little experience with full size trucks & the extreme off-road world in the US too.

Full Size F250/F350's were built in Australia up till 1979. Ford imported F250's from Brazil from 2003-2006

Australian production Edit

1978–79 Ford F100 Custom XLT, with right-hand drive in Australia
Ford Australia assembled right-hand drive sixth generation F-Series that were fitted with a lineup of locally sourced engines.

1973-1975 Edit
Initially they were available with US sourced 240 and 300 CID Straight-6 engines. From August 1974 the 240 CID engine was replaced with locally sourced 250 CID Straight-6 and the 300 CID was replaced by the locally sourced 302 Cleveland V-8 engines. The 302 Cleveland was a destroked 351 Cleveland built using tooling exported to Australia after the closure of the Cleveland production line.

1976-1977 Edit
The 250CID Straight-6 was upgraded with a new crossflow head and rebadged as the 4.1 litre, increasing power and lowering emissions to meet new legislation being introduced.

1978-1979 Edit
In 1978, the 351 Cleveland V-8 replaced the 302 Cleveland in the F-250 and F-350. The 302 Cleveland continued alongside the 351 Cleveland in the F-100. The 4.1 litre continued to be sold across the range. In 1979, the F-250 and F-350 had an automatic gearbox as an option for the first time in Australia.

Ford Bronco Edit

Boy, the Ranger hasn't topped the Hilux yet, it still has a little way to go.

My Ford comments are nothing but my view on how Ford is travelling. We will have to wait and see if I'm correct. But I've been stating "we'll have to wait and see for a couple of years now".

You can rely on a hope and prayer for the revival of the F-150, that's as subjective as you can get. I at least have much more objectivity and logic in my reasoning.

So, go out and buy an aluminium wonder truck to that might help lift sales.

Your comments are that of a fan boi.

Robert - yes I know but current generation of Aussies have little or any knowledge of really is Toyota land out there which I guess a lot of it is their long withstanding reputation & this is unfortunate; other brands have climbed up the ladder matched or surpassed the ISIS/Taliban preferred truck in almost all aspects...

It isn't Toyotaland.

Where Toyota have the market is in the Landcruiser range, it is not dominant in the ute segment.

Toyota might represent 15-20% or possibly even less of all utes sold. Don't forget we have 15 manufacturers that are in our ute market.

This number doesn't even count the grey imports.

Anyway Lionel, let's talk full size, not midsize foreign vehicles.

We should go back and discuss the challenges confronting Ford with it's current F Series woes, inparticular the decline of the F-150.

People we frequent this site don't like discussing midsizers too often.

Big Al - exactly, the Ranger took the ute crown from the Toy Hilux :-) & not only in Aussie land but many other Asian countries too & Europe...

I believe others on this site do have interest in midsizers & kindly instead of you bashing Ford all the time; maybe you can put resourceful energy into posting comparisons of current midsize utes from reputable 4WD Aussie sites...especially with the new Hilux, Nissan Navara, Isuzu D-Max (Colorado) etc whom very likely will influence or trickle into designs of similar versions offered in the US...

Big Al - my last post got deleted I guess by PUTC so let's see if this will go through;

Go check again Aussie 4WD sites; Ranger has surpassed Hilux & not only in Aussie land but other Asian/European countries.

Secondly, I believe there are some on this site who would be interested to learn more about midsizers abroad as their designs will eventually trickle into the ones offered in the US. So maybe instead of bashing Ford all the time - put some resourceful energy into posting comparisons from reputable Aussie off-road sties - this is an interesting time with the arrival of the new Hilux, Nissan Navara & others...

I used to, but the guys only want to talk full size.

Also, why do you not mention my "slandering" of Ram and FCA??

Why only Ford???

Let's get real here sunshine.

You are a Ford person.

So, why don't you tell us all about the failings of the new F-150?

How many aluminium F-150s where sold in July and in August so we can gauge the effect of the massive discounts Ford offered on a near new model.

As you stated we know what is the issues surrounding the Ram is. But, even with these issues Ram has increased market share significantly.

What's Ford excuse for the new wonderful aluminum F-150?

I do think Ford is duding the automotive press.

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