Recall Update: Ram Releases More Details About Buyback Program

2012-Dodge-Ram-2500-3500-HD II

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has released more details regarding the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's $105 million penalty that involves buying back select Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep vehicles.

Our sister-site has taken all the latest information (released by FCA on Aug. 31) and updated its question-and-answer piece titled "What Owners Should Do." This article has all you need to know about which Ram pickups are affected and what options are available, including selling it back to FCA, trading it in for a new model or having the recall properly addressed. For more details, click here.

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2010 Ram Laramie II



@Clint, "The next highest scores were from the recently designed Silverado/Sierra pickups, which came close to the Ram Hemi’s score (both were tested with the 5.3 V8). Ford’s F-150 XLT Crew Cab, tested with both the V6 turbo and five-liter V8 engines, scored far below both Ram and GM pickups. The Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra V8s anchored the bottom of the list." :-(

Thanks for being myopic once again Hemi...

Ram is one branch on the Fiat tree and no matter how strong it is (and I already said the trucks weren't the problem but reading isn't your strong suit) it doesn't carry the entire load and cannot. Once again you retreat into absurdity or geeky details. The Chrysler trunk of the tree has already rotted out completely once and all the hemi/cummins diesel dodge/ram trucks and SUVs in the world (even the ones in and out of the buy back) couldn't save it then and they wont again...

All you can do is pray for another bailout or someone dumb enough to buy a company that does the same thing over and over with the same results. I would literally take a decade of small and midsized car excellence to turn this fact around... and Fiat hasn't even put a good contestant on the starting line for that race. Chrysler has been a staggering wounded animal that has avoided being put down for decades. How many more chances does it get/have?

Funny how Nis and Toy aren't going broke either...

PUTC not liking my comments today....

Let's try this again.....

Strategic Vision is a relatively new company and their "Total Quality Index (TQI)" looks heavily at the emotional aspects of vehicle ownership.

"Strategic Vision also believes that it is essential to explicitly incorporate the emotional aspects of experience into the measurement of vehicle buyer experience. Emotional deliverables which are associated with the attributes equally influence the quality of the experience. These dimensions are not typically factored explicitly into the calculations of other companies.
Factor scores that cover attribute and emotional dimensions (and other diagnostics) provide explanation of why one vehicle does better than another."

Emotions play a huge roll in marketing and sales. Car makers and car dealers pay close attention to this. Statistically most do not look at reliability or durability nor do they look at capabilities other than for bragging rights.

This stuff is great for Public Relations and Advertising Executives and Dealership Sales Departments.

This stuff is utter crap for engineers or guys who actually care about doing truck stuff with trucks.

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