Toyota to Increase Tundra, Tacoma Production


Pickup truck sales are doing much better than this time last year in just about every category, riding a tall and strong wave of production and product investment. Since Toyota produces both — its pickups — the midsize Tacoma and half-ton Tundra — at the same plant in San Antonio, it has a unique opportunity to increase production of both of its trucks with a single plant investment. To accomplish this, Toyota will add 275 people to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas assembly plant by the summer of 2016.

According to a spokesperson for Toyota, strong pickup truck demand is the reason it will add employees and invest $26 million to improve the production facility. That will allow Toyota to implement a new work schedule designed to add tens of thousands of new pickup trucks to its year-end totals.

After production of the Toyota Tacoma moved to the San Antonio plant in 2010, the plant was able to produce up to 200,000 vehicles per year without overtime or Saturday production. However, in the last two years the plant has produced around 230,000 pickups per year through overtime and some Saturday production. This new investment in people and plant upgrades, which will include a six-day work week (Monday through Saturday), should add somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 additional pickups per year to total capacity, putting the plant's potential maximum capacity close to 275,000 trucks.

At this stage, Toyota is not saying how it will split the extra units between the Tacoma and the Tundra but our guess is as more people get the chance to drive and see the 2016 Tacoma, dealerships will have trouble keeping the midsize-segment leader on the lots.

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The Tundra doesn't need "any real tricks up it's sleeve". It is almost 'perfect just as it is. Dependability and capability are both it's strong points. What more is there left for it? The 'BIG' 3 has neither of these attributes.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 17, 2015 11:24:49 AM

Bob, I did not buy a Toyota in 03 because they didn't have a truck that was capable enough to tow my 7,400 lbs trailer. I know my Dodge Ram has the capability. My Ram has been more than reliable and great looking. Toyota now has a capable truck but i don't like the styling.

What more is there left for it? The 'BIG' 3 has neither of these attributes.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 17, 2015 11:24:49 AM

Capability - most any F-150 is as capable or more capable than the most capable Tundra, not mention a HD Ram or Super Duty is more capable than any.

Dependability - haven't had a problem with any of my trucks.

Tundra - positively would be the last truck I would buy. The Tundra is extremely overpriced. It is very unattractive and displeasing in appearance. And it doesn't have all of the features, build combinations and capability I want, need and desire. Quite frankly, Toyota doesn't understand full-size truck customers and never has.

I agree with HEMI V8.

Tundra isnt all that. I loaded up one with pete gravel and he bed looked like it was going to rip off. was even load, bucket was as wide as the length of the bed and centered. The power on them is good. but it was jerky in city traffic when i test drove one i fixed. The wheel bearings seem to go on them and they are not as quick to swap out as other trucks.

The Ram trucks i drive all impress me! i own a newwer ford and when i get in a ram i lik,e the way the ram drives better! I fix lots of rams though! stupid brake pedal switches that kick on the abs, and lots of little electric bits that dont belong on a pickuop IMHO. GM trucks arent for me. most reliable trucks there are and if you put miles on you stupid not to own one. they will go half a million with PM. No ford will do that. Ford will work and get the job done, plus they dont break easy. im ford guy because thats what i grew up plowing snow, towing landscape equipment with and i was never let down. They arent the best but they do shine in dependability before the 100k miles mark.

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