2015 Ram 1500 Rebel Vs. 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Video


We collected two of the most impressive off-road packages available — the 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel and the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro — and tested them in several different off-road conditions to find out which one is king of the hill. Some will say the Ford Raptor or the Ram 2500 Power Wagon are the elite off-road players — and they are — but those are dedicated and purpose-built pickups with a mountain of unique parts and features, not simply an off-road package available for any of their manufacturer's pickups.

These two players are clearly the standouts in their segment with the main competition — the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71, Ford F-150 FX4, Nissan Titan PRO-4X and GMC Sierra All-Terrain four-wheel-drive packages — relegated to second tier status.

Take a look at our video to see how these two 4x4s did against one another in 15 different tests and then check our package of stories to see how they fared with our judges. To read the full story, click here.

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I think the Tundra is definitely the better off road, and the Ram the better on road.
I think where the Ram is superior is where you stayed within the recommended safe distance from a dealership in case of recall or reliability issue.

I think the Tundra is definitely the better off road, and the Ram the better on road.
I think where the Ram is superior is where you stayed within the recommended safe distance from a dealership in case of recall or reliability issue.

You can clearly see, that Tundra started to run sooner than Rebel in the first desert test in this video. Not a scientific testing at all.

Throw all this "high tech" crap on the Fiat--that will be a NIGHTMARE down the road given their TERRIBLE QDR, and it still loses.
The damping on the Fiat looks horrible compare to the Tundra as it moves off road! This is despite the Tundra having a traditional suspension and 50% more payload capacity!

Boy more on this test??? Talk about rubbing salt in the Ram fanboys wound.

The Rebel seems like every a waste of a package. I agree, too many gadgets on the Ram and the simplicity of the Tundra makes Toyota a more sensible option.


Ford Profit Soars in 3rd Quarter, Propelled by F-150 Truck Sales
Driven largely by stout sales of its hot-selling Ford F-150 pickup truck, Ford Motor reported on Tuesday third-quarter earnings of $1.9 billion, up $1.1 billion over a year ago.


Ram should create and sell the Ram Runner. Then the Tundra guys would not have a leg to stand on. The Rebel is more in tune to get the hunters and outdoor guys off the beaten path. Who in their right mind out take a brand new $50k truck and do this to it? Answer...nobody.

Ram fans have to hope rear axles don't break or fail in their new trucks.
Posted today 10/27/15

The Tundra TRD Pro won the Baja 1000 earlier this year. I think the Ram would probably have a mechanical break down if it competed and would not finish like many of the competitors in the race. Also as pointed out in this video testing on different terrain conditions the Tundra will run away from the Ram easily if it competed in the Baja. The only real advantage the Ram had was fuel economy at highway speeds. Toyota won with a 10 year old truck platform and powertrain with minor suspension upgrade in the TRD Pro. God job Toyota! Enough said.

As is the case most of the time off roading the two biggest factors in what makes a vehicle appear to be better or actually perform better is the knowledge of the operator and tyres.

Even when tackling the same obstacle twice by the same person in the same 4x4 will present itself differently. What appeared to be an easy first pass, sometimes become a difficult second pass.

When two vehicles are performing as closely as these two then I do think pricing will become very important.

I really think the Rebel should be offered in diesel form. That would definitely give it an advantage off road over the Tundra.

Big Al from Oz - the VM Motori plant would be nice for fuel economy but that is about it. 900 lb cargo rating is right up Ram's alley. Add to that Ram's stellar reputation for durability and guys into long back country expeditions will be lining up for ................. everything but a Ram.

@BAFO. Please enlighten us as to why the Rebel would have an advantage over the TRD just by inserting the VM diesel. I don't recall from the article the HEMI being the reason Rebel lost this head to head comparison.

So what can a Raptor carry?

I do think you must stop challenging Ram on payload when you in another article (Raptor related) consider the Raptor to be the bee's knee.

As for the diesel, yes it will make a good 4x4 pickup much better.

It's pity many of the guys who comment here don't realise even a V6 in a full size will probably more it around very nicely. Cubic inches and horse power have little to do when off roading. Traction is the name of the game.

Yupp and your many other names,
A diesel wil offer better tractability. A diesel will offer far better endurance when you go out.

As for the lose of the comparison, the comparison is quite subjective. As I stated in my above article a make or break in any off road test is to actually have you wheels in the exact same position, exact same tyres, drivers, even fuel load.

Just having a 50lb difference on the rear axle can make just not succeed going over an obstacle.

So, this test is subjective.

@BAFO. And ketchup makes a good hamburger better. I asked you to explain why. As you say to others, re-read what I asked. Calling you out bush boy

You didn't call out nothing.

Read my comment, SUBJECTIVE. Personal preference can play a part in what a person is used to operating off road.

We have guys who will not take on to the technology offered and use it effectively.

Testing like this can be flawed. Someone else might compare these two vehicle and have a different outcome.

As for the diesel, hmmm..............you can't be that stupid aulone, Cummins, Scott.....................etc.


@BAFO. I told you, realatively new poster. You always resort to calling people other names when you are being challenged. Typical cramp from the resident dumba** from down under. You are a keyboard bully that gets aggressive when called out, BOY. This comparison is just that, a simply test of capabilities of 2 production full size half tons. Since you say the outcome is subjective I say you opinion the diesel Utes are the best trucks on the planet is subjective.

How long is putc going to beat this dead horse? Thanks supercrew for pointing out yet another recall of Dodge trucks. I imagine you sitting in front of the screen salivating over the articles of manufacturers other than ford being recalled.

If you are a new poster how can you pass the statement of;

"You always resort to calling people other names when you are being challenged"

Go back to be LMAO or Cummins and the other names.


Go back to be LMAO or Cummins and the other names.


Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Oct 27, 2015 7:01:14 PM

Get a clue turd. I'm not like you or other losers that have to change poster names like Hemi V8. Your loosing it little buddy.

@BAFO. Dude learn how to read. I said in an earlier post new poster. Never said new to the site. Not any of those names. Just Yupp

Raptor has 1170 lbs payload capacity for the crew, the supercab has 970 lbs..... since the question was asked earlier.

@LMAO. Old BAFO gets his underwear all bunched up when challenged and resorts to calling people others names. If he is so smart he would realize my post are written in a completely different style than both yours and Cummins. He is grasping at straws. Bush Boy is flustered.

I see more Rebels than new F150 on the roads in here.

Welcome back Ole one aka Yupp now.

Chuck Tard No one cares bout FURDS crappy third-quarter earnings. This is about Toyota and Ram, not that recycled beer can thing they call Ford!

In purchasing a new truck, my decision came down to these two same vehicles. Although the sticker on the Rebel was 3k more than the tundra. The street price was actually 3.5K less. Because this truck is used for daily commute, towing a travel trailer, runs to home depot, and occasional off road, plus winter snow...I ended up with the Rebel. The looks are a little too aggressive for my taste, but the fit and finish was much better than the tundra. From the Ram Boxes, air suspension, road ride quality, decent fuel economy, and the time tested and reliable Hemi 5.7, I am happy with this truck. As I plan on keeping this truck for at least 5+ years, only time will tell on the reliability..but from my research the 5.7 hemi engine and the 8-speed zf transmission both share a reliable history and excellent performance. Great side by side video though!!

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