2016 Nissan Frontier Pricing Announced

Nissan 11A II

As expected, there are few changes for the 2016 Nissan Frontier, as the all-new Nissan Titan XD is readied for its world debut to select media over the next few months. The 2016 Frontiers will get three new colors — Magnetic Black, Forged Copper and Gun Metallic — and a moonroof is now standard on crew-cab SV models.

All Frontiers will still have two engine options — 261-horsepower, 4.0-liter V-6 or 152-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder — two bed lengths and two cab configurations. Nissan's four-cylinder, two-wheel-drive King-Cab base model continues to be the least expensive pickup truck sold in the U.S. All pricing below includes an $885 destination charge.

King Cab

  • Frontier S 4x2, four-cylinder, five-speed manual: $18,975
  • Frontier S 4x2, four-cylinder, five-speed auto: $21,645
  • Frontier SV 4x2, four-cylinder, five-speed manual: $22,865
  • Frontier SV 4x2, four-cylinder, five-speed auto: $23,915
  • Frontier SV 4x2, V-6, five-speed auto, $24,625
  • Frontier Desert Runner 4x2, V-6, five-speed auto, $25,205
  • Frontier SV 4x4, V-6, five-speed auto, $27,325
  • Frontier PRO-4X 4x4, V-6, six-speed manual, $32,765


Crew Cab

  • Frontier S 4x2, short bed, V-6, six-speed manual, $23,685
  • Frontier S 4x2, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto $24,735
  • Frontier SV 4x2, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $25,645
  • Frontier Desert Runner 4x2, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $26,525
  • Frontier SV 4x2, long bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $26,365
  • Frontier SL 4x2, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $32,395
  • Frontier S 4x4, short bed, V-6, six-speed manual, $27,435
  • Frontier SV 4x4, short bed, V-6, six-speed manual, $29,595
  • Frontier SV 4x4, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $28,645
  • Frontier SV 4x4, long bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $29,065
  • Frontier PRO-4X 4x4, short bed, V-6, six-speed manual, $32,525
  • Frontier PRO-4X 4x4, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $33,575
  • Frontier SL 4x4, short bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $35,045
  • Frontier SL 4x4, long bed, V-6, five-speed auto, $36,295


Cars.com photo by Evan Sears



In other news...

This should be on cable TV as "The Leftovers". Nissan builds a good vehicle but is running behind the times. This truck is over 11 years old. Time for a newer, safer and more fuel efficient pickup truck from Nissan>

Now, that GM will be offering a mid-size diesel pickup. Nissan needs to step up their game and offer the 2.8L cummins I4 as an engine option. Nissan builds a competitive mid-size truck and they have already shown the concept truck with the 2.8L fitted in the truck.

I'd still take the Nissan over the GM twins. GM sucks.

GM's do suck if you want a well built, american made truck.

Have a 2010 Nissan Frontier SV, Crew Cab, Long Bed, V-6, with Manual. That last item is not available any more for the Long Bed. Love that truck. This truck is near perfect for me, and I'd buy the same one brand new even now.

What's to change if you are already that good? Yes, a small diesel might be a good idea, but adding unreliable electronic gadgets and do-dads? No thanks. Would like Nissan to reconsider having dropped the manual for the Crew Cab Long Bed, though. Love the 6-speed manual: Good job, Nissan!


I'd still take the Nissan over the GM twins. GM sucks.

Posted by: Haha UAW | Oct 9, 2015 9:14:12 AM
GM's do suck if you want a well built, american made truck.

Posted by: Evan | Oct 9, 2015 9:28:48 AM

Oh Evan and Haha, The baseless bashing is something new on this site, good job for writing such interesting commentary! I like it so much, I think I am going to try it! --Your opinions are wrong.

Its not baseless bashing? I'm just stating my opinion, not once did I bash anything.

The Nissan is a very nice truck, just makes me a little upset that someone (who i guarantee has never driven a Colorado or Canyon) can just say they suck. That is baseless bashing.

It's Ok you're upset snowflake. It'll pass.

The two trucks are both built at the Wentzville Assembly Plant in Missouri?

@Haha UAW, why dont you let the adults do the talking. You are not bringing anything useful too the conversation. You can keep you 11 year old design of a truck, its very fitting considering it matches your 11 year old persona.

I don't think I would buy either truck (twins or Frontier). Nissan takes forever to upgrade their trucks. And the twins are too damn expensive. Why pay the same price as a full size truck for something with a small cab? So it can fit in my garage? Trucks don't belong in garages.

I fully agree with you Montands

Who wants to let thier 40-50k truck sit outside and get hailed on? Better question should be why are you buying a house with such a small garage, heck a stadard garage is 20x20 which will fit any full size with a sort bed and many garages are bigger.

My house was built in 1998. two car garage. I have a 2015 Ram 1500 crew cab that has about 2 inches of clearance. So if the storm is bad enough, yeah I can bring it in. But as long as it is parked in my garage, my garage is basically useless.

And that's if I take my ball off my hitch. Otherwise it sticks out.

My next house will have at least a 24' foot deep garage and at least as wide.


@Evan, I misunderstood your comment, Mea Culpa. HAHA-Your opinion is still wrong. And for those saying that the GM twins aren't built in 'Merica. You are wrong too.

The Frontier appears to be an expensive vehicle to buy for it's age, even the base 2.5 gas King Cab.

Converting USD into AUD would make the base 2.5 around $27 000.

The most expensive Frontier would be around $54 000.

For such an old vehicle this is very expensive. I do recall for the past several years a mid spec diesel Navara 4x4 dual cab was around $38 000 AUD or $26 000 USD.

It's a pity you guys don't get the new Navara, as it appears to be a nice vehicle.

The diesel would get 40mpg on the highway as well, which would up the ante against the Colorado/Canyon diesel.

The link below is what you guys are missing. I do like the interior very much and the coil rear suspension. This is the top of the line Navara.


@BAFO - The base Fronteir is still about $4,000 less than its competition. It's worth considering and a great bargain in midsize pickups. So who cares what it costs in "OZ" money? You guys pay up to $70,000 AUD for midsize pickups, when options are maxed out.

Once the Frontier is completely redone, expect to pay as much as the other pickups cost.

But 40 mpg? Not even on an all downhill run, with a VW *tune*!

Can you post a link with a midsizer that costs $70 000AUD or $49 000USD in Australia.


@BAFO - notice I said when options are maxed out. A Ranger Wild Trac is base priced $60,000+ , AUD

Where is the link DenverMike? You again only presented your comment. Again you are incorrect. Where's the link?

No one pays recommended retail for a ute or for that matter a pickup.

Even my BT50 which was released 2 months prior to my purchase I received a $6 000 discount.

Also, the options you speak of are called accessories.

We don't option vehicles like you do in the US.

We buy a 4x4, any 4x4 it comes with all the gadgets, you don't need to buy an additional 4x4 enhancement option to use it off road.

Where's the link DenverMike? Not an accessorised pickup, but an optioned one.

I can state my pickup cost me $56k AUD with the mods I've made, the accessories I've added, but they aren't options.

Nissan moves slow in the truck segment, but they move with
big swings.

@BAFO - "2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrac PX MkII", base price $60,090.

We were talking MSRP, but it doesn't mean the Frontier can't be bought with a sizable discount/rebates.

"Options" are there because buyers buy them. You say most in OZ don't bother with factory/dealer options on a truck, in favour of aftermarket accessories, but it amounts to the same.

And it's not like we can take YOU on your WORD or anything. You've proven to be a pathological liar repeatedly.

What options???

They are fully blinged out.

Sort of like buying the highest end US pickup.

All you can do is add headlight protectors, bullbars, etc.

Or as in my case go out and buy non-OEM equipment.

Like stated, $42 000USD is a lot less than $49 000. Also, as I've alluded to where in Australia or the US/Canada do you pay recommend retail?

DiM, you are flogging a dead horse here.

Provide links to show me how a Wildtrak will cost $70 000, instead of your usual crap of just toilet type noise coming on the screen in front of me.

DiM, where are the links, it can't be that hard, just type in Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

@BAFO - Your point was, as usual, how much better you have it in OZ, and the better, cheaper choices you have there. Except 18K USD is a fairly excellent deal and value, if you just want a new midsize extra cab in base form, and don't mind old or aging tech.

We're talking full MSRP sticker, for the sake of comparing, while rebates and discounts are the norm.

But again, 40 mpg highway isn't happening here or anywhere. Not when a 2.0 TDI car can't really beat that without a cheat tune. Trucks are much heavier, even 2wd base, and geared for towing and payload, while also accelerating at a reasonable rate.

BAFO. You're a funny guy. You spout stuff all the time about us trucks but now when someone is talking about OZ vehicles you want links and proof. So from now on make sure you have a link to all the stuff you are talking about fords please.

@Denver Mike: You may have just accidentally found the deciding factor between an OZ truck and a US truck: "... while also accelerating at a reasonable rate." It wasn't all that long ago--you were alive at the time--when "accelerating at a reasonable rate" for a truck meant the ability to get a heavy load moving at all. A tiny little 4-banger with barely over 100hp was enough to do the job for some, while the most common engine was an inline six that may have hovered around 150 hp. Now American full-size pickup drivers demand 400hp and more and only rarely even begin to stress those engines. A 10-second 0-60 acceleration would be fast compared to those old American trucks.

@bobsled - That's how BAFO operates. He talks complete nonsense and other false tales, knowing info and data about the OZ truck scene/market, are hard to find and sketchy.

Of course instead of providing the links himself, he wants you to dig them up to prove him wrong, while hitting you with other, nonstop, off topic BS to throw you off.

He's not new to this...


It was only a couple of years ago you denied the fact that I was getting 32mpg out of my pickup. You stated it was impossible.

But, it seems a US manufactured diesel midsize can get 33.5mpg. I don't hear you screaming out this is impossible.

So, where's this 10 second 0-60? How fast is the 3 litre VM diesel Ram? 8s? Hmmmmmm.......... sort of like saying a V8 Mustang with a 5 litre has to be slower than a 5 litre pickup.

I would think we have some in the 8s and 9s. If we want fast we buy a Ford or Holden with a supercharged V8, then we are talking 4s an 5s.

A V8 SS Commodore ute sells for under $30 000US. How many under $30 000 US pickup do you have that will pull 5s in 0-60 runs?

DiM, we do have a great vehicle market. We have what you have plus 15 brands of pickups. That's is real choice.

This Navara/Frontier is old and outdated. The US still have them because you can't import a modern vehicle due to trade restrictions.

The STX I have in my link is the top of the line pickup from Nissan, read the article. How many pickups can you get in the US at $34 000 (recommended retail at that) with the features this vehicle has?

None. This is what real competition can provide.

I do like US pickups, but their is a whole world outside of Winnepeg. How's your Spanish F Series dealership going? I think the F Series will be a hit in Spain, Especially all of those aluminium F-150s that will soon clog Ford's inventory.

Of course instead of providing the links himself, he wants you to dig them up to prove him wrong, while hitting you with other, nonstop, off topic BS to throw you off.

Posted by: DenverIIIMike | Oct 10, 2015 9:24:50 AM

Let BAFO be. You have won this argument and all BAFO got was a free t-shirt from ISIS.

You are blinded by being a nationalist. I do think you should become more moderate. Try being patriotic, don't confuse the two.

Why does the world outside of your front door scare you?

It seems you only want Made in the USA. Which I do believe is a noble cause. But, because you want it doesn't mean other's don't want something different.

The US does make some great pickups, but so do others around the globe.

Like that new Navara review in my link above.

You are that blinded by "Buy American" and all those other dumbass names you use that you fail to see that there is 6.3 billion people outside of the US, or maybe you do and you are scared of your neighbours in adjoining Winnepeg apartements.

That Navara in my link is cheaper than an equivalent old fashion US made Frontier of equivalent features. Except the US Frontier is crude, like our old Navara's.

But, I suppose only cheapskates only buy a midsizer.

DiM, you must stop fearing. This fear has made you into an idiot who is scared of the wider community.

This "Made in America" (even though you are from Winnepeg) view has made you believe that if it isn't made in America it must somehow be inferior.

Wise up old man. WWII is over and the world is catching up and people like you are the reason the US is in the shape it's in now.

I've read and digested your comments under the various names you use for a few years now.

Seriously, you really need a doctor.

@BAFO - When have I ever said buy "Made in the USA"?? I've bought all kinds of imports, mostly from Japan, made in Japan. When Japan can beat the F-series, Ram, GM fullsize, they'll be mine.

I'm a huge fan of all pickups known to man. Though I'm not a fan of fanboys/fangirls that paint an unreal picture of their favorite pickup.

If I call out "HEMIV8" on some of his crap, I'm automatically a hater of Ram trucks. When I call YOU on your crap, I automatically a hater of globals and OZ. Nope.

It's all ad hominom arguments. Playground stuff..

The Frontier is the oldest of the midsize trucks but it is still a solid truck. Nissan has always made a good truck and will most likely update this truck in the near future. I could live with any of the current midsize trucks that are available but I do have a preference for the new Colorado/Canyon.

@Big Al--Unlike Toyota or Honda most Nissan dealers are willing to deal on Nissans. You will not necessary have to pay sticker price. The Frontier for is not a bad buy for what it is. There was an article about Frontiers being one of the vehicles kept the least amount of time by the original owners but I never heard of any real issues with them. These might be a good buy used.

Jeff S,
Nissan have been the same here. I do view them as under rated as much as Toyota is over rated.

It also appears the US might be getting the narrow body version of our NP300 Navara. Which is another interesting move by Nissan.

It seems Nissan is going 70s. That is to provide a XD come HD and an almost mini truck.

Use gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.

You are a World Class

Yawn... For all the kids and old men thinking about a toy truck... I also hear that GM is making some nicer more expensive ones for the richer kids/old men and Toy still owns the pretend toy truck market. I got work to do, value my money, and a family so my toy truck life is done... until I get old, don't have work to do and have money to burn again.

11 years and it's still the best and most powerful truck in the segment. Toyota should be ashamed of what they brought to the table. And GM.. well, they're GM. Lol.

The Frontier is under-rated. Severely.

Moon roof does not come standard on SV models as reported in the article.

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