2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Sports New Tailgate

Raptor rear 1 II

We've just been sent some interesting images from one of our spy shooters that show the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor with a different tailgate than we saw at its debut during the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this year.

These spy shots show Ford has opted for the smaller and cleaner traditional Ford emblem on the tailgate instead of the large Ford block lettering that was sprawled across the Raptor's backside. The switch might have something to do with the moderate uproar from Ram fans when they saw the large RAM lettering across the tailgate of the 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel (in black) and the Ram 1500 Limited (in chrome). The front end of the Raptor looks like it will continue to display the Ford name in block lettering.

Look for more information to be released about the new Raptor as it gets closer to its media debut in less than a year with a high-output version of the 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost gas V-6 and an all-new 10-speed automatic (with paddle shifters) transmission.

Cars.com Rebel photos by Evan Sears; SpiedBilde Raptor images


Raptor front 1 II

15RAM_1500_Rebel_ES_077 II

Raptor rear 2 II

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Raptor side 1 II




The Ford and Dodge Engineer that decided on those massive logos........WOW good job.......lmfao

Hold the presses, breaking news! Ford sports a new tailgate!
Wow, must be a slow news day.....

Good... Simple and clean looks better than a large plastic cover any day. But it was probably done as a cost saving decision, not because they're worried about haters on a Ram forums.

Good... Simple and clean looks better than a large plastic cover any day. But it was probably done as a cost saving decision, not because they're worried about haters on a Ram forums.

Or could it be that the spy photo wasn't a production example? They also showed a raptor testing with a regular f150 grille. Doesn't mean the raptor is going to be produced that way. My guess is that the raptor will have more options than it had before. Maybe different front end and tailgate will be part of the optional packages. I don't mind the big lettering, but they need to make it blend in to the tailgate better like the way they used to on old dodge and chevrolet trucks. Can't remember if Ford used to do it too. Lettering needs to be same color as the body and stamped IN instead of sticking out.

We need to shame the OEMs into more subtle, discrete emblems and badging. As if no one could tell what they are or who makes them, without them. Those that can't tell, will never be in the market for a "truck" anyway.

Reminds me of the huge (for its day) "5.0" emblems on otherwise subdued, clean looking Mustangs. I took those off of mine, right out the showroom.

1st day, some guy in a Civic pulls up at a light and say's, "Hey nice 'Stang, too bad it's not a 5.0..."

I said, "Yep" as the light turn green, goosing that throaty engine a couple times before pulling away.


It is Sunday. Not much for truck news typical on Sunday.

Ram; please take note ...!

There was no switch. The tailgate lettering is optional and part of the"graphics package" as stated in the Ford literature and stated here by posters many times. If you don't get the graphics package you don't get the tailgate lettering.

From Ford back when it debuted.....

"and AVAILABLE imposing tailgate."

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor – A First Look
By Ford Social

Meaning it is optional and always has been.

Awesome, this is where Ram clearly got it wrong

Wait a second. RAM buyers love the Ram lettering on the tailgate! Even Bob Hegbloom said so to Allpar. I can't wait to they bring the big RAM lettering to the refreshed HD models next year!

I've heard the critical reaction to the new grill. Can you tell me about the public reaction that you've seen?

We’ve seen research on both the Rebel and the Limited and there’s both sides. There’s people who love it. They love the look, the refreshed front end. They love the Ram lettering on the tailgate. There’s certainly other sides where people say, “I love my crosshair grill.” And in both scenarios we’re okay because you look for some sort of polarization. You want some people that will love it, and you want some people that hate it. Then you know you’re going to have a product that’s going to be represented in the marketplace. If it’s just something that everyone says looks okay, typically it’s not going to perform very well in the market.


This is bad, making the Ford letting on the tailgate optional is where Ford clearly got it wrong.

RAM got it right.

Nice ground clearance on these two!

I do think Ford is on to something here. The type of person who invests in a Raptor and generally uses it as a mall trawler and daily driver will want everyone to know he's in a Ford Raptor.

Or if the potential Raptor driver doesn't realise 95% of the population doesn't care what he's driving.

This idea will sell for Ford anyway.

I actually agree with DenverMike regarding the badging of vehicles, keep it discrete as possible. Even this day and age some of those chromed plastic badges and letters make it harder to clean and polish a vehicle.

Mark just couldn't help himself but to post another Ford story. This is going to be a long drawn out saga if each ford truck part gets its own article. How about just wait until you know all about this truck and write 1 good article with facts, instead of speculation and ford 'hype'

Can you say "North American Truck of the Year"

I agree with BAFO. I drive my Mazda pickup to the mall in 4wd and I don't want anyone to see what I'm driving. So embarrassing. I take all the badges off. Zoom Zoom!

@Hemiv8, we all know who you are. Yeah that ram badging is just to much. Post what you want but its just too much. Just use one name and stay with it and please don't post under different names and then talk to yourself. Your a fine example of ignorance.

Is this the first photos of a 2017 Raptor in Super Crew?

The bold RAM stamped badging and blacked out lettering let others know who is truly in the lead!


The bold RAM stamped TAILGATE! lets others know who is TRULY in the LEAD.


This is going to be my next truck but in a HD.


They need to do away with the Grey panel by the rear tire. Just paint that area. Their thinking protection from rocks, but looks like garbage.

In the early 90's when Dodge needed a new truck, they rolled out what looked like an inflated Dakota and focus groups said ho hum. Back to the drawing board and the 94 was created. Focus groups either hated it or loved it. That's how they knew they had something.
Guess that's why there's giant stuck on letters on the tailgate. If ford is giving customers a choice that's a good decision

@hemi, thanks again for re-newing my faith in your ignorance.

Must be a slow-news day in pickupdom.

I'll bet money that you're looking at a test mule fitted with whatever gate was available at the moment--just sayin'

Just as long as the Fiats and Welfare Motors fans know who passed them... again... whether its with BIG letters in crayon or the timeless blue oval (they probably cant read the cursive inside it).

The fanboys on this site are ridiculous. Ford, GM and Ram. Every article turns into a Ford vs Chevy with Ram guys screaming "I'm here too!!".

@Mike, such is life in the pickup truck world. I say embrace it! Latching on to some idea of brand loyalty and insulting each other through the anonymity of the internet can be quite cathartic. Watch:

@Clint, your opinion is wrong, everyone who agrees with you is wrong and Ford sucks. It really takes a special kind of person to fall for the Ford marketing spin. You must be very special.

See Mike, it's fun:)

I prefer the looks of the "basic" Raptor tailgate.

Well Clint, can't read the blue oval if it's fallen off the tailgate, like my dad's did.


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