2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Wraps Sand Dune Testing

17Ford_F-150_Raptor_ES_12 II

Taking a page from the U.S. State Department, which has been releasing tens of thousands of old emails from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in monthly installments, Ford has released another 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor test video.

We've already seen the truck doing desert testing and conquering some deep-woods trails, so it only makes sense that we now get a chance to see the new Raptor on the sand dunes of Silver Lake just north of Grand Rapids in western Michigan.

We can only assume that future test videos will highlight the high-altitude gold mine trails outside Ouray, Colo., the decomposed granite rock crawl of the Sierra Nevada mountain range or the high-grip red rock of Moab, Utah.

The drone-shot video below shows off the tractive abilities of the 2017 Raptor's terrain management system when equipped with the optional Torsen front limited-slip differential, but we suspect the vehicle is also helped by a good deal of horsepower (that we don't hear) and a good amount of tire deflation (to offer better flotation on sand).

Interestingly, it looks like the spare tire has a much more aggressive tread pattern than the four other tires on the truck. To date, we have not heard whether the new Raptor, reported to be equipped with a high-output EcoBoost V-6 engine, will have special interior sound equipment that allows passengers to hear a throatier V-8 sound instead of the higher-pitched twin-turbo V-6 exhaust note.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears


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Hopefully they don't pull a stupid and stick the exhaust out the back like the pre production model.

Wouldn't last a day on the farm....just saying

@Scott. Ford needs to move that awful sounding V6 exhaust note as far away as possible from the operator.


The Raptor is not made for farm use....... just sayin.

I really like the front end of this truck. It looks way better than the F-150. Aggressive and light weight. Under the hood looks a bowl of spaghetti. I understand it's pre-production but still is messy. All that crap sure would make sense there's a couple of turbos under the hood.


The stuff in the underhood picture is either show related or testing. Not Evan close to production. My guess it is for power supply and lighting for a show.

I don't have time now, but I wonder how the main components in this pic match up to the F-150's out now with the boost and 5.0

The tires on the truck are the same as the spare, they are all BEG AT KO2's.

And I'm ready for Hillary.....

To go to jail that is!

This Raptor looks like a fine truck but it is not going to be my next truck because I am waiting for a 2018 Ram HD with the major update.

I was looking at the Prospector package that HEMI V8 was looking at. But I don't think it's worth an extra $24k for a bumper, wheels, lift and intake in addition to the price of the Power Wagon. What say you?


I say go away Hemi!!!!!!

What say you?

Posted by: HEMI2018HDMAN | Oct 3, 2015 11:12:44 AM

That Prospector Edition Power Wagon is a much better truck than the Raptor and it includes a snorkel! Excellent choice and a good buy for the money.

Cummins: the local dealers cannot keep them in stock in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa where there are farms and no deserts,,,


I would like to see a Raptorised version of the Ranger made with the 2.7 EcoBoost. This would probably become Ford's best off roader.

I would also like to see a Safari style Ranger with the 3.2 diesel. But in this case it is far better to build to your own requirements than have a company build a half assed pickup that may look pretty with little improvement in performance.

@Dave because all the frat boys at Mizzou are riding in these raptors. Except they turn them into pavement pounders with those 22x14 rims that stick +2" outside the fenders.

Don't kid yourself, the 8,000 pound capacity of the raptor couldn't do any work on a true farm, that's why all the farm trucks are HD's here in the Midwest.

@Dave because all the frat boys at Mizzou are riding in these raptors. Except they turn them into pavement pounders with those 22x14 rims that stick +2" outside the fenders.

Don't kid yourself, the 8,000 pound capacity of the raptor couldn't do any work on a true farm, that's why all the farm trucks are HD's here in the Midwest.

This is a first for you! The Raptor wasn't built for farm use.

It was built to value add as much money in a pickup to improve Ford's bottom line.

Most who buy these will only drive to and from work.

Raptors are mostly used to augment small appendages.

Raptors are mostly used to augment small appendages.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Oct 3, 2015 2:19:56 PM

Something that you are no doubt well versed in.

This will be my next truck.


The best bumper in the business and the intake wasn't designed for water, it is for dust if you're out in the desert or a construction site!


^^^^^^^^^ Typical loser Fiat boy that has to keep posting about their favorite junk in other brand threads. But I guess the Fiat minions need to help boost their ego a little to make themselves feel better.

@Big Al. The old ranger still makes a great start to a prerunner. Its been replaced by tacomas and Side by Sides for desert running out here. I would love to see the ranger here in the states. The 2.7 would be a perfect fit for it.

If the Raptor could do this and not use much fuel doing it, then it would appreciated here

@Big Al from Oz
The 2.7 in the Ranger Off Road, would not be that brilliant, better a small diesel

What's the point of the test video? Even a normal F150 4x4 can do this. Where are the jumps?

The drone sounds better than the ecoboost. They should close the hood - the engine bay has looks only a mother could love.

Needs a V8. The bigger the better. When I watched the video I mistook the drone motor for the Raptor V6. Those clam shell doors are going to rattle off road.

Where is the "What we don't like about the new Super Duty" article?

Robert Ryan,
I'm thinking of not proper off roading, but the honing type.

That's why I made mention of getting an aftermarket suspension to suit your requirements is the best option for proper off roading.

But, for fun, you would be better off with a decent quad, but you can't be a poser in one of them.

Any chassis as a starter would work.

But, from Ford's perspective I do believe a 2.7 EcoBoost global Ranger would be great.

The Falcon ute will soon be gone and we need something to replace it

It's amazing,

How many idiots that have to say something about something else or make an obscene comment about this truck and it's capabilities. FYI, the best Engineers in the business and trucks are working on this, I doubt any one here can do anything like what is coming with the Raptor!!!

@Raven - We're truck enthusiasts, that's why we come here. Clearly BAFO and his sidekick are not truck enthusiasts and just show up to disrupt the site. They bring nothing but hate of the sport, besides their ignorance/ arrogance . They're not even car enthusiasts.

@jimmy D, maybe they didn't find anything they didn't like about the Super Duty.

@Big Al, of course any chasis would work, I just said that the rangers and Tacomas made great starters due to the aftermarket support.

And "proper off roading".......I would think that any form of off roading is just off roading. I like expedition type of off roading and find it necessary to do the other things I love to do. However, going fast in the desert for a day is alot of fun and fun sells.

To many those who just want to hoon are generally the younger guys.

As you get older you tend to use your 4x4 to get you into places. Young guys tend to hoon.

The Taco and Ranger are some the most popular midsizers in the US, so I would think most of them are used for building off roaders.

I wouldn't use a Frontier, as their chassis does have cracking issues (here anyway) under lots of stress.

We tend to use an old Landcruiser or Patrol chassis, now they are strong.

Front end looks a lot better than the 150

Australia does manufacture a full size dual cab pickup! You learn something everyday.

This will definitely better to own than a Raptor. I would have a Raptor for breakfast.

It looks like an Evoque and a Humvee copulated and then went on roids.


Oh, it was actually designed in Australia.

Still the ultimage baddest assed 1/2 ton full size offroad toy ever produced in quantity by a manufacturer. Im glad its worked out financially for Ford and actually found a real place in the market. I agree that I too would rather have a non turbo V8 in it but the level of performance they are giving in the V6 is impressive.

The Raptor is definitely THE halo truck. It has its own look and stance. No one else has a halo truck.

Ford has actually done a great job with the Raptor in producing the right niche vehicle at the right time. And it makes Ford a profit, unlike many halo vehicles.

Even though many are used as a "look at me" item, similar to jewelry the Raptor is quite capable.

My only dislike is the unavailability of a decent diesel in them.

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