Consumer Reports Reliability Study Has Toyota Near Top

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Truckmakers ran the gamut in Consumer Reports latest Reliability Study, from Toyota coming in at the No. 2 spot to Ram nearly coming in last out of 28 automakers. The annual study is drawn from Consumer Reports' substantial subscriber base, reported to include more than 740,000 vehicles.

Among pickup truck manufacturers — most of which offer a full line of SUVs, crossovers and automobiles that also influence standings — here's how they ranked:

  2. Toyota
  8. Honda
15. Nissan
17. Ford
19. GMC
20. Chevrolet
26. Ram

To see this year's full rankings (brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Scion, Smart and Tesla are not on the list because of lack of useful data), click here. images by Evan Sears


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When the need of the few out weigh the need of the many, To be honest I think most people prefer Ford or GM, So why would people buy a least reliable truck If Toyota is the best?

The ram losers are full of excuses as always! Face it, fiat-ram is garbage!


What BAFO means by choices is his favorite small midsize trucks. Even though we have considerably more truck choices here in the US than over in Australia, BAFO is still mad that there aren't enough midsize truck choices even though he doesn't live here. He comes from the upper north east of the US were small truck are the majority, and thinks that everyone else in the US is like that which is completely and utterly false. He neglects to see the fact that these small trucks have come and failed many times.

I also think one of the main reasons Toyota fairs so well is because they do as the old military acronym, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). People may chastise them for having an old power train or not enough refinement in a truck like BAFO does because he is a pansy and should be driving cars. While others tout their favorite manufacturers for have the latest technology like an 8 speed transmission or an ungodly amount of sensors. They have to understand that with said technology comes the higher risk of failures. Thsee same people chastise Ford for having the same body style for years, but if it work then why change it? I am for having the same body style for years as long as it works. I am not one of those city boys like BAFO and the others that need an updated truck just to keep up with the Jones'. Just Keep It Simple Stupid.

Robert Ryan,
Things are changing in the ute front in sales. Toyota is already offereing large discounts for the new Hilux. Read below.

"Although the HiLux still leads the year-to-date ute sales race, the result is the first time in more than a decade a Ford has outsold any direct rival (the last time the Ford Falcon outsold the Holden Commodore was in 2003).

The HiLux was also overtaken in the ute sales race last December by the Mitsubishi Triton, as four-door ute sales hit record highs and are increasingly being adopted as family cars.

The latest heavy duty utes have more mod-cons, including at least six airbags and a five-star safety rating.

Toyota says HiLux sales will bounce back with this month's arrival of the first all-new model in 10 years.

But an investigation by News Corp Australia has found Toyota dealers are already discounting the new HiLux barely one week after it went on sale.

The Toyota HiLux has been the top-selling vehicle outright for the past seven years in a row in Queensland and West Australia and 14 years in a row in the Northern Territory.

The Toyota HiLux has been a Top Three seller nationally among all passenger cars for the seven of the past 10 years, and Number One outright in 14 individual months since 2008."


Ford in Australia is far more reliant on Ranger sales than Ford in the US on the F Series. Sort of makes US F Series numbers insignificant proportionally to a given market. Read below.

"The ute – in two- and four-wheel-drive specifications – makes up a whopping 40 per cent of all sales for the company in Australia."


Some interesting information.

BAFO - Actually Ford of OZ is more reliant on the F-series than anything else. Remember FoMoCo would cease to exist without the F-series. To Ford, OZ sales are just a fleas on the dog's tail.

Consumer Reports is a reliable and reputable source of durability information. That is NOT to be confused with their road tests. The Rambots were touting CR tests implying that meant the Ram was more durable. As we see here now, a favourable road test does not mean it will score well in durability.
CR is great because they do not use company supplied vehicles. They purchase randomly from car lots. They also DO NOT sell their data so are not dependent on car companies as a source of revenue.

There were those that were talking about CR data being different than JD Power data. JD Power Dependability is based over 3 years. The 2015 data they post is based on 2012 vehicles. CR IIRC posts year to year as well as longer term. CR does not breakdown durability by component but CR does.

Regardless of what data one looks at , Ram and FCA products in general tends to score poorly. Ram's 2012 model year 1500 made the top 3 on JD Power. That is the first time they have ever done that. The HD on the other hand has always been last place.

@Big Al, North American consumers lead the world in terms of choice, but no amount of variety will ever suit every taste (in regard to manufactured goods), which is why boutique shops exist.

Custom car shops have been around for more than fifty years offering discriminating consumers bespoke options for special paint treatments, interiors, hi-perf engines, wheels/tires, etc.

My history of reading your comments suggests that your mention of "choice" is a stealth reference to diesel, something you seem to be hung up about.

Diesel has come a long way towards mainstream acceptance as a compact (or midsize) powertrain choice in recent years but it falls off during periods of low gas prices. The current problems at VW portend a slew of others getting caught tinkering with the EPA limits. Don't be surprised if other producers get their hands slapped as well.

So, according to one commenter on PUTC, Ford is ripping off the American consumer with overly expensive pickups in the US market.

Maybe it's time to open the gates to imports if a company has that kind of clout with one vehicle.

Wow, he finally admits that the American consumer can get a better deal with pickups outside of the US!


Here these two clowns go again. It is the same old BS.....

Do all you Australias have so little to do that you have to trowl US websites? It is really starting to sound like you guys have an inferiority complex when it comes to the US truck market versus the Australian truck market. Why else would you waste so much of your time trying to sell the garbage that these midsize global trucks are better than our full size truck if in some way you didn't feel inferior to them.

Do you see US guys going to Australian websites trying to say that the full size US trucks are better than ya'lls midsize trucks? No, because we don't have an inferiority complex like you two guys do. And it us not just with trucks either. You guys do the same with just about everything trying to say that Australia(or some foreign country) is better than the US. Geez, the way you guys talk you must really see yourselves as being small and insignificant to try so hard to prove otherwise. If you didn't see yourselves as being insignificant compared to the US, then you guys wouldn't try so hard to prove otherwise. Maybe that is why Al goes out of his way to use big in his name and likes to attack people the second they don't agree with him, because he has a small man inferiority complex.....

Fake Hemi v8... what a loser. Dodge, fiat, ram...whatever you wanna call them...junk!

Well there is something to be said for Consistency (in the testing, in the results and in the contestants).

Good Job Toy. No surprise youre the biggest most profitable manufacturer even if you don't make anything really cool/exciting... since you make what you make right you don't have to even try making something cool.

Pathetically Mediocre for Ford, Chevy, GM, and Nissan but thanks Ford for being slightly less bad than the other Big 2-1. You all have 15ish spots to advance before you can brag.

And then the Fiat Mafia... all of them down in the toilet (and not just once the Fiat gang regularly ranks poorly in such surveys). Lots of Ramtards got some spinning/deflecting to do but spinning/deflecting is what they are best at.

Really Clint, fiat mafia? Bout what we expect from a retard like you. There's no need to spin or deflect, the surveys speak for themselves. Bottom line reason is, since 1998 Chrysler has been foreign owned and those parent companies are more interested in using Chryslers money and/or experience to prop up their own crappy products. Doubt many of you fanboys can admit to yourselves that even your beloved and perfect brand x has had a dip in the cesspool.

@BAFO - It's clear why you're so bitter. 15 *choices* of midsize trucks in OZ, but none you really want. Including lots of junk from China and India?? Hmmm...

Say you want a back seat for life-size adults? Or a need to move heavy loads including a fullsize camper or RV?? What about full-floating axles for safety and piece of mind???

It's like having 15 choices of hot dog vendors, when all you really want is a stacker cheeseburger. No cheeseburgers? Or they're $150 when you find one???

Still, all those midsize trucks don't bring down the outrageous price you pay for midsize pickups in OZ. I mean the trucks you actually buy. Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Mitsu.

Our midsize trucks are favoured by the lifestyle crowd, mostly women, the elderly, and teens.

Except in OZ, you accept the midsize truck, or you're stuck with a van, or van-based contraption/cutoff, or a medium duty truck. Wtf???

I'd move.

Really Roadram? Pitty is your spin this time. "poor pitiful CRYsler hasn't been on its own since 98?" Why is that rr? Why do you think Chrysler has been merging, bought sold, traded and ultimately GIVEN away numerous times at an ever depreciating rate in the last 2 decades? I woudnt have anything to do with all too often placing in the bad end of such surveys like this? No you couldn't admit that. And take a step back from the trucks. There is far more to an Automotive company than its trucks regardless of what you refuse to see. Honestly the trucks aint/weren't Chrylsers/Diamlers/Cerebeses/or Fiats real problem... Its all the other CRAP. GM and Ford suffer from the same issue only to a lesser and lesser extent in the order I just listed them. I remember Chrysler CHEERING when they were taken over by Daimler. Those evil Germans... made the 300 and Charger happen... not much else but then again before that all you went to Chrysler for before that was a great minivan or a truck with an amazing engine not made by them. The engine is still amazing... the minivans are far from #1 now. You blame whoever you want... but the truth is if Benz cant make Chrysler work then no one can. There is a huge difference between blame and responsibility. You can blame anyone or anything you want and cry about fault ultimately Chrysler's poor choices and performance have led it down the path to the messy bed it lays in that many have come and gone from.

Read up on some history sonny. Before eaton gave Chrysler away they were selling cars and trucks and had money in the chest. The only cheerleaders were management who got paid handsomely. Daimler raided the funds and starved Chrysler of any development and quality with cheap gray plastic interiors and throwaway mercedes parts.
Why the hell am I wasting my time talking to you? Save your pity, neither I or Chrysler need it. I pity you for being blind to the fact that someone besides your perfect car company can accomplish anything

There's no surprise where Toyota ended up. Their vehicles and powertrain have been locked in time since the early 2000's. Same with their interiors. Just look at the Tacoma, Corolla, Camry, etc. When I sit in a 2015 Toyota, it's like time traveling back to my youth. The dash is just horrendous, with huge buttons designed for the old people that will only consider a buying a Toyota. Luckily this "reliability advantage" Toyota has enjoyed is fading away as the old folks leave the market. Those that have given Ford and GM a new consideration have found that Detroit is back. Fiat Chrysler is still coming up with a game plan, but things are hopeful. The Toyota Tundra is joke these days. 3/4-ton fuel economy with a 1/4-ton frame.

I'd rather push my GMC before I will drive a Toyota or a Honda.

Feel free to push Dan. There weren't enough people willing to push their GMs rather than drive their Toys to keep GM out of Bankruptcy the first time. There wont be enough for a second... Most of us don't have time to push our cars/trucks. We need to get to work every day on time.

Still the same fan boy crap. I will give Toyota credit for making reliable vehicles although for the most part boring and little change. Toyota still sells a lot of vehicles and remains one of the most profitable automobile manufacturers.

It would be great if some of you could use punctuation and paragraphs. More of us would read what you're trying to get across but I end up skipping over alot of it and I'm sure others do to.

Consumer Reports reliability data is a collected from a non random survey unlike reputable institutions such as J. D. Powers. Consumer Reports surveys are CR member exclusive. In other words you have to purchase and be a member of a biased (cult like) magazine that constantly ranks on domestic vehicles in order to fill out the survey. Therefore, CRs reliability data never correlates with non-biased random surveys. When data is compared, CR’s reliability data is always tainted toward the direction of the big 3 (Toyota, Nissan, Honda). That’s not to say the survey is useless, it just means you need to subtract for perception instinct of CR’s customer base.
To prove a point, just google 2015 Honda CRV vibration issues. I think this Consumer Reports highly rated junk box vibrated the brains out of the Consumer Reports auto authors. Just google it. How could CR recommend this vehicle? It's a Honda, that's how. Cult following

December CR results are in.
Better than average reliabily is
2500 silverado
GMC 2500
Average reliability
3500 silverado
3500 gmc
Worse reliable
Ram 1500
Chevy 1500
GMC 1500
Colorado -153%
Canyon -153%
Ram 2500 -153%

Mrpushrod - that has to be one of the funniest comments I have read to date.

Do you actually know how JD Power selects recipients?

That was a rhetorical question since i bet the answer is NO.

JD Power surveys "a representative sample of verified product and service owners."

Ummm........ where do they get that information from?

The only thing that one can fault Consumer Reports with is sample size. JD Power has a much larger sample size.

I find that CR tends to be close to JD Power.

Don't buy anything when it first comes out.
or you will live to regret it.

Have had my 2015 Ram for a year now...not one problem. Regardless of reliability ratings, you gotta like the ride your in. In my case I took the others out for test drives and definitely liked the Ram the best...I bought without being one of those guys that buys a brand "Cuz Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Joe have always drove ______'s". I was open to whatever make. Ram just happened to get my vote.

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