NACTOY Announces 2016 Award Nominees

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Jurors for the 2016 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year awards have released the names of the semifinalists for each category. The panel is made up of 57 automotive journalists from the United States and Canada; the group's annual awards are highly coveted by automakers.

This year 12 vehicles qualified for the prestigious Truck/Utility Truck of the Year award, with two pickup truck entries on the list: the full-size Nissan Titan XD and midsize Toyota Tacoma. Other notable contenders include the Jeep Renegade compact SUV, the all-electric Tesla Model X crossover and technology-packed Honda Pilot.

It's unfortunate that vehicles like the coming Honda Ridgeline, Chevrolet Colorado Duramax diesel and Mercedes-Benz Metris midsize van did not qualify to round out the field.

The top three finalists will be announced on Dec. 8, with the winner crowned during the first press conference of the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Our top three finalists (if we were a voting member) would likely be the Toyota Tacoma, Honda Pilot and Nissan Titan XD (with an honorable mention nod to the Jeep Renegade). Here's the full list of eligible 2016 truck/utility award nominees:

  • Ford Edge
  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda Pilot
  • Hyundai Tuscon
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Kia Sorento
  • Lexus RX
  • Mazda CX-3
  • Nissan Titan XD
  • Tesla Model X
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Volvo XC90 image by Mark Williams




Right now, first week of October, I cannot buy a 2016 Taco or Titan in the St. Louis area, but yet they are up for an award? I would think they would not give out 2016 awards until 2016

@Dave - You want to know why - you can't get Taco?

US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks
ABC News
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In my opinion they should do all these awards at the end of the year. So the 2015 models should be ones up for awards now. this way sales, reliability, customer reviews, long term tests can all be considered. It make no difference if a company can make a shiny new part or some new tech if its is plagued with bugs/problems. the tech is growing so fast these manufacturers are just trying to keep up with the competition and thus put out less than perfect final products. so stupid we have new 2016 models in march.

I don't understand how a car based "lifted" station wagon can be termed a "truck".

I do think the criteria to define a truck should be a little more rigid.

Most of the vehicles on the list are cars, based on a car chassis.

At least have these cars as utes.


Prestigious. Ha

I do really admire the comments from some of the commenters who display the arrogance of a non-achiever.

How many who dengrate awards of any type have actually received an accolade, ie, commendation, award, trophy in an area of significance and competitiveness?

I do think the idea of a truck, should be that a truck. What you constitutes a truck in your lingo amounts to not much more than a car here.

But, the award itself regardless of the definitions used is of significance.

I suppose the ones who are negatively critical of awards are the phan boys who's vehicle is not successful at achieving.

It would be like me stating that the aluminium F-150 shouldn't be judged as an award winner. The aluminium F-150 is a nice and competitive pickup and if an aluminium pickup is to win an award I would support the reasons behind such an achievement.

@David Robertson,
Hilux is not a Taco. I thought that State Department message was a joke at first. Obviously some people are VERY UNAWARE what people drive outside NA.
The Equivalent would be a EU head wondering why there are so many Pickups in NA

I figured for sure the 2016 Colorado diesel be here on the list or possibly the newly updated 2016 Silverado with the 5.3L with the 8 speed. Also strange there is neither GM product in the top nominees.


Hmmm..... North America truck/UTILITY of the year.

Reading comprehension is lacking in a few bloggers around here.

I noticed that the Subaru Outback and Forester didn't make the list. Odd.

The crappiest vehicles one can find! Can you say NACTOY is Faux!

Let's be honest, an SUV is NOT a utility vehicle as defined by most people here ... construction work. The only time I see an SUV on site is to be able to run errands or move the higher ups. When was the last time anyone saw a Volvo, Lexus, Tesla, etc. being a utilitarian vehicle? Suburban owners don't even use them to carry anything inside short of groceries (too plush to scrape up the leather). Yes, I see bike carriers and ski racks, so lifted station wagon. Maybe "utility" needs to be re-defined? I agree that the outback and other vehicles could EASILY compete in this suburban "Ute" competition. I would NOT consider any of the SUVs in the same "utility" category as the trucks, much like BFAO.

IDEA! Separate enclosed rear end "utility" vehicles from open box vehicles. At least you could compare a similar "utility" factor (Yes, I would consider the Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Concept or the Honda Ridgeline to at least be in a similar "utility" category as the Titan, Silverado, and Colorado)
Furthermore, the Nissan Titan (I really want to take a hard look at this) is included and not available till maybe December (after award is handed out?), yet the F150, Colorado (diesel), Chevy 1500 and other vehicles are not included.

Make this the 2015 award for vehicles sold/for sale for at least 9 months in the calendar year. That puts the Colorado (diesel); Titan XD, Chevy 1500, etc. into the 2016 competition ... along with a stricter definition of "utility". Believe me, no one will cross shop an F150 Platinum to a Lexus or Volvo

@David Robertson - if a civil war broke out in USA the stupid government and ABC would be asking how "insurgents" got so many Ford HD's.

The most common vehicle of a region that is most adaptable will be used. In most parts of the world that happens to be the Hilux.

USA pickups are finding their way over there too.


That was a good one!

The Jeep, the Toyota and the Tesla are the only three in that list that hold my interest--and each for different reasons.

But then, with the exception of the Toyota, the others don't really qualify as trucks, even if they do include the Utility portion. And Even the Tesla fails as a Utility, to me. A rounded roof sacrifices almost half of its available storage compared to a squared-off roofline at the rear.

@Mecha: "Let's be honest, an SUV is NOT a utility vehicle as defined by most people here..."

Honestly, I agree whole-heartedly with your commentary here.

So there are nominees that haven't been driven/tested/sold? That makes a lot of sense. How about its whats newest and we think might be coolest award? I cant see how someone can nominate or vote for or against any vehicle that hasn't even been driven or sold and has 0 history.

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