New Chevrolet Red Line Series To Debut at SEMA

 2015-SEMA-Chevrolet-Silverado-Red-Line-022 II

Ready to debut at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, which runs Nov. 3-6 in Las Vegas, Chevrolet will be showcasing a new Colorado and Silverado 1500, each with Red Line Series accents and accessories.

The new trucks are concepts for now, but we're guessing this will be a great way for new Chevy truck buyers to give their midsize or half-ton pickups some personal flare. The two pickups that Chevy will showcase at SEMA are shown below, each showing off red tow hooks, nameplates in black with red accents and Satin Graphite mirror caps, window molding, door handles and accented lighting. Additionally, each is loaded with several customizing GM Accessory and Performance components like custom intakes, special exhausts, unique wheels and tires, as well as bed gear to make hauling special cargo an easier and safer endeavor.

We'll have more details as we get to see these pickups up close, and possibly drive them, in just a few weeks.

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2015-SEMA-Chevrolet-Silverado-Red-Line-023 II

2015-SEMA-Chevrolet-Colorado-Red-Line-020 II

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wooo wow lets put some color on it and call it red line series

Looks good! Now offer the damn 6.2 as an option!

This looks good except for the trucks being just concepts.

There are no options/6.2L to offer or buy. These are just concept trucks for an automobile aftermarket auto show in Las Vegas.

@JL1 It would be surprising if they didn't offer this as an appearance package down the road. If they did, ill bet my left nut they wont give you the option for the 6.2 in typical GM fashion. Offer something cool looking then promptly mess it up somehow.

"New Chevrolet Red Line Series To Debut at SEMA
Posted by Mark Williams | October 23, 2015......The new trucks are concepts for now, but we're guessing...."

Last time they did this to us with the ZR2 concept and the All Terrain concept before that. A whole lotta hype and it went nowhere. Please, Chevy, no more concept debuts. We want real trucks.

Old news!

Wow another stupid trim from GM.

Toyota Tundra wipes the floor with this junk!


Red Line boots or Red Line bicycles?

I'm sure someone's lawyers will be talking to GM

Splashes of red. Yawn. Not as egregious as the yearly jeep teasers

GM is bringing back the Saturn Red Line series? Are they gonna use a Honda engine again?

Now, add some Red Line tires and they're perfect!

Need to offer a turbo six in both trucks.

they need to upgrade the drive train in the Colorado. Same old engine and tranny they have been putting in the Traverse since 2009. Toyota just one upped them ...well more the one...

another special package truck from gm...whooopppiiieeeee

One thing the artist concept doesn't show is the ground dragging air dam that the Colorado will be equipped with!

Those square wheel well openings on the Silverado make those trucks look like, well, a real truck.

Never will see a 6.2 Regcab version. No wonder i went to Ram with their 2013 R/T that has been trouble free for 2 years.


More than likely we could probably expect to see these 2 Concepts become production realities sometime between the Spring and Summer months in 2016, perhaps more so in the Colorado and will certainly help it gain more of an edge in it's portfolio now that the Toyota Tacoma TRD Extreme Performance Package is being temporarily shelved!

More Pep Boy stick on packages from Chevy... exciting... this time with Dodge logos on the wheels... I know its refresh year and the refresh looks to have been competently done. Let it stand or do something outrageous for the toy boys at SEMA. Color keyed grills, mirrors, and different wheels seems tired.

Dodge logos on the wheels? Don't think I like sound of that.

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