New Toyota Tacoma Commercials Meant To Change Minds

Toyota Tacoma  029 II

The new Tacoma is trying to change its image. For a long time the Toyota midsize pickup truck was the sleeping giant, content to just be good enough in a segment where few demands were expected by any of the players, but that's changing now.

The latest 2016 Toyota Tacoma television commercial is a mixture of high-anxiety drama, low-brow stereotypical humor and massive special effects; exactly what the new Tacoma needs to get some special attention at a time when auto writers seem to be falling all over themselves talking about the all-new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, now with a new high-mileage, high-torque Duramax turbo-diesel option.

We're not sure this particular commercial, called "Blow Off Steam," will be the one that changes the Tacoma's image (our favorite is the "Girlfriend" commercial), but it will likely attract attention and make some new pickup-buying consumers think that a new Tacoma can do just about anything and survive.

As evidence that the Tacoma engineers have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, Mike Sweers, Tacoma chief engineer, told The Detroit News that the Tacoma has the pedigree and current technology to go places no other midsize pickup could possibly follow.

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GM said the target for their mid sized trucks is women, SUV owners, and/or first time truck buyers. Toyota Is targeting people who want a tough mid sized truck to have fun. The Toyota commercials definitely grab my attention and hold it, while the GM commercials do not, at all. It will be interesting to see how sales go for both brands over the next year.

PsychoChick101! LOL!

Very good commercial.
PS: You got a phone number for that Chick?

Yep, bipolar and on Xanex. Avoid but especially at on certain times of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad, sad, sad.

They should have put as much thought into the 2016 truck. Mike could not even fix the WORST DRIVERS SEATING in the entire industry!! Look at Car and Driver's comment about it "....agonizingly low."

Toyota is a major international corporation with deep financial and engineering resources. Yet they made a corporate decision to abandon any pretense to leadership in the NA truck market.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the meetings that made that decision. I cannot fathom what they were thinking.

Chevy Colorado is in this Tundra owner's future.

You bet, Chuck. I'll get her to call you when I leave.

Wonder if Toyota is going to get sued by the FTC for the "crazy girlfriend" commercial. They did it to Nissan with their Frontier commercials, from a few years back, as them being unrealistic.

When a guy so much as 'keys' a girlfriend's car, that's "domestic violence" and he can get charged with such. Even if he takes a bat to his own truck!

Not so for women. Then we're supposed to just nod and accept it when women do the same. Do they want equality or what?

The media, including songs, music videos and commercials, glorify women going on crazy tears like this! Wtf???


Makes you wonder if instead if the crazy girlfriend commercual they cane out with a crazy boyfriend cimercial and kept everthing else the same.

Either way you are going to get some special interest all riled up as stereotyping women or violence against women.

Fortunately most people dont agree this way but we are certainly subjected to it.

The new Tacoma commercials blow away anything Government Motors can get it's crappy ad firm to come up with. GM is trying to market its trucks to sissified liberal men and women. Toyota is for real men!

I don't understand why marketing is such an unknown. You ignore the people who already want one and focus on convincing fence-sitters that yours is the best, and try to convince everyone else that your product is exactly what they didn't know they wanted/needed.


It's not that hard. Show a guy using it as a work truck hauling lumber and tools, then show his wife hauling kids to school and groceries, then all of them going camping with a ton of gear and driving around off road, pulling a little trailer, etc. Throw in a few people talking about how useful, fun and capable it is and how jealous their friends are, and you have a commercial that convinces pretty much everyone who isn't already set on buying a sports car or a dually.

As interesting and exciting as ads are, I do believe the more discerning consumer looking for a decent pickup will look beyond the glitz and spin when researching to buy a new vehicle.

Most will buy to a price. Just look at the aluminium F-150 as an example. They only really started moving when Ford offered them at what the consumer thought was a competitive price against the competition.

If a vehicle can sell itself then it will be very successful. Toyota in the US appears to have the same issues with the new Taco as Toyota does with the Hilux.

In Australia the new Hilux has only been out for a couple of weeks and Toyota are offering huge discounts.

The Ranger is selling as well or possibly better than the Hilux.

Toyota want to remain at the top in sales, but, as we have seen in the past with Toyota pickups, they offer the least and charge the most.

Definitely wouldn't mind having one of those new tacomas.

Not impressed.

1) Charging through the desert is one thing, but the explosions are a bit much. All the commercial needs is a jihadi overdub.

2) A crazy girlfriend is a turnoff and falling off the cliff unscaved as someone else mentioned it could be false advertising.


My only complaint with the old Tacoma was the flat seat sitting on the floor. Sounds like they haven't changed. It really does deter taller guys like myself. It's just not comfortable for the long haul. Such a simple detail that a power seat tilt feature could fix. The gray Tacoma in the picture is a great looking truck.

A buddy recently purchased the new '16 Hilux & was surprised the seating position issue hasn't changed from the outgoing model - flat seating close to the floor; not comfortable at all especially for longer rides (& I'm only 6'); my buddy finally agreed my current Ranger '14 is far more comfortable. I've done similar comparisons with the new offerings from Mitsubishi, Chevy Colorado & Nissan Narvaro - my Ranger is still more comfortable besides more power from the 3.2 diesel than all of them. It makes me wonder why Toy did not correct this & one assumption is it was designed by Asians for the Asian market (& the jihads).

If am convinced if FORD would ever bring the global Ranger back to the US market; it will finally give some serious competition to Tacoma that Chevy/Nissan combined were unable to dent.

me gustaria comprar una Tacoma del ano

The Tacoma does have a lower seating position. I has a raised floor for greater ground clearance which means the seat will be a little lower then a truck with a lower floor but much less ground clearance. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

@ America Bails Out Chrysler

I'm not sure if you were going for a laugh with that post or were being serious. If it's the latter then it's got to be the most laughable post I've read in reads. What are you 16? You must have more than 2 brain cells to rub

Yah, government motors is crap but your post was even crappier.

Looks lame, did they just change the headlights? I'll check the specs, but I'm willing to bet it'll get the same or worse mpg than a full size truck.

@Big Al, you really are too nice!

The typical North American consumer is not all that swift if you consider that Canada just elected a re-cycled Trudeau, and the US put B. H. Obama in the White House not once, but TWICE.

The Tacoma ads this silly bit of pseudo journalism make reference to are pap. Zero content, all BS. Not much different from the annoying F150 ads that babble on about "military-grade" aluminum. I turn down the sound.

The Toyota truck lineup is in dire need of new ideas but consumers seem content to slurp up the stale BS from guys like Obama and Trudeau, so why not sell them another cycle of outdated pickups, at least that is what it looks like from here.

The Ranger is a good pickup, like the aluminium F-150.

But, the Ranger will find it harder to compete against the pickups you mentioned. Especially if Nissan brings in the new Navara as a Frontier.

Ford will do okay and might even eclipse Chev and GMC, but it will take a little bit of effort.

You'd proabably also find more F-150 customers will buy a Ranger in lieu of the aluminium F-150 than GM selling Colorados and Canyons in lieu of Silverados and Sierras.

I like the Gov't Motors ads with Howie Long babling about the man-step being a bad idea. Then Govn't Motors put 4 of them on their 2016s. smh.

papa jim,
High strength steel and welding is the way to go.

See which truck comes out on top as Howie Long and Chief Engineer Eric Stanczak review a third party test on the time and cost of repairing the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150.

If Ford can not devise a way to boost consumer confidence in the new 2015 aluminium F-150, reduce labour and production costs, etc expect the new aluminium Ford HD SuperDutys to be selling in low numbers, aka aluminium F-150 style.

Ford screwed up with the new 2015 aluminium F-150 and it appears they will screw up the new aluminium HDs.

Ford has lost the way with it’s most important asset…….the consumer.

It seems the best possible and most profitable light commercials Ford will have left is the global Ranger and Transits………but they are steel.

@Big Al from Oz,
Toyota has just released the Hilux and they have not put discounts on their Pickups.
Ford Ranger is in a solid 3rd as far as Pickup Sales go, overall 9th in Sales.
At this rate Toyota will top the sales. Wish they would upgrade the L70.

@Papa Jim
Well at least it is funny

Seriously people? Those of you saying the Truck falling off a cliff and coming out unscathed is false advertising...

People like you are the reason McDonald's has to put big giant HOT COFFEE signage on their HOT COFFEE drinks. It's people like you that would take a truck, push it off a cliff and then sue (Insert Brand Name) because the truck was totaled.

Well hell the commercial said it could do it, so it must be true right???


I never said the commercial was misleading. I just pointed out the US FTC fined/sued Nissan for their similarly themed commercials. Those were over the top funny / unrealistic but evidently somebody thought they were " misleading"


I never said the commercial was misleading. I just pointed out the US FTC fined/sued Nissan for their similarly themed commercials. Those were over the top funny / unrealistic but evidently somebody thought they were " misleading"

Chad Sexington, feel free to critique my comment and tell me where I'm wrong. Oh wait, you can't because I'm 100% right. Government Motors ads are a joke, just like their piece of crap tin can trucks. If you want a real truck that will last, you buy a Toyota. It's simple as that. Ford is garbage too and bringing back the Ranger won't dent Tacoma sales at all.

Special interest groups. They can stick it. False advertising; nearly all ads contain bs. Until Americans stand up to the offense industry fun is out.

@ Mark Williams

IN OTHER NEWS: "Honda to Show off NEW Ridgeline at SEMA"

The commercial with all of the explosions looks like ISIS. This commercial is degrading to Toyota. Good thing they used a Ford grille though.

Advertising needs to do 2 things; 1.attract attention;2. Plant a subconscious seed.

The first one needs no explanation but the second one does.

Even if you brush off the commercial(s) as stupid you have been exposed to the product and that makes you more familiar with it and subconsciously more accepting. The tie-in to fun might also make those who normally might not consider a Tacoma take a look.

Advertising is all based on psychology.

@papaJim - In Canada Trudeau getting elected was more of a backlash against the heavily partisan scandal riddled and divisive Conservative party. The Canadian Conservatives were playing "American" style politics and that did not sit well with Canadians.
All the times they have gotten elected in the past decade was not because they had gained more of the popular vote but because the centrist and left side of the political spectrum was divided. Conservatives have gotten roughly 30-35% of the popular vote for the past 3 elections. No difference this time for them other than the fact that the Block Quebecois imploded and so did the NDP (New Democratic Party). raise the roofline to increase head room. Then you raise the seat higher off the floor.

GROUND CLEARANCE HAS ZERO TO DO WITH IT...look at a Jeep Wrangler for example.

Toyota kept the same roofline-probably to keep the same doors and save $$.

As Car and Driver said "Toyota is not fooling anybody."

@mike g, if you raise the roof you would have it taller then a full size truck and it would look very odd looking.

We had the same here in Australia. Our Prime Minister just got fired from the job a month or so his own!

The previous Prime Minister, Abbott was very much to the right, very similar to the American far right Tea Party people.

They were having problem passing bills through the Parliament. He just wanted to oppose and oppose. A typical far right in not having the ability to come to any consensus and work with the Parliament.

The far right and far left are the problem with todays politics. There are many parallels with a far left and far right person.

First up they blame everyone but themselves for their position, whether it be immigrants, not enough pay, etc. They are more nationalists. A nationalist is negative for a country. A patriot is a far better way.

Nationalist just can't see the reality of those around them in the global sphere. This can be dangerous, as they tend to consider themselves superior with a sense of entitlement.

We vote for what we get.

The "upset" girl friend commercial is interesting but the premise is stolen from a 1937 Chrysler commercial using a Chrysler Airflow to show durability. They drove one off a cliff and when the dust settled they drove it away, intact.

Andre - I got to sit inside each offering of latest '16 trucks from all brands at a recent car show (Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chevy/Isuzu & I own a '14 Ranger) - the new '16 Toy Hilux although nice body lines & new engines (but still less power/torque than the Ranger) still has the same design flaw with the seating / in fact the same flaw from the last two model updates (we are going back 20 yrs now) which was very noticeble & less comfortable than all the other brands. I don't agree with your point raising the roof will make it look odd - if the others can do it & still look good, why can't Toy? You can try it with a adjustable chair; set it at your comfortable height & then lower it 3-4 inches - same sensation you'll get with the Hilux seating.

Unfortunately the US Tacoma version has adapted the same seating configuration & I guess you're stuck with it for another 10 yrs as that's about how often Toy update their trucks...

I've seen that airflow clip many times. Awesome car way ahead of her time

I want to thank @America bails out Chrysler for taking the time to come here and post his EXTREMELY valuable opinion in between long sessions of making sweet sweet love to his precious toyota truck. It is a sick and disgusting habit, but at least you take a break every once in a while.

The 11 year old Frontier still beats the brand new Tacoma in every mechanical, functional, and performance criteria you can think of. It's sad, really. But not as sad as the fact that people still buy Tacomas.

Entertaining commercials. Tacoma would be on the top of my list if I didn't need a full size pickup. Will definitely look into a used one when my 12 year old son is old enough to drive. I never have owned a Tacoma but knowing people who have them they love them for their capability and bulletproof reliability.

Pretty dang funny ray

I think Toyota's Tacoma commercial with the truck going through the sand and explosions around it is a bit too much. Every time I see that commercial I think of ISIS or the Taliban. I think they should have a do over and at the very least take the explosions out of their commercials unless they want to appeal to home grown terrorists. A nice rock climbing commercial and maybe crossing a stream would be less controversial but get the message over that Tacoma is a tough truck.

When I saw the Toyota truck...HAVE FUN commercial of Toyotas speeding across a desert with motorcycles I thought 2 things...BOTH ASTONISHINGLY CRASS: It reminded me of ISIS with their fleet of Toyotas. Secondly, it was telling us to go out, tear up the land with ORV's, noise and "let 'er rip"!

I have one TUNDRA and one Camry...great vehicles. But, this AD ??? AWFUL and TOTALLY INSENSITIVE !!!

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