October Sales Are on Target to Break Records

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Sales forecasters are predicting one of the strongest months for pickup truck sales in almost 15 years as pickup and SUV sales continue to benefit from low fuel prices, a relatively stable economy and growing consumer confidence.

According to Automotive News, as many as 1.4 million cars, sedans, crossovers, SUVs and pickups are likely to be sold in October, bringing the possible year-end total to well more than 17 million total 2015 sales by Dec. 31 and possibly close to 18 million in 2016.

Experts like market analyst J.D. Power have noted that it's not unusual for there to be a sales slowdown in the months after September (with the long Labor Day weekend), but the U.S. market does not seem to be slowing down this year with truck sales growing as much as 15 percent in October. Ford is likely to have another good month now that all three of its F-Series production facilities are running at full speed and the pipeline to dealerships full. GM is likely to continue its impressive run of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra sales market-share growth, with both the midsize Colorado and Canyon total sales likely to be well more than 110,000 units by the end of the year.

The only big player in the truck segment that has faltered recently is Toyota, with both Tundra and Tacoma sales down in September. Still, both pickups are on target to finish above 2014's sales with Tacoma squeezing more production from Toyota's Mexico facility as well as some adjustments being made to the Tundra/Tacoma San Antonio plant. Early numbers on the 2016 Tacoma are quite strong.

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My '15 King Ranch F-150 will be in the stats!

Fitting that they show a Ford being built after recent earnings report. All the doom and gloom about Ford with their beer can truck have proved false.


Hmm, I wonder what will happen to Tundra sales when the all new Titan hits the market and when overall sales dip because of pent up demand going away.


You left out GM earnings which blew Ford out of the water in the third quarter.

You also left out that Ford's earning were below estimates.

@ Anything but ecobust

I wouldn't actually buy a Ford, I like the Tundra's, if I were buying today, that would be the truck.
I just find it funny all the predictions about the beer can truck and how they were all BS. If you were one of them consider yourself proved wrong.

Estimates? Who cares? Final numbers is all that matters and it was a record.

Good for GM, glad to see they are doing well, but I didn't leave anything out, I was talking about Ford.


Are you sure about that? GM reported NET income of $1.4 Billion, FORD reported a NET income of $1.9 Billion.

The dealers in the stl area cannot get 2016 Tacoma's, not sure how sales can be that great. They dumped all the 2015 Taco's on our local dealer with no encentives....

Ford's pipeline is not as empty as it used to be but it's not full yet. They have told me that they are not going to build any long bed crew cabs until sometime next year. I am buying one as soon as they build it so I know that there is at least one empty spot in the pipeline.

I was considering a Nissan XD but it is not nearly as XD as I hoped that it would be. Its specs don't beat standard Ford or Chevy by much and don't come close to Ford's max payload specs.

Hey Anything, the miss was off by a whopping THREE CENTS but up more than DOUBLE from a year ago. Nothing to write home about. Considering operating margins were an outstanding 11.3%, no one's worried about that. GM's income actually FELL 1.4% last quarter to 1.36B compared to Ford's 1.9B (GM's a BIGGER company, mind you). Ford also paid taxes at a higher rate than analysts predicted.
But you just keep on hating and Ford will keep on breaking its records and being number one. It's cool.

Really Mark, toyota faultered even though they are selling more than last yrs. Yet to make excuse when ford f series didn't do as well as expect. your toyota hatre continues.

Ford and Toyota appear to be making more profit per sale than GM and Ram. I'm sue Ford will see decreasing per sale margins as the year progresses, in order to increase market share. Toyota will be happy to reduce Tundra production to meet Tacoma needs. As long as the basic architecture for the Tundra has been around it must be quite profitable to make at this point. The TRDPro truck is selling way above projections.

"GM said the $3.1 billion operating profit'


Operations in North America earned for FURD $2.7 billion


Ford is trash, better return your beer can f1 poopies for the 5cents back on a $45,000.00 grand truck LMFAO!

I think Ford is in position to see huge growth by the end of 2017 with the new Super Duty. Their biggest issue will be making enough 2016's to fill the gap while they change over the plant in summer 2016. The changes to the F150 in 2017 will only add to their potential, long as they get it right of course.

Furd will be in the toilet by the end of 2017. Recycle your turd Furds while you still can!

The story that Ford won't make any Screw Long Bed 157 inch wheel base till next year is a crock full of BS. You were lied too.

Ford, the company that didn't go BANKRUPT.

Ford globally released multiple new vehicles or heavily revised numbers of vehicles. Ford stated that they expected to see a drop in profits and sales volume this year. With that being said they have seen losses in Europe but so has everyone else. If anything Ford is doing better globally than predicted.

I wondered the same thing when I first read about the Titan HD a while back but now not so much. The Titan XD is not a game changer it just may be something for those who want a diesel max tow light duty truck. The Titan XD fits n solidly with the 6.2L from GM and 3.5L Ecoboost from Ford in terms of payload, towing and fuel economy. http://wot.motortrend.com/2016_nissan_titan_xd_cummins_gets_17_7_mpg_comb_in_real_mpg_testing.html

We don't even know what the regular Titan will be yet.

Ford cannot have a good Month because Big AL said Aluminum was a bad move

I don't see any bad news in this. Ford is doing well enough as is GM and Ram trucks. It doesn't really matter who is making the most profit as that these corporations are making a profit. Better to make a profit than a loss.

Johnny Dope Boy.

Back with his BS stories again. LOL

"The story that Ford won't make any Screw Long Bed 157 inch wheel base till next year is a crock full of BS. You were lied too."

Do you have any basis for this? I have a refunded deposit check and a voucher for a significant discount when they do become available.

@Walt - most of the F150's at my local dealership are 6.5 box trucks.

The point you need to realize is this: dealerships are the car company's customers NOT us.

They sell to dealerships.We inturn buy from dealerships. Dealers buy what sells quickly. If you live in a region where 5.5 box trucks are the most popular you may be SOL unless you try elsewhere.

After the years of stagnation and decline in the US auto industry due to the GFC and the aging US vehicle fleet this is good news.

I still envisage Ford to be the number two pickup manufacturer in the US behind the GM pickups. This will not change.

The Silverado/Sierra platform is far more successful than the F-150. This is evident by the number of Silverado based SUVs sold by GM.

Last months figure of 69 000 F Series sold by Ford is a bit of a misnomer regarding the aluminium F-150. I would say only 40 000 were the aluminium F-150, only four times the number of Colorado/Canyons sold.

Ford is reliant on the SuperDuty for much of it's profit, an old truck must be a bonanza for Ford.

I would like to see how the Taco is moving along, I do expect Toyota to be far better than Ford with it's introduction.

What is really needed is a real breakdown in the numbers of pickups ie, midsize, 1/2 ton, HDs.

The difference between a 1/2 ton and a HD is as great or even greater than the difference between a midsize and a 1/2 ton in capability and use. Both the midsize and 1/2 ton are primarily a car/SUV alternative, whereas the larger HDs tend to move towards commercial and business use.

When the October figures come out I will endeavour to breakdown the number to aluminium F-150s.

Well, Ford really could of done a far better job with the aluminium F-150 with its introduction. GM doesn't appear to have the same issues as Ford with the Colorado/Canyon.

I'd bet Nissan will not have the problem introducing the new Titan either.

As for Ford profits, the numbers are geared towards the shareholders. Money can be moved around in any business or government. An extreme example of this was Greece or Enron.

Nitro S,
That's a big call by a troule.

I do believe Ford would of been better off using the Ranger as the basis for the new F-150.

Made an aluminium bed and doors, etc.

Ford could of then used the same 3.2 diesel as well.

Even a Raptor version could of been adapted for the global market, with the 3.2 a Raptorised version of the Ranger would of been good. Even a 2.7 would be a nice addition to the Ranger.

The 2.7 EcoBoob will be needed in the Ranger once the Falcon ute is gone in Australia.

Ford need to import the Ranger and fast to keep up with GM.

Big Al from Oz - pot calling the kettle black

I thought i just read fords profits were through the roof? Oh well, someone probably lied....

Johnny Dope boy lied. He's the one.

Oh, Lois,
Why do you keep on keeping on?

For a person who is supposed to be employed you seem to be on the net most of your life.

Hmmm.............has me wondering WFT are you?

"by Big AL"
Last months figure of 69 000 F Series sold by Ford is a bit of a misnomer regarding the aluminium F-150. I would say only 40 000 were the aluminium F-150, only four times the number of Colorado/Canyons sold.

I didn't know that Ford made 2015 F150 with steel body panels.

Also I didn't know that the Crapyrado/Crayons were considered full size pickups.

I guess the GM (Goverment Motors) BS never ends. LOL

Big Oxi is on this site quite a bit too.

Who is the biggest trvll on this site?

SURVEY SAYS........................

Big Al
You have been right about the F-150 not selling without big sales. Automotive News and Detroit Free Press have article’s that Ford is having the biggest sale since the recession. Sale last from Nov.3 to Jan.4 with no haggle prices $200. above dealer invoice

$200 over invoice is not that big of a deal. Pretty much anyone can haggle to the invoice price. Invoice prices are just a number. The real savings are in incentives and A plans. Fiat advertises all the time employee pricing for everyone.

America has a record number of workers looking for a job. These predictions about the sales number will be believed once the year is rolled up early next January.

The US newspapers and magazines have been predicting an economic recovery for seven years now, and every quarter the government economists revise the previous quarter's numbers to show improved growth.

In recent weeks the Govmt announced that Medicare premiums will go up sharply in 2016 and Social Security payouts will be frozen. Sure doesn't sound like a healthy economy.

Yeah, the gasser Titan is a question mark. My reason for implying it will eat into the Tundra's sales is for those who want a fourth option that is option rich will now have one. We all know that the Tundra is short on options.

Funny thing about the Titan, one reason why I didn't buy it, back in '11, is I thought Nissan was going to bail out of the pickup truck market. I didn't see this coming!

I bet the gasser Titan will push 400 plus HP and 413 TRQ since the Infiniti QX80 produces this power now along with a 7 speed tranny.

Boy, things are getting good for the pickup truck market, but wicked expensive!

"by Big AL"
Last months figure of 69 000 F Series sold by Ford is a bit of a misnomer regarding the aluminium F-150. I would say only 40 000 were the aluminium F-150, only four times the number of Colorado/Canyons sold.

I didn't know that Ford made 2015 F150 with steel body panels.

Chucky, do you realize that the figure of 69K trucks includes aluminum F150s and steel F250s/350s, etc, Right?

Perhaps GM now trying to spend its profits so FIAT won't like them anymore. GM big bonus...

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. plans to start running one of its biggest sales since the recession next week, offering most vehicles at no-haggle prices within about $200 of dealer invoice for the rest of the year.

The “Friends & Neighbors Pricing Event” runs Nov. 3 through Jan. 4, according to a 20-page guide distributed to dealers. Automotive News obtained a copy of the guide, which is marked confidential, from a source outside Ford’s dealer network and confirmed it to be authentic.

The guide shows discounts of up to 10 percent of the suggested retail price and says they can be combined with other incentives it already offers. In addition, the sale enables dealers to earn more from each transaction than they otherwise would — for example, $126 more on a 2015 Focus and $471 more on a 2015 F-150.

“This is truly a rare deal that we can leverage into huge sales and maximized profits,” reads a note at the end of the guide from Ford’s U.S. marketing director, Chantel Lenard, and U.S. sales director, David Mondragon.

Ford will promote the sale with a “heavy” rotation of TV, print, radio and digital advertising in which Ford employees invite consumers to enjoy discounts normally available only to their friends and neighbors, the guide explains.

“This is not your normal, ‘Let’s take $500 off a car,’” said Jim Seavitt, owner of Village Ford in Dearborn, Mich. “Last time we did something like this was … when things were pretty bad.”


Daddy's gunna buy me a 2016 Ram Power Wagon real soon. ;-)

2017 Dodge RAM 1500 SRT Hellcat!


Big Oxi is on this site quite a bit too.

Who is the biggest trvll on this site?

SURVEY SAYS........................

Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 28, 2015 5:43:19 PM

I think you already answered that. Look in the mirror.

@LOU-BC, NEWS FLASH, Ford has the most recalls like ive been telling you for years on this site. ;-) Mostly Fires!!!

@ Ford Engineer
Fleet queen special.

@papa Jim,
Have the same inconsistency in Australia. Economy is not roaring along, but overall vehicle sales have jumped 13% and will be another record

I see HemroidV8 is up to his painful self again.

The big question is will ford be able to come from so far behind as to not be skunked by General Motors for another yearof sales. I t is doubtful since the aluminum truck has been a failure.

Good news for everyone even the spin on Toy about a not so good month still predicts an excellent year for them. Glad to see the economy doing well. I read in another article Ford had its best quarter EVER. That's VERY impressive.

2017 Dodge RAM 1500 SRT Hellcat!


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 29, 2015 12:11:08 AM

Now that is funny. They could not sell the first SRT rams trying to copy the F150 lighning. 125 more HP than the Lightning and just barely faster. A few hundred $ of bolt ons the lightning would wipe the floor with it. Pathetic. $15K more than the lightning also. Plus it could not tow nothing. At the end they were giving away a neon if you bought that POS truck trying get to move them.

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