Recall Alert: 2016 Toyota Tacoma


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 300 model-year 2016 Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup trucks

The Problem: In pickups equipped with a driver's knee airbag module, incorrect bolts may have been used to attach the module to the instrument panel. This could result in the bolts loosening over time. A loosened bolt could affect the deployment of the air bag during a crash, increasing the risk of injury.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the bolts with bolts of correct specification free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Toyota has not yet released an owner notification schedule. Owners can contact Toyota at 800-331-4331, visit Toyota's recall page at (enter your vehicle identification number to find out about safety issues related to your vehicle) or visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at for more information.

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Off to a good start...

A recall warning owners that their Takata airbags may of been incorrectly installed resulting in deployment of shrapnel into anatomical structures other than the face or torso.

Nice ;)


The new Tacoma is getting off on the right foot.

I wonder if incorrect bolts where used in lieu of the correctly configured bolts, or was it an accident?

Knowing that would make some difference.

A very common type of recall familiar with ALL manufacturers. Its isolated to a small number of vehicles having been caught and acted upon early, easily fixed, voluntary and preventative in nature... Some manufacturers could learn a lot from the "caught early, preventative, easily fixed, voluntary" parts of this. Competently taking care of ones inevitable mistakes is part of responsible business. Thanks Toy for doing it right.

These were probably some of the trucks that were destined for ISIL in the mid-east but got shipped to dealers here in the USA

Good comment.

I do agree it is good that a recall has been made.

It seems the costlier the fix the more the manufacturers (all) tend to cover up the problems. Then as can been seen when they get caught out, nothing much seems to occur.

Only 300 vehicles affected? That's such a small number, why the need for a full-blown recall?

Only 300 vehicles affected? That's such a small number, why the need for a full-blown recall?

Posted by: Striker45 | Oct 14, 2015 3:26:32 PM

It's safety related and vehicles gave been purchased already buy customers. If there was no vehiclescape purchased it would likely been a dealer hold recall. Where the dealer cannot sell till it is corrected. As stated above it was caught early and taken care of right away.

Wow, auto correct really butchered up that on.

@big all from oz- most likely it was the correct size/thread bolt, but lacking a pre-applied thread locker. Chances are that module mounts with similar bolts used adjacent. Probably caught in an audit, identified the assembly step and determined those 300 trucks were gone.

Dollars to Donuts it was a San Antonio SNAFU, not Tijuana.

'incorrect bolts'

Maybe it is a cost saving measure by the Japanese (my money is on cutting corners by the Japanese).

Oxi as shareholder is happy his stock increases in value while using junk or generic bolts. His Japanese stock has cornered the fleet sales in Middle East - (while our domestic products cannot compete fairly due to the numerous restrictions and embargo).

Get it rectified quick, Toyota, so you can proceed to out-sell the GM jalopies.

Off to a typical start for Toyota. Most over-rated truck brand ever to exist.

It's like Starbucks and Apple. There are much better coffees and much better phones to be had for less money...but people like to ride that band wagon.

I wonder when they'll have a fix for the almost 700,000 2005 - 2011 Tacoma's affected by the faulty leaf Springs?

Yo pensava comprar una toyota tacoma 2016 pero con lo que a pasado yo creo que mejor me voy a decidir por la Colorado

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