September's Fastest- and Slowest-Selling Pickups

Toyota Tacoma  029 II

The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma has been available at dealerships for almost one full month, and sales seem to be very strong. Crew-cab and extended-cab models are selling well according to our September sales data, yet only four models with full-size doors met our minimum threshold requirement of 100 sales to make our top 10 list.

Typically any pickup truck with less than a 30-day supply is seen as a hot seller, but our list this month is dominated by the new midsize players from Toyota and GM. The Tundra and Ram are the only half-tons that made our top-sellers list, while the 2016 Ram and Ford three-quarter-ton trucks are the only heavy-duty models to break into the top 10.

As is normal this time of year — when there is overlap between the outgoing 2015 models and incoming 2016s — all the players on our slowest-selling list are from the outgoing model year, with work-duty regular- and extended-cab models dominating the list.

Fastest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2016 Toyota Tacoma crew cab, 4 days on sale
  2. 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax, 11
  3. 2016 Ram 1500 crew cab, 12
  4. 2016 Toyota Tundra extended cab, 12
  5. 2016 Chevrolet Colorado extended Cab, 15
  6. 2016 Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, 15
  7. 2016 GMC Canyon crew cab, 19
  8. 2016 Ram 2500 crew cab, 23
  9. 2015 Nissan Frontier crew cab, 27
  10. 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty extended cab, 32


Slowest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 extended cab, 182 days on sale
  2. 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty extended cab, 165
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 regular cab, 163
  4. 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty regular cab, 149
  5. 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty regular cab, 138
  6. 2015 Ram 3500 MegaCab, 132
  7. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 extended cab, 124
  8. 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty extended cab, 123
  9. 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty crew cab, 122
  10. 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty crew cab, 121


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Given the flat or a little bit lower sales numbers from Ram, and take this top selling list, there is no doubt...Ram's factory must be at max output. This is a good thing for Ram, however there are huge (as with most times) incentives for their trucks. Now, if this site could only break into this Top 10 list some more and figure out the powertrain lineup. I am interested in the take rate of the EcoD.

It has already been said that the take rate on the Ram EcoDiesel is 20 percent.

If I was buying a new truck I would go with a ram 1500 with the 3.6 in a crew cab. Of course my truck is a grocery getter and the only thing I haul is my sons wheel chair and my weekend projects. I looked at the new Tacoma and Colorado. I sat in the back. At 6 ft my knees were in the seat in front of me. If you haul a family the half ton crew cabs are still cheaper than a Tahoe or expedition.

breaking out year models is pretty useless. There may be 12 days of 2016 Rams but 100 days of 2015. They really should be combined.

Hey Chucky cheese kid LOL! Camaro smoked them flat plane crank Ford Poopstains.

I agree with Toycrusher, the combined totals would be interesting. Although seeing both is valuable as well.

@ Cappa

I know that Ram increased production of the 3D to 20%, but I have not read anything that actually says what the take rates are. Can you provide a link?

When Toyota refreshes the Tundra drivetrain it will be all over for Ford, Chevy and Fiat.

My local Toyota dealer in Missouri does not have any 2016's and was told they will not get any until they sell all of the 2015's. Toyo dumped 12 2015's on them the first of September the Denver dealers were giving 2015 Taco's away, 0% financing and deep discounts

I would have looked at the tundra if the MPG weren't so horrendous, and if they were competitive price wise. Until then, they will remain overpriced gas guzzlers and won't get my attention.

I like the Tundra but yea the gas mileage is bad and my head hits the roof. Pricing I think thier sticker prices are lower but less rebates.

kinda funny that we can get this breakdown by model comparing how fast they sell, but at the end of the month sales totals, we never see a breakdown of units sold by model. Wouldn't that be interesting to see.

This method of sorting is pointless at this time of year. Trucks that just went in production (2016 models) only have to sell 2 or 3 to make the list simply because those particular vehicles were not on the lot long. Likewise, trucks out of production (2015 models) cannot possibly make the list no matter how many they sell simply because the ones left have been on the lot a while.

Seeing combined model year numbers would be of interest when there is little change in the vehicle between the two years. But, when there is a significant change, such as Ford had last year with the aluminum body, then it is more interesting to see how the changes have affected sales and the length of time on the lot before sale.

@Frank Martin - i have the same critique of the Tacoma and Colorado/Canyon crewcab trucks. Once the front seat is adjusted to comfort there is minimal leg room in the back. A full sized V6 crew is a good choice.

@Walt - the news story states that the cut-off is 100 units sold. Even that is a petty low number considering there are 1,000's of dealers per brand.

I do see your point. This doesn't really tell us best selling, it tells us sales versus production ratio's.

Toyota, sells its Trucks by contract to Terrorists..and ISIS !

Toyota should fail..Remember Japan hates the U.S.A and Canada,ban Oriental vehicles.

Toyota all the way....
And is is great to not see another of Marks favorite brand articles posted. Seriously PUTC, it's getting nauseous

@Johnny Dope,

I should hope so that the big block 7.0L/427cid Camaro won the Championship, they had a 3 race head start in total points because the GT350 5.2L/315cid were not entered in the first three races.

But I see that the 3.6/215cid V6 ecoboost GT's beat the big block 427cid V8 Corvettes again. LOL

@chuck taylor it might be even more than that races missed by
the 5.2L

Glad to see the Colorado/Canyon doing well..Two years ago I was skeptical, but really admired GM for the very gutsy move of sinking $$$ into a new mid-size truck. All the "experts" said the mid-size market was dead.


GM deserves their success

What "experts" failed to see was that nobody had updated the midsize trucks at all for years and years. Toyota was the only one selling midsize trucks because they kept it fresh. GM, Ford, Nissan, Honda all failed to do this. Really glad GM grabbed the bull by the horns and pushed the midsize trucks through. I will be in the marked for a Canyon or Colorado in the next couple years. Until then, Have to keep driving my 2006 Silverado.

Mike G,
I do think GM has made the correct move with the Colorado/Canyon, I've been stating this from the beginning.

I also believe Ford would of been better off redesigning the F-150 out of steel. Ford should of started out with an aluminium bed, doors, etc, rather than a complete change over.

The FE advantage of 1mpg (3.5 EcoBoost) wasn't worth Ford's effort.

Ford has tried to be too innovative with the aluminium F-150 and it appears the consumer does not really give a rat's @ss.

The consumer is more interested in a pickup that will carry the family of 1.8 kids, tow the boat, go to Home Depot, etc, not what the vehicle is made of.

So, Ford is now in a position where it has a much more expensive vehicle to produce and sell at "old" prices to compete with the other brands.

This leads back to the Colorado/Canyon. They will pretty much do what most expect from a pickup. They will sell quite well, along with the Taco.

Again, we see that the aluminium F-150 isn't moving as quickly as the B&B claim. We even see in September Ford has actually sold 2 000 less F Series than in August.

If the F Series was as popular as claimed, you would of thought an improvement would of occurred, even with one day less in the month for selling.

Has Ford reached it's peak?

Will Ford need to lower prices to be more competitive?

Will Ford then start to lose money?

How many people does it take to produce less aluminium F-150s than steel ones?

Will the aluminium SuperDutys further reduce Ford's footprint in the pickup market?

Importantly, will Ford introduce the steel global Ranger into the US market. These will sell. Even if Ford sells 10 000 per month that would be around 25% the rate of aluminium F-150s.

Ford could use that boost in numbers.

Chucky Cheese kid that's because Corvette racing was so much better then anyone, IMSA's balance of performance adjustments. They had to make the corvettes worse so others even had the chances to win which is B/S.

Hey look at that, big Albert is talking about the F150 again. I was waiting all day for him to start babbling again about it. Again it is like a broken record with all his post.aluminum this, babble that, F150 this, I'm so smart that......LMAO.

If the 'Tundra' MPG haters/liars would check their TRUE mpg, they would find it is as good or better than any "normally" powered truck on the market. The TUNDRA is a REAL truck doing what REAL trucks do. They are NOT 'pansy' play toys. I'll put my '12 TUNDRA up against anyone's 'boy-toy' truck...any brand. Mine has the 5.7L with tow pkg and 4.30 gearing. Come on all you BIG-3 lovers. You don't have a chance at all. You're all talk and no knowledge, just like my friend's "all show, NO go" Chitty!!!

Posted by: Bob | Oct 7, 2015 2:51:21 PM

You get 18.5MPG combined with 22MPG + highway in your tundra? I get that in my 5.3L silverado with 3.42 gears and it only has 1000 miles on it. It will only get better. Seriously would have looked at the tundra seriously if they would put some cash on the hood to be competitive with the big 3 and got better MPG hiqhway than the Silverado gets in the city.

Bob, it is time for you to live in the real world! There is not a Toyota made that gets good MPG. They are still 3-5 years behind the Colorado and Canyon even with their updated boy toy. And for full size, they are not even in the game with the big three. You should take a evening math class to educate yourself better on your math skills.

@Greg, you got to get your head out of your azzhole, lack of oxygen is affecting your brain, what little you have. Explain how the new Tacoma is 3-5 years behind the GM twins? If they were so bad or outdated, why do they continue to outsell the twins 2 to 1, even before the new model came out. Maybe you should live in the real world. The GM twins will relegated to sales because of rebates and fleet sales.....

If everything big al says is right then the tacoma would outsell the aluminum f150 4 to 1. It's interesting how he ALWAYS wants to talk about the aluminum f150 and how much of a failure he thinks it is, even when the article has very little to do with the f150.

So, bEbEE, can you cut and paste some comments of mine to support your views? They will be very hard to find as they don't exist.

Is you comment just that, a comment from a disturbed Fodr phan?

Counter my argument. No one has yet regarding the aluminium Ford F-150. The data doesn't exist yet to show how greatly successful this aluminium pickup is. It's doing okay.......if it was a Ram.

Hmmm.........where have I ever stated the new aluminium 2015 F-150 is not a competitive pickup?

Or, for that matter a midsizer in the US market will outsell a full size pickup?

I just suppose you are just another Frod phanster, like the many or actually the few (multiple names) who post on PUTC.

@Johnny Dope

Chevy running big block 427cid Corvettes vs V6 power cars.

They only restriction they give the Corvettes is a smaller fuel tanks. So stop your crying.


The LS7 7.0L is a small block LS. Same block, same bore spacing.

The C6.R/C7.R LS7 small block made so much power it was considered an unfair advantage and the Le Mans racing officials mandated that the engine had to have two 29.2mm intake air restrictor plates installed to limit power. The displacement was also restricted to 5.5 liters.

The Midsizers is really starting to bubble along as I thought it would, after GM decided to reinvent the segment. Now others i e Toyota are bringing out new models.
Toyota, indirectly is getting a lot publicity from this ISIS thing. Surprised to find that they sold 745, 000 Hiluxes in 2013.

@Vincent Vega

IMSA did the same thing to GT350 after spanking the Z28 in it's first couple of races, it put a restrictor plate from 87mm (1000cfm) to 62mm (730cfm) throttle body.

Great to see the Frontier in the top 10!

Most under-rated truck on the market!!

Gotta love the mo-rons who think Toyota is selling directly to terrorists.

Chucky Cheese kid They also made the Corvettes the heaviest cars and with smalls fuel tanks.

Toyota is the most American vehicle on the road!

Ford is built by Muslims in Dearborn, MI! Fact! I saw it on Fox News!

Fiat-Chrysler had to be bailed out twice, taking welfare money from the government! Now they're owned by the Italians! Fact!

GM is a loser company that had to take welfare money from the government and it still builds it's trucks in Mexico! Fact!

Buy Toyota and support the American worker! Built in Texas without liberal union involvement! God Bless America and God Bless Toyota!

@Johnny Dope

Chucky Cheese kid They also made the Corvettes the heaviest cars and with smalls fuel tanks.

BS: are you saying that they added 400lbs to a fiberglass/carbon fiber car. LOL (Show me the website)?

Corvette's also have the biggest engines by more than 125cid. Also a V8 against V6's

Chucky Cheese kid But they all are rated for the same HP. Some your bragging bout a POS Ford GT when the Corvettes now have the smalls fuel tanks and the heaviest cars. So other crappy made cars like Ford have a chance to win and they still barely do. Maybe Ford and the others should hire some real engineers LMAO!

@Johnny Dope,

What no website to prove your Chevy BS. LOL

I would like to see a complete list someday instead of just the top/bottom 10. I am looking for a deal on out-going truck and finding a glut of inventory in a model I would accept would be a great help.

Mike - Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare.

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