Spied: 2017 Four-Door Raptor

Raptor Crew II

Our spy shooters have captured the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew (four-door crew cab), revealed for the first time in its entirety outside Detroit.

The Raptor was first revealed at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in January in Detroit, but it was shown only as a SuperCab version. Today we bring you photos of the 2017 Raptor SuperCrew fully undisguised and complete with the more subtle tailgate. This Raptor also sports new rims with the beefy BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires.

Ford said the 2017 Raptor would get a special version of the twin-turbo EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 with more than 450 horsepower to replace the standard 6.2-liter V-8 found in the 2014 model. The 2017 Raptor also will be one of the first Ford vehicles to receive the new 10-speed automatic transmission (the Raptor will have paddle shifters) being developed by Ford and GM. Expect to see that transmission replace other automatics on Ford's F-Series pickups.

As before, the Raptor will get off-road-oriented modifications such as remote-reservoir Fox racing shocks and meaty off-road tires. Ford is also going to add an all-new terrain management system to help keep the Raptor moving in tough conditions like snow, rocks and swampy mud.

The 2017 Raptor should be on sale by fall 2016.

Spiedbilde images


Raptor Crew 2 II

Raptor Crew 3 II

Raptor Crew 4 II

Raptor rear 1 II



These are 2 to 3 week old spy pics

Now this a good looking front end. Why ford made the regular F150 front end so ugly beats me.

Beside the good looking front end, the side of the truck looks like a rip off from the new titan.

Special EB and the joint 10spd auto... I like Ford, I like technology, I like the Raptor, I don't know if I wanna be the first to get all those brand new firsts together... Id hang back for a bit. Nice to see the 10spd joint auto coming online. Hope its reliable and gives more than 1 more MPG.

Like the look--not at all a fan of using the ecoboost in this application. I'd much rather have the 6.2L. If the V6 makes such great torque, why in the heck would you need 10 gears?

@ uh huh....couldn't agree more. The way the grill curves on the bottom instead of going straight down to the bumper is much nicer on the Raptor. Kind of like the 92-96 F150s were.

Will be interesting to see how the Ford 10 speed compares in ratio spread and step ratios to the Current crop of 8-speeds. The thing should absolutely fly- and with less weight than the old Raptor, the suspension has less work to do.
In profile, that front skid could be up a little higher, but over all, there seems to be plenty of room.
This, with a custom Phoenix pop-up would make one sweet combo.

The front of that Raptor looks Hummerish. Ford steals more even more styling cues. Oh, Camaro called and wants its rear quarter panels back from the new Mushstang.

The front of that Raptor looks Hummerish. Ford steals more even more styling cues. Oh, Camaro called and wants its rear quarter panels back from the new Mushstang.

Sweet, i'd rather have the Super Cab.

Article mentioned Meaty Off-Road tires, BFG KO's are not very meaty, Need some Cepak or MT mudders on it, but they would not do very well in what this truck was designed to do, which was high speed sand/desert...but most are just street cruisers anyway

Article mentioned Meaty Off-Road tires, BFG KO's are not very meaty, Need some Cepak or MT mudders on it, but they would not do very well in what this truck was designed to do, which was high speed sand/desert...but most are just street cruisers anyway

@uh huh, the F150 is an older design than the Titan. SMH.

Mark Williams,

"Rims" are for bikes...Wheels are for trucks.

@A L, deny all you want, the regular F150 also doesn't have this fender design of the F150 Raptor.

Ugly looking thing just like the rest of Ford's.

Just another ugly FURD with a crappy sounding v6 car engine, playing v8 sounds on the radio with 2009 Ram exhaust. Now it will be even more like a beer can when the fame bends LMFAO!

So a Supercrew is what we would call a DualCab? Saw a 6.2 Raptor

If you don't want the V6 Ford is coming out with a V8 5.0 Ecoboost! Its coming for the 2018 model year. http://horsepowerkings.com/the-f-150-raptor-will-receive-the-ecoboost-5-0-twin-turbo-v8-in-2018/

The advantage the EB3.5 will have over the 6.2 V8 is weight. Pickups are already nose heavy. The EB should have similar torque and more power than the 6.2. The new EB3.5 is not an evolution of the F150 EB3.5 but is an engine from the new Ford GT with "zero lag" turbos.

The only loss will be engine sound. I'm not a fan of the sound form any V6 especially if they have aftermarket pipes. I've encountered a few "piped" 3.5 F150's and even a few Ram Pentastar trucks and the sound sucks.

Ford is going backwards with the Raptor. The previous one looked much better and I'd rather have a V8 than a V6.

One thing to consider Lou is the ecoboost... Even the the 1st gen made more torque down low then the 6.2. You need rpm to make any power out of the v8's. This new raptor will be a complete beast. It's coming with a common upgrade that current raptor owners do that make night and day differences in offroad capability.... 3.0 shocks instead of 2.5's on the 6.2 raptors. If you need sound it equates to compensating for short comings especially since the old 3.5 out performs most any v8's and equals the 8 speed 6.2 gm's. This new 3.5 will dominate the 1/2 ton pickup market easily in all levels of performance that trucks are designed for.

I love how all the so called "haters" still have to read Ford articles. Why do you suppose that is?

Johnny blow is back at it again. At least FORD will make something like this not just special painted up edition trucks that are no better that your buddies plain jane model. This truck will do it all and yes, you are very jealous of it.

Don't like that blacked out look. The front end does look rather disgusting.

Now for some of the negatives with this vehicle. The front bash plate does look out of place and could of been better positioned.

For a vehicle touted as a dedicated "high" performace off road vehicle I would of expected a better designed front end to provide a better approach angle.

The rear end design is just as poor. Just look at how the exhaust system is routed underneath. Boy Ford couldn't of wanted an exhaust yelling out " crush me, dent me,".

The exhaust outlet is poorly designed and located, I can forsee the back end of the exhaust becoming destroyed.

Any rocky trail will see the Raptors poorly designed exhaust system destroyed. How much are they?

Even the muffler is right alongside the rear damper! Heat and compressed nitrogen/oil does well.

Ford a poorly put together effort this Raptor. Not much thought has gone into actually using this off road. Maybe some desert trail or on sand is what this is only good at.

A diesel Raptor would of been great.

But, most of these are just for crawling through shopping centres stating "look at me, I'm great".

I don't like some of what I see with this so called off road vehicle that might only suite sand dunes, beaches, etc.

The Raptor has been designed to look the part, that about all I can see that is positive.

You'd be better off buying a 4x4 pickup and modifying it yourself. It would be a lot cheaper.

The Raptor's payload is Corolla like.

I suppose it will take yourself and wife shopping and bring home a few dozen eggs.

This is what will be used for mainly.

Just nothing like it though Al. Just nothing. You left out that its aluminum. Hope you aint slipping.

I don't mind a person with a leaning towards a particular product.

But, when a person can't distinguish the difference between a single product and a manufacturer then he has issues.

I do think aluminium is acceptable. Have I ever stated otherwise?

I think it's just you Frod phans that have issues with Ford. I don't, I explain it as it is.

Not a bad looking truck, and Ford will actually build it- unlike the awesome concept only ZR2 diesel that GM will never build. I expect it will run with a 6.2 Chevy. It will still be heavier and have much bigger tires. The only place I have seen a 3.5 Ecoboost run with a 6.2 GM is at high altitude.

What a turd! The Tundra TRD-Pro will stomp a mudhole in the face of this ugly recycled beer can! I'm sure the Obama-UAW loving Ford fans will be on it like flys on dog s**t.

Not gonna argue with you Al. You are gonna be right even when you are wrong. Everyone knows that's a fact. If you can afford this truck then buy it. Its up to that person. No matter if they cruise the malls or rough it some. Theres just nothing like it, period.

is someone impersonating Big AL or he just becoming a bigger dickhead every article? i'm blown away at your posts .
Its ok to say you hate Ford just admit it, don't read the ford articles and we will all be all the better for it.

Thanks for you positive feedback. It is welcomed.

Maybe a Ford dealer near you can help you out.

How can I hate Ford? Do you not read my comments?

It's sad to see how a brand can affect the simple in our society, like yourself.

Are you one of those you need to have that feeling of reinforcement that what every you buy or want to buy has to be better? This is called insecurity.

Are you that insecure you can't make a choice and when you do you consider your choice the best?

Truckcrazy, Sean;) and the others.........................;)
You've now gone to if you want to buy it, buy it.

Have I ever stated not to buy a Raptor?

You guys must learn to comprehend.

Yes, so don't argue, are your argument is baseless.

Did someone here say the Ecobust weighs less than the v8, I got news for you, look on ford.com the Ecobusts weigh MORE than the 5.0 and as an engine, the ECOJOKE weighs more than the superior GM 5.3 and 6.2.

That's right 420HP 6.2 is lighter than the 3.5 Ecobust that makes 365HP and for your Ford fans that cant add, that's 55 HP more, smaller dimensions and lighter, no TURDBLOWS, better FE, better Torque, no comparison.

I don't believe the exhaust would get crushed like a few non off-roading posters post. It would set the rear of the truck on the spare tire and hitch and not touch the the exhaust. Mind you I don't like the exhausts that come out the back.... It needs just to dump in front of the rear axle like mbrp turn down exhaust does..... It would save a fair amount of weight eliminating the dual out the back exhaust. Cheap after market fix in the grand scheme.

You've obviously never off roaded.

You tout yourself as a pickup/4x4 guru and yet you have not one bit of experience in this area. This is quite evident by some of the incorrect views you put forward.

Have you ever off roaded? I don't count driving on the shoulder or up grandpa's dirt driveway as off road.

Then the spare is in a really dumb position as well.

Like I stated for a dedicated high performance off road vehicle Ford could of easily done a better job with the Raptor to make it hard to beat.

This is the place I just went on the weekend, it's called Landcruiser Mountain Park. I didn't finish one of the tracks called Crusier Canyon, got 2/3s of the way through. The track drives up a creek bed, makes Rubicon look like a picnic.




I made it up one climb, no one else did, when I came down the bottom a group cheered and clapped. Even a Rengade couldn't get up. Guys had Landcruisers and even Patrols.

If you look at the Cruiser Canyon video you'll understand that the Raptor under belly needs a look at, especially if it is trying to present by Ford as the "ultimate" off roader.

Maybe you should learn to off road. I recommend joining a local 4x4 club so you can learn the fundementals of off roading.

Cool made up story about your made up offroad adventures bro.... Please tell me how the exhaust is going to get smashed offroad with the spare tire hang lower the the exhaust. The raptor would easily own offroad any stock ute pickup midsize abortions that you guys only have the choice to buy. You choices are so limited that I don't blame you for being ignorant on most things concerning pickups. Maybe you should head back to ttac and continue making a fool of yourself there in vw diesel scandal or uaw threads.

Ain't made up. Actually done, achieved and conquered, sometimes not conquered.

In Cruiser Canyon spent 2 hours to move 20 metres, jacking and packing. The Canyon was just too much for my pickup. The biggest killer was my wheel base.

After only moving 20 metres my "navigator" did a quick recon and came back and advised to call it quits. So I did a 3 point turn (actually around 15 points).

One in our group had a Patrol who made it throught the Canyon, but he wasn't able to climb Telstra Mountain like I did. So, as you can see when it comes down to it certain vehicles can do what others can't.

I have to take my BT50 to a body shop to repair some dents I got in Cruiser Canyon. The rocks protrude and when the vehicle rocks from side to side a couple of inches of clearance becomes non existent.

I'll go out and buy some better sliders and also look underneath.

It was a great weekend.

Also the spare will only protect so much, it will also impede the performance of the Raptor.

Maybe Ford should use a bash plate instead of the spare. also, the exhaust as I mentioned is poorly routed on the Raptor.

You'd probably be better off buying a Taco to off road than a Raptor. The Taco will do more, carry more. The Taco will take you wherever the Raptor can go, plus some.

The Taco will be cheaper, modify it yourself and presto a better 4x4 than a Raptor.

Remember I'm not a Toyota proponent.

When the first gen raptor came out I liked them because of their features (Fox suspension, difflocker, descend control, etc.)

But after seeing these trucks for a few years now, they just look big, heavy and bulky with terrible MPG, compared to regular trucks.

Unless you really do take them off-roading, these trucks seem like a total waste.

Mr Chow,
I think the biggest killer for the Raptor is it's length.

As I mentioned Ford could of done a far better job.

First a shorter wheel base.

Second, reduce the rear overhang.

Third, better routing of exhaust.

Just giving ground clearance will not make a vehicle more nimble.

Ford has realised that the consumption of the Raptor is mainly by wanna be's. So, the vehicle is designed as such.

This is a pity as it could be a good off road vehicle.

The current setup of the Raptor makes for the great under pinnings of a expeditionary style 4x4. But it will need a diesel and improved payload.

So, capability is what the Raptor lacks, considering it's bulk.

It appears to be more than what it really is.

Hey bill, do you have tunnel vision and only look at ford articles? Well the rest of us don't confine ourselves to only reading about one brand.
Looks like ford subdued the hey look what I'm driving aspect of this truck. That might drive the posers to more ostentatious trucks. Maybe it'll actually get used off road more often. Daily driver during the week, mud pit on the weekends

@Dean, Scott, Truck Crazy - That's just BAFO. He only comes here, all the way from the Aussie Outback to talk down Ford, GM and Ram fullsize pickups, especially the F-150, while trying to promote midsize pickups, including globals and diesels, in vain.

His sh!t campaign never varies.

But it absolutely KILLS him to see us enjoying what we have, and they don't.

Actually we owe it to them *down undah* and other places that can't have them, to enjoy our fullsize pickups on their behalf. They'd do it for us! BAFO too!!!

I'll think of big al when I install my new distributor and fire her up.

"You need rpm to make any power out of the v8's."

Posted by: Scott | Oct 26, 2015 6:59:53 PM

You need RPM for boost in a Turbo. DUH!

You need RPM for boost in a Turbo. DUH!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 26, 2015 10:57:19 PM

Hemi makes its torque peak at around 4K rpms.... Ecoboost makes it peak torque at around 2500 rpm while maintaining 90 percent of that torque to 5000 rpm. The second gen ecoboost with its class leading torque and hp will be making all that torque down low in the rpm band unlike the v8's of fords competition. Wait for the turbo v6 in the new aluminum silverados and sierras to mount any competition to ford.

@BAFO, What you fail to see in this truck is Ford is not making the Ultimate Rock crawler or offroad vehicle for that matter. They are making a truck that gives some of those capabilities to people that have NO interest is creating a custom truck for that purpose. Thats like saying a Corvette is slow compared to my custom made racecar that I can still drive on the stree and it simply blows the doors off a ZR1 Vette. They make a fairly fast car for people to buy and drive... Just like ford does with the raptor. Like you said, most are street driven. Some people simply like those types of vehicles. Why did GM build the Hummer? Because people bought them for the looks etc but not because its supposed to be the ultimate offroader. How many Raptors did Ford sell last round... OH yeah thats right ALOT and made money.

@Hemi V8, All a turbo engine needs is a load, and the turbos will spool right up at a lower RPM. This will help create higher Torque numbers down low which as we all know, torque is what gets a vehicle moving.

@ Big AL

thanks for the laugh at your analogy of who I am, just proves your clueless with your comments

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