Toyota Celebrates 30 Years of 'Back to the Future'

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The famous movie scene in "Back to the Future" is practically iconic: After time-traveling into the past and saving his own life and the lives of his family, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) returns to the present stupefied to find that his parents are now cool, his girlfriend is still hot and a new Toyota SR5 pickup (now his) is freshly waxed. At that moment, thousands (possibly millions) of teenage boys made that truck their dream to own someday. Practically every teenage boy in the mid 1980s wanted this type of cool 4x4 pickup.

And now that "Back to the Future" is 30 years old (as of today), Toyota is trying to tap into some of that same nostalgia and build quality by turning its newest small pickup truck, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, into a similar (in fact, identical) icon. Here is the newest version of the classic pickup truck, complete with front and rear tube bumpers, six KC Lights and a shiny, well-waxed black paint job. We'll let you know how it drives if we can shake the keys away from the guys taking it on a multi-city tour.

No word yet as to whether Tacoma will offer the "Back to the Future" trim package as an available option for the upcoming model year. To read more about this important movie, click here

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Would've been a good idea for Toyota to build this. I like it. Nostalgia seemingly sells these days.

Great Scott!

The original truck looked good. This one is just an abomination. I know looks are personal, but boy did Toyota screw up bad in the ugly department on this Gen 2.5 truck.

The Toyota D-4S is a dual fuel injection system. It comprises of a port and a direct fuel injector for each cylinder.

This is to reduce the particulate emissions currently unregulated from gasoline engines, in particular the GDI. There is also talk of other vehicle manufacturers adopting a GPF, similar to a DPF used on diesel to reduce GDI particulates.

I do know that Lexus/Toyota were developing a 2.5 litre in line 4 (?) with this technology, reputedly able to develop over 220hp.

The Taco's 3.5 Atkinson cycle engine is also fitted with the D-4S. I didn't realise this.

What a surprise hemi loves the Japanese products from company that does business with ISIS.

US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks
Oct 6, 2015, 12:43 PM ET

They couldn't stick with Goodyear tires like the original?

Even evil dumbasses know a good brand like Toyota

Check out that 4x4! Wouldn't it be great to take that thing up to the lake? Happy BTTF day!

They really need to offer this package. They wouldn't need to take it so far either. Black truck with the bumpers, light bar, and tire and wheel package. Paint the existing recessed "Toyota" letters on the tailgate white. Call it a day. They'd probably sell 50,000 copies

I loved that Truck when I was a kid, then I grew up.

If they build it, I will buy one

Awesome! The best, just keeps getting better!
One piece that could make it better would be by replacing the front grill with Toyota lettering and '85 grill design. But I still like it

That's cool. Look like a fun toy.

I dig the tube bumpers on this, even if the front only overlays the factory facia Interested to see what the aftermarket does with this new front end.
@David Robertson- seriously? The trucks were bought by the State Dept. for the "free Syrian army" and other local operations. Notice that every time the Russians decimate ISIS hardware, We provide another half Bilion in hardware to "rebels".

It would appear that this is a demo truck for KC Hilites

Isis was created by the USA. Get your facts straight. And Isis is selling their stollen Iraqi oil to Israel and we turn a blind eye. Get your facts straight.

As for this truck, its awesome!! I love it. Toyota please build it. It was my dream truck when I was a kid too.

It is a huge fail that they are not offering this as a package and it will just been shown at an auto show. smdh.

It is a huge fail that they are not going to offer this and it will just be shown at an auto show. Should've gotten the licensing to make it an official back to the future product.

They don't want to make it because it would sell like hotcakes and its what people want and we cannot do that. Just like the Chevy ZR2 Concept, they cannot give people what they want!

Not a Toyota fan,but I like thisone...and Isis would buy 100000 in tan !

Dream truck then... dream truck now

Great job Toyota! A very iconic truck indeed.

Too bad Marty cant drive it now. Great Scott!...... its a cheap ol Toyota. Good for the working class though.

I think this is awesome! Great job Toyota! Looks great and to me it really does look like the one in the movie other then it is more updated.

I'm not a Toyota fan but this truck is sick. I would totally buy it if they came out with it.

When I was young and stupid and single and didn't care about my money and was all into small stupid pretend trucks this was the bomb... and I gotta admit stupid as it is... its still cool and if I had the money to waste on a toy truck I might...

They couldn't stick with the shortened cab like on the original?

This may be oxi's next truck if he has the guts to build it.

I like this truck and I think Toyota should build it as a limited edition. I prefer the original Marty McFly truck but this is nice and is close enough. This truck would sell well.

It wouldn't pass a crash test as is so they won't bother.

The light bar uncovered is illegal. The lights would have to be covered on the street. The bumpers and lift are a question mark. Hence, this presents a liability and it will never become a factory truck.

Every bit as classy, clever and cockle-warming as it was 30 years ago. I am very happy that I found it on Terrarium tv app The movie is really really nice.

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