2015 SEMA: Hot New Pickup Products


By Bruce W. Smith

The 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show is loaded with vehicles sporting the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories from manufacturers worldwide. Here's just a sample of new products we spotted walking the miles of aisles at 2015 SEMA that will increase your pickup truck's functionality and utility value at work and on the weekends.


001 N-Fab Rocker Steps II

1. N-Fab RKR rails: These N-Fab dual-tube rocker rails have removable steps that bolt to special brackets welded between them. It's a great option for those who don't want steps hanging down while off-roading. Available for most midsize and full-size pickups, including 2016s.


002 BodyGuard GMC 2016 Rear Bumper II

2. Bodyguard Truck Accessories' rear bumper: Bodyguard's Assault rear replacement bumper features a 3/16-inch shell with 1/4-inch frame mounts, which provide beefier rear protection for those who tow trailers. The bumper features bolt-on step pads, corner steps, shackles, and cutouts for sensors and lights.


003 Bushwacker wide flares II

3. Bushwacker max-coverage flares: These are the widest flares available, providing 3 inches more coverage than the factory fenders on 2015-16 F-150s and 2009-2015 Ram 2500s/3500s. Bushwacker's new Pocket Style flares help save the paint when running larger, wider tires. No cutting or drilling is needed, making installation easy.


005 Curt_5th_Wheel_Mount II

4. Curt GM fifth-wheel mount: This new fifth-wheel mount uses a quarter-turn anchoring system to lock into the factory 2016 Chevrolet/GMC truck-bed platform. It's easy to install in or remove from heavy-duty pickups equipped with the towing prep package. It's rated for trailers up to 25,000 pounds and designed for use with the new Curt Q25 fifth-wheel hitch.


006 Power Pin Hit N Hitch II

5. Power Pin Hit-N-Hitch: Power Pin's quick-hitching system is designed for pickup and trailer to work in unison. An auto-locking trailer hitch matches the back stop on Power Pin's various truck hitches. Back up, trip the hitch and go.


008 Hellwig F150 Rear Air II

6. Hellwig Products' F-150 rear air suspension: Hellwig's air suspension for the 2015 F-150 fits two- and four-wheel-drive models. It uses the Hellwig 2,600-pound, double convoluted air bags for a 5,200-pound capacity and a smooth ride. The kit includes air lines and Schrader valves, or it can be paired with a Hellwig compressor kit.


009 Sulastic Shackle Springs II

7. Sulastic rubber springs: Soften your heavy-duty pickup's ride with Sulastic's rubber spring shackle replacement for HD pickups. It provides a half-ton ride without compromising HD load-carrying capacity.


010 Tigerlights Crossfire LED bar II

8. Tiger Lights' Crossfire LED: Patented LED technology provides Tiger Lights' Crossfire LED light bars with more lumen output than conventional LED reflector designs. The one-piece billet housing ensures protection from moisture.


011 ARE EZLift System II

9. A.R.E. Accessories' TopperEZLift: Turn your A.R.E. bed cap into a camper or raise it to drive in a quad, then let it down with the onboard lift system. Electric actuators raise bed caps 17 inches using the truck's 12-volt system. It offers push-button operation, 900-pound lift capacity and fits any A.R.E. bed cap.


012 BD Diesel 6_7L Exhaust Brake II

10. BD Diesel Performance exhaust brake controller: Enhance trailer braking with BD Diesel's electronic exhaust brake control for the Ford 6.7-liter Power Stroke. The controller closes off the turbocharger variable vanes to create up to 110 retarding horsepower to help maintain speeds on descents and curves, better controlling truck and load.


013 Hellwig Colorado Helper Springs II

11. Hellwig Products' Colorado/Canyon overload springs: The Colorado/Canyon helper spring from Hellwig's LP-15 line is rated for up to 1,500 pounds of additional level load capacity. It's an easy, bolt-on installation and is adjustable to specific loads.


014 Undercover Defender Bed Cover II

12. Undercover Truck Bed Covers' Defender bed cover: Undercover's one-piece aluminum truck bed cover uses an extruded aluminum frame and integrates a utility track system with T-track slots for mounting covers, load dividers and rack systems.


015 Weigh_Safe_Dial_A_Ball II

13. Weigh Safe Trailer Hitches' Dial-a-Ball Hitch: Weigh Safe's Dial-a-Ball has two unique aspects. First, the balls rotate and lock into place with a pull spring-loaded round cap at the center of the hitch. Second, a built-in gauge shows trailer tongue weights up to 1,500 pounds.


016 Deadbolt Trailer Lock Kit II

14. Deadbolt Locks' trailer lock kit: Deadbolt's all-in-one anti-theft lock kit provides a solid solution for keeping a trailer and hitch secure. A heavy-duty plate and adjustable latch bolt secures the coupler while the pin keeps the hitch shank in the receiver. A single key unlocks all.


017 Lund Terrain HX rocker steps II

15. Lund Terrain HX Step: These 3-inch, heavy, wall-tube Terrain HX Step nerf-style bars from Lund provide excellent rocker protection and no-slip steps for both full-size and midsize pickups. Function with form.


Images supplied by manufacturers and Bruce Smith


001_SEMA Mild WildA II



Looking at the photo near the top of the page at the rock sliders reminds me of my recent research into these items.

Be careful what you fit to your vehicle. It appears that rock sliders have a greater chance of interfering with your side airbags.

There are sidestep out there that offer significant protection to your 4x4. But be mindful of the sidestep you are after, as most are just "look pretty" accessories.

As we move forward many of the up and coming 4x4s will be modified pickups. These pickups will become newer with all of the protection devices fitted.

That Topper EZ Lift looks interesting.

The only drawback I see is if the roof rack on top of the camper is loaded.

Will a loaded roof rack not allow for the camper to be raised?

So, must you unload your roof rack every time you want to set up camp?

Don't need any of these.

Al, not sure of the weight of the shell and the rack together but it says it can lift 900lbs, so I'm assuming the weight of the two plus cargo should work and not have to take anything off. You probably cant, won't, and shouldn't carry anything horribly heavy on the roof to begin with.

These are the kinds of articles about SEMA I would like to see more of as opposed to mild to wild, garish to awesome, modded out trucks. I much prefer the product info on real world items. Especially ones offering more than cosmetic enhancement.

Weigh Safe has got some great stuff and some great stuff coming up. Check 'em out!

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