2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Special Ops Video

16Chevrolet_Silverado_Specials-Ops_AS_BW_02 II

With all the shiny and spectacular pickups at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, it was like a breath of fresh air to see this well-appointed and unique 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Special Ops edition. The three-tone flat-blue paint and new GM Performance Parts accessories on the truck gave it the feel of a navy-themed mobile emergency trauma center.

Don't expect to see a Special Ops trim package for either the light-duty or heavy-duty Silverado anytime soon, but the light bar, bed straps and unique front grille are all available through dealerships right now.

Cars.com photos by Brian Wong

Video produced by Matt Avery




16Chevrolet_Silverado_Specials-Ops_AS_BW_06 II




This is BADASS!

First Chevy I really like.

Why the squared off wheel wells "a la Honda Ridgeline" instead of rounded to match the tires?

This blue pickup does little for me. I really don't like the colour or those black rims.

Maybe in real life it looks better.

I like the color, not all three together but the lightest blue looks nice, but would look better glossy. Flat sheen reminds me of an old car with faded paint. As far as those light bars go, I don't know what the deal is with Chevys and silly styled bars with lights blocked by the cab.

Chevy's idea of "special ops" appears to mean never leave the pavement, as evidenced by the stock front airdam.

@ AllAmerikan....
GM has had squared off wheel wells for over 30 years...long before the Ridgeline was available...couse if your only 10 years old i guess you wouldn't know that.


Calling it "Special Ops" is cheap...but I love the paint. I wish more OEMs offered this matte type of finish.

I like it just because it doesn't have all the gawd-awefull chrome that dominate the front of pickup trucks. It's just too much.

Good job on the video review, Mark. I like the short-&-sweet approach. Too bad Chevy is not considering this as competitor for the Ford Raptor and going into production with it....




Against the Raptor? Are you kidding me? A level kit and AT tires and all of the sudden its a Raptor fighter? Wow. Its all looks and no muscle.

Square wheels look very ugly, this really does look like GM tried to copy a ridgeline and beef it up a bit, since they can't seem to come up with anything on their own

For those saying it looks like a ridgeline or they are coping the ridgeline, the ridgeline came out in 2006 and the avalanche came out in 2001. So if anything Honda copied GM. And like snowman said gm has used squared off wheel wells for 30+ years and i like them better than the semi circles other makes use. they match the design of the truck better also.

Im not a fan of the blue either, Im also not a fan of the siverados front end i like the sierra better, this is why i think gm's two truck strategy is good. Some years I like the chevy others the gmc.

fuuuuu, is that all. Where are the machine guns, and rocket launcher.

@ Nitro
I agree, square wheels are quite ugly. However, I love the square wheel wells. Gives it an aggressive appearance.

I've seen square wheels. Usually happens after you've blown a tire and dragged the rim down the road ;)

The only real news here is that it is NOT black for a change. I guess that's news on a slow day. I don't have an issue with how the Chevy's look but im still wondering about the 2 "dents" in the hood and how that's gonna turn into 2 puddles in the rain, water sitting there until it slowly dries if the truck isn't moved... or freezes into 2 large blocks to come loose at some point or another possibly while moving... They gotta be self draining somehow bit I don't see it yet.

I love the square wheel wells!

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