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We spent several hours behind the wheel of the new 2016 Nissan Titan XD, and we have to say we're impressed. This certainly is not a perfect pickup truck, but it's a good first step for Nissan if it wants to squeeze its way back into the full-size truck wars. We're skeptical about this "in between" truck strategy, but then again Nissan has nowhere to go but up.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams
Cars.com video produced by Matt Avery




the Aisin isn't in the GM twins, that would be the allison. Asians are found in dodge trucks and toyotas


U.S. News & World Report today announced winners of the 2016 Best Vehicle Brand Awards.

Ford earns the 2016 Best Truck Brand award for the strength of the Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 continues to lead the evolution of Pickup Trucks, adding high-tech connectivity features, fuel-saving engine and chassis features, as well as a dose of luxury for buyers.


Once again, everyone acts as if this is a revolutionary concept......hello people! - this is just a heavy half and these have been produced by other manufacturers in the past. Most recently, GM made 1500HD Silverado trucks and Dodge made the RAM 1500 Mega Cab trucks. These were heavy halfs just like the Titan XD and a 2500 (3/4 ton) truck is not a good comparison to them.

This truck has more HP, more TQ, and more gears than the 1st generation of the GM's heavy-duty truck line with the Duramax/Alison setup. The weight is about the same.
I believe Nissan just may have a winner!
It should easily beat all the 1/2 ton trucks, no it will never in our life time sell more than any one of the big three, but I can see it surpassing Toyota in full-size truck sales.

Mark wrote that this is Nissan's first attempt in the full-size truck market. Does he ever check his work, or just not know enough about what he writes about?

Misses the mark in its light hd class. The light hd's from the big 3 are a lot better. The 2500's and f250's are better light hd's

Hit and a miss on paper and reality.

My truck runs on budweiser. It appears this truck only runs on diesel. What is a truck if it doesn't run on beer

Mattf is correct, the GM twins have the Allison 1000. Aisins are found in the Tundra and Ram cab & chassis, and optional on the Ram 3500 pickup. Despite what some people are saying, this is not the same transmission as the one found in the Ram.

The aisin automatic in both the ram had and Titans xd is the as69rc. Same transmission

Car and Driver just published a review of this truck, for the most part they sorta kinda liked it. Except of the weight and economy, they got 12 MPG in 500 miles of mixed driving including some towing. I would imagine any of the 3 Diesel HD's already out there would have gotten similar MPGs with much more capability left over. They seemed to be somewhat doubtful of its long term success. The more I learn about it, I tend to agree. To my eyes the portion of the truck forward of the A pillar just doesn't flow with the remaining 2/3 of the truck.

Aisins are also used by Izuzu.

Reading the comments on how some consider this vehicle very Ford in it's appearance is interesting.

I do not consider this vehicle very Ford like compared to a GMC.

I think GMC has a more Ford'esque appearance.

I wonder if Nissan will up the ante with it's pickups if this is succesful? I would love to see a 350/3500 almost size Titan.

I did read an article by one of PUTC's most notorious Ford Troulless, Lou. He hasn't yet stated why Frod has the F-450 towing limits. So what is the F-450?

I think you some of you guys should step back and stop using numbers and data from magazine articles. Go out and buy a pickup when you leave school. You'll find it might take you guys years to have the cash to able to afford a vehicle like this Titan, or for that matter a Frod aluminium F-150.

This Titan is sort of like our midsizers, not midsize in many respects, but midsize in size.

Nissan is one a winner here.

This is going to be a huge flop. It's ugly as sin, to heavy and the mpg sucks as most Nissan are thirsty. As much as I wanted to like this truck, I hate it, everything from the grill to the wheels to the interior it's all UGLY UGLY UGLY.

Fresh off its clean sweep of the Texas Truck awards
The Titan XD made quite a splash in Texas.
but even so people don't buy big heavy trucks unless they need them ,oh there are a few nuts that will buy a heavy truck just to drive them to work but most people would not want the compromise that comes with owning a big heavy truck.
Nissan claims they only expect to sell 10% of the total sales of Titans as XD models. or 15,000 XD models a year.
those 15,000 xd per year is going to come from GM FORD and
Ram sales. Since the sales goal of the XD is so meager I can see them achieving it. However the regular Titan better be more in tune with what regular 1/2 ton buyers want.
looks wise I don't see what the fuss is about It looks very nice in person. much nicer than most 1/2 tons out there in my opinion.IT certainly handles on and off road very well.
much better than 250 2500 or 3500 trucks could do.

Truck Guy, Chevy also had light duty 3/4 ton truck , 7200 GVW. I had one with 6.5 diesel.

Does anyone who doesn't get this truck tow at the upper tow rating with their 1/2 ton pickup? If you dont, then thats why you don't understand this truck. If you do, I would test drive an XD then you would quickly see that its been purpose built to tow these heavy loads with total control with plenty of power in reserve. Th 3/4 ton truck will easily beat the XD. Why? Because this isn't a 3/4 ton replacement. Its a heavy (literally) 1/2 ton built to do more then your standard 1/2 ton all day. If you dont regularly tow heavy, then this truck isnt for you.

I have a 2010 Nissan Frontier, and it is one of the best, most ergonomic, and beautifully riding vehicles I have ever owned (and I have been driving for over 50 years). The vehicle is made at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, TN; is utterly reliable with great fit&finish, and is perfectly assembled.

If this Nissan Titan XD has anything even close to those features, AND was offered with an optional Manual Transmission (yes, you heard it here first, folks), I would buy it in a heartbeat. The Ram 2500 with Cummins has a Manual: why not Nissan?

But even as is, I can see why this vehicle was chosen to be the Truck of Texas this year.


This truck is too heavy and has poor mpg for a 1/2 ton. It also has mid pack 1/2 ton cargo capacity.
The problem is its GVW. It falls squarely in the Class 2B 8501 - 10,000 rating which makes it a 3/4 ton.

When compared to 3/4 ton trucks it fails miserably.

Even the fact that it (XD) ONLY comes with a sub-standard 5.5 ft box.

It may tow well and drive well with a trailer behind it but any 3/4 ton diesel will out tow it and out haul it.

See the "Titan XD Numbers you need to know" thread.

I posted 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton specs.

What kills this truck is the fact that it has POOR cargo capacity.

go nissan, cant wait for the gas version. will best any gm, ram or ford in longevity.

Will wait and see once it's official. As a previous Datsun/Nissan owner, they make great trucks. I am one of those who would like the heavy 1/2, as it's a family event hauler most of the weekends. My wife just wishes all of the full sized trucks "upper trims" came with seating for 6 for all the young'uns. :) Personally, I like the no frills packages.
On another note, I am definitely cross shopping this to the 250/2500 trucks. With a large(er) family, payload is more important. I cannot and do not want to tow my stuff (camping/fishing, sporting events, races, biking, etc.) everywhere. Value for me is in Payload/$ for most the majority of my hauling

This is a 3/4 ton truck that nissan is calling a 1/2 ton because it would embarrass itself in a comparison against any 3/4 ton. This truck would have been competitive 15 years ago. Not today. I can't imagine this truck being very successful. It will be at least $5,000 more than a comparable f150 or silverado....maybe closer to $10,000 more. STARTING price they say on a crew cab 4x4 will be around 45,000. My father recently bought a crew cab 4x4 ecoboost well equipped for $40,000. The people that buy this will be the hardcore anti big three types. They can probably scrounge up 10,000 of those suckers a year. You could put a turd in a box with some nice paint and wheels in this country and sell 10,000 a year.

"General Motors will be the only one of the Detroit 3 making compact or midsize cars in the U.S. by 2019, according to the companies' new UAW agreements. Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are essentially giving up on trying to build mass-market cars profitably in this country, instead shifting most production of those nameplates to Mexico"

HAHA Mexico Ford junk!


@johnny Doe.
Looks like GM is going to do the same.....


It is amazing that some who are passing judgment on this vehicle and quoting "magazine" data, are the same ones who constantly berate the Ram 1500.

Ram does have it's issues, but so does the aluminium wonder truck by Frod.

It is also amazing that no one, not even the motoring journalist have realised this is a atypical Fred Diaz inspired pickup.

It will have comfort, good towing and a good engine in the Cummins.

Actually very similar in it's design philosphy as the Ram 1500.

Yet, these guys blow wind up each others sphincters on how this is very "Ford".

Fred Diaz placed the Ram from a down trodden product into a worthy competitor. Nissan with the Titan is more or less in the same boat with the current Titan.

There is one significant difference between Nissans position and that of the Ram. Nissan doesn't have to rebuild a brand name. This alone will ensure the Titan will be quite a good vehicle and seller.

Nissan is contemplating a significant increase in production. It's current facilities can manufacture up to 100 000 Titans a year. Nissan is expanding this even further.

Maybe some of the future redundant F Series employees could get a job at the ever expanding Nissan pickup plant.

Nissan with this Cummins Titan and the lighter gasoline Titan and up coming Frontier is placed to do well in the USA.

The Cummins Titan is well positioned in capability, comfort and power to take on the competition.

"GM said that the "vast majority" of its small cars sold in the U.S. are "produced domestically." Ford said it is "committed to continuing to improve competitiveness and to invest where it makes the best sense for our business."

HAHA! GM USA Built cars, Ford will be all cheap Mexico built junk! Your link says that same as mine Syclone Rob


It's hard to take someone seriously when they purposely misspell names. Calling ford frod? That's so childish it's funny. And he takes every opportunity to call the aluminum f150 a failure despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. And he calls a $3,500 discount on an f150 a "firesale."

The aluminum f150 is a failure, barely a year old and on its second round of discounts for 3 months of discounts in a row this round to top it off. Mean while GM sells every midsize they can make at full price with no discount. While Ford is barely making it in the black ,since they was so far down these months last year. The F in F150 stands for Fail!

"It will have comfort, good towing and a good engine in the Cummins.
Actually very similar in it's design philosphy as the Ram 1500."

The irony.

The irony.

........ a guy who alleges to be an engineer saying that the Titan XD has the a similar design philosophy as the Ram 1500.

Ram 1500- air ride that does not deliver any towing or hauling benefits. The lightest capacities of any 1/2 ton. The poorest durability ratings.

"where the Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."

The XD truck's GVW means it should be a 3/4 ton but it has barely competitive 1/2 ton cargo specifications.

I'm sure Ram 1500 buyers will flock to the Titan XD since it under-delivers BUT rides real nice.

The man from down under must of got bit by some neurotoxic insect.

Oh Lois,
Why can't you just accept that Ford doesn't do everything to best.

Your biased comments, subtle inferences and nuances in support of Ford is quite entertaing.

Just because Frod has the aluminium wonder truck doesn't mean it's the best vehicle for all applications.

As Ford is finding out the new F-150 isn't as popular as they thought or wanted.

Face it, there will be many who will chose this of a F-250. I would.

What is so funny is Fat Albert believes that if you don't agree with her your the biggest Ford fan and they cannot do no wrong. Yet poster don't even mention Ford or the F150. As I stated previously this hack job Fat Albert is renting free space in his head to Ford and the F150. You are definitely losing it Albert.

LAMO aka DenverMike,
I'm correct in what I percieve as Lou's quest here, along with his other symbiotic personalities.

@BARFo - I have been saying for several years that I'd buy a Chevy HD if I wanted a diesel pickup.
I'd be more likely to buy a Tacoma if I wanted a small truck since durability is rarely an issue there.
I'm undecided as to which 1/2 ton I'd want to buy if I needed to replace my F150. CR did not recommend the Chevy due to poor initial durability reports. That is too bad since it currently is the one I like most.

I disagree with your condescending blog style. I ignored it in the past but I'm done with that.
You say all sorts of things without any empirical evidence to back your comments and I'm done with that too.

PUTC is a fanbov trull pit. That makes me less inclined to pull my punches.
TTAC is vastly superior as to blog quality. How do you fare over there with your opinions??

LAMO aka DenverMike,
I'm correct in what I percieve as Lou's quest here, along with his other symbiotic personalities.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 17, 2015 1:16:39 PM

Fat Albert your not even correct about Mike and myself. Your mind has gone off the deep end. Your spinning in circles about aluminum and F150 you don't know what way to go. Very very sad. You cannot even stay on topic. Everything has to involve your primitive thoughts and the F150.


BARFo has gone full aluminum foil hat.

Oh, sorry, he doesn't like aluminum......... he has gone full tinfoil hat.

It isn't the first time he has gone all paranoid and accused people of multiple personality posting.

It must make it easier for him to cope assuming that only one multiposter disagrees with him as opposed to most of North America.


BARFo has gone full aluminum foil hat.

Oh, sorry, he doesn't like aluminum......... he has gone full tinfoil hat.

It isn't the first time he has gone all paranoid and accused people of multiple personality posting.

It must make it easier for him to cope assuming that only one multiposter disagrees with him as opposed to most of North America.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Nov 17, 2015 4:55:55 PM

Agreed. I have been reading him attacking you for statements about other trucks and he always goes to the Ford or the F150. It is rather odd to read his post. I really think he took too large of a dose of DEF fluid. If it is not a diesel it is not a real truck. If it does not have full under body armor it is not a real truck. If it is not the same size as his Mazda it is not a real truck. If it does not have the same name brand tires as his little Mazda it is not a real truck. If other men do not sit down to Pee like he does it is not a real truck.

I actually like this Titan. The interior looks nice. The front end seems a little out of proportion but that could just be how the photo presents. The 5.0L seems ok but it really does not seem to be ground breaking. I will keep an open mind until I see some comparisons. So far the comparison on TFL with Nissan comparing the Titan to a 5.0L F150 did not really impress me. There is no doubt Nissan will sell this truck. It will be hard to convince many Americans to not buy from the Big 3 but time will tell.

Diesels have many challenges though. Historically diesel fuel is more money. Def adds to expense. Oil changes tend to be more money. City driving tends to be problematic for diesels. Especially short trips. With the DPF needing drive time to clean it does pose problems with short trip commuters.

The weight of the Titan should help keep the truck settled when towing. But it all depends on suspension tuning. Biggest challenges trucks have is balancing ride empty, towing, and with payload.

So what about FE from the Frod F-150 EcoBoost????


Lou likes to use Edmunds a lot.

"This is getting exasperating. Our 2015 Ford F-150 is on the doorstep of 15,000 miles and its 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine is showing zero signs of Eco. Sure, our truck's lifetime average ticked up from 15.9 to 16.2 mpg this month, but its EPA combined rating is 20 mpg."

Yes Lou, it's all about load and tow, if you have deep enough pockets to pay for the fuel.......even with a 2.7 EcoBoost.


I do hope the link submits this time!

This Titan will return around the same FE than a 2.7 EcoBoost.

As I've said before. Regardles of what you've read on the Internet about the Titan xd having a 5.5 bed, the pictures and this video shows the titan xd has a 6.5 bed.


@BARFo - cherry picking just like the Rambo's and DiM's of the world.
Where have I ever endorsed the 2.7 EB???

TFL Truck was on a test run with the Titan XD. It was run against the 5.0 V8 F150.

The Titan XD pulled ahead of the F150 but not by much AND AND AND

Nissan engineers would not let them view the cargo in each trailer - each trailer was padlocked shut.

Nissan engineers would not let TFL Truck staff do their own runs with both trucks.

BTW - I have NEVER said tow and haul is all it is about. I keep pointing out that you need to understand tow/haul when you buy a truck and make sure those numbers match what you are using the truck for.

Still getting bit by toxic insects I see.

Do they have full body tinfoil suites in oz? I'm sure that being an engineer you could design something. Maybe the Burger Sling you work at might have some spare rolls in the back store room.

I am a big ford fan ! But, i would buy xd instead of a f-250 with the 6.2 gas. I tow hay wagons that weigh close to 18,000 with bales on them. This would have ample torque compared to the ford. And cheaper than the diesel 6.7.

Chuckles Taylor, US News & World Report just named the F-150 as 2016 top rated pick up truck. But guess what, it's not 2016 & Ford gave US News a HUGE advertising contract. But guess what! US News knows absolutely nothing about pick up trucks, all their staff drive Prius's. Chuckles, keep wearing your skirt and make up, ford girlies like you have to look pretty when awaiting the tow truck for their ford!

The Titan was good enough to cold clock all of the other trucks at the Texas truck rodeo.
beating out F150 GM 1500 + silverado
Beating out Toyota and Ram 1500
Nissan took home best off road 1/2 ton , best luxury truck,
best power train , and the coveted truck of Texas top spot.
Sitting at the top of the 1/2 ton segment.

This truck should have been designed as Titan 2500. The XD tweener need something around 3.5 diesel with better FE.

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